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  1. The government's "primary function":
  2. You're assuming the military would turn on the civilians. It could happen. George Washington did it first by putting down the Whiskey Rebellion. One part of the military could turn on another part, etc. You can't argue against the right to bear arms by pointing out the military can drop an H-Bomb on Phoenix or Bridgeton, New Jersey. --Brant
  3. In an actual war situation this is rather simple for a soldier's actions are already severely delimited. For instance, the shooting down of unarmed civilians. --Brant
  4. No rock n roll. That's why. --Brant
  5. The contest is a good reflection of the Objectivist culture personified all the way back to the days of NBI. Qua that the culture wipes the floor with the ARI crowd which has gone sclerotic. Qua OL--well, there's none here. The philosophy of Ayn Rand comes with her type of culture. There are no esthetics in Objectivism. Esthetics are not part of the philosophy. They were a huge part of Rand. You can argue Objectivism is what she said it was. Did she say they were part of Objectivism? Part of--not implied. Objectivism dead-ended with her for the embracement of that supposition and the embracement of the philosophy itself by Leonard Peikoff playing attenuated King-of-the-Hill Rand. There is an American esthetic(s). Like the semi-official Objectivist one, it's positive lead-by-the-nose with generous whitewashing so Johnny can go marching off to war again and again and again. And Objectivists can enter art contests. --Brant
  6. The amateur genocidalist--I mean, armchair. If there were more than one Bob here I wouldn't be here. He has made a snowball of obnoxious stupidity coupled with ignorance masquerading as expertise. --Brant did someone say "Great Britain"--the number one architect of the 20th Century--hey, what!?
  7. I think "wrong" is a better descriptive than "mistake"--not that I agree with your thought. "Mistake" implies present-day applicable activity. "Wrong," present-day and future-day both. Of course, she was present-day thinking of future-day. That sort of helps "mistake." That's my take. --Brant (yes, I'm evil)
  8. Another agenda-er comes and goes. --Brant when will they ever learn, when will they learn?
  9. Pre-President Trump is less ignorant than pre-President (57 states, Austrians speak Austrian) Obama. --Brant ho, ho
  10. Just what does it mean for a President to have the nuclear launch codes and when does he get them and why does he get them and who gives them to him? Whoever gives them to him has them prior--no? I believe someone follows him around with them. Do we fear that guy too? Does the President say give me those codes so I can start thermonuclear war because I feel like it today? There has to be an elaborate protocol involved in the launching of nuclear weapons hinged on the country being under nuclear attack. Being in control of those codes likely means the President can decline to use them if the country is under attack. It's hard to imagine an enemy attacking this country with nuclear tipped missiles on the assumption he would decline to authorize a retaliatory strike, even President Trump. Now--Hillary? Let's worry about President Hillary. Or, this present day--Obama. --Brant
  11. Welcome back! Glad you're still with us and got those 10 lbs back. I don't know about Adam, but he's a political animal and may be directly involved in someone's campaign. --Brant Adam was last here May 10--maybe he got tired of the "Donald Trump" thread, especially with this new format which drives threads with only a few postings over time into undeserved and almost instant oblivion
  12. Gee, with all that European "gun control" how could it have happened? The United States is slowly splitting apart into Red and Blue States. The Blue States are mostly bi-coastal (NE and West Coast) and generally the Red States are conglomerated to each other as one entity. Unfortunately the mainstream media seems to be everywhere so it's just another layer of cultural messiness to be dealt with by clashing polloi. --Brant
  13. "Nigger Powder" is next, I suppose. --Brant