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  1. What do you know about psychopathy?

    WSS, I've added this book to my reading list. When on the Amazon page for this book, a related book "The Sociopath Nextdoor" appeared, which I have already read. I am currently reading "In Sheep's Clothing", and also with my first hand experiences I can comment. I think people can be born with aggression, the aggression being on a spectrum. Other animals exhibit this, an aggressive dog, cat, monkey, bird, etc., and I don't think we're any different in this area. We are different in that we can have morality, but I do not feel that morality is available to everyone. And I don't think that that can be predicted, due to the factors of experience and culture. These people born with aggression (again a spectrum) will always have an inner aggression throughout their life, which is more biological and affects their thoughts and actions throughout their entire life. In the video, Peterson said around 1:25 that we would have to explain the entertainment motivation, and I would say that it's because it is who they are, they enjoy doing it, they are different than us, and are born different than us.
  2. Robert Sapolsky on what makes humans different

    Turns out humans aren't the only ones who can dance:
  3. One is Not one's own "Standard of Value"

    I can't say we really disagreed, either. As to the metaphysical base, I would say it has to do with the axioms, existence and identity. Man exists, and he exists as something. So a particular man should be aware of his own existence and that he exists as something, in order to know what to do. And to this particular man there is a question of metaphysical presence and absence, does he want to remain existing, or go out of existence. And here Rand indicates this is the fundamental choice as the need for a man to pursue values, and then it's up to this man to choose his own values, and how he goes about both is reason and the core virtue of rationality. To the issue of happiness, a man's highest moral purpose in her ethics, why happiness? She says the alternative is suffering, and I think some science today can back her up on that. Stress is being linked to heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, and even cancer. So a man can be inflicted with these problems (even if not to a severe degree, to some degree) which are metaphysical problems to his body. Metaphysical suffering, then, can be the alternative to choosing happiness, and by contrast, happiness is linked to both mental and physical health. Sure, Rand didn't have the scientific studies of today, but I believe she had good a sense of it, and the studies of today would further encourage a healthy mind-body integration, and rational egoism to pursue one's self-interest.
  4. One is Not one's own "Standard of Value"

    I don't know if I would say the life-value-abstraction is authority. A man chooses his virtues, values, and standards; all normative. It's by his own volition he chooses them and by his own volition that he can achieve them. It's a metaphysical fact that man is a volitional being (in Objectivism), so the life-value-abstraction as authority doesn't seem correct, man is a volitional being to begin with. The morality is an extension of that, but it's still all about choice. So he doesn't subordinate to it, he chooses it. I'd say yes to the other points, and to the OP.
  5. Trump humor

  6. Trump humor

  7. Donald Trump

    I'm judging using principles and standards learned from a (very) tough university public speaking course I took. I doubt the professor would give Trump a good grade, either. Likely a 'C'. He has trouble with some basics.
  8. Fake News

    "The real deal behind the 94 million Americans Trump says are out of work": President Trump cited a misleading statistic to cast the job market as weaker than it truly is. "Tonight, as I outline the next steps we must take as a country, we must honestly acknowledge the circumstances we inherited. Ninety-four million Americans are out of the labor force," Trump said Tuesday night. Here's the real deal on that stat: Some 95.1 million people are not in the labor force, but the vast majority of them don't want a job, according to the most recent quarterly data from the Atlanta Federal Reserve. Some 44.1 million are retired, 15.4 million are disabled, 12.9 million are taking care of a family member and another 15.5 million are in college or job training. They are listed as not wanting a job. About 5.5 million Americans are either marginally attached to the job market -- people who are not in the labor force who have looked for a job in the past year -- or want a job but stopped looking over a year ago. [...]
  9. Donald Trump

    Grading Trump on his own merits probably an 'A', but comparing to say, Reagan or Obama, a 'C'. Trump isn't in the same league as these two.
  10. Donald Trump

    I just watched it, I think people are being relative. I mean, compared to his last rally where he dressed like a Miami Vice villain and yelled what's in his teleprompter, I guess it was 'good'. On Foxnews Chris Wallace said Trump became POTUS tonight, separately on CNN Van Jones said the same thing, but with tears in his eyes. We'll see how long Trump can hold onto this 'presidential' thing, he might even get an approval number bump from it. By itself, it's just an average speech appropriate for the venue.
  11. Donald Trump

    Trump grades himself a 'C' for communicating
  12. Trump humor

    WaPo, "The ‘Kellyanne Conway on the couch’ controversy is so incredibly dumb": [...] The simple fact is that this is a totally contrived “controversy” born of some people's blind hatred for Conway and, by extension, Trump and his White House. There is simply no “there” there. Conway was on the sofa to try to get a good angle to snap a photo. It's not indicative of anything, or revealing of anything. It's just someone trying to take a photo. [...]
  13. Trump humor

  14. Garbage about Trump

    A warning? Lol, that's funny. When you actually take the time to look at that video you'll see it has nothing to do with Trump being a narcissist or sociopath, which I very clearly stated in the original post. When you do, get back to me.
  15. Donald Trump

    Trump is not a sociopath. That video had nothing to do with him being a narcissist or sociopath. Like I said, the title was clickbait but the video was a good documentary with the title, "Trump - What's the Deal" from 1991.