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  1. Correspondence and Coherence blog

    I saw an article recently that insisted Lindbergh was a Nazi and not so secretly since he fathered three pure Aryan children with Nazi German frauleins, supplied by Hitler. Then he clammed up with his "Seig Heils!" when the war began.
  2. Galt Motor=agraviational

    Amen. Ba’al wrote, “A particle of zero rest mass will like the photon mov(ing?) along at the speed of light.” I don’t deny that vacuum (space) is moving closer or away from other units of mass and also expanding, in relation to the origination point (the Big Bang). But are you saying zero mass necessarily implies the speed of light? Or are you that something with zero mass can only be a photon? A good scifi plot detail would be if we could somehow negate mass to zero and our consciousness’s still continue to exist, then we could travel at the speed of light. Probably not good science because the existence of consciousness requires electro-chemical processes and that means mass.
  3. Existing User

    British actor Hugh Brant wrote about his teleportation experience on the newest TV Star Trek Show: The problem is I come into and out of existence and sometimes I have to wait before signing in. end quote At least we no longer need fear beaming up to the Enterprise or down to Earth any more, since no “accidents” have occurred in 50 years. How did we ever live without this mode of transportation? I don’t know about you, but I feel a sense of “power” when I feel myself re-materialize. Damn it is fun.
  4. Mark Cuban on Net Neutrality and Ayn Rand

    From RealClearFuture. The Technological Case Against Net Neutrality: At RealClearFuture, we have mostly stayed out of the controversy over "Net Neutrality," except where it touches directly on emerging technology--as in the case of self-driving cars, which Comcast is arguing might require “Internet fast lanes” of precisely the kind blocked by Net Neutrality rules. "Comcast doesn't just see paid fast lanes being useful for medicine, however. It also thinks they might be fair to sell to automakers for use in autonomous vehicles. 'Likewise, for autonomous vehicles that may require instantaneous data transmission, black letter prohibitions on paid prioritization may actually stifle innovation instead of encouraging it,' the filing says. "This makes Comcast's position pretty confusing. Comcast says it opposes prioritizing one website over another. It even suggests the commission adopt a 'strong presumption against' agreements that benefit an ISP's own content over competitors' work, but it's not clear how benefiting one car company or telemedicine company over another is any different."
  5. Donald Trump

    From the Washington Examiner: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has decided to ban all travel by Americans to North Korea, due to "the serious risk of arrest and long-term detention" by the rogue regime. "Once in effect, U.S. passports will be invalid for travel to, through and in North Korea, and individuals will be required to obtain a passport with a special validation in order to travel to or within North Korea," State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Friday. end quote Makes sense. It took a long time for the Soviet Union to implode, and it may take a long time for that concentration camp to close.
  6. It took me a while to get it, plus I needed to enlarge my screen to 250 percent to read it. Very good! The number one is a negative personality. Brilliant! Peter
  7. Donald Trump

    Is it getting hot in here? “Hail To The Chief,” because Donald is putting the “heat index” up! He is “rebuilding” much of America and not just remolding it, as with his illegal alien policies. However, he should be humane with kids born or raised here. When will the wall be finished? Last night I heard about six, quick sonic booms so I went outside to listen and no more happened. But I wondered if something “stealthy” was going on in Europe or Africa since the military and commercial flights don’t go supersonic until they are a few miles off the east coast to avoid window rattling . . . but not last night, which made me think there was a need for speed. So far, nada in the news. Peter From Red State: Immigration Chief: We’re Sending Hundreds of Agents to Sanctuary Cities Posted at 9:17 pm on July 18, 2017 by streiff: A few weeks ago, the chief of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) remarked that illegal aliens “should be afraid” of ICE. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director Thomas Homan said in an interview that he has “zero regrets” about his remarks before Congress this week, expanding on them. “It needed to be said,” Homan told CNN on the sidelines of a Central American prosperity and security conference. “And by me saying you should be worried, you should be afraid — if you lie on your taxes, you’ve got to be worried, ‘Is the IRS going to audit me?’ … When you speed down the highway, you’ve got to worry, ‘Am I going to get a speeding ticket?’ You worry. It’s natural human behavior.” Now, in a wide ranging interview in the Washington Examiner, Homan has laid down another marker that is sure to endear him to the open borders caucus: A key target are the 300-plus sanctuary cities and counties that do not cooperate with ICE and ignore requests that they detail criminal illegals for ICE arrest and deportation proceedings. Homan called sanctuaries “ludicrous,” adding, “In the America I grew up in, cities didn’t shield people who violated the law.” A New York native who took his first immigration job during the Reagan administration, Homan said that he plans to flood sanctuary cities with agents. He has been OK’d to hire 10,000 new agents and many will help track down illegals in those havens. “The president recognizes that you’ve got to have a true interior enforcement strategy to make it uncomfortable for them,” he said. He ripped cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and San Francisco that refuse to let ICE officers into jails to seize illegal criminals. He explained that it is much safer for ICE targets, police and citizens to make the arrest in jails than on city streets. How is Homan able to do that? Since President Trump’s inauguration, attempts a crossing the border are down by 70% and arrests inside the United States are up by 40%. The precipitous drop in attempts at crossing the border is freeing up agents for use duty in apprehending illegals in the United States and taking custody of illegals from state and local authorities. “You can like President Trump, not like him, like his policies, not like his policies, but one thing no one can argue with is the effect they’ve had,” said Homan, the former chief ICE enforcement boss and a 30-year immigration agency veteran. He said that the change in immigration enforcement has been radical — and welcome — under Trump. “You’d think everybody would be celebrating these policies,” he said during the 45-minute interview in his office. One group he says are cheering: Border Patrol and ICE agents. “Now they have meaning to their jobs,” said Homan. “What this president has done is taken the handcuffs off of law enforcement officers who are charged with enforcing immigration laws,” he added.
  8. Draw me a negative one without using the representing number and minus sign.
  9. How to respond to those who slander Objectivism

