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  1. There can be no business transaction without shared ethical values, so my conviction for Capitalism is what puts me in touch with others like myself and we create wealth together. I have never found the lack of Capitalists to be an impediment... because it doesn't exist. We always find each other. I also discovered this moral principle: The more I govern myself... the more the government leaves me alone to govern myself. So there's no need to wait around for the birth of laissez-faire when I already enjoy it right now. The solution can never be found in a collective... but only in sovereign independent individuals who share the same ethical values. Greg
  2. Tony, exactly what you described is the reason not to act on the thoughts which arise from transient irrational emotions. Being religious, I regard the equitable ethical value-for-value business interactions of Capitalism as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth because they are literal manifestations of Divine moral law in this world. Whether or not people realize that law comes from God is irrelevant... ...because everyone can enjoy the blessings of keeping it. Greg
  3. Your description of phony compassion is spot on, Tony. Just as Capitalist business transactions are always win/win where both parties involved profit from it... moral interactions are also always win/win where both parties involved become better people. The latter being the only real purpose in life, everything else serves it. Greg
  4. Tony, I'm very discriminating in choosing when where how and who I help, because a very specific propriety has to be observed for it to be morally right. I fully understand what you're saying about how the government "helps". I'm not the government. I never give the unearned to the undeserving. I'm a sovereign private autonomous American citizen who is free to do as I see fit. Here is a principle I'm not certain you'll get, but it's worth repeating because I've stated it here more than once. To the degree that I do what's morally right... that same degree the government leaves me alone to enjoy my life... ...because it answers to exactly the same higher moral law that I do. Tony, those aren't just empty words... they actually WORK. And I understand that you have no idea of how much my cup overflows. There's no self sacrifice involved. I receive way more than I could ever give. Greg
  5. Thanks Marc... all the credit belongs to Ayn Rand for inspiring me to build my own Galt's Gulch. Greg
  6. Indebetted private citizens are wholly responsible for voting to create an indebtted government "in their own image and likeness". It is a literal manifestation of their own personal fiscal and moral irresponsibility. Greg
  7. That would be good for America if Trump was like John Galt and the US became like Galt's Gulch... ...but I didn't wait around for someone else to come along to do it for me. I'm already there. Greg
  8. Peter, get used to 4 years of infantile leftist trumphate. The spoiled parasites have had their way for so many years it's just going to be one long tantrum. As much as the right hates the left... they could never match the left's hatred for the right. Greg
  9. I'm not one of the blind ones. Trump is a mixed bag. However, his positives outweigh his negatives and that's fine with me. Greg
  10. ...and brilliantly so. The rewards of success in life go to the doers. Following the fine silver thread of purpose requires spontantously acting on opportunities in the moment they present themselves.
  11. Thanks for the backstory, Michael. Someone who can only record the acheivements of someone else has to be dissatisfied with their own life. So it makes sense to me that he'd be disgruntled and take it out on Trump. It's an example of blaming (unjustly accusing) others for the consequences of their own actions... and that's toxic emotional poison. Greg
  12. One trained monkey critiques another... oh, the irony. Greg
  13. I still believe the information was narrated because Trump would want first person control over the content... ...but I can also understand the unwillingness to give him any credit. Greg
  14. I read the book and it was written by narration because it sounds exactly like Donald Trump talks. That's something a busy man would do who doesn't have the time. He delegated that tedious job to someone else. Greg
  15. There is something which takes place before reactive thought and reflexive emotion... and the conscious awareness required to spontantously and autonomously act on that before thought and emotion makes all the difference between intelligence and wisdom. It's possible to create amoral artifical intelligence which can perform like a trained monkey on the level of a government bureaucratic employee. However, it is impossible to create artificial wisdom. Greg