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  1. I suspect the OP was composed by atlashead's alter ego: Pot-Head. And it being Sunday morning, I say why not? Share your hipiphany here, there, and everywhere. Note to PH, if you want to get a post deleted, the simplest method is to direct vulgar abuse towards the site's owner. Otherwise the worst that's liable to happen to your contribution is that it'll get moved to the Garbage Pile.
  2. Alas, it had to happen sometime. 102 years old. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/07/arts/irwin-corey-comedian-and-foremost-authority-dies-at-102.html?_r=0
  3. Correction, that was Jeff Lebowski aka The Dude. The one on the left is The Big Lebowski.
  4. Let's not forget certain people were confident Romney had it in the bag in the week before election day in 2012. BTW, on the topic of Electoral ties, looks like we'll have at least one "faithless elector": http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/11/05/washington-state-elector-says-wont-vote-for-clinton.html
  5. Lenny has run out of howlers. He's retired his podcast. http://www.peikoff.com/2016/10/31/leonard-peikoffs-final-podcast/
  6. 1980 was the same. Carter was expected to win, and Reagan blew him away. As of this moment, it looks like Hillary's going to win big. "Mandate" level win. Me, I'm all in for Johnson.
  7. FWIW, Wendell Willkie was never in public service before becoming the Republican presidential nominee in 1940, and was a successful businessman. His military service consisted of going through training to fight in WWI, but it was over before he got there. Here's a good, fair-minded, easy to read article on the big tax loss imbroglio: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2016/10/10/trumps-909-million-tax-loss-new-york-times-points-toward-poor-tax-policy.html Though that story is pretty well forgotten already. Someone get me started on the "Carried Interest Loophole" both Trump and Hillary denounced last night. Or actually, no, don't get me started. I don't have the time or the intestinal fortitude, and probably no one would want to read about it.
  8. I'd switch it from "what did you do in private" to "what did you do in public, in your capacity as a public servant..." BTW, Scott Adams has switched his endorsement to Gary Johnson. http://blog.dilbert.com/post/151552548531/why-i-endorse-gary-johnson-this-week
  9. This belongs somewhere:
  10. 3 and a half, actually. And hopefully he's going to really open the floodgates on issuing pardons for non-violent drug offenders. He's done a fair number already. Perhaps he's waiting until after the election, since a good number have been rotting in jail since the Clinton administration. It would draw the wrong kind of attention. https://reason.com/blog/2016/08/30/obama-commutes-sentences-of-111-more-fed
  11. I borrowed a copy of The Art of the Comeback and it confirms this right on the first page. It's usually fun being The Donald, but in the early 1990s, trust me, it wasn't. My journey is a hard one to believe, I was many billions in the red, $975 million of that debt I'd personally guaranteed. On page xix of the Introduction there's what looks like one sweet family photo. 4 people: man, woman, two kids. Trump, his two teenage sons, and Hillary Clinton in the middle. Caption: "Hillary Clinton, Donny Jr., Eric, and me. The First Lady is a wonderful woman who has handled pressure incredibly well." Oh dear.
  12. Yeah, it's not the only way it could have happened. I hadn't thought it through enough.
  13. BTW, in real estate personal guarantees are avoided like the plague, and if your lender is requiring one, it's a sure sign they lack confidence in your business plan. In my experience they're quite unusual. But there's a very typical type of personal guarantee, what we call a "bad boy" guarantee. It triggers personal liability only under certain circumstances, not necessarily illegal acts (though they're included), but definitely violation of the loan provisions. Whether this has anything to do with Trump, I don't know. Maybe The Art of the Comeback has something about this, though his self-aggrandizing prose is beyond my intestinal fortitude.
  14. The "making an ass of himself" episode (let's call it the "Fat KASS incident", for short) I was referring to was the Miss Universe weight gain Twitter storming all night thing. Anti-Trump people are the only ones complaining? Come on.