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  1. While all of that is very interesting something occurs to me. Voters, average voters, you know, the sheeple, will carry their biases forward. It is quite an ordeal to become a critical thinker. What Ive found is that when I unravel a thread that leads to questioning a long held belief, Im more likely to blame myself for either believing bull crap or not being responsible enough to look for supportive facts. Theres a bit of wishful thinking in the theory that uncritical thinkers upon learning the "truth" are going to turn on their handlers. These outcomes come from our own projections. Victims are likely to cling to their flawed thinking and find a convenient scapegoat rather than blame themselves or their group. Theres safety in group think. And the media seems to always come up with a way to confine a narrative which allows an uncritical thinker to blindly continue their ways. Whatever mental disruption occurs over being made to feel one is led down the prim rose path, uncritical thinkers will not question their fundamental beliefs to their or the groups detriment. I mean ask yourself when was it and how did it occur to you that one day you were in need of changing your mental operations. It either came very young or was the result of an unsettling, threatening personal anxiety. People seem to compartmentalize their thinking about public spectacles especially those that they really have no control over other than voting, differently than they do their personal lives. Even when being confronted over having an irrational thought I think most people will dig in because validation of a truth comes from either knowing or from a trusted source without which it causes uncomfortable anxiety that most will avoid. Thats why psychological issues are so difficult to treat, it requires the help and determination of the person who's suffering. Try and tell a person theyre suffering under a delusion and expect blow back in some irrational form. When you say, "in one way or another", any aha moment is unlikely to redown to a benefit that takes the form of changing a mindset. Especially in lieu of the political chaos ensuing at the moment. I wouldnt expect anything rational such as the media calling for the heads of politicians or for that matter voters axing pols who otherwise have common interests. It makes for a great revenge theme though. ;)
  2. I dont understand what that means. I get the idea of pessimism in the sense of recognizing the human trait of casting market trends into painful experiences and making counter productive movements based on feelings. That kind of pessimism, though, is based on an erroneous context of market swings, profits and losses and the way in which a unprepared person handles losses. Lets call it what it is. Pessimism is a belief in bad outcomes based on often erroneous thinking habits. A bleak outlook; a loaded word. It comes from the Latin pessim(us), suppletive superlative of malus bad + -ism. When a person characterizes themselves as having personal pessimism I interpret that as an outlook which negatively affects their behavior. Pessimism can also be a fleeting feeling and not be a central characteristic of a persons attitudes. I grew up with a suffocating amount of badism. It was only after attempted suicide that I met a person who was capable of assisting my rescue from the past. She is an optimist at heart. My mother portrayed an upbeat person in my youth, always smiling, the life of the party, optimistic of others outcomes. Inside though she was a seething pessimist. It took me a long time to square the way she presented herself with what she must have felt like inside. Humans have a natural tendency to recall negative experiences more vividly than they do positive ones. But, its been my experience, that most unhappy people project themselves outwardly as being relatively more content than they truly are because very few of us are attracted to unhappy people. But perhaps Im mistaken, Bob, I had you pegged as a brainiac all along, someone who cuts themselves off from and/or doesnt respond well to emotions. Now to see that you use tactics to respond to bad feelings, reveals a part of you as just, well, another human. ;)
  3. I resemble that remark. ;) Give my namesake a break, Donald aint gettin any! )
  4. Ever live with a pessimist? It leaves a mark. Maintain an elevated mood, avoid anxiety (feeling of helplessness) and stay disciplined. Above all act. "The best opportunities come in times of maximum pessimism." Sir John Templeton, about the market. Pessimistic investors often base their decisions on despair while smart investors look at the bottomed market and find reasons to buy. Who wins in a pessimistic market? Read Templeton or ask Buffet.
  5. I see what the media is doing. But does it stick beyond massaging perceptions? Probably not but the medias battle for the narrative isnt going to change many minds wither. It will ensnare the unsuspecting and charge up the opposition base but beyond that, probably nothing much. For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction, meaning the loyalists to Trump will stand their ground. We are ruled by politicians posing as lawyers. They dont have what it takes to make charges stick. First theres no evidence, then his antagonists have to have standing in a court, not the court of public opinion. Although thats why they keep hammering away. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/05/16/gregg-jarrett-comeys-revenge-is-gun-without-powder.html "If he now accuses the President of obstruction, he places himself in legal jeopardy for failing to promptly and properly report it." Since he probably isnt out to commit career suicide his intent is meant not as a legal broadside but as innuendo that wont escalate beyond the medias narrative.
