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  1. Peter, You will have god status. Michael
  2. Peter, There already is a "catastrophic failure" taking place. But not for normal Americans. (These are winning.) President Trump is dismantling the corrupt crony establishment structures. And the corrupt crony establishment is screaming bloody murder. Michael
  3. Bob, Ethan Krupp, a Jon Ossoff look-alike or soul mate or something... The photo comes from a commercial for Obamacare featuring Krupp as the new American male. Michael
  4. The Georgia 6th district congressional race featuring The Trump Slayer, Jon Ossoff: AWESOME! GOP Crowd Starts Chanting, “TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!!” at Karen Handel Victory Party! Michael
  5. How quickly people who hate and fear walk away from the persuasion battlefield. They lose the war, not because the other side beat them. They refused to fight. Then they complain when the blood runs... (You have to use your brain to understand and deploy persuasion. That gives most people headaches. ) Michael
  6. Bob, OK. You propose genocide, right? Michael
  7. Tony, Power. Pure and simple. They do not live to build things. They live to rule over others and pretend they are superior beings. Losing power is more than just losing power. It's a slap in the face of a superior by an inferior to them. They cannot abide and viciousness is the result. It's the same sentiment of a slave owner dealing with an "ippity" slave before the Civil War. Postmodernism is not the root of that. It is merely a cultural wrecking ball these assholes use to get power. The good news is that postmodernism is a Frankenstein monster. It puts disparate pieces together, but only magic or fiction makes the monster come alive. Out here in reality, the monster just lays there looking like a monster. I know enough about postmodernism to know that a lack of vision for mankind is its Achilles heel. And when the cream of postmodernism, genuinely talented and sincere people like David Foster Wallace, discover they are promoting rational identification without rational evaluation (or any kind of evaluation other than an alienated aloof irony), resulting in a message that life is meaningless, they commit suicide or go insane. I was interested in Wallace for a bit. I saw a lot of videos. One of his girlfriend writers, Mary Karr, once said something about him that I did not understand at the time. She would show him a page or so she wrote and he would say he wished he could do that. And he meant it. I've read a bit of both so now I understand. He was talking about believing in something, in some big value, enough to feel alive. (Karr is dark at times, but she's passionate as hell in a value-oriented way. Oddly enough, she later became a Catholic.) I also saw him in an interview with Charlie Rose where he compared himself to a gigantic eyeball floating all over just looking at stuff. As I remember the interview, he said it within a frame that this was not enough. Anyway, I digress. These people are not power mongers. The power mongers who use them are power mongers. And those are the vicious, spiteful, dangerous people. I'm almost with you, especially the infantile part, but not "any means" is OK by them. They don't consider themselves as something that can be sacrificed. So utopia is not something these folks want to be a part of. Not at all. It makes them shudder to even consider it. Utopia is something they want to create, impose on others (never themselves) and rule over it, both before and after. People are merely interchangeable pieces in that vision. The spiritual driver is power and vanity. Always power and vanity. Think about it... Michael
  8. I'll say. To be fair, a further comment. Bob said: I don't think he has read a word I wrote. I talk about covert persuasion that addresses and communicates with the underbelly of the mind and he comes back as if I am talking about syllogisms. Then he talks about nuking a billion and a half people. And then claims he's the rational one. Dayaamm! Michael
  9. I'll say. Michael
  10. Bob, I just listened to about 55 minutes of the video below and couldn't take it anymore. I stopped when one military person asked Wood what was the core vulnerability of ISIS and Wood basically said we have to outwait them because there is nothing we can do. It made me want to vomit. Granted, Wood mentioned the end-times nature of ISIS etc., etc., etc. But when asked what changed the minds of those who walked away from the Islamist state, he said he hopes there will be more of them. Well, that's helpful. In other words, he doesn't know (and doesn't seem to care all that much). Yet he knows it happens. Dayaamm! Doesn't he want to know if there is a way we can help this happen more often? Apparently not. One dude in this discussion gushed about what a genius Al Baghdadi is. And he did so in a fully admiring tone of voice. For God's sake... Even though this discussion is a little over two years old, I just saw a bunch of dudes sitting around a table trying to figure out a way to keep a lid on ISIS to keep it to a manageable size, but with the subtext of keeping the Endless War for Profit running smoothly. That's my first impression of Wood--a tool for the ruling class globalists and their Endless War for Profit scam. Maybe it will get better over time. Michael
