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  1. Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau is evil. He wants to eventually make telling the truth about Islam illegal. It starts with something that seems harmless and has little meaning, M 103, not yet a law. If not stopped it will evolve into a law. Ex Muslims warn about this. They know how it starts and how it ends. Canada is going the way of Germany. When we lose freedom of speech, it is near the end.
  2. For a long time I've been skeptical of the idea that we need to go to school to learn things or that school is the best way to learn things. Need I give examples? How many people would say they know nothing except what they learned in school? Many people learn multiple languages without school. Many people learn practical on the job skills without school. There is a story that Ayn Rand taught herself how to read at the age of 3 or something like that. Brigitte Gabriel learned English in Lebanon from translations to English on TV shows. Not in school. Some decades ago my brother Bob acquired a big fat textbook about welding from NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology). He read the book and then applied for a job as a welder with no experience and no formal learning about welding. The boss said, can you weld? .. Sure, no problem... Let's see you weld. ... I see you know what you are doing. .. He got the job and that is how he became a welder. The stuff you learn in school is not necessarily of more value or better learned than what you can learn on your own by a combination of books and on the job. The main advantage of school is you get a diploma or degree. But once you prove yourself on the job, you don't need that. There are exceptions in some professions because of government requirement. Some people get the diploma or degree and it doesn't do them any good and they owe $100,000 plus interest and they wasted some of the best years of their life. And they might be better without their education, especially if it's about philosophy. In the age of the internet it should be easier than ever before to learn without school. The potential is there; there may be some questions about how to best use it, like what's worth learning and the order of learning it.
  3. Everything King Midas touched turned into gold. Everything government touches turns into shit. Don't nobody go to a government run school.
  4. On the subject of what might be called institutionalized ritual cultural murder. Grab some popcorn and siddown and enjoy.
  5. I think this is funny. He ate until he almost puked and then 2 hours later he did it again. For him eating is a job. He doesn't want anyone talking to him while he is eating because he is focussed on eating.
  6. Philosophy is in bad shape if after 2500 years of progress in philosophy, philosophers don't know why murder is wrong.
  7. At the risk of stating the obvious, in the age of the internet bookstores and libraries are on the decline. Information wants to be free. Trying to make a living as a writer is risky.
  8. Brigitte Gabriel is another anti-Islam activist who grew up under sharia, probably the most powerful of them all. If you listen to her youtube videos, you will be impressed.
  9. Does education affect the physical structure of the brain? Autism can be diagnosed by brain image.
  10. I'm not sure they chose their religion. According to Nonie Darwish, who grew up under sharia in Egypt, under sharia (Islamic law) you are born a Muslim by law and you have no choice and your parents have no choice. Then if you leave Islam, that is apostasy and you are an apostate. The penalty for apostasy is death. Is this choice?
  11. And against their own. Honor killings, cutting off hands and feet, beatings.
  12. The Bible does not teach white supremacy. The Koran teaches violence.
  13. Factual reports of events that make Islam look bad are garbage. Now I understand.
  14. This is a long list of clickable headlines about Islam in action. Islam Means Death To America and all other countries