  6. "Trump has "worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any president since Truman." Heres an interesting thing. On Inauguration Day, 2017, the Trump administration instituted a federal hiring freeze.[ Heres how that worked out. By April 17th, he ended the freeze. Despite the earlier order, the federal government added 2,000 workers in February and 4,000 in January, according to Labor Department figures. Several departments, including the State Department, were granted exemptions from the hiring freeze after voicing concerns. Agencies can hire, but they must submit plans to make their offices more efficient. Oh good, government bureaucrats can now make their offices more efficient. Im jaded and unimpressed as of yet as to how much good Trump has done. Or how much bad. I heard $3B were saved due to his actions. But CBO is always wrong. Its going to take a superman to sweep me off my feet. Bonnie Tyler, I Need A Hero 1984
  7. Ill take it on faith that it is a relatively good thing that a conservative judge was nominated to the SC then squeaked by on 3 votes narrowly avoiding the nuclear option. John Roberts, another conservative member of the court, true to his principles ruled on the 10th amendments meaning leaving us with a legacy of government run health care. If you mean to say, as I think you do that Gorsuchs' standing may keep the pillars of constitutional law in place, it might. And yes, HC is doomed to a place in history. However the real test of a president is the ability to change the legislative direction of the country as he announced, and as the voters expect. So far: +1 for disruption -1 for executive actions which can be changed by the stoke of a pen. Overall a BIG ZERO, with a high probability of more of what you were counting on. Enjoy the show or go fishing. Im not holding my breath over the prospects that were I to take a sabbatical from political intrigue that 4 yrs later wed see anything remarkable that causes shock and awe or admiration.
  8. "build a skyscraper on top of an underwater spring." There is some doubt whether DC was built on swamp land. ;) http://mallhistory.org/explorations/show/was-the-national-mall-built-on But seriously the survey says the political landscape is unstable. Over that there is no disagreement. Even where the wall could be built on solid ground it appears that is no place for Trumps ideas. Its not within Trumps purview or wheelhouse, as a savvy builder much less as a naive president, to provide structure within DC where there is none. His office is a co-equal branch of government. It appears what he is doing is an able job at disrupting much the same as his opposition. And therein lies the rub. Which parts of his legislative agenda will have the effects he desires? Because I bet dollars to donuts that what he wants and what we will end up with are not one and the same. But that goes beyond bogus claims and into the heart of the economy where it can do good.
  9. The really big show in reality is on what Congress will do and its movement along the Trump axis. I can easily wait it out for conclusive evidence of his tenure. But there isnt any doubt, for me, that he is getting hammered within and without and it is taking a toll on his agenda whether deliberately on his part or not. I wanted anything but the status quo during the election. In a sense the chaos is good. In another there is nothing other than executive actions getting done. He is like a final term unfavored president in that he isnt making movement, that I can see, on those things he pitched as being important to him. Even if he had his "repeal and replace", which it never was, it might only have been a partial good not an achievement to boast over. Political disintegration like train wrecks are fascinating things unless you've seen them before and know how they end. What I dont see is any similarity to building skyscrapers.
  10. The wall, the wall. The wall turned out to be the resistance to his efforts. Single issue voters are worried. http://dailycaller.com/2017/05/14/ann-coulter-is-worried-the-trump-haters-were-right/ Ann Coulter:, 'She wrote “In Trump We Trust” and proclaimed that she worships him like the' "people of North Korea worship their Dear Leader – blind loyalty.” "But this isn’t North Korea, and if he doesn’t keep his promises I’m out." "I think everyone who voted for him knew his personality was grotesque, it was the issues." "Did we win anything? And this is the great negotiator?" There is some good to the Trump presidency. That and a buck .29 will get you a cup of coffee. Culture awareness of yellow journalism and things that dont comport with reality have been reduced to a simple two word phrase. Its garnered cachet with the mainstream even though its inherent meaning says much about the sorry state of affairs. Its in the dictionary. http://www.macmillandictionary.com/us/dictionary/american/fake-news Oxfords 2016 word of the year is post truth, probably the more defining word of our time.
  11. Father in law. We too have turkeys in the neighboring woods. Red tail hawks, grey herons and king fishers are often seen along the river bank feet from our door. We have found starlings are especially prone to being a nuisance and get in the boat due to their being able to wing upward into tight places. A radio is used to deter them from doing this. My wife grew up on a farm and often sits and watches the wildlife. An occasional bear and mountain lion have been sighted according to our neighbors. Word is that down river near the dam, there are cat fish as large as small cars. I found a doe fore leg at the top of my drive way recently. Last year my wife and I were coming home on motorcycle and found a young bull standing in the middle of the road. I came to a stop and we did a stare down. Before I saw the whites in his eyes I gunned the throttle. Ive never seen hooves get so little friction on asphalt as he beat feet back towards the pasture. We pass several farms on our way home and have noticed cows form ad hoc, a line, grazing with heads pointing in the same direction making their way across the fields in rows during the afternoons. They are like automated lawn mowers. I love life in the rural area, this country, of all countries.
