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  1. Tony wrote: If and when a soldier, unknown to one personally, dies in action, that appreciation by one in memory of his life wouldn't end. It will now have further added emotions - sadness, etc. and I assume for most people, make one doubly thankful such men and women with conviction and action exist. To me, the thing is to resist feeling he 'gave' his life for you, taking on any guilt, or - particularly, mis-identifying his loss to be a selfless and dutiful self-sacrifice for others. end quote Well said. I am proud I served even though I was drafted. I used to think about putting my old Army uniform on but eventually I threw it out after my “reserve” years were over. As the Viet Nam war drug on, I was worried I would be called back into service but that did not happen. Why does a person want to put their old uniform on? It isn’t just a desire for people to admire you, nor like a kid putting on a Halloween costume. It just meant so much to me. I wonder if any other veterans on OL still put on their uniforms? My Dad was career military in the Navy and he kept his uniforms his whole life and used to wear them at Veterans of Foreign Wars events. He became the Delaware State Commander of the VFW and had row after row of medals including two purple hearts for wounds in action, and he always griped he should have gotten one for the Viet Nam war after he broke his tail bone aboard a ship when he dived for cover from small arms fire. When another ship was sunk during WWII he acquired those third degree burn scars on his chest from burning oil as he floated in a life jacket in the Pacific. I get any medications, checkups, etc., from the Veteran’s Administration and that is a nice payback for my service. I used to pay three dollars for a ninety day supply from the VA, but during the Obama administration it went down to zero for a 90 day supply. Peter
  2. The Greek Philosopher Arkadi wrote in 400 BC: It's a puzzle to me what Rand could possibly make of it. Rand Yoda wrote: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” She would say all the ladies should give them a big smooch and a hug. Thanks to all who served or are now serving in our armed forces and in our Police and Fire Departments ALL across America. Peter Here are some inspirational words from the Genius and Motivator, herself. (An address given to the graduating class of the United States Military Academy at West Point on March 6, 1974.) I wish I had been there to hear it. ". . . In conclusion, allow me to speak in personal terms. This evening means a great deal to me. I feel deeply honored by the opportunity to address you. I can say - not as a patriotic bromide, but with full knowledge of the necessary metaphysical, epistemological, ethical, political, and esthetic roots - that the United States of America is the greatest, the noblest and, in its original founding principles, the ONLY moral country in the history of the world. There is a kind of quiet radiance associated in my mind with the name West Point - because you have preserved the spirit of those original founding principles and you are their symbol. There were contradictions and omissions in those principles, and there may be in yours - but I am speaking of the essentials. There may be individuals in your history who did not live up to your highest standards - as there are in every institution - since no institution and no social system can guarantee the automatic perfection of all it's members; this depends on an individual's free will. I am speaking your standards. You have preserved three qualities in character which were typical at the time of America's birth, but are virtually nonexistent today: earnestness - dedication – a sense of honor. Honor is self esteem made visible in action. You have chosen to risk your lives for the defense of this country. I will not insult you by saying that you dedicated to selfless service - it is not a virtue in my morality. In my morality, the defense of one's country means that a man is personally unwilling to live as the conquered slave of any enemy, foreign or domestic. THIS is an enormous virtue. Some of you may not be consciously aware of it. I want to help you to realize it. The army of a free country has a great responsibility: the right to use force, but not as an instrument of compulsion and brute conquest - as the army of other countries has done their histories - only as an instrument of a free nation's self-defense, which means: the defense of a man's individual rights. The principle of using force only in retaliation against those who initiate its use, is the principle of subordinating might to right. The highest integrity and sense of honor are required for such a task. No other army in the world has achieved it. You have. West Point has given America a long line of heroes, known and unknown. You, this years graduates, have a glorious tradition to carry on - which I admire profoundly, not because it is a tradition, but because it IS glorious. Since I came from a country guilty of the worst tyranny on earth, I am particularly able to appreciate the meaning, the greatness and the supreme value of that which you are defending. So, in my own name and in the name of many people who think as I do, I want to say, to all the men of West Point, past, present, and future: Thank you. end quote
  3. Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s trouble all about? Trump, and we can dig it. Ba’al wrote: One of the worst offenders these days is the Manchester Guardian. The features are pretty good but it is hopeless getting untainted news from the Guardian. I wonder if they will wise up two or three weeks after the murder of all those kids in Manchester? Will they wake up on that day and say, “Oh my god. I have been supporting traitors and monsters. We must change our ways and become news men and women again. What happened to us?” I know Fox slants a bit too, towards the light, but I still thing they are the most honest photo centric flowers in the garden. Peter Shaft by Isaac Hayes. Who's the black private dick That's a sex machine to all the chicks? (Shaft) You're damn right Who is the man That would risk his neck for his brother, man? (Shaft) Can ya dig it? Who's the cat that won't cop out When there's danger all about (Shaft) Right on You see this cat, Shaft is a bad mother (Shut your mouth) But I'm talking about Shaft (Then we can dig it) He's a complicated man But no one understands him but his woman . . . Melania, and 55 percent of Americans
  4. Marc quoted The Tijuana Brass or was that The Bard of Avon? “To sleep, perchance to Dream; aye, there's the rub, for in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,” The accompanying trumpets must have fooled me. A quick search on the net says it’s Will Shake “N Bake Shakespeare. As always Holidays are targets for the Muslim Monsters. And little girl’s concerts. Sleep? Dream? El Commandante must be ever vigilant for as Yoda said: “When you look at the dark side, careful you must be. For the dark side looks back.” Peter
  5. Michael wrote: I do like to fantasize about them violently turning on their leaders, though. It gives me a surprisingly delightful feeling of preemptive schadenfreude. end quote That would be nice, huh? Like those times in Nazi Germany and The Soviet Union purges? And don’t those paid and bused in protesters act just like the Nazi brown shirts? How illegal would it be to throw spike strips in front of buses full of brown shirts before they get to their destinations? Perhaps I won’t contemplate doing that. Egyptian Coptic Christians (ten percent of the population) were murdered in their buses today. Instead of spike strip, the Muslim terrorists used machine guns.
