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      Sorry for the inconvenience, but we had to update OL and there have been some serious changes made by IPB. The real bad news is that they had to merge User Names and Display Names. This meant that I had to choose between bad and bad. I opted to keep the log-on information the same, so you can get on OL like you always did, but now your User Name is displayed. If your User Name and Display Name were the same, you will not feel the change. If they were different, you are probably irritated right now. I will figure out how you can change this so you can revert to the Display Name you used before if you like, however this may entail a change in how you log-on. The good news is that OL is now searchable from the very beginning. This means all the old posts from the A-Team in Objectivism (and everybody else) will finally show up when you search for something. I will keep changing this announcement as we adapt to these new changes. It's a pain, I know, but after looking around the backend for a bit, I believe the benefits will far, far outweigh the current irritation. They changed things in a hamhanded way and I don't like that, but I can't do anything about it. Benefit-wise, they actually did a good job, so please bear with us. In addition to this change, many good things are coming over time. You are the reason OL exists and I am sorry you have to go through this. Think of it like birth pangs... (All right, all right, that's forcing it.  ) Michael
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we ALL pay 15% social security

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Self employed people know very well that THEY pay 15 % Ss. People who work for others, however, are often misinformed,deliberately so. Let's say that, magically, SS is done-away-with. You, as a boss, have to be able to show a PROFIT on each worker that you have, after ALL expenses related to that worker have been paid. Let's say that I work for you for $10 an hour, (declared wage). You REALLY have to pay about $12 an hour, because you have to kick in for unemployment, workman's comp, and social security. Now, after ss is done away with, you THINK that you can just KEEP that "extra" $2 an hour of MY money? Wrong, your competitor will offer me $12 an hour, because it's no more than he was paying when SS was still in effect. I quit working for you. So it IS ALL YOUR MONEY that goes into the SS pile. NONE of it is coming out of your employer. That is simply a lie, and SS is thus an income tax, a HORRIBLE extra 15% that is taken from you, literally at the point of a gun. If you don't believe me, TRY not paying it, and then TRY resisting the cops when they come to lock you up for nonpayment of your taxes. You'll quickly learn how "voluntary" our tax system REALLY is. Cops will kill you over a parking ticket, if that ticket results in a warrant for your arrest, and you actively resist that arrest. Never doubt this, because it's easily proven to be so!

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