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  1. The following takes virtue signalling to a new level: Isn't Katy Waldman virtuous? She can empathize with President Trump's mental pain and anguish through his signature... More virtue! More virtue, I tell ya'! What the world needs is more virtue like that! Michael
  2. Virtue Signalling by the Ruling Class and Wannabes I have a feeling this thread could turn into a nice collection of blatant hypocrisy. If not, just the video below by Paul Joseph Watson is quite a collection. Anybody else gotta favorite celebrity or Ruling Class soulmate who likes to show others how virtuous they are by one standard when they live by another? Who knows? Maybe this thread can become a future reference for articles or videos or something when someone needs an example... Michael
  3. Peter, Doth I worf? That's quite a compliment since he is much prettier than I am. Michael Son of Mogh
  4. Peter, The post above your post above has an addition. Milo edited his post on Facebook and that truncated the quote. So I published the full text. I want to repeat one comment from Milo's post, though: "National Review, whose journalists are tweeting about this, published an article defending Salon for giving a pedophile a platform." This is why I said: And, for the record, here is what National Review (Charles Cooke) had to say in Sept. 2015 about Salon's piece on the pedophile dude: On Salon’s Much-Maligned Pedophilia Piece And continuing for the record, Milo works for Breitbart. Steve Bannon is his mentor. Here's what Breitbart had to say about the same thing (in fact, it was Milo himself in Sept. 2015): Here’s Why the Progressive Left Keeps Sticking Up for Pedophiles The National Review crowd has one thing they do better than the left: blatant hypocrisy. You know why? They are either globalist elitists or are in the pocket of globalist elitists. They only talk freedom. Their thing is power. And, believe me, they want their power back so they can weaken and ultimately destroy the US with Endless War for Profit and feather their own nests in the new way things turn out. (btw - The Pizzagate pedophilia thing involving the rich and powerful ain't going away. Arrests are being made--over 1,500 so far according to David Seaman--but the mainstream press is not reporting on it. I wonder how many among the National Review crowd are going to get caught up in this. Does anyone really believe Hastert was a lone fluke and had no "special friends" in high places? These National Review people and their cohorts who are screaming "pedophile" at Milo don't realize how discredited they are going to be when things come out...) Michael
  5. Dayaamm! It looks like they're triggering Milo. But even triggered, he comes out swinging in satire: btw - It seems like the video has been doctored a lot. I don't know with 100% certainty without comparing against the raw footage, but I've followed Milo for some time and his views have always been clear. The doctored video, if taken literally or as framed, doesn't sound anything like his beliefs. That indicates to me this was more fake news by anti-Trump folks--but conservatives this time. Michael EDIT: Milo messed with his post and it truncated in the quote above. So here is the text: The uptight National Review crowd is going to guarantee that this is going to be a fun ride. Michael
  6. Just in from Breatbart. Washington Post Corrects ‘Racist, Anti-Semitic’ Smears About MILO Helpfully... Michael
  7. I can't resist... Michael
  8. Oh... and how it hurts. It seems like they can't stand to take their own medicine. It was a black dude who said it, too, so Lemon can't even call him a racist. Michael
  9. Peter, I should not put this in Trump Humor, but it's exactly what a bully looks like whining after he has been popped in the nose unexpectedly. I only watched this video up through part of Carl Bernstein's talk (where he said Trump's statement wasn't just Nixonian, it was far worse than Nixon ), but Brian Stelter... well... I have to go street. He whines like a little bitch. Now get this. He whines about the term "fake news." The problem is, he and others in the elitist crony corporate media are the ones who started a repetition campaign with the term "fake news" when they were aiming it at Steve Bannon, Infowars, and so on. And all during this campaign, they were making up shit about Trump and his peeps and publishing it as if it were fact. And they kept on and on and on until one day, Trump told them to their faces, "You are fake news." Oh... (fastidious pose)... oh... the outrage!!!!... Reality's a bitch because this term took and stuck to them like stink on shit. Talk about a linguistic kill shot (to use Scott Adams's term). This was a case where Trump did not come up with the kill shot, but he made it stick to them like superglue knowing how to wait for the right moment. He let them hang themselves with their own rope conceptually, then boom! He shot them with the label. Perfect timing. Now he's hit them with another (enemy of the American people). And it's taking... And I couldn't be happier. Anyway, if there is more on this video than bullies whining, sorry about that. I didn't listen to the rest. After all the people Stelter has defamed with bullshit, it's just too precious even for my highly attuned sense of irony to see him pouting because he got slapped back hard and it hurts. I actually got this from RCP Video: CNN's Brian Stelter: 'Fake News' Label Is Verbal "Poison" I should find it satisfying, but whining gets old after a couple of minutes. And this thing goes on longer. Michael
