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  1. Bob, If there had been a correct police investigation and not all that bullying to shut up everytime his name came up, I believe most people would have not given it a second thought. But when the police hastily called it a robbery and nothing was stolen, when they did not look at the neighborhood cameras, when they did not try to even identify persons of interest, much less suspects, when a major Democratic public image fixer suddenly started speaking in the name of the family without really speaking to the family, etc. etc., etc., it stinks. Now Media Matters funded by George Soros is attacking Sean Hannity's advertisers because he would not let go of this story. This, to me, will break wide open as the pressure mounts. Then the hiders won't be able to hide anymore. If I end up being wrong, I hope it will be because the police actually do a decent investigation and not because this murder goes into media limbo again. As it stands, though, a lot of law enforcement-type people are now investigating. So we'll know for sure before too long. In case you are not aware of it, Seth Rich was in charge of the very material that got leaked to Wikileaks that led to the dismissal of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC leader, blew Donna Brazile off CNN, and pissed off Bernie folks to no end. It's the material that proved the DNC was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. Two weeks after Rich's murder, Wikileaks made this material public. That's about the time it would have taken them to vet the material if they had gotten it from Rich (which they probably did). Too much fits too well together to just shut up and sit down. This stinks to high Heaven and is entertaining like a cover-up out of a spy novel. Michael
  2. Another conspiracy theory. I normally don't like Dick Morris because he plays dirty and crony when he needs to, but here he is on his legit game. As a former Clinton insider, his comments on Seth Rich are interesting--not in terms of saying anything new. But the fact that he is saying it. Michael
  3. More Seth Rich story that will not go away. From the way this is developing, this might turn out to be the big one to take out an entire corrupt political machine (the Clinton machine and related cronies on the right). I will keep posting about it. Michael
  4. The Seth Rich story that will not go away. Mike Cernovich asks very good questions, starting with why isn't there even a sketch of Seth Rich's murderer when there are security cameras all over the place where he was murdered? Michael
  5. Here's something for you, Bob. You don't deserve it , but here is what I wrote about you on a Facebook post. Someone mocked you for speaking about mathematical abstractions and the infinite on a Robert Campbell thread here on OL (the one on Peikoff's doctrine of arbitrary assertion). Don't expect this every day. I wouldn't want it to go to your head. Michael
  6. Pedogate News From the New York Post De Blasio employee arrested for child pornography This dude, an upcoming star in the local Democratic party, Jacob Schwartz, likes 'em at six months old... Gross... Here he is with Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager. Michael
  7. I don't agree with Jimmy Dore about Trump or his visit to Saudi Arabia (or about his progressivism), but I certainly agree with him that The Washington Post should have disclosed that an author gushing about the visit in WaPo was a paid agent of the Saudi government. Jimmy calls WaPo "fake news" and "a shit stain of a newspaper." He said "a shit stain of a newspaper" a lot of times in this video as he detailed some WaPo clunkers over the years. I'll have to agree with him. After all, who am I to stand in the way of such youthful enthusiasm? One day people will realize the mainstream news is not news. It's propaganda. Michael
  8. Needlepoint design? Michael
  9. Speaks for itself: Michael
  10. As to the press hysteria saying Melania slapped President Trump's his hand on the red carpet: LOL... Michael
  11. This is anti-Trump, but it's just too cute to pass up. LOL... Michael
  12. Presidents who body-slammed journalists. Michael
  13. This is in contrast to the winner in today's Montana special election for House Representative, Greg Gianforte. Witnesses say he body-slammed a reporter yesterday and he has been charged with misdemeanor assault. Nobody's really sure about the body-slam, but the audio does suggest a kerfuffle and both went down. I stand with Rush Limbaugh when he says: Montana Special Election: Your Host Joins the Condemnation of the Studly, Manly Republican Who Beat Up a Millennial Reporter and Is Running Against a Radical Leftist Posing as a Cowboy Maybe next time Gianforte can take a lesson from the left and get a bike lock for a maul. Also, now that Quist has lost, maybe we can still see him sing Country and Western at the local nudist camp with his daughter. (That's what he does. Seriously. You can find him at the Sun Meadow Resort for nudists in Idaho.) Michael
  14. I've been told I need to bone up on my critical thinking. So I thought to myself, why not get a college professor on critical thinking and learn from him? Here's a good candidate, one Mr. Eric Clanton. From SF Gate (my bold): Former professor arrested in beating at Berkeley Trump rally From the article: Here's what the eminent professor looks like: Or the less reliable, but still insightful and interesting Gateway Pundit (from which the picture above also comes): BOOM! Antifa Thug Eric Clanton Who Beat Conservatives with BIKE LOCK is Arrested From the article (my bold): The 4Chan kids helped identify this knowledgeable dynamic professor. Here's the Breitbart article: Berkeley Police Arrest Local Professor for Allegedly Beating Trump Supporters with Bike Lock Nice bash! Now that's how you win an argument. Hmmmm... Eric Clanton teaches ethics, too. I sure have a lot of critical thinking to learn from him. Also, I'm a bit rusty on my technique of wielding a bike lock as a maul against the skulls of unsuspecting people. Michael
  15. Geoff, This is correct. I wrote poorly, insinuating that the crowd will turn on its own. The images in my mind when I wrote that were the race riots that Obama encouraged (anyone notice that that stopped? ), the Democrat hired thugs at Trump rallies, the BS that went on during Occupy Wall Street, etc. All of these events had three things in common: (1) they were organized nationally to look like grassroots eruptions, but all used bussed-in paid ringers, and (2) they actually did have a lot of "low information" true believers show up (many of whom beat feet outta there when the ugly stuff went down), and real-life thugs showed up to loot and create mayhem. And these events got their media headlines. If they try to pull that kind of thing on an official finding that their own relevant leaders agree with--that there was no collusion between President Trump and Russia, that there will be no impeachment, etc., these explosions will look silly on the mainstream news regardless of spin, but the true-believing sheeple will show up in droves in an ugly mood. And getting Democrats elected when they are looking like a bunch of true-believing dumbasses who can't count to 10 will be near impossible in the near term (2018). I do like to fantasize about them violently turning on their leaders, though. It gives me a surprisingly delightful feeling of preemptive schadenfreude. Michael