  6. That was well said about Memorial Day. Actual summer starts June 21 but to me this holiday “seems” like summer’s beginning. In Ocean City, MD we had Cruisers Week last week and the locals were fed up with the noise and rowdiness on day one. The Classic car, Cruisers used to be better a little better behaved and better tippers but they have gone downhill. Someone I know had two cruisers in front of them and their engines were so loud windows needed to be raised. The local police are not enforcing the noise ordinances just to keep the tourist money flowing in. Soon it will be Biker Week, with a decent number of weekend warriors whose day jobs include doctors and lawyers. As the song goes, “They’re (not) bad. Babababad to the bone.” There used to be more “hot mamas” riding on the backs of bikes, holding onto their rough, tough he-man but now more women ride their own bikes. Did you know that in audi Arabia, women cannot drive?
  7. What happened to rational emotions, Vulcan logic and stoicism, and disregard of the irrelevant? I keep my disappoints and rages at arm’s length or I change the channel. I just saw the British PM say she will not share intelligence with the Trump administration because of shared photographs of the Manchester murder of little girls that were leaked to The New York Times. Most assuredly money changed hands. Now that deserves a jail sentence.
  8. What a great headline. But will PresidentTrump solve the problem with . . . . From Townhall: Noted Terrorism Expert Katy Perry Has A Genius Idea To Prevent More Attacks: Open Borders And Love. Christine Rousselle Posted: May 23, 2017 6:30 PM In response to the terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night, fellow pop star Katy Perry has some curious suggestions as to how people should respond to the threat of additional attacks: love, "coming together," with no borders, and that people should "co-exist."
  9. I read “The Classics” when I had to in school, which probably included two Russian authors, a few Americans, and a lot of English writers. At the same time, as a teen, I was into westerns especially Louis L’Amour. The name and genre may sound odd to you but they are excellent. I read all of Ian Fleming, Donald Hamilton (one of Rand’s favorites) and others. The books I read now, I buy, and eagerly read. I have about 20 books I have read in hard cover ready to give to the library. I miss the seafaring novels of Patrick Obrien. I am just finishing up “The Fix” (an FBI agent with an eidetic memory) by David Baldacci and I will read “Golden Prey” by John Sanford probably in about an hour, and it will probably be read in two or three days. I like the printed, paper page but I suppose one of these days I will get an electronic book reader . . . but not yet. A lot of world cultures just seem odd and stupid to me. The snotty French? I would not visit though it would be nice to tour The Louvre. Here in America we are very, very free. I fail to see the usefulness in things like “saving face” in the orient or being “macho” in Mexico. They are irrational. Nor would I travel because it is not safe. I was just watching President Trump boarding a plane in Israel. It looked to me like he stopped then proceeded, just in case a long range rifle was targeting where he would be in a second or two. I don’t want to live like that. Of course, he may have been waiting for the cameras to be lined up too, or both. Peter
  10. I am ready to get tough on terrorism, for real, with overtones of James Bond, closed borders unless we invite you here, and getting rid of the bad immigrants and mullahs. Terrorism is not acceptable no matter what justifications are used. Now they are targeting little kids. That is an evil that should be destroyed, here, in England and in the homeland of those monsters. We are fighting a malignant, terrorist force that has initiated violence against us. During WWII it was all out war. It is now all out war. I think we should nuke them where they live, knowing we are not targeting civilians but those civilians are allowing the terrorists to survive and kill innocent kids. Peter PLAYBOY: What about force in foreign policy? You have said that any free nation had the right to invade Nazi Germany during World War II. RAND: Certainly. PLAYBOY: . . . And that any free nation today has the moral right -- though not the duty -- to invade Soviet Russia, Cuba, or any other "slave pen." Correct? RAND: Correct. A dictatorship -- a country that violates the rights of its own citizens -- is an outlaw and can claim no rights. Q: What should be done about the killing of innocent people in war? AR: This is a major reason people should be concerned about the nature of their government. Certainly, the majority in any country at war is innocent. But if by neglect, ignorance, or helplessness, they couldn't overthrow their bad government and establish a better one, then they must pay the price for the sins of their governments we are all paying for the sins of ours. If some people put up with dictatorships some of them do in Soviet Russia, and some of them did in Nazi Germany then they deserve what their government deserves. There are no innocent people in war. Our only concern should be: who started that war? If you can establish that a given country did it, then there is no need to consider the rights of