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  1. He's baaaaack... Michael
  2. For later readers, this meme is about the blunder of announcing the wrong winning movie in the 2017 Academy Awards. Michael
  3. For the reader, these two posts reference something that got moved to the Garbage Pile here. Tony's post is a bit of collateral damage. Sorry about that... (btw - The documentary that got moved has been posted to OL at least two times in the past. Probably more.) Michael
  4. As an addition to that last post, if anyone wants to look into the emotions further, I came across this on Rush Limbaugh after I had posted his advice above. The Combination of Hatred and Victimhood Is Killing the Democrats It's an excellent analysis. Michael
  5. I've moved this to where it belongs, in the Garbage Pile. Michael
  6. Korben, I'm not going to do any more pissing contests. If you want to post anti-Trump stuff, OK. If you want to be sassy, OK. If you want to disrespect OL readers by trolling behavior, I'm going to have to intervene. This is a warning. Michael
  7. This one is for OL readers in general who are reading this thread. Here's the deal: Life is good. Fake news is bad. And that is much truer than it seems. Fake news will bring you down. Their emotional tone is non-stop hatred, victimization, self-pity and attempts at gotcha shaming. When you wallow in material that is soaked in that tone long enough, even if you don't feel that way yourself, you start getting irritated and wound up inside. Rush Limbaugh has some great advice on this score: If You’re Gonna Watch the Drive-By Media, Don’t Take It Seriously From the article: That's profound advice, even for me. I'm going to see if it's possible for me to look at happier stuff for a few days. But I'm probably going to fail miserably... Michael
  8. Korben, Tony Schwartz? Really? You're going to start presenting stuff that's been discussed over and over on OL during the election as if it's new? Dayaamm! That's a lot of hate... I mean, OL readers are not idiots... Michael
  9. William, I see you keep trying, but it just ain't working. But here, let me give you a bone. I've given a straight answer several times. I'm honestly surprised you haven't understood my plain English. Let me give it another try with other words. I think the Pizzagate affair was a set-up gotcha (probably by Podesta & Co., but no one knows what the shadow knows) to divert attention from other pedophiles and pedophile cliques, and human trafficking in general, including Epstein & Co. The expression they like to use (at other times with other topics) is "sucking up the oxygen in the room." The set-up gotcha Pizzagate affair was engineered to suck all the oxygen out of the room, meaning there is no space left in the mainstream media to discuss those more widespread sinister things. And, I believe there was probably some serious monkey-business run through that Pizza parlor based on the guy's closeness to Podesta. But not like the setup gotcha was. Just normal hidden shit nobody finds out if the sleazy dudes are careful. These are not good people. That's my opinion and I'm fine if they don't like me, either. btw - I love the sound of: "The Truth of Pizzagate." It sounds like a book title by a preacher or recipe book or something. Also, nobody's talking about it, but I still think young children victimized (in the past, present or future) by pedophilia rings need to be protected. Michael
  10. Rush Limbaugh is hitting on an insidious part of fake news In persuasion, this media image Rush refers to is called the bandwagon effect. It is one way crowds work--people increasingly jump on a bandwagon and a lathered up crowd appears. Except the corporate media has been trying to jigger this natural happening with a barrage of one-sided coverage. And those geniuses still pretend to themselves they are the gatekeepers of the bandwagon. They imagine it's like the old days when people would logically assume the media was presenting what the American people in general were thinking and feeling since so many stories leaned in the same direction. Unfortunately for the fake media, the Internet and social media (despite all kinds of monkeyshines going on right now) presents a direct contradiction to the image these fake-ass elitists are trying to convey. What's more, Internet and social media users are getting hammered with stories pointing out this very discrepancy. So the fake media is looking like a bunch of lying dorks to a huge chunk of the population. It's hard to argue with stats (unless we are talking about fake polls like those we saw for a year-and-a-half during the election ) . Michael
  11. Ellen, If that's the case, I'm more than happy to be wrong. If for nothing else, just for the sheer pleasure of seeing another way William can be wrong. Michael
  12. William, This: "President Trump announced that federal agencies will be bringing Pizzagate! criminals to justice (or, "President Trump Holds Anti-Human Trafficking Meeting 2/23/17")." You labeled it as being quoted from "One Guy." Then you followed with the normal post: "Michael sometimes likes to take small quotes..." To a reader who is not following this thread from the beginning and not blissfully engrossed in every little morsel of wisdom from your mouth and mine, but instead has just showed up to see what the fuss is about, it looks like you were quoting me and renaming me to "One Guy." And your ensuing comment makes it look like that renamed quote is an example of how I "take small quotes." In other words, when you are going by two different names and quoting yourself, but didn't bother to tell anyone that's what you were doing, it's a natural to assume you are talking about someone else, especially when you did talk about someone else. For a reader showing up cold, it's a clusterfuck. And for the record, President Trump HAS NEVER "announced that federal agencies will be bringing Pizzagate! criminals to justice..." Nice try, but no cigar... Michael
  13. Blatant call for control ... I don't see this as a call for control at all. I see it as a call to "leave me the hell alone." In fact, I see calling someone a Nazi to demonize them a blatant call for control. Like I mentioned above, it's elementary-level propaganda demonization. So I love how Paul Joseph Watson responds in the same spirit to people hell-bent on evil. The fact that he's got millions of followers adds teeth to it. Some folks are so brainwashed, they don't understand any other language. Michael
  14. I can't wait until William has an awakening of spirit and starts condemning and mocking human trafficking rings when they try to mask their creepy activities instead of focusing on one pizza parlor and fringe folks who talk about that. For now, I guess we have different views of social justice. I'm for protecting abused children. He's for protecting pizza parlors. Michael
  15. Brant, I can't do anything about the new format right now. I wish I could. The "Unread Content" button at the top right should help you keep track of unread threads. (There are more than it might seem.) As to the mega-threads, that's probably my fault for my pro-Trump anti-corrupt-ruling-class leanings. But members are certainly free to discuss whatever they want. And it's still easy to start threads. Traffic-wise, we are just as strong as ever, so people are reading the site. I'm starting to futz around with video. I might make a screencast with a few suggestions on how to best get around on the forum. Michael