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    Jules Troy was my birth first and Middle name.Hi I am Steve Cossey. Over at RoR everyone knows I am Steve but just call me Jules. Well you can call me whatever you like :)
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    Photography, 3d modelling, photoshop, digital mixed medium matte painting. Attempting to not piss everyone off.(mostly failing at that!)

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  1. Leonardo Dicaprio while filming The Revenant up here in Canada declared "I've seen global warming with my own eyes! One day it was -30 then the next day a wind came in and it warmed up to +62!!!" Everyone of course that knows the area declared him a fucking idiot "that's called a chinook wind dumbdumb, been going on for thousands of years." Then of course off he goes god knows where in his private jet that burns more fuel in one trip than anyone's car in 3months.
  2. Thank you Ellen! Preaching to the choir Bob.
  3. The art of photography as pertains to my interest in it is to do my postwork in such a way that you cannot tell there was any postwork. It's a minimalist approach and easier said than done. Oh and I won a grand prize at viewbug so I guess I'm now an "award winning" photographer. 1st place on over 40k entries is ok in my books! https://www.viewbug.com/contests/animals-and-rule-of-thirds-photo-contest lol J it's an owl
  4. Hahaahshahaha I almost peed my pants!
  5. I have an Emo lawn! It cuts itself twice a week.
  6. William, I rather like the hot redhead idea 😊👍
  7. Thanks for looking my man!
  8. "Phillis" was always a whiny biotch anyways. It was painful to read his bullcrap.
  9. It's a shitshow ever there. Wait...Where did Adam go?
  10. http://fineartamerica.com/featured/great-grey-owl-boreal-hunter-jestephotography-ltd.html A Great Grey Owl. I drove about 3.5 hours, left at around 3am to get to this spot in the southwestern foothills/boreal forests of Alberta in the HOPES of seeing one.
  11. I'm currently pipelining up north of Fort Mac. My spit couldn't get enough elevation to hit Jane Fonda. BTW... the air is pretty fresh up here. L.A.? Not so much.
  12. And Trudeau is an idiot...
  13. Yup what he has in store for Canada has had me wondering too...
  14. The Mexican government I think is shitting their pants. They will be dragged kicking and screaming to the table but they are going to be caught between a rock and a hard place. Come to the table and lose a bunch of power or watch the wall get built and have their own people revolt and lose everything..like their heads.
  15. Oh but they will once it is built... I'm thinking that the easy border acts like a overload relief valve for their people. People are tired of their corrupt government making life miserable. Instead of having things boil over to where they revolt, they leave. The ones that stay behind are the ones that suffer. The Mexican government instead of fixing their problems know that when the shtf the people will leave instead of rioting. When the wall gets built....pop!