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  1. From one of the firearm blogs:
  2. Nice to have if you've got to get out of Dodge quickly.
  3. Thanks for the video. Seems all my relatives (Italians) eat the same. lol -Joe
  4. Depends on how much body fat you want to have. Pro body builders, just before a competitive event are carrying a very low body fat %...around 4%...not really healthy, but ripped. 10,000 calories a day, mainly protein, good fats & a modest amount of quite common for them. They also may consume 10,000 calories or more per day. Now the guy in the video is not primarily concerned with body fat, but rather strength. Compared with the bodybuilder, he trains differently ...usually lower reps and higher pounds per exercise. Compared with the bodybuilder he eats way more carbs...hence the greater % of body fat. I'd estimate he's carrying about 15-18% body fat. I prefer to be around 10%...not really ripped but no beer belly or love handles. P.S. Not all bodybuilding contests, especially the lower level ones, permit steroids...and they test entrants.
  5. I'd like to take this down the 1/4 mile:
  6. Michael, Nice to know about "Startgpage"....Thanks for that. As for being a "wise man" all I can say is I seek credible information and apply it to my daily living, as I'm certain you also do. Cheers. -J
  7. Michael. I understand your plight with Youtube. I posted the article after briefly looking at it. As you say, "I suppose it's better than nothing for the lazy, but jeez. People really need how to learn how to create a funnel if they want to make money with YouTube videos." In the interest of not being tracked when I do a internet search, I avoid Google altogether and use No tracking. -Joe
  8. Now here's a nice close quarters, highly portable...only 26" overall length...with a 14" barrel, 12 ga. shotgun (6 shot). It was recently introduced by Mossberg. Could be a good choice for in-home, in one's vehicle or camping firearm.
  9. Agreed.
  10. Looks like the anti-gun Google will be pulling all gun related videos from Youtube. There goes all the videos on firearm reviews & maintenance. Terrible. --J
  11. In Chicago Dead Fish rules. In D.C. Barry has his gig.
  12. Indeed...slimy barbarians at the gate (good movie though).
  13. Just found out Chuck died. He was 90. As a kid I remember seeing him perform at Alan Freed's Rock and Roll show at the Paramount Theater in N.Y.
  14. Pro bodybuilders are at their unhealthiest a few days before a competitive event. Their body fat (mens) is usually around 3-4% and they refrain from drinking any water 24 hrs. before competition. A friend of mine, who was a pro bodybuilder and won the Calif. State championship in the mid 80's got me down to 9% body fat. It was a struggle to keep my daily carb intake to no more than 20 grams, supersetting (no rest) between each weight exercise (I trained with him, pumping about a third of the weight he was using) and drinking about 3 quarts of water daily. Add to that 25 minutes of cardio a day. Not fun. At that time I looked gaunt... no thanks. A fitness model I was dating at that time also used the same intensive training & very low carb eating regimen. She was buffed but also had that gaunt facial look. Less the face she looked great, however, in a bikini. ---J