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  1. I think the President thought he was going to win. I saw a true look of horror on House Speaker Paul Ryan’s face when he realized he had failed and I am sure he convinced President Trump he would win. Stop sounding like a “true believer” Marc; I can’t tell if you are putting us on or not. You almost seem like a “mole” or a “troll” spying on Objectivism. Cicero spoke, in “Imperium”: Sometimes, if you find yourself stuck in politics, the thing to do is start a fight – start a fight, even if you do not know how you are going to win it, because it is only when a fight is on, and everything is in motion, that you can hope to see your way through. end quote I agree that Trump is willing to brawl. As you have said, he now needs to build. Local Delmarva talk radio and on the national scene, Rush Limbaugh, have convincingly made the case that this defeat was a good thing. The Republicans passed a repeal years ago, which was expected to be vetoed by Obama. They could have used that as a basis for a replacement, or Rand Paul’s repeal . . . but they did not. Maybe they will now. Nathaniel Branden wrote: If you choose to move through life blindly, you have good reason to be anxious. end quote I am tired of spin, blind faith, and a lack of principles here on Objectivist Living, though I am also dubious of the true believers of O’land and Randian government or nothing will do. I remember folks had JFK on their walls of their living rooms as late as the early seventies but he was not painted with a halo or a crown over his head. As of now, I don’t think anyone should have a portrait of President Trump on the walls of their living room or as wall paper on their computers. Trump’s lack of understanding for those few brave men of principle was shown in his tweet and his ignorance of limited government and the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution is very unfortunate . . . as is your backing him to the hilt. Peter
  2. Marc wrote: Even if this group of 36 stays in cahoots for the next 24 years who cares. Mr. President is playing the long game, not some ridiculously childish last attempt to be anything at all in their lives but block greatness and achievement. end quote I disagree. Cahoots? Ridiculous? Childish? Blockers of achievement? Those honorable men you call “childish” are the ones who are sticking to their principles. It is Donald Trump and Paul Ryan who wanted a quick fix that continued many of the provisions of Obamacare. That is sheer, cynical pragmatism. It writes off the Constitution. This failure of socialized medicine light “can be” a triumph for freedom and The United States if President Trump acts like he loves this country and not just power. Though President Trump has made an exceptional start he has a ways to go to match Ronald Reagan, or as Rush jokingly calls Reagan, “Ronaldus Magnus.” Repeal the damn thing or be considered a liar. You are not repealing it if you keep some of its worse elements. Or do we have to guess what the meaning of “replace” is? Peter
  3. I agree with Greg. I would rather roll the dice after the actuality of Obama and after the scare of Hillary taking us down the yellow brick road to slavery. We have had eight years of a left wing, totalitarian drift. I want to see President Trump succeed. Hopefully, he will serve two terms, and create a safe harbor for a freer America. However, I also want him to do the right thing. Peter Robert Tracinski wrote: They were capable of so much independence that they actually formed a pact to resist outside pressure. "In a conference room in the Rayburn House Office Building, the group met that evening and made a secret pact. No member would commit his vote before consulting with the entire group--not even if Trump himself called to ask for an on-the-spot commitment. The idea, hatched by Freedom Caucus Vice Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), was to bind them together in negotiations and ensure the White House or House leaders could not peel them off one by one. "Twenty-eight of the group's roughly three dozen members took the plunge." Notice how this turns the big narrative of the last election on its head. We were supposed to support Donald Trump because he was the guy who was finally going to break the corrupt Republican "establishment." Now he's the guy launching tweet-storms on behalf of the establishment and against the House Freedom Caucus--the guys who actually did break the GOP establishment. And all because the Tea Party movement brought a few dozen hard line small-government advocates into office, and the ban on earmarks helped them guard their independence. Twenty-eight lawmakers who care about freedom and are willing to stand up for it is not nearly enough. But Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican leadership now dare not make a step without bringing them on board. So it's a pretty good start.