  10. Peter, One thing a politician does a lot is say something outrageous, then when caught, he says, "I was just joking." And everybody goes, yeah, right... Milo does it a bit differently and he's not making a lame excuse. Like you noticed, he always includes a core of truth when he baits someone. Milo purposely stomps on a liberal's trigger point as his schtick. Half (or more) of what he says when he does that is not what he truly believes. I mean, come on... Feminists are cranky because they don't have orgasms? He actually said that in public and you should have seen the response. But the thing is, liberals take the bait every single time. It's a kneejerk and they can't help themselves. Milo even tells them to their faces what he is doing (like he did with Bill Maher) and he can still trigger a professional comedian (Larry Wilmore) to pout like mid-schooler and say, "Fuck you." Do you know what Wilmore's pout was about at that moment? One of Wilmore's putdowns about Milo didn't get traction, then Milo told Maher he needed to get guests on with higher IQ's to keep the show from being boring (or something like that). Schoolyard shit. And Wilmore reacted just like he was 13 years old in a schoolyard. It was a glorious thing to see. The liberals, poor things, can't help it. Milo is making a career out of it. His audience knows what he is doing, too. And they invite him to CPAC because of it. (And the liberals are going to howl about racism, anti-semitism, etc., which is exactly what Milo and his fans want. Nobody believes it at root and the liberals will watch their Great Shrinking Party continue to be discredited.) What's worse, the baiting works almost 100% of the time with liberals. There's even a slang for it: triggering. (Liberals can't stand that word, too. ) That's a cautionary tale for liberals. That's the danger of being brainwashed with "narrative" to control others instead of being taught to use one's own eyes and ears to deal with reality. Michael
  11. William, I find it interesting that you have only seen the "media suicide" in political terms that can only be called "media murder" by the state. What on earth would lead you to believe I would find that good? So, to be clear, I am talking about media suicide by the media losing their audience and influence on the free market. Notice that as they weaken, alternative media on the Internet is blowing through the roof. I'm sure there will always be legacy media. When I say suicide for them, I don't mean they will go out of existence (although they might). I mean them evolving to have the same media influence as, say, Ronan Farrow or Chelsea Clinton achieved in their respective attempts. If the legacy media keeps on providing the volume of fake news they have recently been serving up, lackluster mediocrity and obscurity are their future. As to a strong man shutting them down, even if that were acceptable, why would he bother when the media is committing suicide all on its own with such zest? Here's a quote from Trump's recent presser for inspiration: Michael
  12. William, The very next day on Fox after Shepard did his meltdown, Harris Faulkner substituted for him on his show. I only caught that by accident as I was flipping through channels at the time. When I saw her, I decided to watch it a bit. She spent the entire hour gushing about President Trump. I don't know if that means anything, but that does not sound like a substitute Shepard would choose if he had a free choice in the matter. Normally, a Fox substitute sings the regular host's line. I await Shepard's invitation from CNN or MSNBC with more certainty than I want to feel. Or, maybe they will keep him around as a token anti-Trumper. The nasty voices out there say Fox is afraid of an anti-discrimination suit if they let him go. As for me, I don't mind him being there. Michael
  13. William, Now it might make sense. And you might learn what is wrong with the memo. Maybe you are looking at the wrong shit being flushed down the toilet. REPORT: TRUMP Set Brilliant “Fake News” Trap For Leakers… From the article: As Mike Cernovich said in Tweets quoted in the story: I'm glad this is in Trump Humor because to see such "superior elitists" fall like doofuses for an old trick is a hoot. Stay tuned. Pretty soon we will know who they are. Whooooshhh... Michael
  14. Oh man... The conspiracy theorists are coming... The conspiracy theorists are coming... The conspiracy theorists are coming... Alex Jones just invited Mark Dice to have a show on Infowars. See it below. btw - The title of this YouTube video is: "Zombie Whisperer: One Man's Crusade To Wake Up The Brain Dead" The Zombie Whisperer is Mark Dice, of course. All this is fun, but on a more serious note, here is what people who are interested in spreading their ideas should pay attention to. The video below needs nothing more to produce than a webcam, a semi-decent computer (low end will do) and any video editor that does green screen (chroma key) and layers. There are many such editors to choose from, and several that are free (Google it, but here's a tip for a great freebie--Hitfilm Express 4, you even get special Hollywood effects like explosions). Marc's video, as of this posting, has a little over 300,000 views. It probably took about an hour or two to make and it cost next to nothing. If you believe you have better ideas than Mark Dice and want to spread them, there's one path that costs almost nothing. Look at what Mark Dice is doing. If Dice can do it, why can't you? Add your own creativity to the mix and see what happens. Either that, or get used the people some call conspiracy theorists. Because they're coming... Michael
