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    Born in 1944 in Tucson, AZ. SF Aidman Vietnam combat veteran. Autodidact. Can drive the big rig. Hike and fly. Weep and write. Shoot and scoot.
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    Rand novels, The David, Shane, The Ox-Bow Incident, Forbidden Planet, Things to Come, The Wild Bunch, Oliver, Star Wars, Charade, North by Northwest, Psycho, Vertigo, Red River, Empire of the Sun, etc. Music: only the good stuff--e.g., Lynyrd Skynyrd "Simple Man"
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  1. One needs to go to the Internet to really figure things out--assuming you already have some serious education. To see the current problem in old clothes read The News Twisters by Edith Efron. Back then mainstream media were in control and not in a gross state of fulmination. --Brant
  2. Three degrees of separation? --Brant Grover Cleveland is dead
  3. News has gone from garbage behind the curtain to garbage in front of the curtain. It's always stunk up the theater. --Brant
  4. Impeach away! Good luck with the trial and conviction. The Republicans can say we're going along with it in the House. But won't have anything to do with it in the Senate. --Brant that's the way to blow em up--show em up and let em screw themselves up!
  5. Your last sentence is correct. The others are unsubstantiated. Too many individual human variables. I'd think the question should be how does one handle failure for failure is the basis for success--so, does one give up or keep on trucking? --Brant
  7. And Hitler and Stalin signed a non-aggression pact and the lefties went WTF! bonkers. --Brant
  8. We have tools to augment the senses. --Brant evolution--I don't need no evolution!
  9. Well, I've had an heroic life, but have never thought of myself as a hero. I just can't figure out if it would have been better if I had been more heroic or less. One thing's for sure: I've had far from a perfect life. I also know that if I had been more patient and written situations down for proper evaluation and consideration before making some choices it would have been better. I am taking the betterment I have achieved and trying to better the betterment. Ironically, I am not pursuing happiness but having stumbled onto it from time to time I know what it feels like. I am pursuing fulfillment or a sense of completeness. I intend to find out the happiness in that. I sort of pity you your seeming perfection; I'll never be able to reduce myself that much for who I am and my outlook on life and my place in it have been exactly the same since I was 2 1/2 yrs old and turned on my remembered cognitive brain, but you have been more educational for me than anyone else here on OL or any Internet site going on nearly 30 years now. I am even pre-Internet Internet. (Google "Brant Gaede Ft Freedom", but please don't quote me from then.) --Brant
  10. That's one story out of a much larger one. --Brant everybody has a story
  11. Lack of a reply is not agreement. And this statement is not disagreement either. --Brant
  12. I just found this. I'll get to it when I have time. --Brant
  13. There are some who believe that the physicality creates more than mere physicality through conceptual consciousness. Some of that may create more physicality, such as a bridge or building or automobile. The alternative to your stated position doesn't have to be religion or such. What I'm stating is an add on. It's the old reality to be commanded must be obeyed which Rand endorsed without any reservation whatsoever. --Brant
  14. A fast is what fasters say it is; you aren't a faster. Same for diet. And starvation is a consequence of one of several things one of which might be a (bad?) diet; another a (bad?) fasting; etc. As for fasting making the immune system fire back up, good luck on finding the science on that as opposed to merely starving the cancer cells with a certain kind of fasting (if not total fasting). If I had an inoperable and conventionally untreatable (radiation and chemo) cancer I might try an almost total fast and lose almost half my body weight based on a reliable enough anecdote to justify the misery and lose of muscle mass. --Brant