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Beck's The Blaze is plugging Atlas Shrugged, Part 1

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Beck's The Blaze is plugging Atlas Shrugged, Part 1

From yesterday (April 21, 2011):

'Atlas Shrugged' – Why Is MSM Silent On This Film's Potential?

by Mike Opelka

From the article:

So why isn't the movie industry doing what it normally does when an independent project manages to make it to the big screen and show the ability to generate what might be called 'competitive' and promising revenue numbers? This is a commodity with a proven demand. You would think that a distributor would sense there is a potential profit to be be made, not only on this film, but the planned sequels.

Is the anti-big government message just too strong?

From today (April 22, 2011):

Atlas Shrugged Producer Details the Fight to Get Libertarian Movie Made in Liberal Hollywood

by Emily Esfahani Smith

From the article:

As The Blaze reported yesterday, the film Atlas Shrugged opened in theaters one week ago. The film is based off of Ayn Rand's novel of the same name, which is a favorite among those with libertarian leanings.

John Aglialoro, producer of the new film, spoke to Fox News in the clip below about the struggle to get the film made.

She presented a couple of videos, including a smarmy interview between William Buckley and Charlie Rose about Rand.

From the Blaze Blog, Stu writing:

Re: Atlas Shrugged

by Stu Burguiere

Here is the blog entry:

As Mike Opelka points out, the early interest in Atlas Shrugged has been strong—particularly when you factor in the lack of a gigantic marketing campaign to support it. The only issue so far has been finding it in a theater near you, considering that it debuted in only 299 theaters. A big budget release is typically in 3,000+ theaters. Finding it gets a bit easier this weekend as Atlas Shrugged adds 56% to it's theater count to rise to 465. And the rumor is that it could double to about 1,000 in the coming weeks.

**Also–check out

pairing moments from Atlas Shrugged with today's progressive politicians.

I'm not surprised to see this, although I bet a few specific readers might be.

I expect more



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