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  1. Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally Madness

    Here some information about a counter protester who was the victim of violence (near the police department) Were any of the Nazis hurt? How can you equivocate between the two groups?
  2. Google, Indoctrination and James Damore

    Also, the first programmer was a woman. The first person to write a compiler was a woman. Computer used to be an occupation mainly performed by women. Women used to have more representation in CS then they do now.
  3. Google, Indoctrination and James Damore

    Also, while I'm a huge fan of science, I don't think it's immoral for a company to follow policies that contradicts science. Can you imagine what would happen if somebody at Exxon sent out a memo saying the company should change it's energy policies because of global warming? They'd be fired.
  4. Google, Indoctrination and James Damore

    I agree that setting up a suggestions for improvement program and then firing somebody who shares something to it is bad (though obviously there are limits, Diversity is one of Google's core values), but I still think it was a poor decision for Damore to post it in a semi-public setting. Published may not have been the best choice of words, but the memo was sent to a large number of people at google. It doesn't take too much knowledge of current events to know that there was a high possibility of this memo offending somebody, and if you offend somebody you can lose your job. Most articles haven't mentioned it but this guy worked on Google Plus, which is a horrible product so it's not clear to me that he was just fired for writing this memo. He had shared his thoughts with other employees and didn't have any problems until he shared it with a wider forum. As I said, the problem was that he's publicly criticizing a department whose job it is to create policies, Google is public about its support of diversity. I don't think anybody expects Google to be perfectly gender balanced in the near future, but they're one of the world's biggest companies and likely to be around for decades if not centuries so it's not an unreasonable goal for them to have. I agree that people exaggerated the contents of the memo. I don't know anything about the secret diversity meetings he had to go to. But you need to work at fitting in socially at a company, usually this is harder for people who aren't white males than those who are. Have you looked at what the people at Google wrote against the memo? They cited science as well. As far as I know, there aren't many salient differences between men and women's cognitive abilities (Rand would agree with me here). There is a difference in their expressed interests, but that could change over time. Maybe women seek more work life balance then men because they believe that all the jobs where you work long hours are discriminatory towards women.
  5. Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally Madness

    In this case it's natural for there to be violence in this case because Nazis are violent. There's a history of white racist terrorism And there's a history of antifas violently resisting them (I don't know too much about antifa, but so far as I can tell they haven't committed terrorism or murder). So violence is to be expected. I don't justify it in the same way I don't justify the damage a hurricane might cause. I think the Nazis should have to pay for security, the counterprotestors aren't the ones initiating the disruption.
  6. Google, Indoctrination and James Damore

    I read the memo. I thought it was poorly written and while it does cite some science it doesn't offer a full survey of the relevant literature and seems motivated towards a specific conclusion. I think that publishing the memo was a bad idea and if he had instead had some conversations with the relevant people at Google he might have understand why google has the policies that it does and either been happy to continue to work at Google or left on better terms. By publishing the memo he is effectively attacking google's HR department. I'm sure that he also made a lot of women who work for google less productive, look into stereotype threat (it's important science that the author of the memo ignored). There is a huge problem of sexism in tech in general. It's in Google's interest to appear to be non-biased towards women so that they can hire the best women. Additionally, all of the science out there is confounded by societal sexism, as sexism decreases I'd expect all these gender differences he's cited to grow smaller.
  7. Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally Madness

    I've been pretty bothered by this stuff. I do believe in free speech, but these people are literally waving symbols of two of the most significant threats to the USA within its history. Nazis killed Americans, so did the Confederacy. They have a right to speak, but if they assemble it's only natural to expect huge counterprotests and violence. Shouldn't they at least have to pay the additional costs that the police and community have to bear?
  8. Why Objectivism is Not An American Philosophy

    It is now, but it hasn't always been Surveys in the 1920's of mental‐test studies of immigrants from southern and eastern Europe, such as Italians, Poles and Greeks, showed their average I.Q.'s to be in the 80's, occasionally in the 70's. Data on Jewish‐Americans were harder to find, because the early researchers, during the controversies over immigration laws, focused on nationality groups. However, the U. S. Army tests showed soldiers of Polish and Russian ancestry scoring consistently at or near the bottom of the list of European ethnic groups, and it was known then that half or more of the Polish and Russian immigrants were Jews
  9. Why Objectivism is Not An American Philosophy

    @Marcus, China has adopted more freedoms in the past 20 years which has increased its superpower status. Still its population is about four times that of the US and historically it has been a superpower in the past so I don't see how you can take my comment as endorsing China. Still, you can't name a country which is closer to having an Objectivist philosophy than the USA. In the grand scheme of things Objectivism is a marginal philosophy which has never had much success in any country, but has been somewhat successfully practiced by some individuals.
  10. Why Objectivism is Not An American Philosophy

    What country is closer to Objectivism than the USA? I'm not sure if it's appropriate to ascribe philosophies to countries, individuals have philosophies, countries don't. Most individuals don't have coherent philosophies. The existence of the USA as the world's super power and the speed at which its economy has grown is strong support for the validity of Objectivism.
  11. Motivational Stories of Hard Work Leading to Prosperity

    I don't think that hard work and intelligence are the same thing. Nor does hard work guarantee success or money. Hard work is part of major human achievements, but it isn't the only part and in some cases it isn't necessary. I'd define hard work to be persistent, consistent dedication towards a goal. You do it because you value the goal, not because you value the work.
  12. Motivational Stories of Hard Work Leading to Prosperity

    I know Rand worked hard during the earlier part of her career. I'd say that's when her work was better. The problem with success is that it can distort your view of what's good, you can work hard on something that's worse. Some great achievements are hard work, but some are not. The relationship between hard work and achievement isn't always direct. Plenty of people have been very successful without that much hard work and others have worked hard and not succeeded.
  13. Motivational Stories of Hard Work Leading to Prosperity

    I'm pretty sure I could write a 1000 page novel, it would be a lot of work, I can't focus on it now as I have other priorities in life. I don't dismiss doing so as not being an achievement, but in practice somebody usually needs to work hard before they can write a book that long. Rand had enough money to live comfortably for the time it took her to write Atlas. I don't, neither do most people. I'm not dismissing anyone's achievements, but I can't be inspired by something that is infeasible for me to do it. How do you expect to inspire somebody to do something if they don't have the resources to do it? I thought that turkeyfoot's story was good. I have a few personal stories I'm hesitant to share. There are some historical examples like Andrew Carnegie, or Alexander Hamilton or Steve Jobs.
  14. Mad Men

    This is the only Rand reference I'm aware of: I like the show a lot, Don Draper is a lot like a Randian hero only more realistic. The show does a good job at showing how intelligent people can work together (or sometimes backstab each other).
  15. Bitcoin and Ethereum

    Does anybody follow them? I know there's a lot of reason to be skeptical but they've shot up in value a lot lately. It might have something to do with computer viruses holding computers hostage until fees in bitcoin are paid. Or due to people trying to get their money out of oppressive countries.