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  1. I am glad that Google is starting to stop bullshit websites such as naturalnews. Google is doing a great service to humanity by shutting down websites that disagree with what is generally accepted. Nutjobs like Mike Adams will kick up a fuss and say some bullshit about freedom of information and tyranny. But Google and even government has a right and even an obligation to protect people from information and ideas that are contrary to what is generally accepted. True to form, conspiracy theorist Mike Adams sees all this as a great conspiracy by the Evil Empire against 'truth tellers' such as himself and Alex Jones. He thinks he and Alex Jones are the good guys and the Evil Empire are the bad guys. Get a load of how crazy Mike Adams really is.
  2. I don't know whether to believe this. Atlas shrugged, the whole book, all 1053 pages, in pdf for free. I thought there was a copyright restriction. http://www.monomania.ca/car/PDFs/Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand.pdf
  3. I expected the Operation Northwoods pdf file to be self explanatory but maybe it wasn't. I will try to explain. Definition of 'conspiracy': 2 or more individuals secretly planning something illegal or immoral. Definition of 'conspiracy theory': a theory that there is a conspiracy, as above defined. Debunking a conspiracy theory: means to prove that a conspiracy theory, as above defined, is false. This amounts to proving that the conspiracy did not happen (or is not happening). Operation Northwoods qualifies as a conspiracy by the above definition of 'conspiracy'. (Notice that this definition does not require the plan to be carried out.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods http://www.smeggys.co.uk/operation_northwoods.php The challenge was to prove that Operation Northwoods was not a conspiracy. This challenge is not met by an abundance of confusing verbiage followed by flat earth.
  4. How would you use those 6 ways to debunk the following conspiracy theory? http://nsarchive.gwu.edu/news/20010430/northwoods.pdf "We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba." Note 1: It is not enough to say it didn't happen. It was planned; that qualifies it as a conspiracy. Note 2: You can't cop out by calling it a conspiracy fact instead of a conspiracy theory. It was or could have been a theory before this document was revealed.
  5. "Anyone over 30 years of age today, give a silent “Thank you” to the nearest, grimiest, sootiest smokestacks you can find." -- Ayn Rand
  6. Does that mean the entire literature of Objectivism should be committed to the flames?
  7. Grab some popcorn and siddown and enjoy this movie.
  8. Enzyme telomerase may be a key to some kind of immortality. You might be chronologically hundreds of years old and physiologically 20 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telomerase But it would not make you indestructible. You could get diseases and injuries.
  9. Listen to the whole collection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWCMJBHft78&index=182&list=PL9DD949DCF16BEF91
  10. I will pretend I'm an aspie. A differential equation is not an animal and can't bite someone in the ass.
  11. Advancing computer technology? Google Maps? Anyway I will start a list of things a genius might be able to do, great innovations and great works of imagination. 1. Make light emitting diodes (LEDs) cheap. Incandescent light bulbs are inefficient in conversion of electricity to light. They make mostly heat. You touch them, they are hot. LEDs are much more efficient. They also make better quality light. And they last longer, maybe 20 years as opposed to 750 hours for incandescent bulbs. The one downside is currently they are expensive. Make LEDs cheap, lower lighting bills, have better quality light, revolutionize lighting, make money. 2. Make aerogel insulation cheap. An ice cube inside a box insulated with aerogel insulation in room temperature will take 3 years to melt. Make it cheap, lower the heating bill, revolutionize the insulation industry, make money. Even windows could be insulated with aerogel between 2 panes of glass because aerogel is sufficiently transparent. 3. Invent a better battery. The standard lead-acid battery, brand new and fully charged, produces a range of 14 miles on the electric scooter. As the battery ages the range is less and less until in 3-5 years or so it must be replaced. Invent a battery that performs the same but with one difference, 30 years later it still has a range of 14 miles on a full charge. This invention would be useful wherever batteries are used -- electric scooters, cars, flashlights, portable radios, solar energy, wind energy, maybe electric cars in the future. 4. Improve the 3D printer. I saw videos where they 3d printed an adjustable wrench with moving parts, a ridable bicycle, a gun that shoots bullets, even a large 3d printer that prints a house. In maybe 100 years from now, every affluent home will have a 3d printer as a standard household appliance along with stove and fridge and computer. Those who don't have their own personal 3d printer will go a few blocks to the friendly neighborhood 3d printing service and have stuff 3d printed for a price. 