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  1. William, It was probably to show the Clintons & crew that there are people other than Russians who have the capability to hack into stuff if they get pissed enough. Michael
  2. More from WikiLeaks: Michael
  3. I sure as hell hope Assange is not overplaying his hand. Michael
  4. btw - I cannot be a poll watcher. I got called for jury duty on Nov. 8. I'm going to have to show up at 6:00 AM to vote if I want to vote on Nov. 8. And I'm going to be tied up almost all day with this stuff. So no poll watching. Living around Chicago is a pisser. Michael
  5. Jon, I'm not so sure. If this were some other pro-freedom candidate like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, I would agree. But Trump is wicked smart and doesn't play by the presupposed self-imposed constraints on leaders that has been allowing the elites to dominate the drift toward a one world government. Just look what he did with the election. Believe it or not, Alex Jones (him of all people ) said it right. The elites are actually idiots once they get on a roll. It's part of their psychological makeup of believing they are superior to everyone else. Their arrogance ultimately leads them to believe their own bullshit and they screw up in idiotic manners when power goes to their heads. I can see crashing economies of entire countries leading to some very interesting elite screw-ups that backfire on them big time. Michael
  6. Now the good stuff is going to start. Podesta No. 14: Drip... drip... drip... Michael
  7. Ha! Michael
  8. Breitbart explains, but this is bullshit. Trump Wins Breitbart Debate Poll Despite Massive Foreign Pro-Clinton Infiltration I don't think there was any foreign infiltration at all. Breitbart is spinning the shit out of this one. Oh, the IPs were from foreign countries, all right, but the folks (two or three kids most likely) operating the Clinton bots were sitting comfortably right here in a US city. It's not impossible they used a couple of foreigners, but I doubt it. They were using what is called proxies (proxy IP numbers). Hackers and black hatters use these all the time. The IP numbers are from the world over. You use a special kind of program when browsing and it makes it look like you are from that IP number and country. This is Black Hat 101. Michael
  9. So people think only progressives get the uber-cool millennial girls with the fried Kardashian voices? Look what popped up for Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, all because of the election, of course. Michael
  10. Uh oh. Fan, meet electricity. Fan blade, meet shit. I can't wait for this round to start. Michael
  11. Korben, Well, she's a regular military genius, that she is. Perfect commander in chief material. And if you believe that... (you complete the phrase ). Just look at the Middle East and behold her fine work. Even if that kind of information is known, it's not a good thing to say it the way she did it. A potential commander in chief extols the strengths of the military in public, or general areas for improvement if needed, not outright vulnerabilities in such detail. Also, because it is not widely known that this is known, her statement is a public relations disaster for a person who has a classified information image problem. Many in the press are having a field day at her expense, including press that is friendly to her. How many of their readers and viewers are going to check the gotcha as opposed to the ones who will go with the media accounts? I stand by my charge of dumbass. Hillary Clinton is a dumbass. Let's hope Clinton and the other geniuses around her (including Obama) don't bumble us into WWIII in the next few months. Michael
  12. 2016 presidential election

    Korben, People can accuse Trump of many things. Pandering to stereotyped groups that our genius polling industry uses as a substitute for knowledge of intent is not one of them. Michael
  13. Podesta No. 13. Drip... drip... drip... btw - That's truth dripping, not the toady mainstream media. Michael
  14. I'm only putting this up because if people don't, this horse's-ass hypocrisy gets swept aside by the corrupt media. Is it funny? Yeah, the first time. But there are too many instances in the culture to keep funny running for long. Michael
  15. How can Hillary Clinton be such a dumbass? Milo's picture covers part of the text. It reads: 4 minute response time? Thanks Hillary! Dayaamm! Michael