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  1. Donald Trump

    Maybe not. John McCain is a legend in his own time. He's a MAVERICK. He makes HISTORY. He bucks his side for the GREATER GOOD. That's the story he tells himself and, from the looks of things, this issue is the MAVERICK's LAST STAND to prove it to himself. This is the BIG ONE in his mind. People will cuss him today and HISTORY will hold him up as right. The LEGEND goes down shooting as he cries out, "We can do better!" So he tells himself. Honestly, with all my study of persuasion, I don't know how to cut through a core story like that in a man so close to the end. Besides, for a person thirsting for public attention, McCain doesn't have many bullets left in his pistol. Time is running out in his clock. Hopefully, Roy Moore will be elected in Alabama over the Strange Swamp Creature (even though President Trump did come out supporting Strange in a trick play) and this will send shock waves throughout the Senate, both Dem and RINO. Then, it's a good bet we will get the Obamacare repeal, or we will get it with the new MAGA House and Senate in 2018. Michael
  2. Donald Trump

    I predict President Trump signs an Obamacare repeal pretty soon. I keep hearing too many progressives suddenly bitch in a tone that is far, far different than the first round. Even former President Obama says this is "aggravating." They know they have been outmaneuvered, or at least they are sounding like it. Let's see what happens, but that is my prediction based solely on progressive canaries... Hell, they tried to shut down all the coal mines anyway... Michael
  3. how $400 and a car saved my life

    Brant, Really? You think getting money from Americans is different than getting money from Brazilians? Heh... Michael
  4. Donald Trump

    Mike, I love Lou Dobbs. That particular video made me think of Alex Jones of all things. Alex was recently talking to Roger Stone (about the Manafort wiretapping, the mainstream media with egg on its face, and other issues). Suddenly, Alex said things are getting weird. He produced a current CNN report that fluoride in drinking water causes brain damage (see here for the CNN report). Alex has been ridiculed to the skies for this kind of issue that he investigates, reports on and rants about. Now CNN is doing it. That's not the only fringe-like report, either, that is going mainstream. (I would have to look it up to get the other issues.) The point is that suddenly CNN is becoming more fringe-friendly and Alex is suspicious. One interpretation is that CNN is becoming unglued. Michael
  5. how $400 and a car saved my life

    Bob, If you want to see what kind of human comes with that kind of money, don't pay your bill. The human will appear. At such time, you might notice all the covert enticements that came with that kind of money. The tempter was not a piece of plastic or a computer, but a human. (Another name for tempter down the ages has been Satan. ) If you like manipulative assholes, use their money. They will manipulate you to use it and keep using it until you break, but once you don't (or can't) play according to their rules, you meet the asshole side. There's always a human with money... You don't get to choose that. You only get to choose what kind of human comes into your life with the money you take and hand out. Michael
  6. how $400 and a car saved my life

    AH, Here's a money thought for you, one I came to on my own. It's only tangential to suicide-related despair, but it's a way out the depressed person can think about instead of just his problem, and possibly gain a glimmer of solace. Every single penny in your pocket on up to every large sum you possess arrived there through the hand of another person. All money, all of it in your life, comes from some human being other than you. What this means is that each sum of money represents a human relationship, however close or distant. There's family relationship money. There's money from people in your community, people you work for or buy from. There's money from the dark side, too. It's not just money, it's people who come into your life. Even when you get money from a machine or online, those places always have a human being at the other end and, although distant, you get a relationship with them--a relationship with enough trust to transact with them (or anger and distrust because you were not happy with what they provided). If you want happiness with money, take care to make all your money relationships with people who make you happy, people you can love or, at least, admire. If you get money from lousy places or lousy activities, you generally get the lousy people it comes with. They come waltzing right into your life. And they can make you depressed as all hell. The best way to avoid them is to not take their money. This goes for handing out money, too, whether buying, loaning to someone, giving, etc. If you hand out money to lousy people, you will get them in your life. If you hand out money to wonderful people, you generally get those in your life. If you hand out money without thinking about it, you get pot luck in people. That can be horrible at times. There are only about 7.5 billion people on the planet, so it's a pretty good bet you can find lots of wonderful people from whom you can get money and to whom you can hand out money. Wonderful people bring good vibes in your life. Often, they make you want to be wonderful, too. This is not a suicide cure (or it might be in some cases), but I bet this angle resonates with a lot of people and sparks a moment of hope in some. It certainly resonated with me when I came up with it. And it has changed the lives of several people I know (including me ). Michael
  7. Donald Trump