3d printing technology will be married to computer technology and internet technology and you will get to search millions of templates. You will get to see what it will look like after it is printed and you will get to select color and size and whatever other particulars. Improve the 3d printer, revolutionize the manufacturing industry. 5. Make machines self maintaining and self repairing. Computer quit working? Not too big a problem. Let it repair itself overnight, next morning it will work perfectly. Probably won't quit to begin with, because it will always maintain itself. What do you mean, not possible? Living bodies can repair themselves, that's called healing. Why can't machines be invented that will do the same? Create a HUGE technological revolution. 6. Invent new materials. Graphene is interesting, might have revoltionary applications. Diamond is the hardest natural material but a few artifical materials are harder. Invent materials that have greater tensile strength, compressive strength, shear strength by a factor of hundreds and engineers will find uses for these properties. Invent a superconductor that works at room temperature. With zero resistance to electricity, CPUs (central processing units of computers) would make little or no heat and therefore would not need a fan to cool them, would use less electricity, would be faster. 7. Invent the Star Trek tricorder. Dr. Len Horowitz is probably a bullshitter but if his theory about DNA is correct, it might have revolutionary applications. His theory is DNA is an antenna, receiving and emitting information. If this is true, it might be the basis of a device that can identify DNA at a distance. For example it might identify bed bug DNA. But more. Maybe the same device could emit energy that destroys specifically the selected DNA and be harmless to any other kind of DNA. This would be beyond Star Trek. If this works, you could destroy bacteria and viruses this way and you wouldn't need antibiotics. 8. Write a science fiction novel or make a movie. If you can't do the above listed things, maybe you can write a science fiction novel where all these inventions are invented and more. Or make it a movie. If you do a good job on that, it would qualify as a great work of imagination. You are not limited to my list, you can add more.
  12. At age 25 you should be in your prime, both body and mind. If you are healthy and remain so and nothing unexpected happens, you should have several decades of good living ahead of you. What are you about to give up on? Klingon warriors do not give up. Klingon warriors prefer to die in battle. Then they have died with honor. If you give up, you will not cross the river of blood and enter stovokor. What philosophical background are you coming from?
  13. This is the theory. My theory, so nobody else gets the blame. I will try to explain it clearly and slowly. I don't need to prove the theory to justify acting on it. 1. During a fast, the body consumes expendable body tissue such as fat. It does not consume nonexpendable tissue such as muscle to any great degree until the expendable tissue runs out. When the fat runs out, it is no longer fasting but starving. 2. Sometimes tumors autolyze during a fast, sometimes not. We can ask what makes the difference. 3. My theory is whether a tumor is autolyzed during a fast depends on whether the tumor is expendable or nonexpendable. If it is expendable, it will autolyze. If not, then not. It may be possible for a nonexpendable tumor to become expendable during a fast. We can ask what makes a tumor expendable or nonexpendable? 4. The tumor was made by the body. I do not expect the body to make the tumor and at the same moment to consider it expendable. To change a tumor from nonexpendable to expendable, we want to remove all justifications for its existence. That means remove all excesses, deficiencies, imbalances that justify or tend to justify its existence. How is this done? 5. The purpose of the anti-tumor diet (as I call it) is to convert the tumor from nonexpendable to expendable. In the best case scenario this might be enough by itself to get rid of the tumor. There are stories where this seems to have happened. But it's probably a poor bet. 6. The purpose of converting the tumor from nonexpendable to expendable is to prepare it for demolition during the fast. 7. If the tumor is expendable, during a fast it will get consumed as a food source along with fat. When this happens it is called autolysis of the tumor. (edit: I forgot to mention that I'm talking about only a non-cancer tumor, not a cancer tumor.) ------------ My purpose in fasting is autolysis. I have evidence that it has begun, even if to a small degree. I take this as evidence that the tumor has become expendable.
  14. You don't know the history of hygiene.