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18 minutes ago, Peter said:

I think the President thought he was going to win. I saw a true look of horror on House Speaker Paul Ryan’s face when he realized he had failed and I am sure he convinced President Trump he would win. Stop sounding like a “true believer” Marc; I can’t tell if you are putting us on or not. You almost seem like a “mole” or a “troll” spying on Objectivism.

Cicero spoke, in “Imperium”: Sometimes, if you find yourself stuck in politics, the thing to do is start a fight – start a fight, even if you do not know how you are going to win it, because it is only when a fight is on, and everything is in motion, that you can hope to see your way through. end quote

I agree that Trump is willing to brawl. As you have said, he now needs to build. Local Delmarva talk radio and on the national scene, Rush Limbaugh, have convincingly made the case that this defeat was a good thing. The Republicans passed a repeal years ago, which was expected to be vetoed by Obama. They could have used that as a basis for a replacement, or Rand Paul’s repeal . . .  but they did not. Maybe they will now.

Nathaniel Branden wrote: If you choose to move through life blindly, you have good reason to be anxious. end quote

I am tired of spin, blind faith, and a lack of principles here on Objectivist Living, though I am also dubious of the true believers of O’land and Randian government or nothing will do. I remember folks had JFK on their walls of their living rooms as late as the early seventies but he was not painted with a halo or a crown over his head. As of now, I don’t think anyone should have a portrait of President Trump on the walls of their living room or as wall paper on their computers.

Trump’s lack of understanding for those few brave men of principle was shown in his tweet and his ignorance of limited government and the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution is very unfortunate . . . as is your backing him to the hilt.


Yeah , Im a mole or a spy - thats the attitude . Come up to Toronto and burn me like this is Salem , and Im a witch for God sake . 

The look you saw on Ryans face was the same look that one sees when he played a game that backfired . I am not a Ryan fan in the least , and the look you saw means what ? A look ? It was the look of dead man walking ( in a political sense ) , where he just realized that he got got .

Ryan is the same dude who did an end around on Mr. President and got got . Once, ok , twice , you're done . 

The President played the 538 , and you too . Thats all . Trump is a freaking genius , give it up already Pete ! 

Spying on Objectivism , for God sake ? Anne Heller quoted my collection in her book on Rand and other authors are requesting the same . I knew Barbara and Nathaniel and Bob Hessen and etc . What exactly is my goal via this deep cover ?

I am a true believer , and I don't really care if you can tell or not what my intentions are , my man . 

Hillary is quoting to " resist , insist , persist  and enlist . A lovely rhyme to teach grade 5 students how to not be a poet but why don't you go join that crusade , and stop tryna insult me .

If you were actually a student of Objectivism then stop putting words in my mouth with ridiculous assumptions , bruh .



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4 hours ago, Peter said:

I am tired of spin, blind faith, and a lack of principles here on Objectivist Living...


What lack of principles?

Letting everyone speak for himself or herself?

That's principle No. 1.

I hope you are not wishing for groupthink imposed by peer pressure with lip service given to independent thought. There are other O-Land sites devoted to that.

I don't think you are wishing for that... I think you're just venting... 

Here on OL, people are mostly working through their thinking. When they strive to convince others, it has to be by rational persuasion, not by imposition. 

That's another principle that will never change. Under any circumstance.

A political disagreement is not lack of principles. It's a political disagreement.



EDIT: btw - Both you and Marc are wonderful people. As are all OL regulars. I can't say for sure, but I suspect this also applies to all OL readers, too. :) 


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Incidentally, Evelyn Farkas, one of Obama's peeps, stepped in deep doo doo on MSNBC. 

She admitted the Obama folks were practically spying on President Trump and spoke about her fears of not getting enough intel before Trump was sworn in.

You have to go to about 4:50 for the start of her confession. Before that, it was all a big Trump bash about his taxes and so on.

Here's a Fox News article from today about it:

Former Obama official discloses rush to get intelligence on Trump team

The article gives part of the transcript:


Evelyn Farkas, deputy assistant secretary of defense under Obama, made the disclosure March 2 while on the air with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski.

“I was urging my former colleagues and, frankly speaking, the people on the Hill, it was more actually aimed at telling the Hill people, get as much information as you can, get as much intelligence as you can, before President Obama leaves the administration,” Farkas, who is now a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, said. 

“Because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior [Obama] people who left, so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy ... that the Trump folks – if they found out how we knew what we knew about their ... the Trump staff dealing with Russians – that they would try to compromise those sources and methods, meaning we no longer have access to that intelligence.” 

. . .

"So I became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open and I knew that there was more. We have very good intelligence on Russia," she said. "So then I had talked to some of my former colleagues and I knew that they were trying to also help get information to the Hill."

This happened on March 2 and is just now getting a lot more exposure.

That's the effect of massive amounts of bullshit in the press. It takes time to get to the good stuff.



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