    Trump quote from that speech. Michael
  8. Donald Trump

    I am watching President Trump's UN speech. Un-frigging believable. He said the US will destroy North Korean government if they do not do-nuclearize. And he called Kim Jong-un "Rocket Man on a suicide mission"--right there in the speech. He called the Iran nuclear deal the biggest embarrassment in US history. He called Assad of Syria evil. Other stuff against terrorists. He is naming names, too. I will provide a video as soon as it is available. This speech will go down in history as one of the greatest a US President has ever made to the UN. Michael
  9. Online Literature by Robert Bidinotto

    Anoop Verma alerted me to all the broken links in the opening post. Whew! Almost all of them were broken due to The Atlas Society changing over from The Objectivist Center. When TAS made the new site, they apparently botched the task of keeping their old links valid by redirecting them (or, worse, disregarded the task and left their readers and supporters in the lurch). Oddly enough, many of the headlines of Robert's articles had changed over the years. I don't know if he did that or they did--or why, but this made some of the articles very hard to find. Fortunately, I found them all and even found his old Journalspace blog on the Wayback Machine. He may not be able to recover everything, but he will be able to recover a lot over there. Many thanks, Mr. Verma! Michael
  10. Online Literature by Robert Bidinotto

    Online Literature by Robert Bidinotto Articles Ayn Rand Lives! (Comments on William F. Buckley’s 1982 obituary of Rand and her cultural influence.) Brava Madeleine! (Eulogy for the individualist “Renaissance woman,” Madeleine Pelner Cosman.) Cartoon Journalists (Discussion of freedom of speech and the Danish newspaper cartoons depicting the Muhammad that cause worldwide controversy. The New Individualist article.) Celebrity Rand Fans (What movie stars and other celebrities now think of Ayn Rand. The New Individualist article.) Death by Environmentalism (Discussion of some of the deadly impacts on human life of environmentalism: highlighting the heat wave deaths in France, highway deaths and Corporate Average Fuel Economy ratings – CAFÉ standards, the DDT ban and the resurgence of malaria, and the assault on food production and biotechnology.) The Mohammad Cartoons: High Noon for Free Speech (Criticism of Borders Books for cowardice for announcing it was banishing the magazine Free Inquiry from its shelves because it contained the Danish newspaper cartoons of Muhammad, with comparison to the film, High Noon. The New Individualist article.) The Life-Centered Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson (Inspiring details about Thomas Jefferson.) (Note from MSK - Link at Wayback Machine.) Roger Donway: A Salute (Tribute to the editor of the forerunners of The New Individualist, Roger Donway. TNI article.) Romanticism in Everyday Life (Talk given at 1998 IOS Summer Seminar in Boulder, Colerado on Rand’s romantic view of life and how to cultivate it. Html introduction with pdf link to go to full article.) (Note from MSK - Link at Wayback Machine.) Articles about Rand’s fiction Understanding the Major Characters of The Fountainhead Atlas Shrugged as Literature The Revolutionary Philosophy of Atlas Shrugged Atlas Shrugged: The Cast Of Characters Atlas Shrugged Plot Synopsis Atlas Shrugged Timeline Articles about the Objectivist movement Facts, Values and Moral Sanctions: An Open Letter To Objectivists (Discussion of Leonard Peikoff's essay, "Fact and Value," and of companion essays by Peter Schwartz, "On Moral Sanctions," and "On Sanctioning the Sanctioners." 1989) (Note from MSK - Link at Wayback Machine.) Understanding Peikoff (Interpretation of the reasons for Leonard Peikoff's evolving perspectives on the issues raised in "Facts, Values and Moral Sanctions: An Open Letter To Objectivists." 1994) (Note from MSK - Link at Wayback Machine.) Rand Versus Peikoff (Other ways in which Peikoff's views diverge from those of his mentor, Ayn Rand. 1994) (Note from MSK - Link at Wayback Machine.) The Anatomy of Cooperation (Talk given at 2006 TAS Summer Seminar in Orange, California on how the misapplication of the virtue of integrity impedes cooperation in general with Objectivists, both within the Objectivist community and with others.) Book Reviews A Glimpse of the Early Ayn Rand - Ayn Rand, The Early Ayn Rand (compiled and edited by Leonard Peikoff) David and Leviathan - David Boaz, Libertarianism: A Primer William F. Buckley, Jr.'s "Getting it Right" (original title of review: "Getting it Wrong") - William F. Buckley, Jr., Getting It Right Book Review: On the Shoulders of a Giant - Erika Holzer, Ayn Rand: My Fiction-Writing Teacher Motion Pictures Life & Liberty: Ayn Rand Rediscovered (a review of the film version of We the Living) One Hundred Film Classics The Ten Best Films, Objectively Speaking Blogs and Sites Bidinotto Blog (former blog that got deleted in the January, 2009 Journalspace fiasco when a disgruntled employee wiped the service's data banks clean--the link here goes to a 2008 Wayback machine snapshot). Robert Bidinotto (current Blogspot blog). Robert Bidinotto: The Vigilante Author ecoNOT.com Robert the Writer (Note from MSK - Link at Wayback Machine.) Robert Bidinotto (Facebook) Lists of Links to Online Literature On his Journalspace blog, Robert had oodles of links to his blog entries. There were well over 450 entries. The main categories were: Art, Culture, Philosophy Anarchism vs. Limited Government Crime and Law Environmentalism and “Animal Rights” Foreign Policy and National Defense Personal, Humor, and Miscellaneous Politics (blog is gone,but not forgotten and hopefully will find a new home so I'm leaving this up for now - kat) On the ecoNOT.com site, there are lists of online writings at Environmental News and Commentary, Writings and Talks on Environmentalism and Commentary by Robert Bidinotto, and News about ecoNOT.com. Be sure to read Robert’s Environmentalism or Individualism? (formerly called "My Manifesto").
  11. Trump humor

