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  1. Donald Trump

    That was great! This looks like good news.
  2. Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    McCain is blackmailed into oblivion. He is not the one in control of what he says and does next. Same for the HI judge, Pelosi, Schumer.... All shadow gov't puppets.
  3. Wikileaks and the CIA

    David Seaman is doing important work.
  4. Wikileaks and the CIA

    David is brave and honest, so rare today in his field, and he is doing good work. The world would do quite well without you, William.
  5. Take-Off Philosophy Forum Style

    Close. But where's the passenger repeating and repeating and repeating that only the inferior passengers, who sucked at the gov't teat, are subject to the device restrictions?
  6. is he just a hedonist?

    I wasn't ready to digest most of the ideas, either. I suspect most of what he is trying to say flew over my head because I didn't get his analogies. When I did understand what he was getting at, I disagreed, (except the practical/romantic approach to mechanical things.) His manner with his son is dickish and inept. I cracked the book open last night to examples of that on the first page I opened to. I was close to the age of Chris and recall thinking that I wouldn't like that father at all. All of us read the book for a Critical Thinking college class I took while in high school. He also assigned The Lives of a Cell by Lewis Thomas. The course was at a state uni an hour from the main campus with night classes for working adults (and me.) The prof was from a nearby Catholic college. He wasn't a priest, but he was stuffy and didn't know what to do when I would raise my hand and say things like: "this is pure collectivist crap, you shouldn't make us read this." Within a couple weeks I think he was liking the color I brought to his Tues and Thurs evenings, and would come right back: "Yes, it is, well spotted. Your classmates look confused though, so please explain to them what collectivism is and how Thomas makes a case for that crap in this essay." I got an A.
  7. is he just a hedonist?

    I was probably influenced by that book more than I realize. I was 17 when I read it and still have that copy. I just read some summary stuff online since you posted, I had forgotten so much of it. I have loved wrenching and tinkering since I was small, so it was easy taking his side in the practical/romantic divide. I love wrenching my own bikes, it's a huge part of the felt connection. I get excited when something I own breaks. Excited about the adventure of it. I hope to be stumped, to struggle, and to understand something by the end that I don't know about yet.
  8. Is Capitalism Moral?

    Hume successfully criticized crude noting of sequences, such as; the leaves turn colors and then, winter. Therefore, colorful leaves cause winter. Our understanding of what really causes winter is not a mere noting of sequences.
  9. is he just a hedonist?

    Hedonism is the pursuit by other people of things for which we ourselves feel little or no allure.
  10. The is no Objectve NOW.

    Sebastien Loeb has run up Pikes, in his Peugeot, faster than anyone ever has. I spectated this year, and we were not allowed to stand beside the road, that's history now. (Who is crazier; me, for going 75mph on this little ribbon of asphalt, or the spectators, facing Sebastien coming at them at triple digits? A dozen will die if he goes off.) Its good footage, including helicopter views. Referring to the YouTube video time, not his official time, he reaches Glen Cove, the end of my video, at 3:54. (A spectator can be seen crossing the road in front of him, at 0:28. (I wonder why we aren't allowed to stand on the white lines anymore 😀.)) The big digit in front of his steering wheel is the gear he is in. The smaller digits below that are kph. In other videos, you see his kph the whole time and it appears to me he exceeds 200mph, miles per hour, several times. (Edit, that's wrong, I converted all wrong. His max speed is about 150mph. His average speed over the course is 90mph.) I need to sit down a bit and calculate some stats from my run. Forgiving when traffic slows me, I appear to average about 55mph. You know, sometimes I use Sebastien's name while speaking of my Pikes run, and fellow riders have said things like, "Would you finally just fuck off, please? You are not half as fast as Sebastien Loeb." I have previously agreed to that, but it seems I am actually well faster than half as fast as Sebastien, and on my old clunker, no less! Behold the human capacity for coordinated execution and dismissal of fear...
  11. The is no Objectve NOW.

    I bet Connie is very flickable, indeed. I have been humbled by one or two similar bikes in the mountains. Chase games with strangers. I could get a little closer through twisty sections and outright hairpins, but then they would get farther and farther ahead with every straight section. Modern, big, torquey engines. Then I would go up to lead, and they stayed right on my ass the whole time.
  12. The is no Objectve NOW.