  4. Is time composed of matter and energy? Is time an illusion? Does it slow down and speed up? Is it a product of our senses or our imagination? Is there a law of the universe which keeps future, more scientifically advanced generations from visiting us *now*? Doesn’t our consciousness exist as a biological time machine? I think - I thought - I will think - I will remember. I typed in “what is time” in a search engine and got some of the following. I tried to delete some of the many graphs and quotes but lost some of the text, but it still gives you food for thought, from this guy who has broken English. Questions are to be directed to the guy below: mkhan and the site is the other one. Peter Present is special, it is the gift of living and feeling the reality of existence. Our interaction with the world in the present creates our memories which then immediately become part of the past. We live in the changing present in which the future continuously unfolds. The present is a fleeting moment; whatever is happening now (present) is confined to an infinitesimally narrow point on the time line which is being encroached upon by the past and the future. Present resembles the sharp point of a recording laser or needle; it may be the mental awareness of recording of memory as it is being perceived and inscribed into our neurons. Unlike the present we see past and future as measurable durations of time. Past historical events, a meeting, or a wedding reception are all measurable durations or extensions in time, just like a recorded material on tape. This similarity suggests that past is more like a recorded memory, while future can be compared to an unrecorded tape. Another interesting observation pointed out by philosopher Mc Taggart was that historical events also have the same time characteristic as stories that are creations of the human imagination. Both stories and historical events contain the time concepts of earlier, the later, the past the present and the future suggesting that past is nothing more than memory of events. Future appears to be a projection created by our past experiences stored in our memory. The fact that the present which gives us the most real feel of time cannot be measured while the inaccessible past and future can be measured as durations suggests that our perception of time as a place where we could possibly go i.e. the dimensional view of time is an illusion . . . . . or possible future event also has a place like feeling to it. Time-scape feels like it is a place where it may be possible to go. This dimension like view of time has spawned numerous science fiction stories and movies on time travel. This view of time suggests that dinosaurs are still alive and roaming the earth in some other time dimensions; it also suggest that there are multiple copies of us and the whole universe smeared across multiple dimensions of time. In Special Relativity (SR) the block universe view of time arises from an interpretation of the Lorentz transformation equation known as the Rietdijk– Putnam argument (or the Andromeda paradox.) By this innovation of SR just walking on the earth toward or away from the Andromeda galaxy which is 2.5 million light years away we can shift our line of simultaneity so that our time can be in sync with either past or future of beings living in Andromeda. This interpretation of SR suggests that past and future exists as a part of the block universe. Lorentz transformation is interesting but has not been proven experimentally and this interpretation of SR cannot be verified. All of other SR’s predictions of slowing of time, length contraction and gain in mass with motion can be derived without Lorentz transformation and are experimentally verifiable. In the block universe time is laid out as a time-scape similar to landscape and it is obvious that there cannot be a free will. This has led to some innovations or variations in the theme of the block universe in which the future is changeable. If time-scape is already laid out then what causes our conscious experience to move through this time-scape and why we cannot willfully move our consciousness anywhere anytime? The time of the block universe leads to some interesting conclusions. The universe in its time dimensions should have numerous future civilizations millions or billions of years more technologically advanced then us. At least some of these civilizations should be capable of travelling through the block universe and we should have seen some evidence for that, unless there is some law of the universe which prohibits time travel. Block universe also leads to the possibility of time travel paradoxes like the grandfather paradox in which a person travels to the past and kills his grandfather thereby changing the future so that the time traveler would not exist and thus not travel to the past to kill his grandfather. Imagine two objects one moving in orbit around the other in space. Now suppose from our distant observation point of a fixed time we observe time to get slower in the area where these two objects are moving. We expect to see slower motion? We also should observe proportionally weaker gravitational force; otherwise the objects will get pulled together. If we observed faster time, we expect to see faster motion and stronger gravity to keep the objects from flying apart. While with zero time motion will freeze and gravity will become zero. As this thought experiment also can be extended to particles held together by electromagnetic forces we can say that time involves both motion and forces. Next time you look at a tall building or a mountain try to visualize that time is running more slowly even slightly so near the bottom of these structures then at the top. The stability of these structures depends on the fact that space-time is continuous; being slow in time does not lead to lagging behind and disappearing into the past. Imagine if the bottom of a mountain or a building vanished into the past. Theory of relativity predicts slowing of time with motion and gravity. These predictions have been confirmed in particle accelerators as well as gravity experiments. If there is a block universe why particles and masses with slower time do not disappear into the past? In gravitational fields space is clearly continuous between areas of slower and faster time, going against the concept of a persistent past dimension. Black holes with their intense gravity that bring time to a screeching halt do not disappear from our present into the past. We need to have