    Oops, my error. Amy is the ex-wife of Leonard Peikoff and Kira Peikoff is Leonard’s daughter. The interview with Tucker Carlson and Amy is on Fox and is worth watching and available online. How odd, because what little I have seen of Tucker, he is usually rational, but here he was like a dense, religious bigot. (If you are not a Christian there is something wrong with you. If you don’t believe in The Gods there is something wrong with you. If you don’t believe in unicorns . . . ) Amy knew enough to not go *Rand* on his sorry ass, or she would not be invited back. Tucker has a serious mental deficiency and defect and I was sorry to see it. I just googled Kira. I had no idea she was a novelist and so darn good looking, not that there is anything wrong with her step mom either! I may buy her novels. Peter From Wikipedia: Amy Peikoff is a member of the State Bar of California, having been admitted in May 2002. She has worked with The Association for Objective Law, an organization that promotes Objectivism in the legal sector, and her legal work has included the submission of an amicus curiae brief in support of Elián González's right of residence in the United States. Peikoff has taught law and philosophy at Southwestern Law School, Chapman University, the United States Air Force Academy, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the University of Texas at Austin.[2] She has also spoken to audiences at DePaul University and Stanford University. Her specialisms include privacy, intellectual property, and Objectivism. She has contributed articles to the NYU Journal of Law & Liberty, The Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law, the Brandeis Law Journal, Philosophical Explorations, Ethics, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Times, and to books such as Essays on Ayn Rand's Anthem and Essays on Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. She was interviewed for the 2011 documentary film, Ayn Rand & the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged, and she is an occasional guest host of The Tammy Bruce Show. Peikoff runs an Objectivist blog and podcast called Don't Let It Go, named after an essay in Ayn Rand's Philosophy: Who Needs It. Peikoff is currently writing a book called Legalizing Privacy: Why and How, on the value of privacy for a virtuous life and how to protect it. end quote From Wikipedia about Kira Peikoff: During her undergraduate Internships, Peikoff wrote about Congressional politics for the Orange County Register[ and about business and technology for Newsday. She also researched feature stories for New York magazine and wrote for the New York Daily News. After graduation, Peikoff worked as an editorial assistant for Henry Holt and Company and for Random House. Since 2013, she has worked as a freelance journalist on health and science, having written articles for The New York Times, Slate, Salon, Cosmopolitan, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Psychology Today and The Hastings Center Report. When Peikoff was thirteen years old, Gone with the Wind inspired her to become a novelist. In 2008, Peikoff finished writing her debut novel, Living Proof, having taken a year off after university to write it, and in February 2012 it was published. The book, inspired by her disgust towards President George W. Bush's opposition to stem-cell research, is a dystopian thriller set in a future time when embryo destruction is legally considered first-degree murder and fertility clinics are severely regulated by the government. The novel received largely positive reviews, among them a mildly positive review by Publishers Weekly, a mildly negative review by Kirkus Reviews, and positive reviews by Suspense magazine and Mystery Scene magazine. No Time to Die, a second biomedical thriller by Peikoff, was published in September 2014, receiving mildly positive reviews by the Romantic Times and Peikoff is a member of the International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, and the American Society of Journalists and Authors.
  10. How to respond to those who slander Objectivism

    Brant wrote: Let's start with contradiction number 1 followed by limitation number 1. end quote I have always wondered about the book title, “East Minus West, Equals Zero.” Help me with the math. Would that make East one and West one, as in (1 - 1 = 0)? And that places East on equal footing with West, which is not what the author intended. If the communist East was a minus to begin with the math would be (-1) minus (+1) and doesn’t that equal -2? Which is probably the truth because The U.S.S.R. collapsed under its own contradictions and evilness. As far as the Objectivist naysayers go, I ignore them, which is not to be conflated with a religious sense of “shunning.” I think it is time to stop considering Objectivism as a “closed” philosophy. (But what Ayn wrote stopped with what Ayn wrote, yadda, yadda. I know.) It has been a “movement” since around 1963 or 1964 so it must grow, to continue its existence. Therefor accept no authority like Leonard Peikoff And I think splitting the philosophy into “Big O” and “Little O” Objectivism is counter-productive too. Let your conscience and the market, be your guide. The new, if it fits in is Objectivism. (I saw Leonard’s daughter Amy Peikoff on Fox News the other day and I was actually impressed.) Peter
  11. Trump Junior Email Chain re June meeting with Russian lawyer

    If you were running for class president in High School and a teacher said to you, I hope you win because your two opponents did . . . .
  12. You call electro chemical brain activity completely physical as your personal SELF chuckles and writes.
  13. Ba’al wrote: However, I am totally physical. end quote Past sight and sound, past reflexive behavior, past instinctual behavior, and past causation, there are minds that exist in a place Bob calls the Twilight Zone.
  14. Donald Trump

    Do you think Fred and Wilma Flintstone are married in real life? David Letterman on the old Johnny Carson Show last night. I hope history tells the truth. In the mean time, us good guys will remember.