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  1. Geoff, I'm not sure what this means. I've read it several times and it keeps getting more obscure with each reading. I admire that, too, because it's really hard to write like that. That's a quip to fun on ya', but it's also serious. It's rare to see someone pull that off. Michael
  2. The following video is a little preachy, but it is a very good analysis of the Charlotte shooting and riots--and aftermath for that matter. I find it hard to look at Molyneux as he speaks. I'm probably bigoted against nonstop close-ups on baldness. But if I fire up my trusty computer solitaire game and just listen to the video like a radio, it's tolerable. He has a mannerism that grates on my nerves. He will suddenly drop his voice to a whisper and accelerate his speaking speed, then make a sudden stop to indicate snark. The first couple of times I heard him do this, it was cute. After awhile, it got old like a comedian who tells the same joke over and over, then looks at you like he's expecting a laugh. Then crowns it by acting like he's been funny. Anyway, if you are not irritated by that, this is a good discussion of the shooting. Michael
  3. Korben, Take a look at this: TV Ratings: Strong 'MacGyver' Reboot Tops Friday, 'Exorcist' Eyes Premiere-Week Lows The interesting part comes here: It seems like when someone who has been Trump's friend all along (or at least favorable to him all along) comes out bashing him, the public castigates them. This process happened all during the primaries with certain candidates, it happened with the mainstream press, it happened with companies like Macy's, it happened with Glenn Beck, and now this thing with Mark Cuban and his show. (I admire Cuban and his achievements, but he has been acting like a pouty little bitch who lost her football hero boyfriend to the girl next door ever since Trump got the nomination. Talk about envy...) I don't think there is any great love for Trump per se involved, neither as a man nor as a celebrity. Although his supporters do love and admire him. But I think it's the archetype. Trump stands for his supporters, normal working Americans. They are tired of being sucked up to for votes and money by the elites, then dismissed and slandered when the money and power goodies arrive in the hands of the elites. His public sees the same behavior with how the establishment elites are treating Trump and, subconsciously, they know they've seen this pattern before. So they turn on the elite person who is acting like a hypocritical self-serving crony jerk. It's like Trump has been shooing them out in the open from underneath the bushes. His public sees themselves in him, and they see the elites through those eyes. Michael
  4. Geoff, I don't know about a specific local issue, but there was this crowd below and those people seemed to think Trump offered lots of value: And this: These don't seem to be stupid frivolous people to me. The seem like value-lovers. (Sorry, after a setup like that, I had to take a swing. ) Michael
  5. Mark Cuban just got owned. He's been trolling Trump recently. So he got some attention by saying he's going to troll Trump from the front row of the debates. Trump responded: Now it's really all over the news. Michael
  6. Latest update. It appears Keith Lamont Scott had a rap sheet for shooting at cops (see here). Also, his fingerprint was on a loaded gun at the scene of the shooting (see here). At least we know North Carolina is a swing state whereas Oklahoma is not and that could never have anything to do with the riot. No sireeeee... Never... Never I say!... Michael
  7. Here's how the Social Justice Warriors are fighting Trump and trying to elect Clinton. (From The Daily Caller, unfortunately, the video does not embed.) Woman’s Crusade Against Resident’s Pro-Trump Signs Lands Her In Hot Water [VIDEO] Wanna drive an SJW Clinton supporter crazy? Catch one bent out of shape like this lady and tell her she's been triggered. Actually, the Trump campaign should send her some money for the free advertising. Michael
  8. Korben, I've given this some serious thought and I think Clinton in her "50 points ahead" video looks a lot like Uncle Fester of the original Addams Family. Imagine him in a blonde wig, a blue smock and an American flag in the background. The only problem is that Uncle Fester was lovable and his high whiny voice was far more pleasant than Clinton's. Michael
  9. Interesting article from the Washington Examiner: #TrumpTrain reaches 30 million, changes how campaigns use Internet On Facebook alone, Trump has reached over 11.5 billion impressions. The gist of the article (despite the massive numbers throughout Trump's people) is that this is the first presidential campaign where a candidate has been consistently in direct contact with his voters. He's not going through some kind of media or backroom group of elite entities with gatekeepers and sporadic train whistle stops for show. In other words, the elites are screwed this go around. Some folks may not like who the American people are choosing right now, but there is no doubt that the American people are the ones choosing Trump. No matter who tells them what Trump thinks, no matter what the spin is, Trump goes on social media and tells them himself--in plain language. The consistent huuuuuuuuuuge size of his crowds at campaign rallies is nothing more than people wanting to hear him with their own ears and see him with their own eyes. They are not interested in others talking about him. They are not interested in being told what to think about him. They'll look and see for themselves. So eat that, gatekeepers! Suck on it and pucker your lips from the sourness! This election is not about Democrats vs. Republicans. It's about elitists and globalists (and their cronies) vs. normal working Americans who like the constitutional sovereignty of the US and want to see "America first" as the priority of their elected officials. They are showing up in massive numbers all the time, too. They are showing up to support Trump in the face of some of the nastiest elite-run orchestrated criticism and covert manipulation games I have ever seen. Michael
  10. Bill Kristol has reached a new threshold of stupid laced with denial. It's time for him to retire... Kristol believes--enough to say on national TV--that Trump, deep in his heart, knows he should never be president?!! That power-hungry demagogues like Hugo Chavez are better?!! And that he's not only rooting for Trump to choke in front of 100 million viewers, but he would get deep satisfaction out of it?!! Dayaamm! I stand in awe. Michael
  11. Korben. btw - Shep is soooooooooo in the tank for Hillary, it's disgusting. I stopped watching Fox when he is on just because of his constant snipes at Trump. Now he has to announce Cruz's support of Trump. And he doesn't like it. Not one bit. I love how he was swallowing his bile in the video. Apropos, isn't Shep the name of a dog. Michael
  12. Korben, You beat me to it. And it's about goddam time: Michael
  13. Let's make this political for a minute: Michael
  14. Smartphone video from Keith Lamont Scott's wife has just surfaced of the Charlotte shooting (see here at NBC). The police are heard yelling drop the gun several times and she was yelling at them not to shoot. It's too early to say, but the impression one gets looking at her video against the still released earlier is that the police mistook something Scott had for a gun during the shooting, then possibly planted one after. Scott apparently had brain damage and had just took his meds. If that's the case, we have a holy mess. And Soros will send even more paid goons. Michael
  15. Geoff, Here's a little more from Zero Hedge: Who Is Behind The Riots? Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs Michael