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  1. You haven't seen Altered States? With its John Corigliano score? And it's all about drugs? Man, you think you know a guy...
  2. Hope it's not in bad taste to share this here: http://www.peikoff.com/2016/08/29/episode-415/ Go to 15:15. He shares his immediate reaction to learning of the deaths of the Brandens. Class act, eh? At least he waited a while.
  3. It called to mind the opening of this lecture: "Esthetics Si, politics, No"
  4. I see that the book is out. And I see a reference or two to an epilogue. Did you get to do one? With the blessings (we hope) of the Goddess Pecunia? The "look inside" feature on Amazon goes to the old version, so I can't check. https://www.amazon.com/Atheism-Case-Against-Skeptics-Bookshelf/dp/1633881970/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  5. I knew who it was. I was just now logging in to say hey, that's Dixy Lee Ray, right Bill? Guess she was your neighbor to the south back in the day, eh?
  6. You were doing so well until here, where you start repeating the vile lies of Henry VII. Learn the true story: What do you mean, they had no TV?
  7. This is a well done ad: Did the word Libertarian appear? If so I missed it.
  8. Still doesn’t pass the smell test. If his income is such that he can’t qualify to get another apartment, how was he paying his rent before? Being over 65 he’s getting social security, something (probably) in excess of $1.3K/month. No veteran’s pension on top of that? No royalties at all from his books? And does he live alone? Not willing/able to share costs with a roommate? And what’s he talking about doing anyway? He’s going to become a hobo? He says no lawyer will take his case. Even for a fee. Is that because he has no case? If it were an eviction he could file a reply, cheaply, but if it’s not an eviction, simply a matter of his lease being up and his landlord chose not to renew, that’s another matter altogether.
  9. Did you mean to give a link to where Adam can be found on Facebook?
  10. What's going on here? I'm agreeing with Bob. Or at least with the apparent thrust of a couple quotes from him.
  11. A little late, but what the hell.
  12. It best fits the facts that have emerged so far. Time will tell. BTW, murderous culture meaning: Islam full stop, or theocratic reactionary religious fanaticism, in this case Islamic? I know you mean number two, but it’s a good idea to spell it out nowadays and hereabouts. I could quote a line or two from Leviticus that ought to put every Jew on the terror watch list if we're going to start in with the amateur theology lessons vis-à-vis the Koran. Edward Cline style. With Craig Biddle-grade proposals for what ought to be done. Another point, you're claiming Mateen was inspired by a "murderous culture". Shackford (article linked above) hypothesizes that he was a psychopath (like Ted Bundy) who rationalized doing what he did by reference to religion. In Bundy's case it was porn that took the rap. Just want to be sure you caught that. Maybe true, maybe not, maybe we'll never know. And of course it's no coincidence.
  13. Bad as ever. https://reason.com/blog/2016/06/13/in-america-muslims-are-more-likely-to-su [T]hese numbers help demonstrate why exactly we cannot treat American Muslims as though they're inherently suspicious and prone to jump into extremism and jihads. American Muslims are not necessarily more conservative than many of our country's Christians. There are a whole host of different reasons for this (including the likelihood that Muslims immigrate to the United States in the first place to get away from extreme social conservatism within their own religion). Americans (including gay Americans) who interact regularly with Muslim citizens are probably less likely to see them as being profoundly different. Because they're not—in the United States. Add to this mix information that Mateen apparently declared allegiance to different Islamist groups who are opposed to ISIS, like Hezbollah. In the end, Mateen may be a vicious garden-variety psychopath that we're treating exotically because he declared a connection to a terrorist group that hates the United States and has called for attacks against it. But in reality he may well be more reminiscent of serial killer Ted Bundy blaming his behavior on porn addiction.
  14. Mass murder in the Middle East is the “ready solution” to lone wolf mass shootings in Orlando. Yeah, sure Bob. FWIW, early reports say he was born in New York.