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Cute Glenn Beck Quote

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Cute Glenn Beck Quote

Glenn got himself befuddled during a plug for Goldline and came out with the statement quoted below.

This was on the first hour of his radio show of March 21, 2012 at around the 50 minute mark. I just heard it.

The context was that he was warning people about the weakness of the economy with the subtext that gold is a sound sturdy hedge agaist capital manipulations by the people wrecking the economy. And from the way he continued, he didn't realize his goof.

Paper is not worth the money that it's printed on.

I like that inversion even if it was a goof.

Paper is now worth more than money, so much so that we need to be warned about it's value instead of money's value.

Ain't it so true? Maybe not strictly, but that's sure the way it feels.




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So that's why the new bills look like monopoly money!





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