clarity in our minds as to what the slowing of time means in a block universe. Does passage of time mean our consciousness is moving across time dimensions? Slowing of time without sliding into the past or the future suggests that time is a process and not a dimension. This may be a significant point against the block universe view of time when taken together with other aspects of time described above. The universe is thought to have originated in an event called the Big Bang about 13 billion years ago. We live in an expanding universe and the galaxies are receding from each other as a part of the universal expansion. Microwave back ground radiation which is a relic from the Big Bang has been studied by many NASA and European satellites. There is no doubt in the minds of physicists and astronomers that Big Bang occurred. Similarly the concept of time being a block universe is considered a natural outcome of the Lorentz transformation. However we seem to have overlooked that the concept of a block universe in which past, present and all of the future is laid out as a time-scape maybe at odds with the origin of the universe in the Big Bang. In the block universe view of time everything, every event exists simultaneously. If the universe from its beginning to its distant infinite future exists as a part of time-scape of the block universe then all of the time-scape from big bang to infinite future should have begun in the Big Bang. This basically means that all of the history leading to the infinite future was created in an instant at the time of the big bang. There is no escape form this unless we discard the block universe view of time or the origin of the universe in Big Bang. These two concepts appear to be mutually exclusive. Arrow requires two points in time that can exist only in the block universe. The time-scape in the block universe is already laid out and our conscious experience of time is only toward the future. The question therefore remains why arrow of time does not point toward the past? If future and past already exist why we only remember the past and not the future? Unrestricted by the block universe view of time we are free to consider time as a process so that every event is occurring in the present where it is being perceived. If time is the presence of motion as well as forces then forces provide the necessary gradient for the direction of time. There is also a statistical touch to this argument; smashing a glass with a hammer means application of force at one point while to assemble it back in reverse would require coordinated application of multiple tiny forces in a reverse and continuous manner which is statistically unlikely. Similarly throwing a stone into a pond creates ripples which then travel to the edge of the pond. To reverse this process it would require simultaneous application of multiple tiny forces at the edge of the pond to produce multiple synchronized waves moving backward to the area of splash where the stone pushed up by the ground at the bottom of the pond will be waiting to be thrown out into the hand of the thrower…. a statistical impossibility. Direction of time in a block universe is difficult to explain as times-scape is already laid out and our conscious experience could have run in any direction. Without the burden of the block universe arrow of time is no enigma as it is just a process and it is a natural outcome of cause, effect and probability. SUMMARY 1. We measure time by comparing one standard motion like the suns movement across the sky against another motion like that of a car. Clocks are used as intermediaries for convenience. Time may not have any independent existence, the motion could have been compared directly suggesting that time is a process that is linked to motion. 2. Motion alone is not enough to explain time. Forces also appear to be part of time. Arrow of time is difficult to explain in the block universe where every event is already laid out. Arrow of time is however easily explained if we consider time as a process which includes motion as well as forces. 3. Perception of time as past present and future gives us the feeling of passage of time, as well as the block universe view of time. Time can be compared to recording devices, the present is just where the events and their perception is being recorded into our memory. The perception of time as a record is also apparent in the similarity of time characteristic of past present and future that exists in historical events as well as stories. The fact that the present which gives us the most real feeling of time cannot be measured while the inaccessible past and future can be measured as durations suggests that the way we perceive time is an illusion. 4. Slowing of time in motion and gravity does not lead to disappearance into the past as should happen in a block universe. Absence of time travelers from futuristic advanced civilizations is also against the concept of the block universe. 5. The concept of origin of the universe in the Big Bang is at odds with the block universe view of time. If the block universe which is supposed to be laid out as a time-scape (from the past to the present to the infinite future) exists and began in big bang then it would mean that all of the time up to the infinite future would come into existence in the instant of the big bang. To truly comprehend this, big bang should be renamed "Instantaneous big bang origin of the whole block." This idea is truly preposterous. 6. Slowing of time in gravity and in motion as well as the ultimate speed limit c provides the necessary clues to understanding the cause of time however we need to first convince ourselves that time is a process that is linked to motion and forces and the block universe view of time is not correct. For thousands of years philosophers and scientists have struggled to understand the phenomenon of time. We have known for the last one hundred years about time dilation or slowing of time with motion and in gravity yet true understanding of time has evaded us. I am presenting here a clear solution to the enigma of time which brings to light the reason behind many predictions of Special and General Relativity such as why time slows with motion and in gravity? What is the cause of gravity and why it is only attractive? Why space is curved by gravitational fields? Why objects gain mass when accelerated by a force but do not gain mass when falling in gravity? What is the cause of inertia and length contraction and why there cannot be a twin paradox?