    Gotta luv The Donald. Look what he just retweeted. LOL... Michael
  12. Donald Trump

    Here is the full interview--before being cut for broadcast. It's almost like a completely different interview. What was aired was mainstream media-oriented that dealt mostly with current media narratives and shock value. The complete interview was far more idea-oriented. It's actually instructive to compare the complete version to the broadcast version. You see clearly how much the media can change the thrust and direction of a message with editing. They cut substance on purpose and replace it with pure hype. This goes beyond ratings because, using their editing techniques, they could easily make the substance exciting if they wanted to. They don't want to. If anyone wants to understand President Trump's thinking better, this interview will give them some great information. Also, there are some surprising things in this interview, for instance, how much Bannon and Kushner like each other, or how high Rudy Giuliani is held in esteem by both Bannon and the president despite not joining the cabinet, etc. It's long but worth it. It's so refreshing to see the actual ideas behind what has gone on instead of swatting phony mainstream media talking points all the time. Michael
  13. Here We Go Again - London Terror Attack June 2017

    Here We Go Again - London Terror Attack June 2017 Almost a year ago, I wrote the following. I just looked on Drudge: And that isn't even the first on Westminster Bridge this year. The first was in March. Michael
  14. Color Correction for Propaganda

    Color Correction for Propaganda This video is amazing in showing how the mainstream media (in this case, CBS) uses color correction for persuasion--for propaganda purposes. The event is the Charlie Rose interview of Steve Bannon, the first TV interview he has given since leaving the White House as President Trump's advisor. Through color correction, they tried to make Charlie Rose look reasonable and Steve Bannon look evil. It took a professional photographer--Peter Duke--to notice and explain it. (shaking head and laughing) They just won't stop. Michael
  15. News from The Atlas Society

    It's wistful to see the old guard going... Michael
  16. Donald Trump

    I just saw the Steve Bannon and Charlie Rose interview on 60 Minutes. It looks like nothing changed when he left the government employment except now he gets to target President Trump's enemies in the press. He certainly didn't need the money. Bannon claims his relationship with President Trump has not changed and, from what I have read about it, he's right. They talk by phone a lot. btw - He gave a big shout-out to General Kelly and said he's doing a great job. My favorite quote was about Hillary Clinton. Bannon said "She's not very bright." Here are some Breitbart links (with videos at Breitbart). I'll post the video of the full interview as soon as it is available for embedding. Bannon: I’ve Fought for Racial Unity All My Life; Don’t Need Lectures from ‘Limousine Liberals’ Bannon Praises Trump’s Twitter Use: POTUS ‘Disintermediates Media,’ Speaks Directly to Voters Steve Bannon Slams Hillary Clinton’s Leadership Style on 60 Minutes: ‘She’s Not Very Bright’ Bannon on 60 Minutes: I Hold Bush Admin ‘Geniuses’ in ‘Complete Contempt’ Michael
  17. Trump humor

    Have you have ever wondered where a certain facial expression by snowflake millennials came from? I'm talking about a turn-off-brain-and-return-to-grade-school expression of disdain. The words are harsh like Nazi, white supremacist, racist, misogynist, and so on, but the expression is like when a little girl tells her mother that everybody knows you don't eat chocolate ice cream with Corn Flakes. I think I know where they got it. Here is Hillary Clinton on President Trump's inaugural speech: Michael
  18. Trump humor

