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  1. http://www.mediaite.com/online/go-eff-yourself-ernie-els-fires-back-at-critics-upset-that-he-golfed-with-trump/ “He swings the golf club properly, hits iron shots properly. He’s a proper golfer." Im callin mulli..., er, correction shot.
  2. The miscalculation on the part of those unwilling to share their insurance status, at the moment, simply means that the person will be subject to additional penalties if proof of insurance isnt found during an audit. Its not major blow, its a start, to ACA because I will pay unless something else transpires during the year that renders the EO mute. I can buy a lot of medical services when I dont share. ) The shared responsibility tax will remain 2.5% but be adjusted for inflation. Its not chump change.
  3. Cable news reported today that Russia is willing to send Snowden to the US. Two stories circulated about Flynn being fired from DIA. http://observer.com/2016/07/military-guys-make-bad-running-mates/ "After two years under Flynn, DIA employees had enough and were in more-or-less open revolt. The final straw came with a bizarre presentation to the workforce by a staffer which encouraged women to not be “Plain Jane” and wear makeup at work: “No flats…Paint your nails…Brunettes have more leeway with vibrant colors than blondes or redheads.” Although Flynn apologized to his agency, the damage was done." and "General Flynn has worn his firing from DIA as a badge of honor, claiming the White House canned him because he demanded that the truth be told about the rise of Islamic State." http://observer.com/2017/02/donald-trump-administration-mike-flynn-russian-embassy/ "What’s going on was explained lucidly by a senior Pentagon intelligence official, who stated that “since January 20, we’ve assumed that the Kremlin has ears inside the SITROOM,” meaning the White House Situation Room, the 5,500 square-foot conference room in the West Wing where the president and his top staffers get intelligence briefings. “There’s not much the Russians don’t know at this point,” the official added in wry frustration. None of this has happened in Washington before. A White House with unsettling links to Moscow wasn’t something anybody in the Pentagon or the Intelligence Community even considered a possibility until a few months ago. Until Team Trump clarifies its strange relationship with the Kremlin, and starts working on its professional honesty, the IC will approach the administration with caution and concern."
  4. Gleason, the movie, is on Amazon Prime. His inevitable decline with ALS from diagnosis to present is chronicled in an "ode" to his son and the father he couldn't be. He played pro ball for 7 yrs. and safety for the Saints. Keep on keeping on Jerry! I wrestled with your pretzle logic. It took awhile to sink in. You've supplied the context, finally. And what I see is a person engaged in a full on conscious fight to save their life. I admire you for that. This is a tribute to you, from a story I'm writing. Swearing a silent oath he carved an arc overhead and as the downward stroke split the wind, a scream, held in its wake, rose above the turbulence below, a reminder of what the blade joined to a man, with a purpose, could do. He recoiled from the emotion and what he was made to do. Armed with his vision, he stepped towards those values.....
  5. Your self imposed definition of poison is yours not mine. The science is there all you have to do is vicariously observe its effects (90% effective clinical studies) and the patients health (my Gleevec girl). I think youre confined by an outlook you have taken looking at your own health. And you look at mine (my Gleevec girl) as a casual bystander while suffering none of the effects of killer leukemia. Ive given you ample evidence of snake venom saving lives. Is anyone busy following snake bit victims over a lifetime with vigilant monitoring and trying to find connections between taking an antivenom and what follows from their once fragile hold on life long after? No. The observation was symptoms reversed and the patient immediately benefited. Youre putting all of your energy into suggesting that the "poison" used to save a life is as bad as the illness trying to take it. My experience is quite different. Would it be fair to say the conventional medicine you sought hasnt been the elixir that provides you with a positive health outcome? Not the case for my Gleevec girl. Might it also be fair to say that IF the paradigm for the cancer industry and its practitioners shifted in the direction you express that you might, might only then find the elixir that you search for? You may also be glamorizing a conclusion that meets the need for you to stay in control of the situation. For example, a particular malady may not rise to the level of attention for researchers willing enough to do the work thereby leaving some diseases untreated or ignored. Back to the question I posed for my Gleevec girl. I found clinical trials are in progress to test whether CML patients who have gone into remission on TKI's can stop the "poison" without the cancer returning. After a 12 month follow up it was found that a molecular relapse occurred in 39% of patients. Its driven by by patients who assumed risk, as they did by willingly taking the drug, gambling on a better outcome. I understand you on some level. That is a Dr prescribed statins for high cholesterol. Phhhttt. I brought it down from 240 to 197 within a year with diet and exercise. Oh and good genes yada yada. I went on a strangely partial med diet partial do what you like wing it thing. I imagine I could have gotten it so low I might have compromised my health. And I have been having dreams and fleeting thoughts of dying and/or suffering debilitating illness. Because in my circle of friends and acquaintances talk always turns to what ails them. I have nothing to contribute but because I am the same age I worry. Then i get on my elliptical and pump hard. Strangely my wife looks at my responses and thinks of me as her rock. Im sure she means hard headed.
