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  1. Pro bodybuilders are at their unhealthiest a few days before a competitive event. Their body fat (mens) is usually around 3-4% and they refrain from drinking any water 24 hrs. before competition. A friend of mine, who was a pro bodybuilder and won the Calif. State championship in the mid 80's got me down to 9% body fat. It was a struggle to keep my daily carb intake to no more than 20 grams, supersetting (no rest) between each weight exercise (I trained with him, pumping about a third of the weight he was using) and drinking about 3 quarts of water daily. Add to that 25 minutes of cardio a day. Not fun. At that time I looked gaunt... no thanks. A fitness model I was dating at that time also used the same intensive training & very low carb eating regimen. She was buffed but also had that gaunt facial look. Less the face she looked great, however, in a bikini. ---J
  2. I usually don't eat past 6 PM. Prior to that it can be meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and nuts. For drinks it's green or dandelion tea and filtered water. I feel good and my weight remains the same, 34 complaints here. ---J
  3. On this day in 1836, Lt. Col William Barrett Travis and fellow defenders of the Alamo, after a sustained artillery barrage of 24 hours, received the ultimatum, surrender or die. The rest of the story is a matter of Texas history and Texan pride. Thirteen days of glory. The Alamo fell on March 6, 1836.
  4. Dicaprio's brain went down with the Titanic.
  5. Perhaps best known for his book, It Usually begins With Ayn Rand, Jerome Tucille, age 80, died today.
  6. Since Trump took office both my pipeline stocks, one associated with the Dakota project, the other with Keystone, have steadily increased in value & continue to pay a 9 & 10% tax free quarterly dividend. I anxiously await the Administration's tax reduction/reform...that should create an economic orgasm. -J
  7. Obama will go back to what he does best...that of a community agitator. --J
  9. "The road is cleared," said Galt. "We are going back to the world." He raised his hand and over the desolate earth he traced in space the sign of the dollar? ---Atlas Shrugged
  10. 2 young thugs picked the wrong 73 yr. old to rob:
  11. Nevada's Attorney General deemed a new Nevada law passed on November 8 requiring background checks on private gun sales unenforceable. The law was to have gone into effect January 1, 2017.
  12. And a very Merry Christmas to you. Wishing you both a healthy '17. --Joe
  13. About Jerry: My mom told me her encounter with him back in the the 50's or 60's, while staying at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach with my Dad. She said she saw him coming down some stairs and shouted out "Hi Jerry". He looked at her and angrily said "It's Mr. Lewis". Mom never liked him after that. --J
  14. I would also include a supply of water for drinking, cleaning & cooking. How much would depend on the # of people in the domicile and the length of time you believe you will need it.
  15. The run to beat restrictions commencing Jan.1 in Calif. is on: