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  1. ESPN, the NFL and Social Justice Warriors

    Merlin, Actually, it only took one NFL player to kneel during the Obama years and the mainstream press went nuts in outrage. Tim Tebow. Michael
  2. O'Reilly and O'Donnell Decide to "Do it live" The mashup of Bill O'Reilly melting down from years ago with Lawrence O'Donnell melting down recently is hilarious. LOL... Michael
  3. ESPN, the NFL and Social Justice Warriors

    According to Paul Joseph Watson, the whole take a knee controversy is fueled by butt hurt that President Trump won the election. Michael
  4. Donald Trump

    The software automatically sent me a notice. It's unlocked now. Michael
  5. Donald Trump

    Heh. William is griping about President Trump and Puerto Rico on his OL blog (see here) and even locked comments. From his tone about standing up to Trump or whatever, he is really irritated about something... I wonder if it has to do with the NFL... Anyway, he locked comments on that post, which means nobody can comment over there. I obviously can, but I prefer to let him do his thing his way. However, I do want to address his concern that the president might not be doing anything about the hurricane disaster on the island, but instead only focusing on a spat with the NFL. Actually, President Trump is doing a lot. It's the mainstream press that isn't worried about Puerto Rico and only worried about the NFL. They don't care about actions, they only want a statement or tweet. I mean, if the president doesn't make a statement or tweet about something, they have no news to report, right? Fortunately, the President put together a form of news updates from his administration. The short one below read by pop star Joy Villa says that President Trump declared Puerto Rico a major disaster (unleashing funds) for the distressed island, is coordinating with FEMA and other agencies to support the victims, and is especially addressing the power outage. And if you wish to be a bit clever and search for FEMA and Puerto Rico instead of Trump and Puerto Rico, you discover that FEMA is making massive efforts of aid. The local people are issuing statements of gratitude for the federal efforts. Etc., etc., etc. Even a leftie news site like Slate sees it: Puerto Rico Is Getting Short-Term Aid. (No leftie apple comes without a worm, though, so the article also speculates negatively about Trump's long-term aid. ) I can't recall where, I think it was in President Trump's campaign speech for Luther Strange, but he said there is no way he was going to let the power be off in Puerto Rico for a long time. I don't have a quote though. I'm pretty sure I can find it, but Google right now is so interested in manipulating the search results to only talk about the NFL when you search Trump's name that it will take too much digging to be worth my time and effort. So it looks like what can be done is being done by President Trump and even more. I hope this news brings some comfort to our dear William. He sounded so worried. Michael
  6. ESPN, the NFL and Social Justice Warriors

    That didn't take long. The caving starts. Ben Roethlisberger Regrets Steelers Boycotting Anthem; Trump Supports Fan Boos "I was unable to sleep last night and want to share my thoughts and feelings on our team’s decision to remain in the tunnel for the National Anthem yesterday," the Super Bowl-winning QB says. Dayaamm! I thought the backstep show would start after a build-up. Not on the day after all the macho shit. As the poet wisely said, money talks and snowflake-shit walks. Michael
  7. ESPN, the NFL and Social Justice Warriors

    Rush Limbaugh is saying he's just not into you anymore, NFL. You've changed and the magic went away. Or, in the words of the Drudge headline for the transcript below: The Thrill of NFL Gone... With Great Sadness, I Did Not Watch the National Football League on Sunday Michael
  8. ESPN, the NFL and Social Justice Warriors

    They're asking for it. From The Gateway Pundit: Not One More Dime: NFL Stadiums Have Collected Over $1.1 Billion in Federal Subsidies – Time to Cut Them Off From the article: Here's the video: Oh yes... And there's this (from Deadline Hollywood): ‘Sunday Night Football’ Ratings Down Again On Day Of Player Protests It starts. Michael
  9. Donald Trump

    Brant, You know that gushing over President Trump and his UN speech by Jack Wheeler is welcome by me. I especially liked the ending where Jack Wheeler said: As a contrast, I keep seeing the following sentiment in the mainstream: A Divider, Not a Uniter, Trump Widens the Breach What the NYT doesn't get is that President Trump is uniting productive people like never before. But, there is no uniting with cancer unless one wants to die. One has to fight cancer to live. When the divide-and-conquer elitist cancer was eating the healthy cells of America and cussing all that was good in American culture in the harshest terms, I never saw the NYT clamor about division. Now that actual producers are uniting, the elitist and elitist-owned mainstream press is bitching. As it should. One cures cancer. One does not unite with it. Thank God the breach between producers and establishment parasite power-mongers is getting wider. Michael
  10. Gender Doctor

    I got this off the Interwebs. LOLOL... Michael
  11. ESPN, the NFL and Social Justice Warriors

