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  1. A warning? Lol, that's funny. When you actually take the time to look at that video you'll see it has nothing to do with Trump being a narcissist or sociopath, which I very clearly stated in the original post. When you do, get back to me.
  2. Trump is not a sociopath. That video had nothing to do with him being a narcissist or sociopath. Like I said, the title was clickbait but the video was a good documentary with the title, "Trump - What's the Deal" from 1991.
  3. Gonna take a guess that you didn't watch the video. But I agree that the OL readers are not idiots, they can watch the video and use their independent judgment, unclouded by Trump Worship. Enjoy!
  4. So how did Trump build those 'buildings that don't fall down'? This 1991 Documentary, "Donald Trump - What's the Deal," provides some illumination. The Youtube title is clickbait, but the documentary itself is the above title. And guess who appears throughout the video multiple times? None other than Tony Schwartz. Enjoy! Edit, from another thread, to clarify:
  5. This also strikes me as good. Thanks, yea absolutely. Googling a bit more from what I mentioned above about Bush, I found that Bill Clinton signed the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000, apologies if this is information you already know. Here is more information about its history, from the page: The Trafficking Victims Protection Act was subsequently renewed in 2003, 2006, 2008 (when it was renamed the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008). The law lapsed in 2011. In 2013, the entirety of the Trafficking Victims Protection was attached as an amendment to the Violence Against Women Act and passed.[2] So combined with Trump's efforts, I think one can induct that all modern US Presidents have initiatives against human trafficking. When I worked around law enforcement and the courts at the local level, top priority for them was going after child sex crimes, this was placed over going after drugs. (And they caught a lot of bad guys.) I don't recall POTUS ever being the cause.
  6. Bush signed one in 2006.
  7. Irresponsible for journalists and people with influence. Trump should not be removed as president, like I said earlier, "Many narcissists find professions where their personality disorder can be seen as an advantage, which is what is happening here." Frances doesn't 'like' Trump by the way, he wrote this article where he says, "He is a clear threat to our democracy." and, "We must challenge Trump on his outrageous behaviors and constant lies..."
  8. Trump is a narcissist. Many narcissists find professions where their personality disorder can be seen as an advantage, which is what is happening here.
  9. Beat ya by ~15min
  10. In the tweet, he is labeling these entities as 'fake news media' outlets, in the CPAC speech he's saying these outlets produce 'fake news' content and trying to deny that he was calling the media outlets the enemy of the American people in the first place. The lie starts at 0:47 in the video I posted.
  11. Here is Trump's tweet from a few days ago about the 'FAKE NEWS media': Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com This is why I didn't vote for Trump: call it hyperbole, call it the 'bombastic offer'---it is a lie. He clearly meant media outlets in his tweet, and even listed them. Now he's trying to blame the media, saying it is the 'dishonest media [that] dropped the word fake' which made it seem like he was saying the news media is the enemy of the American People---
  12. MSK, what's your definition of 'fake news'?