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  1. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    All I want from this thread is your explanation of wheel-circle equivalence. --Brant nada, zip, nothing
  2. ESPN, the NFL and Social Justice Warriors

    Jerry Jones the owner of the Cowboos takes a solidarity knee. In Texas, of all places. Goodbye NFL, goodbye. --Brant
  3. Aristotle's wheel paradox

  4. Aristotle's wheel paradox

  5. Aristotle's wheel paradox

  6. Aristotle's wheel paradox

  7. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    I've never seen so much intelligence wrapped up in so much dumbness and confirmation bias as with Merlin as it's on such a literal level. Liberals as crypto communists is much more abstract though they've done the country and the world incomparable harm which continues to this day as Trump makes those pigs continually squeal. However, this situation is harmless albeit unbelievable and instructive entertainment. --Brant in sincere gratitude to Merlin
  8. What things are subjective?

    Then what? --Brant
  9. Donald Trump --Brant
  10. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    The circle can do what you think it would/could, for it really isn't doing anything except an imagination. A hole is not a circle. The duct tape didn't make a circle. You made a circle. You can make a million of them all doing nothing; none doing something. Wheels roll, not any circle except for a line of a shape you made. The duct tape hole could form a triangle. Made by you. The math should be more difficult, but I bet you could make your ersatz points using any shapes you want as long as the line you start with ends at the same point with an encompassed space inside. Even try a peanut (shape). --Brant the triumph of philosophy over physics?--I don't think soooo
  11. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Things no one has to know. --Brant and Drucker is full of it
  12. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    You missed the point. He is saying goodbye to you by giving you the finger. You and Jon are on his "ignore" list. Mostly he's left the room. I wonder for how long. OL is a tough place for certain people wedded to agendas, especially the one of ego preservation. --Brant feeding frenzy in this case
  13. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Good comeback. You finally scored one (in my eyes). --Brant your opinion obviously varies
  14. Who? K or R? Wonder how either managed to stay alive throughout the rest of the novel. --Brant