    Oh yeah... I forgot. What was that rumble I felt earlier today? Breitbart did a story on it. Celebrities Join Anti-Trump National Anthem Protest: ‘Kneel So Hard Sunday the Earth Shakes’ The rumble I felt was the earth shaking from all the kneeling by Hollywood celebrities. Michael
  12. ESPN, the NFL and Social Justice Warriors

    A tale of two headlines. Beginning of game. Dolphins players lock arms, kneel during anthem and wear shirts supporting Colin Kaepernick And this, after the game. How could the tanking New York Jets stun the surging Miami Dolphins? 20 to 6. Not a wipe out, but pretty ugly. As long as Miami wants to do social justice instead of play football, maybe they should change their name to the Miami Snowflakes. Michael
  13. ESPN, the NFL and Social Justice Warriors

    I have a great idea. Since all these millionaire athletes hate America so much because they can't stand entertaining all those damn bigoted oppressive American exploiters, maybe they can get Dennis Rodman to open the market for them in North Korea. I hear the different sports leagues there are looking for talent. And over there, they will be able to take a knee all they want without any hassle so long as it is against America. I wouldn't advise it against DPRK, though. And since the philosophy is collectivist over there, these star atheletes don't really have a need for all that awful money they make in America. They will be provided for with most excellence by their North Korean brothers and sisters. Michael
  14. ESPN, the NFL and Social Justice Warriors It's hard to watch the establishment of a major entertainment field commit suicide, but we are watching it. And once again, it's the left butting in and spoiling events where people are having a good time. The left spoils everything it infiltrates until there is nothing left but misery (except for insiders). The left, which cannot generate an audience on its own, always hijacks audiences that are already formed. Now the fad is to kneel when the National Anthem is played at games. Or not even go onto the field. Sports announcers are increasingly discussing politics--almost always from a leftist view. The next thing we know, there will be a bunch of groups funded by George Soros to covertly stage movements that are supposed to look like grass-roots to change "sports justice awareness" and so on. Hell, there already is for all I know. And the mainstream media is complicit. For some damn reason, they think that spitting on the NFL audience with social justice grievances is a good idea. Reality will show them that it is not. And reality is getting a strong nudge from President Trump. (From NYT:) Trump Calls for Boycott if N.F.L. Doesn’t Crack Down on Anthem Protests President Trump is pushing back hard. The only way social justice warriors will win this cultural putsch is if they petition for a law that will force people to watch sports so they can protest their non-sports grievances. And that ain't gonna happen unless we get another Obama. Why? Because those who have freedom of choice are going to start finding other forms of entertainment when they realize they are being spit on by their entertainers. And the paying public is now realizing this. Not all the audience will go away, though. Let ESPN, the NFL, etc., play for audiences made up of predominantly social justice warriors (who more and more think football is evil) and, maybe, never-Trumpers and see how advertisers like it--and how ticket sales go. Get ready for a lot of macho posturing by sports people and, as time goes on, caving. This is going to be quite a show. I normally do not like boycotts and similar, but if the left is going to shut down free speech on campuses, take anchors off TV News stations by attacking their sponsors, etc., in order to change cultural narratives, I find it refreshing that our president uses his reach to stand up for the current way of life, especially when the issue is pride in being American. If nobody defends this, you can be assured that it will die. btw - For those who know President Trump's history, there's a comeuppance thing going on, too. It started with the United States Football League and the war the NFL waged against it back in the day to squash it. Trump was a huge backer of the USFL and he lost that one. And they called Trump every name in the book and mocked him without mercy. Now guess who's president of the country? Once the NFL tanks, as it will if it keeps on keeping on right now, I wonder if a new football league will soon be born... I can see it happening--not with the President's involvement (I seriously doubt his people would invest because of the politics), but by people who suddenly see an opportunity on the free market... I certainly expect to see new sports channels other than ESPN to arise. Michael
  15. Donald Trump

    Maybe not. John McCain is a legend in his own time. He's a MAVERICK. He makes HISTORY. He bucks his side for the GREATER GOOD. That's the story he tells himself and, from the looks of things, this issue is the MAVERICK's LAST STAND to prove it to himself. This is the BIG ONE in his mind. People will cuss him today and HISTORY will hold him up as right. The LEGEND goes down shooting as he cries out, "We can do better!" So he tells himself. Honestly, with all my study of persuasion, I don't know how to cut through a core story like that in a man so close to the end. Besides, for a person thirsting for public attention, McCain doesn't have many bullets left in his pistol. Time is running out in his clock. Hopefully, Roy Moore will be elected in Alabama over the Strange Swamp Creature (even though President Trump did come out supporting Strange in a trick play) and this will send shock waves throughout the Senate, both Dem and RINO. Then, it's a good bet we will get the Obamacare repeal, or we will get it with the new MAGA House and Senate in 2018. Michael