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  1. Carly Fiorina

    As I was watching that silent vid of Carly at first she looked like the wicked witch of the nor'east, but then an absurd vision of a porno flick came to mind.
  2. Surviving Army Basic Training

    I did mine at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I remember the worst day as doing exercises in the August heat, in full uniforms when a rainstorm approached. We were ordered to put our ponchos on. Everyone immediately started to sweat at an incredible pace. The retained heat was terrible. No one passed out but I was close to it. We were watched closely by three drill sergeants. I honestly think they were looking to see who could not handle the heat of Vietnam.
  3. Donald Trump

    Republican New Hampshire debate tonight, Saturday, February 6th at 8pm on ABC. The primary is Tuesday next, of course. Our local CBS is having Super Bowl shows from noon tomorrow until after the game which starts at 6:30.
  4. Donald Trump

    I've seen his red face and volatility. As someone on two high blood pressure medications (which are working fine – 120/70 is my usual) I have been watching Trump. I think his medications have been increased at times but remember, he is traveling a lot. The constant motion of jets and limo’s has to have him nodding off at times even during rallies. Nationally Trump has dropped from 33 to 25 percent nationally with the bigger gainer being Rubio. Now for some old predictions based on the latest data. I wonder how Cruz would do in a campaign head to head with Clinton? I think he would score better intellectual points than Trump or Rubio. Trump of course would be a fighter too, but Rubio is who I worry about. I would emphasize Rubio’s youth and experience as a Senator during a campaign. During debates Marco is definitely more likeable than Hillary, unless he gets snooty or snotty. Iowa was Ted Cruz’s to lose. New Hampshire is Donald Trump’s to lose. South Carolina on Saturday February 20th? Rubio hopes to win it but Trump, even before NH, is 16 points ahead. Peter
  5. Donald Trump

    Republican New Hampshire Presidential Primary, UMass / 7 News tracking poll from RealClearPolitics. Trump 36. Rubio15. Cruz 14. Bush 8. Kasich 7. Christie 5. Fiorina 3. Carson 4. The second, third, and fourth runners up would need to combine to beat Trump as of today. On the Democrat side: Sanders is 58. Clinton 36. That is a 22 point lead for Bernie. Clinton is heavily leaning left (progressive, socialist, fascist) in Town Hall meetings to try and increase her percentage. I am sure they are being recorded and remembered for future Republican attack ads and debate quotes. The FBI will make a decision about prosecuting her this spring and recently Senator Feinstein who is in the know, said none of the emails in question were technically marked secret. As to dirty political tactics, they need to stop with the mind games and not advance to mailings or other types of voter intimidation. If you go down the dirty brick road beyond misrepresentations and twisted truths / lies you end up with Brown Shirts and voter intimidation. Peter
  6. Donald Trump

    I think Cruz needs to bring out his imitation of Doctor Seuss. Trump up in New Hampster. Donald will have a Tan Trump if Cruz comes in second. Will Trump act like Julius Caesar after a New Hampshire win? His subjects will parade the emperor through the streets in a chariot pulled by Clydesdales (how classy) and have damsels called Trumpets throw rose petals in his path. Will Donald eat breakfast at a South Carolina diner and declare I do not like green eggs and ham? Will Trump hit a bump and slump in the South? It is after midnight here. And so I retire to a bed with no lumps, no bumps, and I am too old to late night hump. That's all I got. yawn. Peter
  7. Introducing myself

    I have never tried topiary though a few times I have trimmed our maybe ten shrubs in different ways. When I lived in Japan at age 18 I inherited a small bonsai tree from an expat who was leaving (and a small three wheeled truck from a sailor who was going home) I tried to trim the mini tree as little as possible since I knew little about the custom and I gave it too much fertilizer. It was fascinating to become so involved with a plant. When I left Japan I gave it a good home. I occasionally vegetable garden but the beauty of the outside of our house I owe to my wife. This year I may grow some herbs to go with the veggies. Peter
  8. Donald Trump

