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  1. Google, Indoctrination and James Damore

    Indeed. I believe AR said or wrote...Those who fight for the future are living in it today.
  2. Greenspan chirping

    Try this:
  3. Greenspan chirping

    Here's Alan...remember commenting on the precarious state of bonds.
  4. Independence Day

    I find this somewhat surreal: "After leaving Washington, Thomas Jefferson spent the last two decades of his life at Monticello. He died on July 4, 1826--hours before his good friend and former political rival John Adams--on the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence"
  5. Independence Day

    Wishing all a safe and fun holiday, while remembering the Founders/ Framers of our great country. Here's a quote I like: "The United States was the first country in the history of the world to be consciously created out of an idea - and the idea was liberty" ---Nathaniel Branden (brainyquote)
  6. As Spock would say... curious. J
  7. Nicely done

  8. Nicely done

    The obsessed ones don't concern me...I leave them to their own paranoia.
  9. Nicely done

  10. Nicely done

    OK I'll play. It's not designed as an anti-drone weapon.
  11. Nicely done

    Try this one Peter. It's a lighter and much shorter version of the one we qualified with. Around $1800 on-line. Gotta say, If I could only have 1 rifle...this would be the one. Up to 1200 yds or so for hunting, home defense and target shooting. A serious caliber, a serious rifle, made by a serious manufacturer.
  12. Nicely done

    That's really good shooting Peter. I remember, with the same rifle, hitting those targets @ 300 yards. I don't remember firing to 600 yds....this was in Basic, 1968, Ft. Jackson. The real challenge for me was shooting from the squatting position...I found it difficult to keep the barrel steady. Kneeling, the prone and standing positions were not nearly as difficult.
  13. Nicely done

    I would say it's impossible for me to determine how much luck, if any, was involved. What I do know is Canadian military snipers, as well as our own, have gone through extensive training and endless hrs. of practice.
  14. Nicely done

    Canadian sniper shattered world record, killing ISIS fighter from 2 miles away, report says: