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  1. Combining brains is not as easy as combining muscles.
  2. I read that what goes into his mouth is almost as terrifying as what comes out of his mouth.
  3. Fasting is one of those subjects that many people have an opinion about but very few people know much about. You can look up yahoo answers on fasting and see some gross ignorance from people posing as experts. Most people never went without food more than a day or 2. You can't judge 40 days from 2 days. If you do a 2 day fast and find that it is a bad experience, you should not infer that 40 days would be 20 times as bad. Let's start with something really basic. There are 2 great processes of life: nutrition and elimination. Both are necessary. Without either you die. They can't be entirely separated because each supports the other. Every living cell produses metabolic waste. You can look it up. In addition to the waste produced by the living cell, there are environmental poisons coming from outside. All this stuff can be informally called 'crud' or 'garbage' and there is no single chemical formula for all of it. This crud or garbage is eliminated mainly by colon and kidneys and liver and lungs (CO2) and perhaps skin. If for whatever reason the elimination does not keep pace with production of garbage, the garbage level rises. If it rises above the toleration level, the body produces a "crisis". This means there is a state of emergency and the body uses vicarious channels of elimination. For example the skin, which normally doesn't excrete much, might become a more active channel of elimination. The lungs, which normally don't eliminate much other than CO2, might develop a cough. The digestive system, normally used mostly for digestion, might shut down digestion and produce an aversion to food and become a major channel of elimination. Fasts can be natural or elective. A natural fast means the body calls for a fast. The stomach does not want food. If you give it food, it will throw the food back in your face. One doctor, who has experience with fasting, says the natural fast is always right and the elective fast is always wrong. Back to the 2 great processes of life, nutrition and elimination. They interact, each supports the other. Nutrients are needed to remove garbage, example selenium to remove mercury. A cleaner body works more efficiently. But there is in some way a trade off. Energy used for one is at the expense of energy available for the other. During a fast, all the energy that is normally used for digestion is released for other uses which might include elimination. I have a question about fasting that has been kicking around in my head for a while with no satisfactory answer. It seems no number of short fasts will equal a long fast. For example it seems no number of 15 day fasts will equal a 40 day fast. The question is, why is this? Shelton asserts this from his experience (40,000 fasts) without explaining why. Alan Goldhamer in his lectures does not mention this. Loren Lockman advises not less than 21 days but does not explain why to my satisfaction. There does not seem to be any place on the internet that explains this to my satisfaction. A long fast has stages. The first 2.5 to 3.5 days (says Lockman) is the transition from eating mode to fasting mode. During this time you are not properly into the fast. (I am somewhat skeptical about 2.5 to 3.5 days because I suspect that with practise this can be speeded up.) The transition into fasting mode is not complete until 10-12 days (Lockman). Dr. Moser says detox must precede healing, so there is a detox stage and a healing stage. Alec Burton seems to think the detox stage can be subdivided into intercellular detox and intracellular detox. The latter is supposed to begin at around day 15. If the fast is "complete", that means the fat is running low and hunger returns, which means the body serves notice upon the consciousness that food is needed and there is a flow of saliva and a keenness of taste and smell and usually a greater appreciation of the food experience.
  4. I simplified this a bit. Drugs are poisons. During a fast (when you get deep enough into the fast) the body gets more sensitive to poisons. Tobacco addicts might develop an aversion to tobacco. Tap water might have a bad taste because of the poisons in it. All that stuff. So what happens if you take a poison during a fast? Conflict!
  5. Let's take a specific, reasonably concrete example. During a fast (water only) of 20 or 40 days, some people experience nausea. The question is what to do about the nausea? You could take the patient off the fast but let us assume the fast is to be continued. The typical average doctor who knows nothing about fasting probably would give a drug to stop the nausea. The drug would work. It would stop the nausea. All the peer reviewed research would show that it stops nausea. The evidence would be conclusive. Who can argue against success? All the patients would testify that it worked for them. All the doctors who tried it would find that it works; it stops the nausea. Anyone who says anything against this anti-nausea drug would be regarded as a fool. Any professional who opposes it would be regarded as a crackpot and a quack. The typical average doctor would make no attempt to understand the nausea. Why is it happening? What does it mean? To the typical average doctor, all symptoms are bad and must be stopped at all cost, usually by a drug. The vetted professional journals would make no effort to understand the nausea. What is actually happening is the liver is pouring crud into the stomach. One of the many functions of the liver is to clean the blood. All the blood in the body goes thru the liver and the liver removes junk from the blood and dumps it into the stomach to be removed from the body. This activity happens 24/7 but tends to be stepped up during a fast. The digestive system, especially during a fast, is a giant channel of elimination. There is something of a trade-off between digestion and elimination. Sometimes during a fast the liver dumps so much crud into the stomach that it causes nausea. This is why some people experience nausea during a fast. You can stop the nausea during a fast by means of an anti-nausea drug but to do so is to demonstrate lack of understanding. But you will have the approval of all the vetted professional journals and all the government authorities and all the government approved professionals. And you will be regarded as a crackpot and a quack. And your patients probably will get well after they get rid of all that crud.
