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  1. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    No, I got it. He was lashing out by targeting what he hopes is a sore spot for me, which is my suckiness at math. The thing is, I freely admit that I suck at math, and that it takes a hell of a lot of effort for me to grasp math that others understand with ease. I understand and accept my deficiency. I don't have a psychological need to tell seasoned math professionals that their math which is way over my head is wrong. I don't identify with that type of insecurity, nor do I have any sympathy for it. I like carrying on the old Atlantis traditions. If someone's looking to play rough, he'll be accommodated. I'll be his huckleberry. J
  2. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Retard, the point is not just to post some "big math," but to post math which represents your alleged solution to this really simple physics issue which you think is a difficult "paradox." Understand?
  3. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Correct. There is no paradox, thus the scare quotes around the word "paradox."
  4. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    And still no big math from Merlin, or any other type of solution to the "paradox." Lot's of crying, and some distracted explanations which address something other than the premise of the "paradox," but still no solutions. J
  5. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Hey, Jon, did you see the post where numbnuts revealed that he believes that the videos that we presented with our explanations are optical illusions? Damn, I am so glad that I happened to have some time to come back to OL when I did! Good timing! What a gold mine of schadenfreude. " see a very snooty, very well dressed dowager walking down the street, and then she slips on a banana peel . . . . What’s funny about it? It’s the contrast of the woman’s pretensions to reality. She acted very grand, but reality undercut it with a plain banana peel. That’s the denial of the metaphysical validity or importance of the pretensions of that woman." Merlin is that dowager, and then some. He's slipping (define "slipping!" -- it's just a misleading metaphor!) on multiple banana peels, bloodying his face, and busting ribs and knees, all the while pointing at the rest of us and laughing, and telling us that we're the ones slipping on banana peels as we stand on solid ground and watch him flail and founder. J
  6. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Skid (automobile) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Skid (disambiguation). An automobile skid is an automobile handling condition where one or more tires are slipping relative to the road... Slip (vehicle dynamics) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.(October 2016) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) In (automotive) vehicle dynamics, slip is the relative motion between a tire and the road surface it is moving on. This slip can be generated either by the tire's rotational speed being greater or less than the free-rolling speed (usually described as percent slip), or by the tire's plane of rotation being at an angle to its direction of motion (referred to as slip angle).[1] In rail vehicle dynamics, this overall slip of the wheel relative to the rail is called creepage. It is distinguished from the local sliding velocity of surface particles of wheel and rail, which is called micro-slip. Rolling From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rolling is a type of motion that combines rotation (commonly, of an axially symmetric object) and translation of that object with respect to a surface (either one or the other moves), such that, if ideal conditions exist, the two are in contact with each other without sliding. Rolling where there is no sliding is referred to as pure rolling. By definition, there is no sliding when the instantaneous velocity of the rolling object in all the points in which it contacts the surface is the same as that of the surface; in particular, for a reference plane in which the rolling surface is at rest, the instantaneous velocity of the point of contact of the rolling object is zero.
  7. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Um, dimwit, you’re conflating the motion of a wheel with the motion of a dot on the wheel. The wheel and the dot are not one and the same. See, the wheel is a larger thing than the dot, and has many other points on which we could choose to place a dot, or many dots, which are moving differently from the dot that you have arbitrarily chosen. The premise of the alleged “paradox” is not to disregard the circles and pay attention to the motion of only one or two points at a time on the circle, but to pay attention to the motion of the entire circles and their relationships to the lines which they contact. The fact that a dot on one side of a wheel “falls behind” and then “catches up” at given moments does not mean that the circle as a whole does the same. You are wrong that "the outer circle slips.” The large circle in the “paradox’s” premise is in contact with the lower line, and, as you said in your initial post on this thread, the wheel rolls one revolution. It rolls. It does not slip/skid. It maintains a consistent relationship with the line that it contacts. The smaller wheel slips/skids, but also maintains a consistent relationship with the line that it contacts: It does not fall behind and then "catch up.” It acts just as the animation that I posted illustrates: it rolls with slippage/skidding; it’s like a wheel on an icy surface which is being lightly braked. It is not rolling freely. You’re still not even properly grasping the premise of the alleged “paradox.” You’re lost and confused, and incapable of holding the entirety of the setup in your mind at one time. You’re by far the most visually/spatially/mechanically inept person that I’ve ever met. You are demonstrating unfathomable depths of ineptitude. Your stupidity on this thread continues to multiply exponentially. It’s stunning. J
  8. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Awesome! So you're still not getting it!!! You believe that my videos, and presumably Jon's as well, present visual illusions of slippage/skidding which you think doesn't happen in reality. Heh. The animations of the "paradox" itself are not an illusion which are fooling you, but our much more detailed presentations are illusions that you're not going to fall for? Hahahaha! You're using the idea of a bet as an excuse to give yourself more time, or to avoid giving a solution completely. Regardless of how long negotiations were to take, you still would have had to produce results by your originally proposed deadline. So, lets call off the bet. There, now you have no lame excuse to delay. Stop putting hours into writing posts and whining and making excuses, and put you time instead into producing and delivering the math. No more childish maneuvers to evade reality.
  9. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    I'll take the bet, but first, we would have to agree to specific terms. And with $5000 involved, I'd want it legally binding and quite specific. We'll have to get lawyers involved, and we'd have to place the bet in a jurisdiction where such betting is lawful. So, let's discuss the terms. My requirements are that any attempted solution that you supply would have to be a refutation of the physics of the solution that I've already presented here, since you've declared that my solution is "wrong." Any attempted solution that you would present could not be a mathematical restatement of my verbal/visual/physical solution, nor one which says the same thing in a different way. It must not be a mere semantical difference, but a complete rejection of the substance of my description of the motions of the objects. So far so good? If so, we'll proceed to contemplating who shall judge whether or not your "solution" will have met the terms of this potential bet. It won't be Baal or anyone else on this list, but a legally neutral party who has not participated in this discussion. Something like a profession arbitrator.
  10. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Two weeks?!!! It's going to take you two weeks?!!! Hahahaha! I'll believe it when I see it.
  11. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    8 days and 10 pages into this thread, and still no solution from Merlin. Do you have a rough estimate of how long it will take, Merlin? Years? Decades? I'm going to go with never. That's my bet. Never. You'll never present a solution to the non-paradox.
  12. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    So, let me get this straight. You believe that your yet-to-exist solution to this non-paradox is going to be the equivalent of a professional or academic journal article? You imagine that much importance involved in this elementary school problem? Bwah-hahahahaha!!!
  13. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Heh. Did you present a mathematical resolution to the "paradox"? No. You merely mentioned some aspects of the issue in mathematical terms. You said that it was "complicated" and that you'd have "more later." Still working on it, huh?
  14. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Still no math. Lots and lots of blabber, and huffing and puffing, and sniveling and sniping, but still no math. And remember, once the big math comes, it can't agree with anything that the rest of us has said! You've stated that our descriptions of the shapes, motions and distances are "wrong," and that they are "hogwash" which "don't resolve the paradox."
  15. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Seriously? You STILL don't have anything? And you think that calculating and measuring is so complicated that you need to work on it some more? After all this time that we've been discussing it, you need even more time? Bah-hahahahahaha! I'd think that a math genius of your caliber would be able to resolve the "paradox" in a matter of seconds! But, yet, in the time that I've built and posted several precise animations and still images, you still haven't had enough time to deal with this very simple issue! Hahahaha!