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  1. Donald Trump

  2. Donald Trump

    Amen. It's all in the Gospel according to Brian. Or, as Biggus Dickus would say, the Gospel according to Bwian
  3. Donald Trump

    She had some? Credibility? News to me.
  4. Gary Johnson is most appealing candidate!

    Hey, what happened to the post with the Giant Douche (HC), Turd Sandwich (DT), and Gary Johnson? I want that image!
  5. Broach away! You vetted this site before joining, right? Oh, and welcome to OL. Don't tell me you're afraid of a little derision. What are you? Not a:
  6. Donald Trump

    I meant that I'm looking forward to the attack ad where he's going to do the "eye for an eye" thing vis a vis Hillary. Seriously. The attack ads are going to be extra nasty this time around, and I'm sort of looking forward to it. I don't like Trump either, but Hillary, man does that witch have it coming. I hear that the secret service won't allow any buckets of water within, like, a mile of her.
  7. Donald Trump

    Can't wait to see the anti-Hillary counterpart to this one:
  8. Peikoff's Personal Esthetics Authority

    I only defer to the World's Foremost Authority: He's almost 102. Still alive.
  9. has anyone met an altruist in person?

    Branden's example works well enough. It's not his only example. What kind of details do you want? It's not like I'm a psychotherapist with case studies to share with the world.
  10. has anyone met an altruist in person?

    Branden's example comes from a novel. Have you read Atlas Shrugged? I think Branden gave enough of the context that you don't have to have read it for it to make sense: he'll commit suicide before letting the woman he loves be tortured to death in front of him. Knowing that he'll be killed too, before long. It's not far off from Guy Fawkes on the scaffold.
  11. has anyone met an altruist in person?

    Have I known anyone who made a wrong career choice under parental pressure. Well, yeah. So?
  12. has anyone met an altruist in person?

    You don't think someone can rationally conclude that the rest of their life will be too awful to endure? And so choose to end it right away? Let's leave aside the "When a Man Loves a Woman" business, how about Guy Fawkes on the scaffold, about to be hanged drawn and quartered, but he got a chance to leap off the platform, thus committing suicide (alas for his immortal soul...) and escaping the drawing and quartering bit. Rational? I'd say so.
  13. has anyone met an altruist in person?

    Looks like someone's posted it here: https://eidmon.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/isnt-everyone-selfish-by-nathaniel-branden/
  14. Donald Trump

    He just needs to offer a good quid pro quo. He could pledge to nuke Tehran on day one of his administration, that'll do it. If not nukes, then use regular bombs while being sure to target the madrassas, and to do it while they're occupied, since that's the whole point!
  15. has anyone met an altruist in person?

    Have you read "Isn't Everyone Selfish" by Nathaniel Branden, found in The Virtue of Selfishness? That's where you'll find the standard Objectivist answer to your question.