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  1. Correspondence and Coherence blog

    Presidential Tweets Executive Pay and Taxes
  2. Robert Sapolsky on what makes humans different

    This may not be the show you refer to, but I'd bet the blond you refer to is Joan Embery of the San Diego Zoo. She was a frequent guest.
  3. Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally Madness Obama: "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion..." Duh! No one is born hating anything, period. "All the news that's fit to print."
  4. Charlottesville garbage

    You were dishonest. All MSK said about Sharpton was, "Look at how many times Al Sharpton went to the White House, for instance."
  5. Correspondence and Coherence blog

    Detroit, the movie Ballot Issue on Drug Prices
  6. One is Not one's own "Standard of Value"

    Yes. I didn't believe it was necessary to say that Rachels is a member of that group, whether he believes so or not.
  7. Google, Indoctrination and James Damore
  8. Robert Sapolsky on what makes humans different

    "Turns out humans aren't the only ones who can dance:" Or moonwalk.
  9. One is Not one's own "Standard of Value"

    I'll bet his spending of money and time is at least 90% for his own benefit, and maybe a very small number of others of his choosing, as opposed to any outsiders. Why does he find the outsiders so much less deserving than himself and his chosen few?
  10. Robert Sapolsky on what makes humans different

    I am so glad I have you to explain reality to me. I must be a second-hander.
  11. Robert Sapolsky on what makes humans different

    So chimps have minds but you don't? Sapolsky even says (only) humans have a secondary theory of mind. 17:04.
  12. One is Not one's own "Standard of Value"

    One must start with the senses, but Baal would need to rely on more than his senses if he were a juror in the scenario I drew earlier in this thread (link).
  13. Google, Indoctrination and James Damore

    The Google Memo: Four Scientists Respond
  14. How the Martians Discovered Algebra

    "Although [the Babylonians] understood the idea of nothingness, it was not seen as a number—merely the lack of a number." There is a metaphysical interpretation Roger might like. But I wouldn't regard 0 degrees on a thermometer nor a pH=0 (very acidic) as "nothingness."
  15. Google, Indoctrination and James Damore

    Here is a pretty good op-ed on the topic, surprisingly from the Washington Post.