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  1. Very true indeed , kind Sir ! Very true !
  2. An uprising sounds perfect , an uprising by the people who were totally sick of the status quo , Trump took power . It was a vote of course but look at what his Democratic and Republican opponents tried to pull every step of the way , and still are trying to pull . Way closer to an actual Revolution than a " meaningful election " , yet history will absolve me on this point . On these boards here though lately , its a case of " has not done so and so yet " , while still not even giving historic props for what the man has done . I keep reading this line of reasoning here by lots of these good Objectivist folks . Peter , Peter the Pumpkin eater let me query you this . How many books have come out with the title of " meaningful election " and how many have come out with " Revolution " in the title ? This has not been fair , in all seriousness . Every fair attempt by Trump has been countered with something unfair , by his party and the Dems too. Not sure if OL was around back in the time of Our Founding Fathers , or not but if so , I am very confident that most here would have been writing at that time the same type of "what have you done for me lately " , comments . Where the US was headed pre Trump , along the lines of Obama. Bush , Clinton et al was on the course to a dictator that you were writing about in your comment . Trump has stopped this course , and new parties will be forming . The Dems are done , this is a new day . The Repubs are done . This is a Revolution , you just don't see it yet . As for Trudeau , Pierre and our current PM , and The Queen and The Mum . All the same thing , just a different name . I do love the name Marco Polo , though !!!!!!!!!
  3. More exclamation marks , more serious !!!!!!!!!!! Seriously my man . Cannot be serious ( they shouted when he was on the escalator ) , cannot win a primary , cannot win a State , cannot get the nomination , cannot win the POTUS , cannot govern with his " fellow Republicans " , cannot build a wall, cannot cannot cannot cannot but he keeps doing and doing and doing and doing . This is an actual Revolution , " We The People " , act 2 . Remember the pledge , also his own party continues to run end arounds , yet Mr. President keeps cutting them down to size .
  4. NIce !!!!!!! Any thoughts on the book ?
  5. I hear you , but its still a Revolution ! I admire your words greatly my man , Peter yet Joel Pollack called it a Revolution , and earlier in this thread I called it a Revolution and MSK called it , yet I do not believe he used the word Revolution . AS for the Queen, the Queen Mum and PM Trudeau ( they were all handed power ) , Trump took it
  6. All that I am certain of my good friend is that Mr. MSK called it , and that this is a revolution . Its already began !!!!!!!!!! A bloodless revolution . Its already started Sir !
  7. MSK , he called it first !!!!!!!!!! Revolution though , that was my word !!!!! Early on in the thread , boys and girls How Trump Won: The Inside Story of a Revolution Paperback – February 27, 2017 by Joel Pollak (Author), Larry Schweikart (Author)
  8. FRANK BRUNI: I feel like one can't have any conversation today, without it being at some point about Donald Trump. So I thought we'd just begin with Donald Trump. Get him entirely out of the way. In my world of friends and acquaintances it seems like everybody is either in near hysteria and feels like we're in the end of days. Or they look at those people and see a bunch of drama queens. I want to know where you two stand on this. What is your state of mind and state of feeling about the Donald Trump era?We'll start with you Camille because I know you're so shy with your opinions. CAMILLE PAGLIA: I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. I voted for Jill Stein. So I want to make that clear.My feeling is that an election occured. It is incumbent upon the defeated party to pull itself together, or else we're going to get the reelection of the present administration. That's what I feel right now. BRUNI: You feel like he is going to get reelected? PAGLIA: Yes. The Democrats have overplayed their hand. And the -- I just can't imagine--BRUNI: You're already betting on his reelection less than 100 days in?PAGLIA: Yes because what the Democrats needed to do-- and the major media, Frank, needed to do was to do some soul-searching. BRUNI: By that you mean the failing New York Times?PAGLIA: Yes.
  9. July 2015 , Michael Stuart Nostradamus
  10. Muchas gracias , mi amigo !
  11. Beautiful post my man ! Look folks , Trump won the election . What folks here desire to discuss be it Mr. Presidents and NK this , or how much bombs weigh and why he did this , said that , or whatever folks debate about . What he did , what he said , the critics , the blah blah blah . Look at the Presidents achievements here. Reality check now , then I am going to be a good Capitalist and go create some wealth . I am looking for people ( in Toronto ) , not money . I build with relationships . Reality is the Mr. President won the election . He is not dividing his social constructs into Republican , Democrats , Tea Party , or male , female , social status , colour of skin , religion , or whatever . He is dividing into good/evil . Name that what you want , be it good/bad whatever . He is cleaning out the rats from his party and finding the loyal ones . Folks make mistakes and Trump has too . He is partnering with Dems when he sees fit , again he wants people , not pathetic back stabbing .Trump is looking in their eyes , playing some incredibly funny and brilliant strategies i.e. Obama care and the " we vote once " speech where the fakers blinked .He is creating his power base , he is not doing this for 1 term , he is doing this for 100 terms . He is building not only via the issues and demographics only but by people . This administration is not playing for 2 terms . They are changing the world , and playing for centuries . This is a new age , and you don't see it yet , thats cool . It don't change reality though .He is choosing people , choosing relationships , value for value . He took Power , he is now focusing on keeping power . Two different games . He is doing grass roots , in his administration , thats true growth , fractal thinking i.e. Mandelbrot . He cannot change the world with rats in his house . He is choosing people , hiring people . He is not following the old game , or the old rules . He is building an empire , not for his kids , for the world . President Trump figured shit out . Makers, not takers . For God sake folks , this is Atlas Shrugged . You all are Dagny and Eddie - but its good . Platos Allegory of the Cave ,comes to mind . This is a paradigm folks , Kids today , they say " stay woke " I gotta go do some good , and talk to some good folks in Toronto , building my own personal empire ,with people , not money Ciou Bella
  12. He already won the second term . It is quite certain . Real Trump , hmmmmmmmmmmm Watch my young soldier , watch !
  13. Mind you , my man - Galt aint even real and Trump has already outdone him ! Real Trump vs Character Galt . Trump has already outdone Roark and Galt and hell , through in Hank Reardon too ! And he only did 100 days , he still has 8 years almost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John Galt cannot even carry Trumps jockstrap home .
  14. The company that makes these bombs , they gotta use them sometimes , take it out for a spin - so to speak . Then you buy more , not before . Same as The North Ks , I mean lets see how your stuff works . Ok ok , now we can all decide President Trump is a genius , smartest man on Earth , I
  15. I know we may differ on this , but the health care thing was a strategy . He found out who the rats were . He made sure that he did not blink , and watch when he next tells his Congress , Senate , whatever to vote . Watch how that plays out .