    Might as well put this one here: Muh Russians! It wasn't just Trump. Muh Russians did Bernie, too! Muh Russians are everywhere! “The Guy is Hiding Something”: Top Hillary Advisor Suggests Bernie Colluded With Russia During the Primary Tweeted by one Adam Parkhomenko, a long time Clinton aide (details in story): When they finally nail Clinton for the Russian uranium deal, it will be one mighty satisfying act of poetic justice. I think even Bernie supporters will feel the same. Michael
  19. IQ

    When I was much younger, I used to be proud of attaining a high IQ score (around 132 or so as I was told). But as time has gone along, I've had to struggle hard for the facts in my brain, which leads me to believe I was misinformed. But even if I were not, I never discovered the measure for wisdom. If such should ever exist, now, I would probably score pretty high. Before, though, back when I was, say, in college and strutting around so proud of my above-average IQ, I would have been a wisdom retard. Michael
  20. Fake News

    Something just occurred to me and I'm putting it here in Fake News. It actually should go in a place called "Fake Social Media," but I don't feel like starting a new thread about it. Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. are canceling accounts (and otherwise limiting the exposure and monetization) of extremely popular right wing folks right now. Yet these platforms--which started out open to users of all political persuasions--are corporations based on the profit motive. Despite politics, I'm not so sure they can shake their own nature as businesses. I don't see them selflessly foregoing profits for a "higher cause." A user who has hundreds of thousands of users and brings in big advertising bucks is not someone a profit-oriented corporation will release easily, yet these major platforms are now doing it over and over when said user is right wing. (And a few token lefties so they can appear objective.) Let's look behind the fact and ask a simple question, shall we? Do Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., exist to throw money away? If not, why are they throwing of money away and lots of it? The only reasonable answer is that they are getting lots more money from somewhere to do that. And this is a somewhere with strings attached, one with demands about political and religious/ideological affiliation. And that spells government to me, not just the US government, either... Friggin' crony corporatists... All of them... The good news is that this also spells opportunity for anyone with enough gumption to take it. I believe government involvement in major social media platforms to intimidate and brainwash the population will implode over time and, possibly, take the big platforms down with their implosions. Whoever is doing platforms at the time and appeals to the dissatisfied with a real solution will reap the benefits. In fact, that is exactly how President Trump won the election. He bypassed a corrupt and agenda-driven press with a new communication platform and a message the people resonated with that the press tried to ignore and suppress. The truth is that when you stifle information reaching a public and shut people up, you do not convince them of anything. Silence is not an argument. In fact, when you do that, you create the very conditions for your own destruction in a high-tech communications environment like we now have. You make yourself irrelevant to large masses of people when they find an alternative that does not try to censor their souls. Michael
  21. Fake News

    Fake News Let's see if this thread gets some traction. It is dedicated to all the fake news that is fit to publish. Let's start with Mika over at MSNBC for a mission statement, shall we? From Zero Hedge: MSNBC Anchor: "Our Job" Is To "Control Exactly What People Think" Michael
  22. "Concept Creep"

    William, Just so you know, I don't have a good mind for names. I generally have to see someone several times before I can remember their name properly. You dropped the Baxter Dmitry name a couple of times in long posts that I just skimmed at the time. I had never heard of him before that, and, for sure, I was not going to remember his name from that context alone. I fight against this pre-wiring limitation in my brain, but we have to use what we've got and do the best we can with that. So, for the record, the name, Baxter Dmitry, was mentioned by you a couple of times on OL back in March. I can still honestly say that I had never heard of him until I decided to dig into Ellen's post. btw - On skimming through the discussion at that time, I recommend never try to take today's headlines as quotes of anything. You won't win gotcha points for that. Everybody knows headlines are misleading these days on all sides of every issue known to the human race. It's meaningless (except maybe for personal vanity) to feign some kind of moral superiority for an agenda on pointing to one person doing something that everyone is doing, including the folks on your side of the agenda. Apropos, the guy who kicked off the clickbait trend for online headlines in politics was a flaming progressive named Eli Pariser (and, yes, I just now had to look up his name again ). He founded a site called Upworthy and wrote extensively about how they crafted and split-tested headlines. He used terms like "information gap" and stuff like that for his formula, but he basically meant teasing the public with a promise of juicy gossip regardless of the issue. Over time, this habit--and Pariser's particular headline formulas--have irritated the crap out of just about everybody. ("You won't believe what celebrity-so-and-so just did" and so on.) Pariser is not a dummy, though. He wrote an very interesting book I read (partially) a few years ago: The Filter Bubble: How the New Personalized Web Is Changing What We Read and How We Think. I might revisit that book to see how it has aged these last five years. Michael
  23. "Concept Creep"

