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      Once again, the fine folks at IPB made a new upgrade and things might not be where you started to learn they were. However, this is one time where I think they actually improved things for navigation. There are only a few big buttons: When you click on one of those buttons, some other stuff opens up, depending on which button you click. (Later Note: These only appear when zoomed in or in the mode for smartphones/tablets.) I'm learning this as you are, so I suggest you do what I am doing: click on these big buttons, see what they open and fiddle with the software some. Ironically, you will find there is a lot that is intuitive. That's what I'm discovering. (Later note: I just discovered that I was viewing the site zoomed in too far to see the normal view. The menus are still there with the old buttons, but when I zoom in too much, they disappear and the new buttons appear. I believe this zoomed in way is what the site looks like on mobile devices. I'm going to mess with it some more, then maybe make some explanations.) Sorry for the inconvenience. Still, over time, I hope you end up liking these changes. Michael

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  1. Objectivist country.

    Could there be a future with a country built on Objectivism... could all us Objectivists not pool our resources and buy an island or something?
  2. does anyone have anything to say about Silent Spring by Rachel Carson?
  3. See if the eco-phreak movement started way back when with the Conservation Movement. Ba'al Chatzaf what is the Eco-phreak movement?
  4. I'm doing an essay for History about the history of modern environmentalism. I'm wondering whether anyone can give me some pointers or information on that matter...
  5. wow, Ayn Rand saw a flying saucer... that's something I never expected to hear...
  6. Just curious as to what people think about all the alien conspiracies. I find them fun to explore and I often have to slap myself out off believing them. (Whitely Strieber's Communion book had me sleeping with the light on ) I also love reading all those ancient alien intervention books like Eric von Daniken's books and Iv read the Lost Book of Enki by Sitchin. I read them more as science fiction. Has Ayn Rand ever said anything about alien visitation? any one here who believes?
  7. 4th Entry

    On my school holidays... pretty nice so far. just been relaxing etc. I did my learners a few days ago... I failed by one point... one point. Ah well: Ill be prepared for the next shot. I better start on a history essay soon. I'm going to cover the history of the environmentalist movement. I think my hypothesis will revolve around trying to uncover the dark secrets of what modern environmentalism means. One card I have uncovered is that the Nazi's had one of the most "progressive" environmental policies...
  8. Kony Baloney Invisible Indoctrination 2012

    I really enjoyed reading the piece you wrote Micheal, very plausible.
  9. John Carter

    I went to see John Carter. It was good fun. and I agree with you Blackhorse on the importance of a black and white morality.
  10. Kony Baloney Invisible Indoctrination 2012

    I seem to remember reading in the Virtue of Selfishness that Ayn Rand saw the invasion of countries under a dictatorship by a free countries is morally justifiable. Doesnt this justify America getting involved in the affairs of other countries and hence give some justification to the Kony 2012 movement? I disagree with the whole thing. It all seems like Hipster Socialist jibber jabber, but under what specific circumstance is american military interference justified?
  11. Rick Santorum for President

    Jacob: Predominantly Dr. Ron Paul would be my best guess. His positions on: 1) cutting Federal spending to balance the budget and roll back the destructive debt disaster; 2) ending the Federal Reserve; 3) ending the wars and returning the troops to the US; 4) eliminating Federal Agencies and Departments; 5) ending regulations; 6) strict adherence to Constitutional protections of individuals rights; 7) strict enforcement of all Constitutional clauses; and 8) a return to the gold standard; These are basically the positions that I am aware of. There are others of course. Adam Wow: he sounds like the key to a laissez faire America. I hope y'all vote for him! Iv been having a little look at some of the candidate debates and such... Ron Paul definitely seems to be the most competent. Rick Santorum looks like a fun character though!
  12. Rick Santorum for President

    I'm being really lazy here in asking so bluntly (I'm not in the mood to traverse the posts in the election related forums) but: which presidential candidate/ candidates does the Objectivist community sympathize and support most? (a little brief explanation as to why would also be appreciated )
  13. Fracking!

    Do you say this because of the frantic attitude of the fracking opposition?More a bit of wry hyperbole on my part to the knee-jerk alarmism, I have been picking up. I've only lately been educating myself on fracking, specifically in the Karoo. So far, (while consciously trying to avoid the easy trap of assuming it is all insane Luddism) Ive read and heard the same old anti-Big Oil, pro- Nature-at-all-costs, rationales - often by people who know less than I do. Like all environmental issues, one is forced to take sides when there might not be any dilemma between technology and natural beauty, practically speaking. The inconvenient truth for any extremists with suspect principles, (nature good, man bad) who may be driving this movement, is that fracking has been tried and tested in many parts of the world - several States of the US, the Netherlands and Australia - for as long as 50 years in the case of Texas. Without incident, that I've seen. I recommend an article in the S.A. online newspaper "Daily Maverick", written by one Ivo Vegter, on this topic. He unbundles it very well, and objectively. BTW, welcome to OL! Are you in the Western, or Eastern Cape? From what you related of your school, I'd guess it is Bishop's in Cape Town, or St. Andrew's in Grahamstown. Am I close? I'm from the western cape. and I live on the Garden Route (SA's very own bible belt ) I go to a private, christian ethos school in George... Not yet quite as prestigious as the schools you mentioned... (but we are IEB... )
  14. Fracking!

    I'm from the western cape. and I live on the Garden Route (SA's very own bible belt ) I go to a private, christian ethos school in George... Not yet quite as prestigious as the schools you mentioned... (but we are IEB... )