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  1. It's defined legally but first it's defined morally otherwise it's no foundation beyond a written construct. For murder to be evil it must violate the moral construct. Sometimes it may violate the legal construct with the moral construct ambiguous. I am quite capable of murder in the case of an extreme insult. So was Nathaniel Branden: Question to NB from a member--not me--of one of his therapy groups (1976): "What if someone raped and killed your wife?" "I'd do everything I could to find him and kill him." (The quotations are approximate. I am the source reference.) --Brant
  2. Strike "Objectivist" leave "morality." Rand wrote "The Objectivist Ethics," not "The Objectivist Morality." She did keep hitting miscreants over the head with it, however. --Brant
  3. "God" is not part of a rational construct. A rational statement is not simply an "opinion." It's your opinion you're talking about--and that's your opinion about "God." Now if God is Reality and Reality is God then that's where the foundation of a rational construct belongs--not these opinions you're opining on. This God who is/that is Reality can be observed and evaluated, but He ain't talking. Welcome to science--and all other human endeavors. --Brant
  4. The "bubble" is long positions in S & P futures contracts the liquidation of which would spill over into equity prices. I think the Canadian dollar will strengthen against the US dollar unless Canada raises its own interest rates. That's because a weaker US dollar means upper pressure on commodity prices including gold and Canada has a lot of its economy linked to commodity pricing. Also, it's already gone down and has probably bottomed. To repeat, rising interest rates weaken the currency for that increases the price of money. --Brant
  5. Surely you can ad hominem better than this. --Brant faint hope
  6. Reason magazine was just as differential to Nathaniel as you were, maybe more so. His first interview made that publication. The evidence of that is you didn't submit the edited interview, he did. Did Reason say "WTF?" I doubt it. His practice was well established by 1975-76. At that time he stated he had had about 3600 clients. He was running a monthly NYC group and at least two weekly groups back in LA. 25 clients active in NYC plus, oh 40 in LA. I don't know the rotation in LA but it was pretty stable in NYC. That group lasted 15 months ('75 - '77) and I was in it for a year. He shut it down in January 1977 so he could concentrate on his Intensives. What was impressive about his work was the doing of it. There are no studies as to its effectiveness over time and against what standards. He saved me a lot of misery. I was well attuned to his approach. After the first exercise--it was individual therapy in a group context--he stated "You had an awfully good beginning." There were some people in the group who literally did no work with him and seemingly just sat there in the circle of chairs with NB at the head. That doesn't mean they weren't getting anything out of what was going on. I have the tapes of almost all my work. It was required you tape when you were working with him but verboten when someone else was. Eventually they'll be donated to some university library with annotated transcripts. I'll be dead when they are read. NB considered The Psychology of Self Esteem--and maybe his next two books--to have justified his professional (and writing) life--that is he told his wife Patrecia if he were then to die he'd have been satisfied with what he had done. That book of course was mostly written when he was associated with Ayn Rand with minor re-editing of articles into book format plus getting rid of some language one might label moral hectoring. No other book of his reflected the same intense intellectual endeavor. Based on personal observation and reading of Rand and Branden I'd say she peaked in the 1960s and he in the 1980s in brain power. This was reflected in her published work but not his. For him I use his ability to extemporaneously speak at length. For her it was Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology. --Brant
  7. Okay, but why didn't other people have this notion? Was his metaphysics so dominant in his day? And prior?--Cro-Mag man had been around and about 40,000 years and building cities for 10,000. --Brant
  8. Well, it seems you are more against a type of metaphysics than metaphysics as such. It seems Aristotle was limited by the absence of certain technology which was only invented--what?--1600 years later. If the civilizations of Greece and Rome couldn't provide the context for true scientific advancement should we blame him? Look what happened to Archimedes! Anyway, where do we go from here? Modern technology is coming at us in a rush. America more than any other country has enabled this. --Brant
  9. You'll be fighting rising interest rates and a weakening dollar and a lowering of federal spending into the economy. --Brant
  10. Yuck
  11. I don't think some of us are physically up to that. I believe the Boeing 287 was first built on a computer with no prototype though the first plane was donated to a museum. Of course I'm not talking about Sims but real life too. Sims seem gamey to me. I remember "Sim City" from the early 1990s. I got so bored so fast. --Brant it's hard to improve on Monopoly--try to get all the orange properties (I'm told)
  12. You--they--didn't answer my questions. --Brant
  13. If you don't know what thinking is you can write this stuff. Observation without thinking reminds me of pot smokers enjoying their weed. --Brant thinking about what you are thinking (and feeling) to a conclusion is how you lift that bucket
  14. Each succeeding generation of American drivers drive better and safer. It's not only safer roads and equipment. We've been steeped in car culture for a hundred years. In terms of per miles driven fatalities, the US has been much safer than European countries. If it was as bad as 50-60 years ago we might be killing ourselves with vehicles at the rate of 200,000 a year (my speculation; it might be much higher.) --Brant beware of male high school students, car keys and whiskey
  15. Well, the first link was garbage and the second uninteresting, at least. The last two were informative enough to be interesting: That glacial ice because of "splintering" becomes impermeable and contains trapped air as old as 800,000 years. Thus we can drill into it and extract the air to measure the CO2. And it seems when there are no glaciers to speak of the CO2 has been 300 ppm and only 220ppm when in an ice age. [This does not mean CO2 caused GW, btw.] Today it's 380ppm. Also, industrial activity is calculated to add 4ppm each year but only 2ppm ends up in the atmosphere (but this 4ppm amount is accelerating). The rest is going into the oceans and plants helped by reforestation in excess of deforestration. You didn't answer my questions, of course. --Brant