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    Rand novels, The David, Shane, The Ox-Bow Incident, Forbidden Planet, Things to Come, The Wild Bunch, Oliver, Star Wars, Charade, North by Northwest, Psycho, Vertigo, Red River, Empire of the Sun, etc. Music: only the good stuff--e.g., Lynyrd Skynyrd "Simple Man"
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  1. You are Aspie intelligent delimited by bullheadedness. I know an Aspie whose IQ is so high MIT couldn't measure it. He has some of your same Aspie limitations without the bullheadedness. Unlike you he is much more intelligent than a Wikipedia article. You use your brain like a club. You've made yourself dumb with your mental righteousness--and obnoxious. --Brant
  2. Are you conscious? --Brant
  3. The mind or consciousness is physical. But it is experienced as something else. Thoughts are experienced as thoughts. We have free will because we are conceptual beings with a multiplicity of choices but only a small amount of time to act on them so, hopefully, we choose wisely. One choice means alternatives displaced. This is all going on inside our physical brains inside our physical skulls maintained by our physical bodies and here you are purblindedly denying the consequences of all this physicality which is the mind or consciousness. Yeah, the consequences are reducible to the physical source. Big frickin' deal! So is self-awareness. So, I ask you again, are you conscious? Are you self aware? I'll grant you not having a mind for I've a mind to. --Brant
  4. I watched her say that on TV May of 1971. She looked somewhat tired and haggard. I do believe it was "thank you." --Brant
  5. Is this an argument? About what? US air pollution from US coal burning plants? --Brant since the US plants are initiating force close them down immediately!
  6. The dose makes the poison. A molecule floating around in the atmosphere doesn't qualify. On one extreme water can be a poison and on the other concentrated mercury. To adduce evidence for your proposition you have to come with the numbers or Hume wipes you out with your own "metaphysics." --Brant
  7. Your physical reductionism is tiresome. If would be good as far as it goes, but it goes too far. Yes, the "mind" can be reduced to pure physicality, but then it's no longer a mind. So too your thoughts here expressed on OL. In what part of the body do your thoughts reside? Your brain? If so, so too your mind. Mind is merely a collective description of what the brain does perceivable as such. This excludes the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, which is primarily in the brain too. (There is no need to discuss how the brain is hardwired into the rest of the body.) Mind and consciousness are mostly the same thing, never mind nuance. Since you deny one, why not the other? Are you conscious or not? --Brant
  8. One reads this stuff to obtain the simplicity of the actual, functioning entity and the ability to defend it. The "mind-body problem" is in the head of the intellectual, not the (human) entity. Most philosophy is blather, but it sounds important so the righteous philosopher would point this out to prevent the young from going off on irrational tangents. Rand did this by continually demanding "a philosophy of reason"--her philosophy, but overlooked or ignored or buried the simplicity apparently to magnify her importance or the importance of philosophy qua philosophy. We simply don't know if philosophy is the chicken or the egg in human (social) being only that each re-enforces the other continually over time. This is because so much happens not philosophy as in epidemics, military conquest, natural disasters, economics, climate, geography, scientific discovery, etc., etc., the various fluctuating ratios of which cannot be parceled out, all affecting the world(s) we live in, have lived in and will live in. Rand ignored most of it and merely claimed the absolute supremacy of philosophy, a claim substantiated only by freezing time, looking at the current slice, destroying the natural dynamics inherent in motion. Everything moves, although the motion is not necessarily seen. --Brant
  9. If coal is left in the ground economics will make it so. China and India can scrub out most of that foul stuff and the sooner the better, but until they get on it what is produced here is relatively trivial. I surely don't agree with you about solar. Good luck with the amortization of the capital equipment--and it's maintenance and replacement. Fission? Is that the nuclear we have today or will have, hypothetically, tomorrow? Why didn't you say "nuclear"? Hydro is peaked for lack of new dam locations, but it is truly renewable. Geothermal is minor today. How could it be significant in years to come? Wave and tidal power--see solar. You need a more sophisticated understanding of "initiation of force." Your position has bloated it up to worthlessness. Arrest someone for having an outside barbecue? Practically speaking only natural gas and nuclear can displace coal. They constitute the big three of power generation. Short term natural gas seems to have the most coal displacing potential in this country. In China I think it's nuclear and they are building a lot of new plants. Maybe India is too. --Brant
  10. What else was it? --Brant
  11. He killed reality? I don't think you've yet explained what you mean by this. Per my interests, metaphysics is merely reality itself. If you apply reason to reality there's epistemology. Reality and reason--the two intertwined. Remove reality from reason--for us humans--then there goes reason. You're left with hypothetical logical structures, if that. (I see reason as logic applied to facts.) --Brant
  12. I've read jet fuel can be modified with sulfur(?!) to combat global warming. --Brant
  13. He should do a movie in which he's rational, proving he's a great actor. --Brant
  14. Who's running the government? --Brant we hope it's . . .
  15. you. --Brant jus funnin'