    What starts with a "T" and ends with a "p."? TRAP. Can’t the debate have 9 candidates? Shouldn’t the only Republican woman running get special treatment? Peter Fiorina Fights to Get Invited to New Hampshire Debate by Zeke J. Miller. Feb. 3 at 3:33 pm EST. Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is launching a public lobbying effort to gain a spot in Saturday’s Republican primary debate, a pivotal forum just hours before polls close in New Hampshire. On a conference call with donors, supporters, and the press, Fiorina, the only woman in the GOP field, argued that she shouldn’t be excluded from the debate stage. The debate, hosted by ABC and sanctioned by the Republican National Committee, will not feature an undercard contest. There are only three ways to make the stage: finish in the top three in Iowa, place in the top six in averages of national polls, on in averages of Granite State polls. Fiorina and former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore would be the only remaining candidates excluded under those criteria.
  9. Donald Trump

    It's interesting that Trump refers to himself as . . . Trump. I do have to agree that both the bad voter letter and the retweeted message from CNN that Carson had dropped out done by the Cruz campaign were a low blow. I would think Cruz's people would be better than that. Yet that goes to show Cruz didn't hire the most charitable Christian campaign workers. He used some other criteria. Peter
  10. I have burned everything left in me.

    I am back from a two mile walk. It was a bit windy but 68 degrees. I think one easy step to recharging your batteries is to step outside. Experience some mild exertion in the sunlight or even in the snow with a hood over your head. Just do something physical . . . outside. Peter
  11. Donald Trump

    Don’t cry for me Argentina. And then there were nine. Rick Sanctimonious dropped out! Oops, sorry. Vous ne disposez pas de crier, zee Parisian mime said. You don‘t have to yell, you ugly American. The idiot was trying to play the accordion, mine the story of Puss and Boots, and talk about his love for Christie (or was it Christ?) all at the same time and I could not drink my coffee in peace. Good riddance to Rick.
  12. I have burned everything left in me.

    Forrest Gump jogged across America. Reese Witherspoon's burned out character in a recent movie walked a mountain trail. I remember feeling like that after my third, different high school because my Dad was in the Navy.
  13. Afternoon Ed. You have been served. Ed wrote: . . . you’ll tear their frigging heat out! end quote Was that a mis-spelling or a new way of saying they would be deceased? I know. That was a line from the novel and movie, “The Martian.” Matt Damon: Greetings earthlings. I am back at my diary after fixing the oxygenator and the heater. Even with my warmth reflecting suit on, this Martian cold would tear my frigging heat out.” Peter
  14. World Series 2015 guess who is going

    Wasn't Little Sheba her dog? She should have had the vet put a chip in it. I think women like order and not guys looking to score zingers. I wonder which O site does has the highest ratio of women to men? Peter
  15. Introducing myself

    Welcome again to Ms. Moore. I was just trying to be friendly. Thanks a lot George for being so mean, walloping me and uttering some brilliant, phony slurs against Saint Ayn. Now I will show Ms Moore how I like to strike back. Tora tora tora! Oh. I get it. George wants me to demonstrate some of my tomfoolery. That ponytail of George’s? Is he growing it to be in the Broadway Rap Muzical “Hamilton” (or should the Z be an X in a non - musical, musical?) I think the rapping would grow old after ten minutes into the play but it still looks interesting. The writer and star appeared on a very good episode of House (in the loony bin) and the actor was a rapper in that too. My second choice for the ponytail look would be George playing a clairvoyant Alexander Hamilton at Williamsburg, Virginia. Hey, it’s 15 bucks an hour and a chance to play dress up. I don't think I could write rap dialogue anyway. Ghs as Hamilton: The Anti-federalists were right, I tell ya. It was a bad idea to make the Constitution supreme law of the land, made worse by inverting the doctrine of enumerated powers in exchange for meaningless "protections" of the Bill of Rights that were ignored and interpreted away to nothing. Let me read the future. Move back away from the rope little girl, ya bother me. What did the Constitution and Bill of Rights achieve? -- Civil War, conscription, paper money, railroad land grants. The costumed James Madison replies: I suggest the failure to find a "general right of freedom" in the Constitution is connected to a general inability to understand the ninth amendment's declaration that: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." Ghs as Hamilton: Sigh. You are right James. We would still be a colony of England if we did not have a Constitution. Or if anarchy persisted, France might have taken over the whole continent. I am cloudy about so many eventualities. How is that for an example? I see Rand Paul has dropped out. Will his supporters shift to Ted Cruz? Peter