  6. There are no more successes coming from Dr. Myer. Jerry, you seem to be searching for a solution that will make a difference in your quality of life. If so I hope you are able to find it. I dont think anyone has referred to imatinib as a poison. My Gleevec girl and I celebrate 14 yrs of life this June.
  7. Nuke the fridge. Indiana Jones survives an atomic bomb detonation by fitting himself into a lead-lined refrigerator. The explosion annihilates its surrounding but sends the refrigerator flying sufficiently distant for the protagonist to escape unhurt. "to exhaust a Hollywood franchise with disappointing sequels." Or as Obama put it I wont leave Jan 20th. Yesterday he made a statement about Trumps immigration EO saying he fundamentally doesnt get why he put in a travel ban of his own. With the cape of invincibility he TRIES to shield himself while killing off the brand. Meanwhile, back at the Clinton ranch. https://www.axios.com/team-hillary-still-blames-obama-2227724004.html
  8. Dems reaction to Trump. In the death throes of attempting to prevent a brand from dying. While not realizing you cant bring something back from the dead. "A defining moment when you know from now on ... it's all downhill ... it will never be the same." Happy Days are here again! Jump the shark. 1:57
  9. Believe it or not. http://www.ripleys.com/weird-news/ninja-of-serpents/ Same principle. Reminds me of the show How do things work. Antivenom is derived from snake poison injected into horses/goats then harvested/purified and delivered. Albert Calmette, whose mentor was Louis Pasteur, co-created tuberculosis vaccine and developed the first snake antivenom in the 1890's. In other news. http://www.floridatrend.com/article/906/farewell-to-these-famous-floridians There been no double blind studies or academic papers.. Or not since 1907. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2358716/ "The indicated practicability of inducing acquired immunity was subsequently verified by other investigators (Phisalix and Betrand, Calmette, Kaufman) and is now fully established." The chance of dying from a snake bite are about zero in the US compared to approx. 90,000 deaths around the world. Science is great!
  10. Bill Hasst, a legendary snake handler injected himself daily with snake venom, developed immunities to the poisons, saved 21 snake bit victims with transfusion of his own blood and lived to over 100 yrs old. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger. Distilled or regular? ;)
  11. Wow, you really jumped on that. So do you fantasize much? My reference to Gleevec was an attempt to align with your hypothetical Dr. Wasnt Gerson therapy considered a last ditch attempt after interferon didnt work and/or after all contemporary medical treatments failed? I watched a forensic documentary on Steve McQueen. It was clear to me his medical trip to Mexico consisted of coffee enemas, and massive amounts of fruits and vegetables. His death was caused by mesothelioma - lung cancer. The story goes his superiors punished him with a duty cleaning asbestos from -?. He was a heavy smoker too. up to 5 packs a day. He refused standard treatment. And he paid for it. Your posing cheap, reliable treatment vs poison isnt the real crux of this dilemma. It has more to do with how people react to news of a fatal disease. I've read a few of your posts, so I am sure you understand much more than I (Im healthy, knock on wood) how treatment plans that aren't acceptable bring questions to bear on ones health. They can cause anxiety, frustration, and helplessness. On a side note, funny but still true. Ive been dealing with marina operators over an issue with a boat. Ive been a wrench for 35 yrs and like to know about the systems I have in order to take better care of them. (Do you see the parallels?) At the moment, Im caught between 2 "professionals" knowledge about boats in general. The past week has been like trying to drink water out of a fire hose but Ive determined what the issue is, how to diagnose and fix it - all reliably and cheaply by myself. There are people who put themselves out there as experts and have no business doing it. There are others who will talk till the cows come home with no serious intent at following through. I would solve what you can and find an outlet for what you cant. There are a lot of quacks. No easy answers but worth the effort.