    William, Try a different color filter for the lenses in your glasses. Here. Let me be of service to aid you in your research difficulties. You might try this book from last June by Sharyl Attkisson: The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote. I own this book in both print and audio. I have gone through the audio and am part way through the print version. Attkisson's examination of the backstage process for exploiting the emotion of self-righteous outrage (right and left) is worth the price alone. If you want details and verifiable facts, you will find all the details and verifiable facts your little heart desires. Helpfully, Michael
  24. Fake News

    Ellen, Sorry for the delay in responding to this (and the other post). You threw me a bit with this topic since I knew nothing about it. The three videos of Ronald Bernard are long and in Dutch and I still have not watched them. So I have no informed opinion on their content until I watch them. On a surface skim, it looks like Mr. Bernard believes what he says and he does not appear to exhibit tells of actual insanity like odd nervous ticks and so on. But this reference to unfamiliar names is confusing to the reader. So, briefly, for the reader, here is what happened. Ronald Bernard is a Dutch banker within the elites who claims to have witnessed inducements at gatherings by other banker elites in Europe to perform Satanic rituals, including child sacrifice--and they wanted him to do the same. In fact, according to his claims in news reports, at a party, these elites wanted him to literally murder a child as a sacrifice. So he decided to expose them. (Sorry if that is scant on details like name of bank he is associated with, etc. I haven't looked that deeply into this issue yet. But these details are not necessary for the purposes of this post.) Then, a male adult body was found on a nature trail in Florida. If you look at it from the right angle, it suspiciously looks like murder. The name of the deceased is Ronald Bernard Fernandez. There is a lot of speculation that it was the Dutch Ronald Bernard, who supposedly was using a pseudonym to hide from potential murder attempts. (In my opinion, if that were the case, it was surely one of the lamest pseudonyms ever. ) A news service called News Punch published an article in its "Conspiracies" section on August 24, 2017 by reporter Baxter Dmitry called Ronald Bernard, Dutch Banker Who Exposed Illuminati, Found Dead. Ellen posted a link to a Gumshoe News article that debunked Dmitry's article: Banker Ronald Bernard, Baxter Dmitry and the Late Mr Fernandez by Dalia Mae. Ms. Mae mentioned this Tampa-based WFLA article as proof for busting Dmitry. (Back to Ellen:) As I dug around, I came across this: Man gets lost, dies in Preserve by the staff at the Highlands News Sun. It is dated July 25, 2017. This is a full month before Dmitry's article. The article Ms. Mae linked to is dated July 24. For some reason she did not think to mention the dates. Maybe her gotcha zeal got her too excited? Quipping aside, obviously, Baxter Dmitry cribbed from a news story a month before about the death of a Florida resident to create fake news about the death of the Dutchman (who is still alive as far as I can tell). Baxter Dmitry did that on purpose and there is no getting around the fact that he produced deceptive propaganda because that was his intent. I had never heard of Baxter Dmitry or News Punch before (or even Ronald Bernard for that matter ), but now I will take anything coming from them with the same suspicion I reserve for CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, etc. Just for the record, my gut tells me Mr. Bernard is scared about something. I don't know how truthful his account is according to the way he told it (I strongly suspect exaggerations and fabrications), but my gut tells me I need to look into it and at least watch the videos. Maybe read some more if I can find decent information. If I were to use Mr. Bernard as a character in a thriller story, I would make him slightly paranoid and overreacting (i.e., doing as he is now). I would also make the threats real, but highly veiled--definitely not explicit. So the threats would be real, his fear would be real, but the evidence would be scarce-to-nonexistent and his overreactions would discredit him to the public. And off he would go running from evil until he took it down... Michael
  25. Fake News

    Ellen, I agree with this. I don't have an opinion of first or second, though. I think it is all in the mix. Oddly enough, on the leftie sites that immediately jump to man-made climate change in events like this, I have noticed a nuance. Instead of saying that climate change caused the hurricane, the trend now is to say it enhanced the hurricane, that is, the hurricane would have been weaker if not for evil humans with their greedy gas guzzling cars and gluttony for meat that causes excessive cow farts. Michael