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      Sorry for the inconvenience, but we had to update OL and there have been some serious changes made by IPB. The real bad news is that they had to merge User Names and Display Names. This meant that I had to choose between bad and bad. I opted to keep the log-on information the same, so you can get on OL like you always did, but now your User Name is displayed. If your User Name and Display Name were the same, you will not feel the change. If they were different, you are probably irritated right now. I will figure out how you can change this so you can revert to the Display Name you used before if you like, however this may entail a change in how you log-on. The good news is that OL is now searchable from the very beginning. This means all the old posts from the A-Team in Objectivism (and everybody else) will finally show up when you search for something. I will keep changing this announcement as we adapt to these new changes. It's a pain, I know, but after looking around the backend for a bit, I believe the benefits will far, far outweigh the current irritation. They changed things in a hamhanded way and I don't like that, but I can't do anything about it. Benefit-wise, they actually did a good job, so please bear with us. In addition to this change, many good things are coming over time. You are the reason OL exists and I am sorry you have to go through this. Think of it like birth pangs... (All right, all right, that's forcing it.  ) Michael


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  1. Any fans of "pro-life" music out there? :-)

    He just needs to get another dog.
  2. Any fans of "pro-life" music out there? :-)

    I beg to differ. Consider (and provided) that the more time he spends practicing the less he spends on: http://www.peikoff.com/2016/02/01/a-case-of-a-transgendered-entity-worse-than-b-j/ So I say it's time to ditch that shopworn Kantian Categorical Imperative about truth-telling, and lead him to believe that with a lot more practice he will be producing this: Though he'll never, alas, be any match for Wendy Carlos.
  3. Some news about "Atheism: The Case Against God."

    This has over 1.8M views on YouTube, may as well start here: His book The Physics of Star Trek is a lot of fun.
  4. Any fans of "pro-life" music out there? :-)

    Alan Greenspan played Jazz clarinet professionally before meeting Rand, and still likes it, according to his memoir. http://www.amazon.com/Alan-Greenspan-s-Top-10-Classical-and-Jazz-Favorites/lm/R3N9YQYWFZWK94 And Peikoff is known to play Jazz piano, albeit amateur level. Oh no, I just had to do a YouTube search. Haven't heard it yet, fasten your seatbelts: Conclusion, O'ism on Jazz: it's A-OK. QED.
  5. Some news about "Atheism: The Case Against God."

    I lent out my copy many years ago, and never got it back. This'll give me a good reason to buy it again. Here's hoping they shell out a sufficient sum for an Epilogue. Krauss, eh? Big name nowadays.
  6. Tom Hagen got him off the hook. Happened off screen. Old times sake.
  7. Happy Birthday, William (WSS)!

  8. Introducing the Stephen Boydstun Corner

    Congrats! What were your musical selections? The tried and true: I think this is a good match: Durn, no subtitles. But I expect you know the piece anyway.
  9. Indian Superman - There. Are. No. Words. :)

    I'm withholding judgement until I see a version with subtitles. You never know what anti-man sentiments might be lurking in the text. Anyone here speak Hindi?
  10. JARS V14 N1 - Summer 2014

    From the way he tells the story: yes.
  11. JARS V14 N1 - Summer 2014

    The person who introduced me to Rand’s work discovered it by seeing the title The Virtue of Selfishness in a bookstore, was intrigued enough to buy it, and (alert, cliché ahead!) the rest is history. But for that title, OL might be 4,199 posts the poorer.
  12. Horror Story - Fun or Psychopathology?

    Note that Rand always named Dostoyevksy as a favorite author, and described reading him as going through "a chamber of horrors, but with a powerful guide". But her absolute favorite was Victor Hugo, and I suggest you read his preface to the play Cromwell, it's regarded as his artistic manifesto. I think you'll change your mind about a few things.
  13. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (movie review)

    I expect they'll dole out more info on the political structure over the following installments. Too much too soon would have bogged down the story. Lee Child talks (somewhere) about how to make a meal taste really good: keep your diners hungry.