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  2. Economics of Immigration #1 Economics of Immigration #2
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  4. Major Blow to Obamacare Mandate: IRS Won't Reject Tax Returns That Don't Answer Health Insurance Question
  5. Page 27 here shows signatures of ARI's "valued contributors."
  6. The 2016 contribution limits are here (3rd & 4th columns; 1st & 2nd concern the insurance policy).
  7. Sen. Rand Paul’s Obamacare Replacement Proposal
  8. Perigo's greatest talent is neologisms. #2 is name-calling. Whatever is #3 is far behind.
  9. President Trump's Historic Debt Dilemma
  10. A partial differential equation is the foundation for part of finance -- the Black-Scholes equation for option pricing. Moreover, the Black-Scholes formula (solution of the equation) suffices for only simple options. More complicated options require numerical methods (like finite difference or Monte Carlo). Did Donald Trump learn all this? Likely not. He went to Wharton in the 1960's, and Black and Scholes published their seminal paper in 1973. Numerical methods were developed even later.
  11. Of course. I used the term because the show used it.
  12. Income taxes Varieties of Capitalism Negotiating Drug Prices
  13. We saw Episode 2 last night. Live stream (temporary). We learned something new. We see squirrels chasing one another a lot, but why so often? They are thieves.
  14. I agree. Short-term debt, because federal revenues by month are lumpy, is okay. The long-term stuff is more bothersome, unless there is a specific revenue source, e.g. tolls on roads, to pay off the debt created up-front, e.g. by building the toll road.
  15. NEW ESSAY ON LEARN LIBERTY: “CRONY-IN-CHIEF: DONALD TRUMP EPITOMIZES AYN RAND’S ‘ARISTOCRACY OF PULL’” It's projection, folks. Many dark clouds, thunder, and lightening in the author's view (link).