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  1. By the way Tony, why aren't you defending Mandela? He's the guy who ended Apartheid. Why don't you move to Israel?
  2. So jewish people took parts of greek philosophy, rejected part of greek culture (homosexuality, which is by no means universal) and called them tyrants? Aside from being tolerant of homosexuality, how were the greeks tyrants? You haven't named anything unusual about how the greeks ruled over the jews.
  3. Mandela was a tribal prince, but he also studied at one of the best Universities in South Africa and was a lawyer (before Apartheid came into existence, it wasn't easy for him to be a lawyer afterwards). Despite all the fear mongering about him, after he was elected president of South Africa he didn't try to turn it communist or create hyperinflation like Mugabe. He wasn't perfect as a leader, but he was definitely better than both his Apartheid predecessors and his ANC successors.
  4. Wolf... I've tried editing the wikipedia page on Mandela and had my comments questioning Mandela's commitment to communism rejected. Mandela's campaign was as you say, against the government, not against the people. It was violent, but the violence was directed at buildings, not people. I can't find information, but I'm pretty sure that whites were allowed guns in Apartheid South Africa and Blacks were not. Mandela had his right to free speech violated before he went to prison and was in prison for most of the anti-apartheid violence in South Africa. He had nothing to do with Necklacing (his wife did, but he divorced her when he got out of prison). It is ridiculous to blame a man in prison for violence outside of prison. I have a level of skepticism towards your statistics though they are the best part of your argument. I do not think the Apartheid government kept accurate records... I have many reasons to believe that. Care to reevaluate Mandela?
  5. I reject that question as meaningful on principle. Individuals have rights, states do not. Individual Israelis are free to leave Israel and exist in other countries, many of them do (the smartest and most virtuous, in general). Did the Boer Republics have a right to exist? They were crushed by the British and their citizens were put into concentration camps. You can moralize that all you want but it doesn't change history. Based on historical data, Israel will most likely cease existing within a hundred years or so, perhaps even within a few decades. It is less in the interests of the United States to ally with a country that is doomed than it is in our interest in fighting in the graveyard of empires (Afghanistan). It was in the interest of South Africa's Apartheid to ally with Israel, but the world rejected the Apartheid government, a large portion of the world rejects Israel, or at least some of Israel's settlements. Seriously though, you're usually reasonable but you aren't even attempting to refute my points, you're just labeling them as leftist (which is meaningless, it's a term coined based on where people sat during the French Revolution, what does that have to do with Israel?) And I still question your take on Apartheid, did you do anything to fight it? Are you doing anything politically in South Africa now?
  6. Have you read The Last Days Of Socrates by Plato? I have, I don't think that Socrates is that wise, he shouldn't have been put to death but if Plato's description of him was accurate he seemed like he was suffering from dementia at the time. His ideas remind me of some ideas I've read in the Bhagavad Gita. Aristotle's teachings were kept in the Library of Alexandria, I imagine that they were spread via word of mouth throughout the Greek Empire. Ultimately I do not see why you view the Greeks as tyrannical. I see them as quite similar to Jewish people.
  7. The left has nothing to do with this, do not pigeon hole my arguments into other people's arguments. Of course I know the difference between violence and self-defensive force, but in a primitive, collectivist and tribal area like the middle east the distinction isn't always easy to draw, perhaps you've heard the phrase it started with Isaac and Ishmael. There's been violence in the middle east for longer than there's been recorded history in the middle east. Joshua committed six genocides in Israel and he is celebrated for it. Just because there is a record of jewish history doesn't mean the record is accurate, history is written by the victor and the first casualty of war is truth. For Israel to be declared a 'Jewish State' is a tactless move. They were violent towards the British, there was no self defense then. They were attacked by neighboring 'nations' (who did not initiate violence against the British and French who colonized them)... this is an endless conflict because the parties involved are collectivist. Taking sides is pointless. As for defensive wars, that's a narrative that people disagree with. The British gave all of Israel away because of Jewish terrorism, it was a rational move. There has always been conflict in Israel and the nations that exist there don't exist there for long. As for my credentials, I'm not sure what your credentials are in condemning Apartheid, were you a member of the ARM? BTW Wolf... Mandela is not a bad person but there's still a smear campaign against him. He's an imperfect hero.
  8. The Greeks were tyrants? But they brought Aristotle to the world!
  9. I'm not quite convinced of your narrative and you haven't adequately condemned Apartheid for me to believe that you and I see the same flaws in it. It seems like you support the bad parts of Israel, which makes me question whether you're really opposed to Apartheid or just certain parts of it. Dhimmis weren't exactly second class citizens, they were treated differently than most Muslims (though obvious Sunni and Shia' Muslims have had many conflicts). By many metrics, jews were treated better in the Ottoman Empire than in various other parts of Europe. Any large immigration will be met with resistance, look at people's reactions to Mexican immigrants. The US is relatively civilized so there's not widespread violence against Mexicans. But the middle east is not so there's violence against migrants. You haven't convinced me that the violence against jews from 'Arab Countries' (that's a horrible term you seem to be equivocating Arabs with Muslims which is a sophomoric mistake, there was an empire controlled by Turks, who are ethnically and linguistically distinct from Turks) was any worse than the violence against 'Palestinians' by Jews. If you look at the numbers of any modern conflict in Israel, there are about one hundred times as many Palestinians/Arabs killed as there are Jews killed. As for making the west look bad... I acknolwedge that Israel has brought some western values to the Middle East, but they've also brought lots of violence (the Ottoman Empire brought relative peace to the middle east, though they did start many conflicts in Eastern Europe). If you know somebody who was killed by an Israeli armed by US weapons, you're probably going to have negative feelings towards the West.
  10. Interesting... nobody has commented on the USS Panay incident, perhaps you aren't familiar with it: Given that, it seems pretty incompetent for the US to not be prepared for Japanese aggression in Hawaii.
  11. I dispute your facts. First, palestinians are not all Arabs. Second, they coexisted with jews for hundreds of years during the Ottoman Empire. Third, it was the jews who were terrorists before 1948 (look up King David Hotel). Fifth, Israel is fairly explicitly a jewish state (which practices conscription), why would somebody who isn't jewish want to be a citizen of it? The similarities between Apartheid South Africa and Israel that I see is that they are both supported by the US and allegedly promote 'western' values (though they do a poor job in it and have systemic problems). They make the west look bad to the victims of their violence and thus do more harm than good. I would hope that there exists a peaceful solution to the problems in Israel similar to how Mandela led a (relatively) peaceful solution to Apartheid but I'm not sure it's possible. That part of the world has existed in perpetual violence.
  12. Anthony... I'm not sure of the implications of the reference to the meme... but while we're on a related subject, can you comment on the Israel-Apartheid comparison?
  13. Can we discuss FDR's knowledge of Japanese aggression and the USS Panay?
  14. They were victims of altruism, dictatorship and mysticism. If We The Living accurately describes Rand's life, she tried to go to Germany to escape Russia... They were also the victims of naivete of some jewish bankers in the US :
  15. What are the limits of Chutzpuh? Where do you draw the line between Chutzpuh and unethical behavior?