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I see you keep trying, but it just ain't working.


But here, let me give you a bone.

31 minutes ago, william.scherk said:

We cannot get a straight answer out of Guy Two regarding The Truth of Pizzagate.

I've given a straight answer several times. I'm honestly surprised you haven't understood my plain English.

Let me give it another try with other words.

I think the Pizzagate affair was a set-up gotcha (probably by Podesta & Co., but no one knows what the shadow knows) to divert attention from other pedophiles and pedophile cliques, and human trafficking in general, including Epstein & Co. The expression they like to use (at other times with other topics) is "sucking up the oxygen in the room." The set-up gotcha Pizzagate affair was engineered to suck all the oxygen out of the room, meaning there is no space left in the mainstream media to discuss those more widespread sinister things.

And, I believe there was probably some serious monkey-business run through that Pizza parlor based on the guy's closeness to Podesta. But not like the setup gotcha was. Just normal hidden shit nobody finds out if the sleazy dudes are careful.

These are not good people. That's my opinion and I'm fine if they don't like me, either.

btw - I love the sound of: "The Truth of Pizzagate." It sounds like a book title by a preacher or recipe book or something. :evil: 

Also, nobody's talking about it, but I still think young children victimized (in the past, present or future) by pedophilia rings need to be protected.

Image result for child victim of pedophilia



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Feb 27, 12:46 PM

Note from David-

I got the word I would be attacked a lot this week. "Character assassination."

Let them do it. Let them say whatever they want. I helped get the word out in time, and that changes history. Fake News corporate media, owned by the people who lost the election, does not represent truth or knowledge or wisdom.

I just don't want to see it. I'm somewhere safe and will return to my usual media schedule next week sometime. It is tedious to reply to their made-up theories about me. They use the same playbook all the time- it's called Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals."

I don't recommend you read it. It will lower your energy level; it's a book about manipulating people and breaking people, rather than healing through love and insight. But, of course, many in the political class are still operating out of that old paradigm where they need to break and harm us, bend us to their will. I opt out of that paradigm, as should each of you.

Anyone with half a mind knows I did not go through what I went through over the last 4 months to promote an out of print Internet marketing textbook I wrote 9 years ago. Anyone with a half a heart knows I did not become one of the first US journalists to call out the ring's child trafficking in order to make money from a gold company's affiliate program. And anyone who is a friend knows I do not like George Soros. I've read his books, he has a legendary financial mind (or did until recently), and he has used his wealth and power to make our world less safe, less beautiful, and more fear-based. 

That's not acceptable. Ironically, some of the groups calling me a Soros shill are likely financed by him. Why do that? Well, it's in Rules for Radicals- these are not nice people.

As for my YouTube, the videos have been deleted for legal reasons. I will be able to discuss this more next week, when I return to my regular public schedule.

God bless you all and thank you for being people of great integrity, people who aren't swayed by the flicker of dishonest people on TV and dishonest bloggers at Buzzfeed and elsewhere.

A new world is ahead. Not a new world order, as they intended. A free world.

Special bonus for conspiracy freaks:

Day 125 - Hillary's Henchmen, Tracking Your Assets, Part 2


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Connecting the dots ...

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