    The Tail of the Dragon looks fantastic, Geoff. Early weekdays is right. That's the secret. I stopped riding summer weekends because it is pure frustration, RVs everywhere. Except sunrise to about 9:30am., that's still doable. Once school is back on the RVs are gone and I get all the mountain roads to myself. Those are nice bikes. You certainly have her leaned all the way over in the one-finger front brake pic. Bike parts are touching ground. Well done. Beautiful pic. Those inside hairpins are a bitch. The aggressively rising ones, especially. "Did I really just come to a stop?" Good stuff, thanks for sharing.
  13. A proposal for the next evolution of capitalism:

    "I'm not King" (But no one will say a word or lift a finger, so I'll write this executive order making immigration policy out of whole cloth...)
  14. The is no Objectve NOW.

    It does sound nice, Greg.
  15. The is no Objectve NOW.

    The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the “Race to the Clouds” is among the oldest racing traditions in America. This year was the 100th annual running. Since I have already shared a picture atop America’s Mountain, my first video share is about climbing Pikes that June day this past summer. In the video we will travel from the Start line, at about 9,400 feet altitude to the brake check station at Glen Cove, at about 11,400 feet. This video was my first run ever up Pikes. I had never been there before. Throughout May I watched a few hours of autos and motorcycles racing up, that was my prep. I recorded this either one or two weeks, I forget, prior to the official running. The professional racers practice Saturday morning then open the road to the public at 8:30am. I was stunned to learn this scheduling tidbit one Friday evening. I went to bed immediately and got up early and rode away on the INTERCEPTOR while it was still dark out. They left the white-plastic-covered hay bales beside the road, so my video even has this lovely detail in common with all the raceday videos. Like I said in an earlier post, we riders can see farther ahead than how it seems on our videos. All the passes I make are safe, generous margins are left. No one is coming down the hill, nor could someone, in time to cause me trouble. I’m only pushing like 60-80% the whole way up. The speed limit is 20mph on the whole hill, and no passing is allowed anywhere. But that’s a limit based on people visiting from Flatland - people who are not accustomed to and don’t execute well on inclines. If only Coloradans were allowed here, the limit would be 30mph. Anyway, I’m going 50 and 75mph, 20-25mph in the tight switchback turns. The first pass, a truck, turned out to be federal, Interior, National Forest, something. He told on me. I also go past a parked firetruck who may have made calls. I made a double pass right in front of him. I get stopped at the Brake Check by flashing lights I know are for me. Then the water truck…I’ll let you see. I don’t get tickets, it is one of my Mysterious Abilities. The armed fellas with the red and blue lights didn’t really engage me aside from telling me not to go anywhere and to wait for someone, who was on their way. The guy who finally showed up was a gearhead wearing motorsports t-shirt and cap with sponsors on them(?) It seemed that the race organizers are tasked with cleaning up shit like me themselves, perhaps by agreement with the real cops (?) Niceties, and exchange of names, and then I spoke first. You have to. I made clear I understood how badly I had acted. “I scared people and damaged the image of the race.” That’s when he said many units called about me and he asked if I was a racer, maybe got confused about the schedule. (What a compliment! And it explained why I still wasn’t under the red and blue flashing lights, cuffed.) But I knew this was no path to escape, because team affiliation and other questions would follow and cause certain backfire and full penalties. Would I ever get to see the video I had just shot, or would it be confiscated? Would they destroy my bike with barbarian towing methods? Would I be in front of a judge in a couple hours? Would I be in a Colorado Springs jail tonight, or my own bed? I said, “No, I’m just an enthusiast. Just an idiot on a motorcycle making the public fear the Hill Climb, contributing to the idea that it brings in dangerous nuts, like me. I put the very future of our beloved race in jeopardy, I should have thought about that part.” He said, “Well, Jon, I think you’ve said it all. Now what?” I said that I really wanted to go to the top. I wanted to go to the top and buy souvenirs and take pics and then go directly down the hill and out of his jurisdiction, back home, all at posted speed limits. He reached out his hand saying, “We have a deal.” Enjoy…