that country, because it has initiated the use of force, and therefore stepped outside the principle of right. I've covered this in Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, where I explain why nations as such do not have any rights, only individuals do. Q: Assume a war of aggression was started by the Soviet Union; assume also that within the Soviet Union, there were individuals opposed to the Soviet system. How would you handle that? AR: I'll pretend I'm taking the question seriously, because this question is blatantly wrong. I cannot understand how anyone could entertain the question. My guess is that the problem is context-dropping. The question assumes that an individual inside a country can and should be made secure from the social system under which he lives and which he accepts, willingly or unwillingly (even if he is fighting it he still accepts it because he hasn't left the country), and that others should respect his rights and collapse to aggression themselves. This is the position of the goddamned pacifists, who wouldn't fight, even when attacked, because they might kill innocent people. If this were so, nobody would have to be concerned about his country's political system. But we should care about having the right social system, because our lives are dependent on it because a political system, good or bad, is established in our name, and we bear the responsibility for it. So if we fight a war, I hope the "innocent" are destroyed along with the guilty. There aren't many innocent ones; those that exist are not in the big cities, but mainly in concentration camps. But nobody should put up with aggression, and surrender his right of self- defense, for fear of hurting somebody else, guilty or innocent. When someone comes at you with a gun, if you have an ounce of self-esteem, you will answer him with force, never mind who he is or who stands behind him. If he's out to destroy you, you owe it to your own life to defend yourself. end quote
  11. Live in England and be a really bad person.
  12. Television is for idiots? The news too? I have watched TV my whole life and I am better for it. Smarter, better informed, and happier. I think kids should watch TV if supervised. Consider Broadway and old plays, old radio, movies, and TV as essential parts of American Culture. Currently I watch Bull, all the NCIS’s except for the one in LA, Designated Survivor, Lucifer, and The Black List though I take issue with them all the time. I could not watch the last Lucifer for instance, it was so bad. Some of my all - time favorites are The X Files, Lost, Six Feet Under, The Twilight Zone, Downton Abbey, I Love Lucy, old westerns like Hopalong Cassidy, Disney’s Sunday shows including Davey Crocket, The Mickey Mouse Club, and The Mickey Mouse Show, Game of Thrones, Ally McBeal, The Brady Bunch, The Rockford Files, True Blood, Gilligan’s Island, 24, Alfred Hitchcock, Mork and Mindy, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Mash, Moonlighting, House, Murphy Brown, Frasier, Sex and the City, Happy Days, All the Star Trek’s but especially ST TNG, The Golden Girls, Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory, The Carol Burnett Show, Saturday Night Live (20 or 30 years ago, forget about today’s version,) All In The Family, Cheers. I even look back at the old kid’s shows on my list with great respect. A lot of my favorite shows I could miss and see in reruns, but I rarely missed Lost, The X Files, Star Trek TNG, and Downton Abbey. If you do not watch good TV you are cutting yourself off from American culture. Peter
  13. Cameras are needed in most public areas. They are relatively cheap. I am impressed with that commercial that shows a house with a security camera and when the owner spots someone coming onto his property he says "don't even think about it." If crooks think about it many of them won't do the crime so they won't do the time. Locally, most crime is black on black crime, or black on store crime, but there is usually a story a day about drug addict crime featuring some really dopey and sleepy/haggard white people. Is it racist to say that? Hell no. If you are aware of crime statistics it might save your life. Publishing mug shots is a service. And we have a show Delmarva Now at 5pm and a police captain comes on with a most wanted list and he tells us if anyone has been captured. I have mentioned this before but I went to Minnesota to a three or four day seminar and I was told to never walk down a certain street visible from our window after dark. Indians lived there and they were thieves and violent. Peter
  14. Michael wrote: But something tells me Anthony Weiner will not do well in prison. He doesn't have the temperament to take it like a man. Ah, he’ll be sent to the Country Club but he will still be wagging his Weiner at the other inmates. ”I’m bigger. You take it like a man hedge fund thief.” He will be “man handling” it in the shower and then be sent to solitary, where he will wag it in the dark AND throw his feces at the guards who will, hopefully, whack his mole every day. What an effing chimp.
  15. Michael's Rush Limbaugh essay was just what I was trying to say on the Trump thread. Rush is a clever thinker, thinkier that I. So, what is next after the Russians, hackers, and fake impeachment? Does Trump have a drunken, younger brother?