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  1. White Privilege And Education

    The goal is never equality. The goal is control, by any means necessary. That cannot be stated enough.  In this case, the means of control is the guilt brought about by some intangible, unverifiable monstrosity known as "privilege".  To go one step further, the ultimate goal, depending on the person, is either power or free stuff. From experience, free stuff, whether that is money or respect or pity, is the most common goal. 
  2. Update coming

    Woah, this is going to take some getting used to. 
  3. Any fans of "anti-life" music out there?

  4. Any fans of "anti-life" music out there?

  5. Any fans of "anti-life" music out there?

    He's a fairly angry fellow, but he does have a good amount of fun making music and music videos.
  6. Any fans of "anti-life" music out there?

    Finding the uncensored cut of this video is like pulling teeth.
  7. David Bowie Had Passed At 69...

    I was never a fan of Bowie, but I can appreciate his influence on the music industry. He's nothing short of an icon. One of the giants. Sad to see him go. Though he died at 68, he lived enough life to fill 1000 years. I especially enjoyed his collaborations with Trent Reznor.
  8. Any fans of "anti-life" music out there?

  9. Any fans of "anti-life" music out there?

  10. Can Women Survive without Men?

    No, they would be fucked. But, the question is, who would be doing the fucking?
  11. Any fans of "anti-life" music out there?

    Sheesh, I don't think I've yet posted a single Megadeth song. Shame, shame. How about a classic or two?
  12. Music From My Generation That's Stood up with Me

    Posted this in my thread. I think it deserves a quick repost. Rooster Ain't found a way to kill me yet Eyes Burn with stinging sweat Seems every path leads me to nowhere Wife and kids household pet Army green was no safe bet The bullets scream at me from somewhere Here they come to snuff the rooster Yeah here come the rooster, yeah [2x] You know he ain't gonna die No, no, no, ya know he ain't gonna die Walkin' tall machine gun man They spit on me in my home land Gloria sent me pictures of my boy Got my pills 'gainst mosquito death My buddy's breathin' his dyin' breath Oh god please won't you help me make it through Here they come to snuff the rooster Yeah here come the rooster, yeah You know he ain't gonna die No, no, no ya know he ain't gonna die A bit of background, the "rooster" in the song is Jerry Cantrell's [Alice in Chain's guitarist's] father who served in Vietnam. His nickname was "rooster" during the war. He is seen in the video with his son, both reflect on the war and the time they spent together.
  13. Richard Stallman: "What Stands in the Way of Digital Freedom?"

    Neat. I've never donated money, but I've bought GNU/Linux merchandise in the past. I love buying GNU/Linux-related stickers. I just can't get enough of those stickers. They raise a few eyebrows and they're great conversation starters. I'm a fan of the Debian distro family and I've been playing with Kali quite a lot lately to familiarize myself with some common pentesting tools. Just today, I unearthed an old Dell Latitude D620 laptop from my hardware crypt. Its default operating system in Windows XP, however, I can live boot Kali on it whenever I feel like putting in a bit of learning. In fact, the laptop runs Kali better than it runs XP, which I found surprising. Yep, it's getting a sticker.
  14. Aesthetic Taste as a Crime

    Control is the goal, and guilt is the means to that goal. The article is nothing more than your daily dose of stupid shit. Unfortunately, a number of people will take it seriously.
  15. Richard Stallman: "What Stands in the Way of Digital Freedom?"

    This isn't how Stallman uses the word "free". See above explanation. Merlin, A person can't just modify a piece of software and peak at your assets. They would need to modify it, distribute it, and have Fidelity users download and run it. Just don't download software from any site other than Fidelity, which goes without saying.