  12. Is this a trick question? Id be a docile, spineless servant, of my patients, of course. Novartis championed Gleevec as a treatment for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. It saved my wifes life, I think. Ive asked if she would ever consider going off Gleevec and its as if I asked if she would like to jump in front of a speeding car. Ive observed her close relationship as a user of the drug and it has the effect of a "magical" potion. I really believe if she had no Gleevec she would assume a death knell had been struck and before the CML killed her she'd die of stress not having her "friend". Ive posed the question over Dr Drucker at Oregon Health and Sciences University and a Howard Hughes Medical investigator who discovered the connection and helped convert a fatal disease into a manageable chronic condition and whether he made out financially. He didnt make a penny but kept his job. And how well another guy did who led a discovery group that eventually became Novartis went to Drucker to find the next new drug. He left the company. Phase 1 tests started and they found that once patients were on effective doses they got a 100% response rate. That never happened before. Its approved to treat 10 forms of cancer. Initially for a small group of 50,00 and now for 200,000+. So while there was a long list of people involved in the discovery and marketing of Gleevec, it came at great personal risk for the head of Novartis who threw a hail mary betting on a remedy for a rare disease. It was a win/win for the patient, Drs,, the company, and me. In thinking about your hypothetical Dr I figure he makes his bed and lies in it. As for Gleevec, the generic brand came on market in August of 16. Novartis has made just about all the money they are going to make on Gleevec - generating $4.7B in revenue in 2012. If the cost was out of line on an economic basis I dont hear it from my #1. The drugs price is justified by its success. Can your asshole Dr justify success on the basis of an affordable price and derive all he needs and wants? Can his cost for finding patients justify his ROI? Is his treatment patented? Is it a proven measurable success? Is it found at oncologists offices, in medical journals or in a dimly lit back room?
  13. I dont have the wherewithal to keep up with Michael's withering approach and interpretive stance on what Trump says and does. I do sense Trump is in no way through with the negotiating. I feel the deal has more to do with what Americans will do than Mexicans. I believe he said we will pay first (he didnt say that during the campaign). That Trumps prosaic utterances dont disturb Michael is beyond my ability to grasp how faith intervenes on behalf of the president who has not yet carried through with his commitments other than lay down the law and hire a cabinet. Its too soon. And I am sure Trump while he knows he will get a deal has no ideas what form it will take or whether in the end it will benefit the US. But we are being strung out along a primrose path thinking it will be great. No matter what form it takes. In other words we have posturing. Wheres the consideration for Americans and making us great again using this 20% equation? To answer that, youd have to project what an American is willing to pay for a Mexican good that costs 20% more. What clouds that issue is the number of goods for which price increases will willingly be paid for and how that impacts the pocket books of Americans. When logically interpreted it means Americans will pay for the wall, directly at first and then indirectly later. Even if taxes are lowered and Americans on average can afford more the costs are beared by Americans willingness to spend. A bean counter, even a Mexican bean counter cannot infer how much or when those costs will obtain the level needed to pay the bill. Trump, if this plan is unchanged, should issue a list of all incoming Mexican goods so good Americans can become great through their own effort. It was a dodgy proposal to begin with made on the campaign trail. The giant sucking sound that Perot spoke of, is it the sound of flatulence? Beano anyone? If he lives up to his promises to build the wall but fails on who pays his overall gamble helped win him the election. A win but not a win/win. Instead of stating precisely how he will accomplish it and how it will be good for Americans he leaves me the impression that a less sophisticated and knowledgeable person will negotiate TPP and NAFTA than he represented himself to be. Before he spends a god damn penny of mine, it would be a good idea for the master negotiator to say what the terms of the deal are. Do linguistic kill shots ricochet? Time will tell. RIght now I am sure there is no final answer as to how Mexico will be forced to pay. Probably because Trump is artfully (sarcasm) negotiating the early stages. The best proposal to save money came from a governor willing to use idle resources called prisoners to build the wall.
  14. You're funny Peter. It has literally been years since Ive watched the main network channels for news. In light of that I say. "Step away from the tv." There's a certain amount of paralysis we invite into our lives when we piss it away in front of a screen, he said, describing his chosen lot in life. There's a curative power to be found in transitioning out of unremitting routines such as watching the boob tube, as we used to call it. There IS an off button. My belated New Years resolution is to use it. Ive got a good idea of what the players, prospects and possibilities will be for the next 4 yrs. Its time I give the ole heave ho to idle banter and check out as ROI has been average for the course and investment has had diminishing returns. Who knows, maybe the real investments Ive made over the last 40 years will begin to pay off. It IS Trump time. Reagan time was measured by how money multiplied during those 8 yrs. Me? I will find a primary source and tune in to The First 100 Days. Other than it, all the rest I call mine, My time.