  5. Ba’al asked, “How much warming is the result of natural drivers and how much is due to human activity?” It is possible humans can change the planet. We do it in limited ways when a dam is created, or we build concrete and asphalt structures. Remember my fake news story? AP Wire March 26, 2017. Under a joint agreement with Somalia and Ethiopia, Israel yesterday began an engineering project connecting the Red Sea with the Great Rift Valley. Large portions of Ethiopia will be submerged into one large lake yet to be named. The project will take a year and is expected to change the climate in that portion of Africa making it more temperate and rainy. The range of crops that could then be grown in Ethiopia are expected to contribute to that country’s being able to feed its entire, growing population with corn, wheat, and vegetables. The chain of connected lakes that will result are under plans for development as tourist attractions. Gambling resorts and homes for the rich are projected, which will boost Ethiopia’s basic marginal income to those levels found in Europe. The Project is not without controversy because Israel will be using 36 underground nuclear explosions, 12 which were set off yesterday, to create the link to the Red Sea. Israeli scientists project that though the radiation will last for years, its newest techniques and nuclear materials have a much shorter atomic half-life. Little radiation should reach the atmosphere, and the water rushing in will further dampen any nuclear radiation to acceptable levels for human habitation, even immediately next to the shore. A ban will be placed on fish for one year as the radiation levels in them are monitored. The World’s Sea Level is expected to drop by several inches to a foot, which is an added bonus to low lying countries like the Netherlands, Pacific atoll nations and even some American cities like New Orleans. The United Nations was never consulted about the project but the UN in an emergency session is now debating the effects of the blasts. Iran is claiming this is harassment and a threat to their well-being and peaceful exploration of atomic energy. Israel is once again asking the UN and the United States to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is quoted as saying, “Iran’s time is up. They will either cease nuclear research and open their doors for Israeli verification or we will destroy their facilities and ability to make conventional or nuclear war, against Israel.” President Trump has called a meeting of his cabinet for tomorrow, Monday Sunday March 27th along with his Joint Chiefs of Staff and members of Congress.