  15. Milo goes on to a progressive humor show, Bill Maher, and gets Maher's audience to laugh. And he triggers the hell out of the progressives on the panel. Even comedian Larry Wilmore humped up like a mean bully and barked out, "Fuck you!" The look on Maher's face when that happened was priceless because he knew, at that moment and on the subconscious persuasion battlefield they were playing on, he did not take down Milo, but Milo took him down. Someone should tell Wilmore that self-righteous bullying is not comedy and maybe that's why he lost his own stint at The Nightly Show. And for the record, here is Maher's interview with Milo. Maher wants to hate Milo, but he can't despite himself. btw - Here's more on Breitbart: Bill Maher to MILO: ‘You Remind Me of a Young, Gay, Alive Christopher Hitchens’ Milo said that the left-wing Twittersphere exploded the moment Maher said that. Michael
  16. OK... Michael
  17. Soon the US might be a country ruled by law again: Fearing Trump, commission drops Miami-Dade’s ‘sanctuary’ protections And this one happened without anyone firing a shot, burning automobiles in the middle of the street, trashing and looting stores, shitting on cop cars, sucker-punching pregnant women, 24 hour news coverage with panels of stooge pundits. None of it. The commission didn't fear Trump, though. They wanted the money. They traded obeying the law for money. If there's anything to fear for real, it's the need to pay people to obey the law. But I suppose that's better than paying them to break the law, like happened a lot under the last administration. Michael
  18. Peter, I kinda like this approach, except aimed at the propaganda: That's how I feel inside at times when critiquing and mocking the propaganda. Michael
  19. This ain't going away. Of all the campaigns the left-wing mainstream news should not have used against Trump, this is exactly the one they pumped hard (before settling on The Russians did it!). It goes back to the homily: People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Now the major (soon to be minor) news agencies have to contend with the growth of an idea they didn't count on--that consumers would see them as the very monster they ranted and railed against. This ain't going away. Did I say that already. It's growing--and President Trump is helping: Good. This couldn't happen to a finer group of dark alley whores media professionals. Michael
  20. Scott Pruitt just got confirmed today. Now watch what happens to the EPA control freaks. Truckin'... Michael
  21. William, It kinda works like this (my made-up example, of course). News fact: President Trump uses the White House bathroom for the first time. Fake News Headline and story: Trump Craps all over the White House. That might meet the gotcha filter, but it's more than perspective. What's worse, the added part always makes the message discardable. It's always about identifying a side in an "us versus them" thing, irrespective of how much hatred it conveys. Note that hatred is the most common added ingredient to denote sides. We don't want to be haters, now do we? Noooooooooo.... Being a hater is a bad thing. Besides... Confucius say, if you try to flush a balloon down a toilet, you will clog it up... Michael
  22. Here's part of what's happening. It shows the philosophy of how Trump works. It's called good management. You can't get good work done with employees who constantly try to sabotage you. From Rush Limbaugh today: It’s About Time! Tillerson Cleaning House at State Wait until the entire cabinet gets in office and clean house and Trump overhauls the federal judges that are within his purview to do so. Things that are now moving at Trump speed will go into warp speed. (And I bet he will Tweet up a storm about it. ) Michael
  23. I just saw this from a conspiracy theory fruitcake. Or was it? Michael
  24. Bummer. I read a couple of his books. They were conversational, but enjoyable. I might look into reading more. I never bought that crap that he was an enemy of Rand. (He's not good about Trump.) He used his own eyes and had a good heart, and that's the important part to me. I just listened to his interview with Gillespie about Trump (fall of 2015). He said clearly that winning tax abatements was a guarantee of success and profit in real estate. Obviously, his knowledge of the real estate market was limited because, to him, getting tax relief was all the skill you needed and, anyway, it was a bad thing for the virtuous. That's why he said Trump was successful. And he called Melania a hooker... And he said he was stunned at Trump's success in the primaries. But given what he said, I'm not stunned that he was stunned. Enough... I will not speak ill of the dead and I want to hold onto my pleasant memories of him from my younger days... May he rest in peace... Michael
  25. William, Dayaamm, that sounds like a conspiracy theory... Michael