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      Once again, the fine folks at IPB made a new upgrade and things might not be where you started to learn they were. However, this is one time where I think they actually improved things for navigation. There are only a few big buttons: When you click on one of those buttons, some other stuff opens up, depending on which button you click. (Later Note: These only appear when zoomed in or in the mode for smartphones/tablets.) I'm learning this as you are, so I suggest you do what I am doing: click on these big buttons, see what they open and fiddle with the software some. Ironically, you will find there is a lot that is intuitive. That's what I'm discovering. (Later note: I just discovered that I was viewing the site zoomed in too far to see the normal view. The menus are still there with the old buttons, but when I zoom in too much, they disappear and the new buttons appear. I believe this zoomed in way is what the site looks like on mobile devices. I'm going to mess with it some more, then maybe make some explanations.) Sorry for the inconvenience. Still, over time, I hope you end up liking these changes. Michael


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  1. Let's talk about it. Here.

    FYI I was able to see it from my iphone, and I've never logged in from there. I don't have anything especially insightful to say on the topic. It seems to me that if you're a male transitioning to female, probably the safer place to do your bathroom business is the ladies room. Are lawmakers concerned that these people are going in there to sneak a peek? Enjoy the aromas? The whole thing's goofy.
  2. GOP Unity: Safe Spaces for Donald Trump doubts and criticism

    So I'm allowed back now? P.G. Wodehouse once wrote a story featuring, as antagonist, a wicked tabby cat. His introduction of this character suits the Drumpf to a tee: "Orange of body, and inky black of soul" Seems almost prophetic.
  3. Donald Trump

    No need to go excavating your old record collection.
  4. GOP Unity: Safe Spaces for Donald Trump doubts and criticism

    "Do not attack the character of discussants or otherwise be a conversational oaf." Trump supporters must have serious psychological problems. Likely diagnosis: Bed wetters all. Testing testing...moderator on duty?

    Seconded. Plus, I object to the absence of truth in advertising. This is no safe space, it may as well be merged into the Trump thread. Nowhere on OL is a safe space, except maybe the Corners, though even there, when posts are deleted, they get reproduced elsewhere, with an note objecting to what happened. Rather insulting to imply we Trump-detractors need a safe space, eh?
  6. Donald Trump

  7. Donald Trump

    Amen. It's all in the Gospel according to Brian. Or, as Biggus Dickus would say, the Gospel according to Bwian
  8. Donald Trump

    She had some? Credibility? News to me.
  9. Gary Johnson is most appealing candidate!

    Hey, what happened to the post with the Giant Douche (HC), Turd Sandwich (DT), and Gary Johnson? I want that image!
  10. Broach away! You vetted this site before joining, right? Oh, and welcome to OL. Don't tell me you're afraid of a little derision. What are you? Not a:
  11. Donald Trump

    I meant that I'm looking forward to the attack ad where he's going to do the "eye for an eye" thing vis a vis Hillary. Seriously. The attack ads are going to be extra nasty this time around, and I'm sort of looking forward to it. I don't like Trump either, but Hillary, man does that witch have it coming. I hear that the secret service won't allow any buckets of water within, like, a mile of her.
  12. Donald Trump

    Can't wait to see the anti-Hillary counterpart to this one:
  13. Peikoff's Personal Esthetics Authority

    I only defer to the World's Foremost Authority: He's almost 102. Still alive.
  14. has anyone met an altruist in person?

    Branden's example works well enough. It's not his only example. What kind of details do you want? It's not like I'm a psychotherapist with case studies to share with the world.
  15. has anyone met an altruist in person?

    Branden's example comes from a novel. Have you read Atlas Shrugged? I think Branden gave enough of the context that you don't have to have read it for it to make sense: he'll commit suicide before letting the woman he loves be tortured to death in front of him. Knowing that he'll be killed too, before long. It's not far off from Guy Fawkes on the scaffold.