  12. The turkey would have made a nice national bird. "In the early 1960’s a developer sought out land on Mason Neck to build a planned community and airport. Elizabeth van Laer Speer Hartwell, a local resident, who valued the pristine nature of the peninsula, organized an effort to stop this development. She recognized the potential of the Mason Neck peninsula as a safe haven for the endangered bald eagles along the Potomac River." In the '60's my fil and his brother, who owned 1800 acres of prime Mason Neck agreed to sell the property to a developer who planned a community called La Jolla on the Potomac. I have the original plat along High Point Road. Ms Hartwell, known then as the "Eagle Lady" saw to it that the land was condemned. DDT was targeted as the main culprit, which as we all know now is hogwash. DDT is the only effective solution for ending malaria in infested areas. Ive talked to people whos fathers sprayed it for a living and they took baths in it for bug avoidance. Nevertheless she was hailed as a environmental heroin All that remains of their former property are bunkers where they target practiced and a thin outline of the house foundation. As a little girl, my wife would play along the streams. I havent seen an eagle yet. My fil eventually moved to a farm calling it High Point. My wife and I now live on a lake at a place where we affectionately placed a sign, High Point, in remembrance of what her family knew their former place to be and of what it didnt become not so long ago. Long live the turkey! http://www.masonneck.org/docs/Safe_Landing.pdf
  13. I wont mince words. Reagan used Make America Great (Again) in '80. It is a clearly communicated message. Not unique when Trump used it. And something that ought not be taken at face value. Obama was a doer. Simply look at the number of things DT has undone using the Congressional Review Act and his executive action. True, Trump does have a record for taking apart Obamas executive actions, Keystone etc. His signature plan has not yet succeeded since he hasnt yet undone ACA, and since its unlikely that he (them) will repeal the pre-existing rule and the children below 26 coverage, it essentially is a remake, not a redo and not a repeal, not now and not yet. I cant call him a liar since I knew what he intended and he posted his ACA lite policy on his pre presidential site. But it isnt a repeal. His usage of the word was more than a misrepresentation. Repeal means to revoke or annul (a law, tax, duty, etc.) by express legislative enactment; abrogate. There was never any intention of repeal. Full, partial, somewhat, fair to middlin, come what may. What I will say about him is he is like all politicians who couch their verbiage in words that are rendered virtually meaningless without the accompanying articulated thoughts and actions. It is only deeds that matter. What has he accomplished with the label "Radical Islamic Terrorism"? It can be said he is calling a thing what it is. But even in his effort to review the visa program we see a stumble and an inability to act in accordance with his principle. Why? His mouth got him in trouble. How would you judge him on ACA? What does his communication "skill" tell us about how much better off we are that he can articulate an idea? One thing I will give him is his nomination of the man who wielded a scalpel, appears to have found a $500B error in an audit at HUD. This is not enough. For until or unless he does something with it it redowns as a benefit to the what the government does. That is, it takes our money. Granted he can only do so much to turn the tide. Now if what I think you're saying is, hes a talker and a good one. That he is! Ramble on.
  14. Spicer reiterated Trumps tweet meant not actual wire tapping and not actually Obama. Getting down on Trumps level I think what he said was meant literally. NSA records every phone call, everywhere. The veracity of his claim is well documented and quite literally true. Theres not conspiracy, but there is the fact that everyone is tapped. Everyone does not know this. Not that we have to depend on Spicers clarification. "The President used the word wiretaps in quotes to mean, broadly, surveillance and other activities." Wiretapping is a narrowly defined surveillance activity that involves tapping into "a telephone or telegram wire in order to get information," according to Merriam-Webster dictionary. Spicer also said that Trump was referring to the Obama administration broadly -- and not accusing Obama of personal involvement -- Trump is on the level, his language and the way in which he speaks to his constituency. My interpretation of Trumps behavior is, he is getting the truth out, that Americans, one and all, have no reasonable expectation to think anything is private any more. He grasped the IC construct and messaged it literally so Americans, the ignorant, the confined, the helpless all hear the same thing. Government knows the content of all your digital communications. Hes not wrong. The NSA collects data. Period. Thx, govenor! ;)
  15. Me thinks the judge is a impartial information observer. http://thehill.com/homenews/324707-ex-intelligence-official-napolitanos-british-wire-tapping-claim-didnt-get-it-right Johnson, a former CIA analyst and former Fox News contributor, told CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday that Napolitano made him a source unknowingly and “didn't get it right, [or] accurate either.” “I think judge should have had a different approach to it,” Johnson added. Napolitano reportedly directed the New York Times to call Johnson after facing skepticism regarding his U.K. wiretapping claim.