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      Once again, the fine folks at IPB made a new upgrade and things might not be where you started to learn they were. However, this is one time where I think they actually improved things for navigation. There are only a few big buttons: When you click on one of those buttons, some other stuff opens up, depending on which button you click. (Later Note: These only appear when zoomed in or in the mode for smartphones/tablets.) I'm learning this as you are, so I suggest you do what I am doing: click on these big buttons, see what they open and fiddle with the software some. Ironically, you will find there is a lot that is intuitive. That's what I'm discovering. (Later note: I just discovered that I was viewing the site zoomed in too far to see the normal view. The menus are still there with the old buttons, but when I zoom in too much, they disappear and the new buttons appear. I believe this zoomed in way is what the site looks like on mobile devices. I'm going to mess with it some more, then maybe make some explanations.) Sorry for the inconvenience. Still, over time, I hope you end up liking these changes. Michael

New Hot Girls and Vietnam Vixens

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I know that MSK at once needs to pay for this one way or another and that also I enjoy this free of charge to myself and moreover that I am free to reject or accept any offer in this or any other venue. That said, I wonder what philosophical meaning (if any), is to be found in the so-called "Live Chat" by Nguyen and her comrades. Is she really 26 years old and living in Viet Nam and anxious to meet me? Or is she 60 years old, living in Kulkota ("Calcutta") and pretty good with English??


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Sorry, old Silas Marner here. Back in 1996, I was one of three people in America who did not open the "I love you" virus email on Valentine's Day. Not that I have never fallen victim to a pretty smile and a promise, the complement of criminology is victimology, and it ain't me, babe. My blog gets tons of hits through a website in Russia. Never clicked to see who they are. I see the dot ru and it looks like a street full of zombies.

And there is the fact that free advice is worth the price, and the easy reply is, "Great idea! Go ahead and do it!"

I am all for capitalism, but, myself, I just sell my labor.

Maybe this old dog should learn some new tricks.

Personally, I like the John Galt t-shirts from Zazzle. Everyone knows Cafe Press. A simple google search turned up Printfection; (http://www.printfection.com/).

At SXSW, I was handed a free t-shirt from www.tunein.com (like Pandora), typically your lighter weight fabric, of course, but a Hanes none the less. They probably just went to some local place near them and had 1728 made up. In Ann Arbor, there was a little shop off downtown that did t-shirts bulk and sold the remainders retail cheap - Obama and Whales and all that. My brother-in-law has a shop in his basement where he silk screens t-shirts for churches. It's not hard to do, just time consuming careful work with lots of clean-up, that pays what a hobby pays.

Rebirth of Reason is pretty aggressive about its Amazon links and books and reviews are important to us.

I know that the Ayn Rand people send lawyer letters to entrepreneurs who sell Objectivistic things like Rearden Steel trucker's caps, but they are limited in their powers to chase everyone. I have two Taggart Transcontinental t-shirts, and a 50th Anniversary of Atlas Shrugged t-shirt.Again in Ann Arbor, one of the University Objectivists in engineering laser cut her own desk widget based on the movie artwork.

It does not take much shopping around to see the range of bumperstickers, pins, t-shirts, and coffee cups that people buy and the more in-group it is, the better your margins. Ever see a Think Geek catalog? So, you know in construction, they have a Flag Day when they top the frame and the High Iron people put out some chachkas for themselves. You do could that for the Enright Building, or the Wynand Towers. "Steve Mallory: Not Guilty by Reason of Sanity." There's Nielsen Motors and Hammond Automotive and Mulligan Bank ... Or do it like a basketball or soccer jersey with the name on the back: MULLIGAN / 79. (79 is the atomic number for gold.) If you really want to torque off the Objectivist lawyers, do a series of jerseys in the order by page number in which the capitalists disappeared. "McNamara 67" ...

If you do not want to start a collection of lawyer letters - all of which could be turned into consumer products of their own, of course: "I was sued by Ayn Rand's Estate." - just stay philosophical: A is A, Identity is Causality, and all that... I have two: I (heart) Capitalism, and Enjoy (coca-cola script) Capitalism

One problem is that such products made by one person typically reflect the thinking of one person. Corporations like Coca-Cola and Wal-Mart pay departments of people to think creatively and then test their ideas in market sampling, which is prohibitive for the small-time operator. However, I think it was the Cafe Hayek guys who ran a t-shirt contest for their;Keynes versus Hayek videos, got 10 good ideas from their readers, voted those on down to three, and they took the top one. Don't know how that turned out for them, but I liked number 3 myself. So, again, their resources were limited, whereas Nike can afford to put out all the alternatives. I see alot of t-shirts here in Austin because it's so often warm and I saw one that said & Fitch; Obviously, someone paid $19.95 to wear marketing's second choice but it carried the message.

Rather than seeing MSK chase Asian tail, I rather see some kind of Objectivist Living virtual market. What could be geekier than a t-shirt reading Quantum is objective. -- Ba'al Chatzaf; or BKIRBC - Bob Kolker is really Baal Chatzaf or



Objectivist Living

dot com.

You need good color schemes and the right graphics, of course, and those are outside my skillset. I write, not draw.


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Rather than seeing MSK chase Asian tail, I rather see some kind of Objectivist Living virtual market.

OK, Michael,

You got my attention.

That's enough.

I have told you already--several times--I do not chose the ads that are displayed. (And the Big G is not a perfect company.)

But you do not choose the ads, either.

Let's be crystal clear about that. You do not decide that matter on OL and never will.

Frankly, I would stop acting like a Phil-like village busybody if I were you, but we all have the souls we have.

If the commercials offend you, go elsewhere. You can change the channel on the Internet, just like you do with TV.


EDIT: This is going into the Garbage Pile and I'm closing it.

SECOND EDIT: I'm opening the topic again, but it's still in the trashcan.

Please, if anyone wants to complain about the ads, send me a private note. I don't control everything the Big G does, but I can block specific sites, like I just did with the one that caused MM to get uncomfortable from suddenly being all warm and fuzzy inside. (The block is going to take a few hours before starting, though.) I just now saw the thing and it actually is not a good match for this audience.


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Good. It has found its proper home.


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