  6. AMA is an arm of government and is corrupt. Certificates don't need to be from government. They can be from schools that are independent from government. The value of the certificate can depend on the reputation of the school, which can depend on the performance of the graduates of the school. Certificates can be from things like the INHS. Whether this is worth anything is for you (not government) to judge. Another web page might have a list of approved witch doctors, also for you (not government) to judge. I don't understand why people trust government approved doctors who by their own statement have nothing to offer, and reject helpful knowledge merely because it is not generally accepted. Authority above reason. "Never take anything on trust." -- Botvinnik (former world chess champion) to Kasparov (age 10, future world chess champion)
  7. And yet you trust government. Government is your guide to morality. Government approval is how you differentiate between a legit doctor and a quack. (I judge doctors by how well their patients do and I don't give a rat's ass whether government approves.) You trust the FDA (Fraud and Deception Administration).
  8. 1. The moderate Muslims are not likely to oppose the extreme Muslims. The reason why is the extreme Muslims have Islamic Holy Writ on their side and the moderate Muslims have no answer to that. 2. About modifying Islam. How would you modify Islam? Rewrite the Koran? Say Muhammad didn't mean what he said? Let us imagine that you succeeded in modifying Islam, even tho that would be a huge task. Then your modified Islam would be a denomination and the original Islam would remain. And your modified Islam would have no superhuman authority. 3. Whatever you do, don't tell the truth about Islam and about Muhammad. That offends Muslims. You must never in any circumstance offend Muslims. You can do violence to them and nuke them but never offend them.
  9. How do you know the English translation is correct? Maybe this is a joke. Does anyone here know enough Arabic (or whatever language that is) to tell whether the English translation is real? Even if the English translation is real, that guy could be an actor and the video could still be a joke.
  10. This video is critical of Islam and of Muhammad. It belongs in the garbage pile.
  11. How accurate is the following story as a description of what happens in the philosophy department in universities? <begin story> Perfesser M. T. Head teaches filosofy at Ivory Tower University. His favorite student is Stu Pid. Under the tutorship of perf. M. T. Head, Stu Pid learned the following items of wisdom: metaphysics: There ain't no such thing as reality. epistemology: We can't know anything. ethics: There are no values. After mastering these items of wisdom, Stu Pid was awarded a doctorate degree in filosofy. To achieve this doctorate degree he studied full time for some of the best years of his life and spent $200,000 of borrowed money that he has to pay back with interest. But he is okay with that because he believes the education he got from Ivory Tower University under the tutorship of perf. M. T. Head prepared him very well to meet the challenges of life and he expects to live a very good life. <end story> Do I have that right?
  12. Playing chess can be described as making decisions. Each move is a decision. But the great chess players work hard. There is a story about a guy who wanted to take chess lessons from Bobby Fischer. For his first lesson BF had him go thru MCO, Modern Chess Openings, from cover to cover, every page, every comment, every footnote. Three months later (it's a big heavy book), he is back and ready for lesson 2. For lesson 2, BF had him go thru all that again. Another story about BF is he went to a hideout cabin in the woods and did nothing but study rook and pawn endgames for 3 months. It is said he never lost a rook and pawn endgame after that. In chess at least, making good decisions takes work. Probably also in real estate. But I wouldn't know; I never did real estate.
  13. Bobby Fischer had a theory. He said to someone: "Everyone has genes. I have good genes and you have bad genes. That's why I'm a genius and you are a piece of shit."
  14. It was not prophecy. Dreams can't be prophetic. But your hypothesis does explain the details. Also your hypothesis falsely assumes that I was concerned about his health. I didn't have the foggiest clue that his health was failing. Even in the phone conversation, I found it hard to believe. I have a better hypothesis. Random chance. Coincidences happen all the time. All the details in the dream happened in real life, by coincidence.
  15. You ignored the details of the dream. I was not concerned about his health. I did not have a problem.