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  1. Frank's Niece!

    Peter, thank you, I feel blessed in return.
  2. Frank's Niece!

    Cathy, I suppose I should add that Marsha and I had the pleasure of talking with your uncle on several occasions in the seventies, when he attended some public lectures with his wife. He was always friendly and charming.
  3. Frank's Niece!

    Cathy, it is nice to meet you, too. I come from a big family, and I understand that it's easy not to know all your relatives. In the past few years we found some we didn't know about. Michael and Kat are great people, but we live far south and they live way north, and Chicago is so darn long, so we only get to meet in the middle! John
  4. Frank's Niece!

    Cathy, hi. I hope people will excuse me for jumping in with a sort of unrelated question, but do you have a cousin named Kyle Carroll? She worked as an actress in Chicago, about a decade ago. I saw at least 2 plays she performed in. My wife and I had a conversation with her once in which she said, if I recall correctly, that she was a grand-niece of Frank O'Connor's. Also, I apologize if someone already brought this up. Thank you, John Enright.
  5. Wild Flowers, play by John Enright

    Great, Michael, I look forward to seeing you both! We are getting a glowing review from my neighborhood paper, The Beverly Review. I got an advance blurb from Kathleen Tobin, the reviewer, who wrote: "A well written, intriguing plot with a contemporary flair and several layers of international and character complexity, suberbly realized by a thoroughly believable cast, 'Wild Flowers' is a little gem of a play that holds one's attention from start to finish." And we got a positive blog review (with mild spoilers) from James at the Frugal Chariot blog here: http://frugalchariot.blogspot.com/2011/07/day-of-theater-play-reading-in-morning.html We're waiting on a forthcoming review from the Chicago Reader. UPDATE - the review by Justin Hayford from the Chicago Reader is now online. I'm very happy. "The various story lines in John Enright's tricky plot collide and stall at first. But once everything's on the table, his quirky, lighthearted script bounces efficiently forward, spirited along by Giau Truong's appealing cast." You can read the whole thing, with even more spoilers, here: http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/wild-flowers/Event?oid=4207345
  6. Wild Flowers, play by John Enright

    Thanks, Selene! My first full length play, 2 years ago, did pretty well as the Chicago fringe theater scene goes, so I'm hoping the audiences like this one too.
  7. I know I've been an infrequent OL visitor lately, but I wanted to extend an invitation to come see my new play if you happen to be in Chicago during the next 3 weeks. It's about a young woman who is surprised to discover she wasn't born in the US, and who is about to be deported to Russia. She has 2 suitors offering to get her a green card, and a mother who wants to welcome her back to Russia. Yes, it's a comedy, with a wacky but logical plot, and strongwilled characters colliding in a small space. Particulars can be found at: barelyconcealed.com Discounted tickets can be found through Hottix and Goldstar Thanks, John
  8. Painting Frank O. Bought A.R.

    Ralph, it's good to hear from you. I still love Until Now. John Enright
  9. Frank O'Connor's "The Mandarin" on eBay

    Brant, thanks for the confirmation! John
  10. Frank O'Connor's "The Mandarin" on eBay

    A friend sent me this, which I hadn't seen before, saying it was O'Connor's as well.
  11. Frank O'Connor's "The Mandarin" on eBay

    Another O'Connor painting. Some think it his best.
  12. One of Frank O'Connor's paintings is being auctioned on eBay. They have a nice color photo of the piece. I hadn't seen it in color before.
  13. Painting Frank O. Bought A.R.

    Chris, I can't recall if he had an Art Students League connection. He did have a connection of some kind to Joan Blumenthal, who may have recommended the painting to Frank O'C. I knew Hertle in the 70s when we both lived in New York, within walking distance of each other, but I haven't been in touch with him recently. In the only web reference I could find, the late Stephen Speicher wrote: "...a magnificent young Objectivist artist, Ralph Hertle, who, sadly, gave up painting twenty-five years ago. His work, Until Now, is on my office wall (Ayn Rand had the original painting)..." From here. As I recall, Hertle saw industrial design as his main profession. Now I want to visit Brazil, to see what Michael is talking about. The geography of the painting also roughly resembles a view of downtown Chicago from the northern lakefront. Hertle had lived in Chicago at one time also, although I did not know him then.
  14. Painting Frank O. Bought A.R.

    This is from a reproduction, shot with my camera phone, but you'll get the idea. I'm sure the original was sharper and brighter - and bigger. The artist is Ralph Hertle, and the name of the piece is "Until Now".
  15. Ayn Rand's favorite painting - Corpus Hypercubus by Dali

    Anna A. always seemed to have her own take on things. I really like her poem on "Lot's Wife" too, in which she chooses to sympathize with someone God punished for *looking back.* I have wondered if it has anything to do with the Revolutionary Russian insistence on keeping eyes forward: And the just man trailed God's shining agent, over a black mountain, in his giant track, while a restless voice kept harrying his woman: "It's not too late, you can still look back at the red towers of your native Sodom, the square where once you sang, the spinning-shed, at the empty windows set in the tall house where sons and daughters blessed your marriage-bed." A single glance: a sudden dart of pain stitching her eyes before she made a sound . . . Her body flaked into transparent salt, and her swift legs rooted to the ground. Who will grieve for this woman? Does she not seem too insignificant for our concern? Yet in my heart I never will deny her, who suffered death because she chose to turn.