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  1. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    Great explanation , thank you Sir
  2. Secret Objectivist cult

    Sorry for my late response ( huge lolololl !!! ) . I see a connection to this today , in the folks who vote for one candidate simply because they are unconscious ( the voter , not the candidate ) . In reality , the candidates are very conscious . They are playing to these criteria . Could you explain circular logic to me please ?
  3. Donald Trump

    I bet you that he would love that !!!!! The Donald !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Donald Trump

    Brilliant post and links !
  5. Donald Trump

    To sleep, perchance to Dream; aye, there's the rub,for in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,
  6. Donald Trump

    I hear you , but you snooze , you lose .
  7. Donald Trump

    I do agree ! 2018 , then 2020 , then President Ivanka ( Dagnys turn ! )
  8. Donald Trump

    This is a Revolution , folks . God Bless Mr. President , and God Bless the world . If only Ayn Rand , Barbara and Nathaniel were alive to see John Galt in The Oval Office . Ivanka v Chelsea in 2024 , Ivanka in a Landsliddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. Donald Trump

    Indeed , I did , Sir !
  10. Donald Trump

    Nothing will destroy President Galt , Um sorry , I mean President Trump . He is playing them , playing them all . Mr. President created his " inner circle " , and he will find the rat , if there is one . Folks are over simplifying this !!!!!!
  11. Donald Trump

    The same people chirping about Trump and his stance towards Muslims , How come they don't chirp this ? Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, hailed the president as a “true friend of Muslims” and their March meeting as a “historic turning point.”
  12. Donald Trump

    How does Donald Trump become President of the United States ? Well , he cannot win a primary , a state , ground game , don't got this and can't do that , wont's be allowed to blab blah blah blah blah . yet everyday still our President rises , he still rises every day , He fights , he fights the secret oaths and the pacts and the haters and he wins and he gets the Supreme Court set back correctly . Our President , my President , heck , The Worlds President . He is literally changing the world , he is doing it all , while former President Obama is doing what no President EVER did , keeping the pressure on President Trump To quote myself on these here pages , I thought Rubio would win . My thought process was that it was a Revolution , not an election , it is not Repubs and Dems , its the people against the establishment. This is the one place on Earth , where we should have 100 people commenting on this thread daily , saluting the achievement of President Trump , against all odds , against his own party , the oath , not having the Bushes support him . It is a Revolution , that President Trump leads . Give it up folks , already . POTUS is in the Middle East , he is consolidating his support across the world , wake up folks , this is real . John Galt , is Commander in Chief . God Bless President Trump , and God Bless the world . He literally would win President of The World , if such a thing existed . I kid you not . I wish Barbara Branden was alive to witness this !!!!!!!!!!
  13. Donald Trump

    Well thats pretty good in the first 4 months , changed the Supreme Court , and his next appointment will come "before" he is impeached !!!!!!! President Trump , is not in any way " a drooling idiot " . Would you critique Ayn Rand , on her opening chapter of Atlas Shrugged ? Or would you prefer having read the book , first . First chapter , folks . Boy , what a story President Trump , will write !!!!!!! God Bless , my President .
  14. Donald Trump

    Then she will simply say , whatever he is doing wrong ( in her mind and timeframe ) , at the moment . " he cannot win a primary " etc " the Wall ,is not built , yet " Draining the swamp is difficult , there are challenges . Its dangerous , and he is also running Government the same time , and changing the world ( just not fast enough for Ann of Green Gables )
  15. Donald Trump MSK, not Buchanan - was the first Trumpist !