  11. Bob, Actually I'm not all that interested in anyone explaining Islam to me. I read the Quran. I'm not interested in Sam Harris's view, either. All of these people are talking to people like you and me. And that will never solve the threat of radical Islam. Somebody has to talk to Muslims and convince them. Now that will solve the problem. For example, how many Muslims have Woods and Harris converted to a reform mindset or the attitude of the man in the video? I don't know for sure, but I bet that number is zero or close to it. So what use are their explanations to solving the threat problem? What use? None. That's what. They are preachers for an ingroup choir, not problem solvers in the world at large. They are people spouting syllogisms at a charging bear and perplexed why that doesn't work. (A couple of bear dogs that don't even speak English is a far better way of communicating with the bear. ) I appreciate the referrals, and I am sure these authors have intelligent things to say, but I'm interested in the persuasion part. How to persuade Muslims. Everybody talks about the religion of Islam, but the religion part is basically the same the world over in all religions (cosmology with a spiritual dimension, morality decreed by the divine, inconsistencies, etc.). The persuasion stuff is where the solution lies. That means getting inside the head of Muslims in a way they can be persuaded. If we are going to prevent a dirty bomb from going off in a crowded city one day, we better get serious about solving the problem in reality. That means killing the radical Islamists who are fighting (which President Trump is now doing) and persuading the Muslims in general, which few even think is necessary. Somehow Sheindlin (the author of The People vs. Muhammad - Psychological Analysis) persuaded one Muslim to convert (the video dude), and with a hard sell of Muhammad bashing at that. I got an ebook copy and I will go through it looking precisely for his approach trying to imagine a Muslim reading it. Like I said, the content on first blush is run of the mill anti-Islam stuff you can get all over the Internet, so that part is not so interesting. The resonance and persuasion angle is my interest. If I find something good, I will post it. Michael
  12. Bob, This identifies the problem correctly: "unreformed basic state." Those who are interested in solving the problem will try to figure out how to encourage reformation rather than just throw stones. I'm not sure about the book. It seemed like standard Islam bashing on the surface. There was something in it, though, that resonated with that dude. It would be interesting to try to figure out what that something is. From the emotion I saw, the video dude obviously did not go off like that because someone said bad things about Mohammed. That happens all the time and that man lives in a culture where he is taught that Mohammed bashing is what infidels and Satan do. So something got to him. That he accepted the bad things said about Mohammed while living in that culture is an effect, not a cause. One of the main reasons I abhor the bigoted approach to Islam is epistemological. All the nasty "superior us against the inferior them" rhetoric keeps people on our side from using their brains and trying to discover that kind of resonance so we can actually do something about the threat. And on the other end, the targeted people, bigotry does not convince them of anything except someone hates them by default just because they exist. Bigotry is piss-poor persuasion on all fronts and ultimately leads the cowards among us to perpetrate violence against easy civilian targets (and generally in the deep of the night). A radical wing of Islam already does that. We don't need to encourage it on our side. Now here's the curious thing. The guy who wrote that book did the nasty bigoted rhetoric approach from what I gleaned on looking at it on Amazon, and even still, there is something in the way he did it that triggered the man in the video. That "something" is worth looking into. Something worked and I guarantee it was not the bigotry part. There's something in the Muslim psyche that the author zeroed in on, dinged real hard and it flipped a switch. He did this either by design or by accident, but the result is in the video. Even though the video dude was one man, a very small sample size, it's still a result (presuming he is not acting, and he didn't look like he was acting to me). That resonance, not run-of-the-mill bigotry, is what we should seek to identify, then use. We need results, not just nasty spite to feel less afraid. Michael
  13. It looks like the mainstream media (fake news) crucifixion of Bill Cosby did not do so well in court. The main link goes to here (from Deadline Hollywood): Bill Cosby Rape Case Ends In Mistrial; D.A. Says “Will Retry” – Update From the article: The DA said they are going to retry. Let's see what that looks like, but I have a feeling if it happens, it's going to take a long, long, time. I got a kick out of this headline (from Fox News Insider): Bill Cosby's Spox: Tell Gloria Allred to 'Go Back to Law School' From the article: It might not seem like it, but this whole show is not about Bill Cosby, nor about the women who accused him. That's just the surface. The real show, the real reason this huuuuuuuugely expensive trial and media onslaught happened is about propaganda and destroying an American archetype of a certain kind of black man who is a family man, and replacing him with the archetype of the female victim of the patriarchy. I have a feeling the propaganda attack on Cosby suffered a setback, too, today. Oh, there will still be the attacks. The problem will be if anyone other than a small vocal minority takes it seriously. Michael
  14. Peter, Here are a couple of videos with Rush saying it. And: Michael
  15. Starting to look like it. From The Daily Caller: EXCLUSIVE: Assassination List Found On James Hodgkinson’s Body From the article: More info is needed because even the Daily Caller is now using anonymous sources. But if this list exists, it shows he was organized. People like this generally don't organize this kind of thing alone, nor travel on extended stays without telling their spouses something ominous. I believe the tip of the iceberg will be to see who he was in contact with before he left. Michael