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  7. I see Trump’s “proposed budget” is slightly higher than former President Obama’s biggest budget. Is Trump upholding his campaign promise to drain the swamp and make America great again? Or does his budget enlarge the swamp and drive America deeper into the ditch of insolvency? I am sure there will be the counter argument that, this is Trump’s opening bid and if the House and Senate protest this flagrant expansion of government then he will lower his next bid. What *expectable* crap. Is Trump a truly different, political animal or more of the same? His approval numbers should be dropping lower after this. Let’s see, 49 percent the Democrats vote NAY and 20 percent of the Republicans vote NAY. As Dionne Warwick sang, “Promises, Promises,” and if you don’t keep your promises thou shalt be scorned and look like the fool you are. Peter
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  9. I would prefer that the Republican’s version of Obamacare, not pass. I don’t want to see Trumpcare at all but rather free market health care. Right now no House Democrats are scheduled to vote for it and 22 republicans will not, which should squelch it for now. Back to the drawing board, Speaker Ryan. Will this affect the rest of the Trump agenda? Who cares? He should not have pushed this monstrosity anyway. Bad move, you rhinosaurs. Pterodactyl Peter
  10. I thought of something else. How can someone who has the physical attributes of one sex think they are the other sex, like Bruce Jenner? If our physical nature determines who we are, then in an evolutionary sense how can someone prefer their own sex, for sex? Saying that we are only physical is not very PC. And if we are strictly physical beings how can there be billions of different individuals? Even twins are not totally alike, though I like those stories about twins who are orphaned and raised apart, but are still very similar. Peter Walter Williams wrote: Suppose a college honored the right of its students to free themselves from biological determinism and allowed those with XY chromosomes to play on teams formerly designated as XX teams. I would anticipate a problem competing with other colleges. An unenlightened women's basketball team might refuse to play against a mixed-chromosome team whose starting five consists of 6-foot-6-inch, 200-pound XYers. The NCAA should have a rule stating that refusal to play a mixed-chromosome team leads to forfeiture of the game. It's no different from a team of white players refusing to play another because it has black players. end quote
  11. Ayn Rand wrote in ITOE, p. 150-2, "No, you do something else volitionally . . . . Do you know what you will? You will to observe. You use your senses, you look around, and your will is to grasp, to understand. And you observe similarities. Now, you don't know yet that this is the process of abstraction . . . But you are engaged in it once you begin to observe similarities." On the next page she wrote, "As he discovers certain things, he begins to direct his sensory apparatus, and that is volitional." Ba’al asked, “Do you think what your brain, glands and nerve fibers do is anything but physical?” Abstraction. Volition. Reasoning. Those *mental* processes would not occur without our physical apparatus which brings us back to the “free will v. determinism debate.” When a human baby’s brain begins its uniquely human brain wave patterns around the 26th to 28th week in the womb, a phenomenon occurs. The activity that was mostly chemical, electrical, and physical generates a forth state: consciousness. You are using your consciousness to claim there is no consciousness, but instead, an organic computer with information interchange capabilities, memory storage capabilities, and computational capabilities. I say that knowing you exist is not a faux state of reality. It is not postulating The Twilight Zone. Something beyond gray matter exists and that is why it matters to people when someone who they know, dies. Peter
  12. Ba’al wrote: I think the problem is deeper. Right now no one really knows how the brain thinks in terms of the molecular and electro-chemical processes happening in the brain. end quote On this Ba’al you are a lame brain. You are reducing the problem to a SUB conscious level. You are talking about atoms and Tony is talking about a compilation of atoms, cells, electricity, and matter, which leads to consciousness. If the problem is deeper it is because it is beyond your bull shit explanations which are attempts to deny the truth. Grow up. Peter
  13. Be more succinct, William. PETE
  14. Hannity had a blockbuster revelation tonight. FBI Director Comey? Did you wire - tap Trump Towers? “No I did not.” Gunther Toody (badge #1432 of the NYPD played by Joe E. Ross and Francis Muldoon badge #723 played by Fred Gwynn assigned to Patrol Car 54 in the fictional 53rd precinct of The Bronx) did you wire-tap President Trump, or wire - tap Trump Towers? “No. We did not, Senator.” Okay. But Director Comey, did you use electronic surveillance and not a *physical wire tap* to spy on the future President Trump? What? Wait! Who told you to ask that? I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me. Bingo. It mattered about what the definition of is, is. Peter
  15. William wrote about England: Well, because a place will feel like England if all the people in it are white and non-muslim -- like an early episode of Midsomer Murders? end quote I like the PBS show “The Doctor Blake Mysteries” which is set in Australia. You never see an aborigine and I don’t remember seeing any Muslims either. Great show! Very nice theme song you cannot get out of your head. And it takes place in a small city called Ballarat. I can’t say I would want to live in a place with “rat” in its name. Canadians are North Americans very much like me. Australians are a bit foreign to me. But England is even more foreign-er. Peter