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      New upgrade with simpler interface   05/13/2016

      Once again, the fine folks at IPB made a new upgrade and things might not be where you started to learn they were. However, this is one time where I think they actually improved things for navigation. There are only a few big buttons: When you click on one of those buttons, some other stuff opens up, depending on which button you click. (Later Note: These only appear when zoomed in or in the mode for smartphones/tablets.) I'm learning this as you are, so I suggest you do what I am doing: click on these big buttons, see what they open and fiddle with the software some. Ironically, you will find there is a lot that is intuitive. That's what I'm discovering. (Later note: I just discovered that I was viewing the site zoomed in too far to see the normal view. The menus are still there with the old buttons, but when I zoom in too much, they disappear and the new buttons appear. I believe this zoomed in way is what the site looks like on mobile devices. I'm going to mess with it some more, then maybe make some explanations.) Sorry for the inconvenience. Still, over time, I hope you end up liking these changes. Michael
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Michael Stuart Kelly

Internet Video Publishing: A Beginner's Guide

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Internet Video Publishing: A Beginner's Guide

by Robin Goode

This is literally a "guide." It is an outline of what you can do with home computer video and links to get the information you need about what you want to do. As I have been doing a lot of reading on all this recently, I can attest that this is one of the best set of links I have seen for anyone who wants to learn home computer video.

In this beginner's guide to Internet video publishing I take you through everything you need to know to get up and running. I take a look at:

  • Creating your video - whether you want to make a video blog, live webcast, split screen interview, mashup or screencast
  • Editing, adding effects and exporting your video using both desktop and online applications
  • Where to publish your video and the differences between the services available
  • Monetizing your video - how to turn your efforts to profit
  • Licensing your video - the benefits of making it easy for people to share your content
  • Promoting your video - what to do when once your video is online if you want people to watch it
  • Additional resources you can use to find out more about publishing video to the web

I am learning this and I personally am starting with Camtasia for screencasting and Windows Movie Maker for editing mashups before I get into live shots. I lucked out and got a free version of Camtasia (version 3) during a 30 day promotion, but there are very good free screencasting programs out there like Camstudio and Wink. Camtasia is not very expensive, though (300 bucks for the lastest version). Goode also recommends Istanbul and Jing Project as good free options.



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