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  1. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    The suggestion would have been very bad propagandawise, in effect an admission that the rationale for alarm was over. If all we need do is keep doing what we are doing (as per Rush's suggestion for what the alarmists could have said), then there'd be no need for further "laws to give [the alarmists] gobs of money and power over the entire earth if they can pull it off." Emergency over, Not good if what you want is to keep a belief in emergency going. Ellen
  2. Who is Carl Barney?

    Mark, Regarding this part of your replies: I think that the "faith or a zealous dream" Respondent E was referring to in the first paragraph is that of the persons who are being defrauded, i.e., that what's meant is: "There is a chance Mr. Blarney [sic] was and is a con artist who can play the part necessary to defraud others of their money while [those others are] blinded by the optimism and evasions that go with faith or a zealous dream." I'm not understanding your objection to Respondent E's first suggestion: "He could have, after his experience with Scientology, latched onto Objectivism, thinking incorrectly that it is also a kind of cult with a niche market ripe for his predation." That sounds to me, from the evidence you presented, like it describes just what Barney did, if you substitute the organization ARI for the name of the philosophy as such - i.e., Barney recognized and proceeded to take advantage of a new "niche market ripe for his predation." Ellen
  3. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    Correct. Ellen
  4. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    No answer (the typical). "The hiatus" refers to a stretch of 18-plus years following 1998 in which the previous late-20th-century reported warming ceased and there might have been average cooling. Relating "the hiatus" to your "definite statement" - here - that "The climate sensitivity models the IPCC sponsors or sanctions run too hot," it isn't just that the models overestimated warming. It's that the estimations were made in terms of a particular theoretical framework in which the hiatus blows an irreparable hole. Hence a state of panic on the part of alarmist theoreticians who know that a hiatus should not have happened according to their account of temperature dynamics. Back in February, on this thread, Michael posted a Rush Limbaugh transcript in which Limbaugh raised a suggestion I didn't manage to get around to addressing about the alarmists' panic over the pause. The alarmists couldn't have done as Limbaugh suggests. The reduction in human-produced CO2 emissions hadn't been nearly enough to produce more than a slight slowdown of warming according to the alarmist theories of atmospheric temperature dynamics. They understood, as apparently Limbaugh doesn't, that the pause ("the hiatus") was devastating for their theories, so they had to scrabble either for theory-patches (band-aid improvisations of some factor or factors "masking" or "delaying" the prognosticated warming) or for a way of eliminating the hiatus as measurement artifact. Ellen
  5. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    Bob, I still don't get a clear indication that you understand the difference between "warmer than" and "warming." Question: Have you heard of what's called "the hiatus"? I searched your posts for the term and found not one reference. Is your description that "The climate and the eco-extremists have been telling us that doom awaits us this century or the next. [....]"what you're referring to when you say that you don't think that Earth will turn into Venus? A 20-foot sea level rise and drowning polar bears wouldn't make Earth comparable to Venus. Venus has a super-dense 95% carbon dioxide atmosphere. The density is such that, although nitrogen is a trace gas on Venus, Venus' atmosphere nonetheless has more nitrogen than Earth's. The idea that Earth's atmosphere might become like Venus' is just bonkers. Ellen PS about glaciers receding. I think that's the dumbest physics argument for "global warming." We're in an interglacial. Glaciers recede during interglacials. Temperatures don't have to be continuing to rise for glaciers to recede. Do the simple experiment of taking an ice cube from the freezer and placing it in a dish on a kitchen cupboard. Then leave the room. Then come back after awhile. Depending on how long you're gone, the ice cube will have melted partly to entirely. Would you be justified in concluding that the temperature of the kitchen must have been increasing while you were gone?
  6. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    You don't handle complication well, but you claim to understand very advanced math and climate dynamics??!! That doesn't compute. One thing I've been trying to point out to you is the difference which seems to elude you between "warmer than" and "warming." Yes, I think that Earth has warmed up since the middle of the Little Ice AgeS (precisely, plural, not singular), but this does not entail that warmING has been continuous or is occurring now. Try this example: In the region where I live, the average temperature for September is typically 20 or more Fahrenheit degrees warmer than the average temperature for March. But this does not mean that there's a cooling trend in March and a warming trend in September. The opposite is the case. There's a cooling trend in September and a warming trend in March. -- On the Venus issue, you keep saying that you don't think that Earth will turn into Venus. Well, of course Earth won't turn into Venus. Taken literally, the idea that Earth would turn into Venus is silly. So what are the alarmist claims, specifically, not metaphorically, which you're negativing in making the statement that you don't think that Earth will turn into Venus? Ellen
  7. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    No, you don't, but never mind. Unresponsive lecture xxx....., including repeat of your Venus trope, your use of which is another of the issues I've asked you about in regard to which answers came there none. Ellen
  8. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    Repeat the question.... If you asked do I think the earth is warming, my answer is yes. A little bit. [....] Bob, there's a bizarre example of your not tracking and not conversing but instead using posts to which you reply as pegs on which to hang lectures. "Repeat the question," you say, while ignoring my point (1). Albeit not in question form, point (1) reiterated the substance of questions I'd asked you three times - getting answers none of those times - pertaining to your thinking "it is worth the cost" to develop the better models you say "we need." And, no, of course I didn't ask if you think the earth is warming. You've said you think so repeatedly, and one of the things to which I was objecting was precisely the positiveness of your assertions on that issue. See my point (2). Attempting to communicate with you is like trying to have a conversation with a computerized pop-up info-bites program. Frustrating and almost profitless. You did manage to correct the inaccurate blanket analogy, but otherwise I think I haven't gotten through. Possibly though you'll understand my point about the difference between "warmer than" and "warming" if I quote a paragraph from an article by Garth Paltrige which you recommend here. Do you understand? Temperatures could be falling and still be a bit warmer than they would have been without the additional carbon dioxide. Ellen
  9. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    Belatedly joining the celebration. ClimateLand has been hopping like the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof the last couple weeks. (The announcement was anticipated and hopping began in advance.) Ellen
  10. do Germany and France live under socialism today?

    The thought of someone giving his/her life for me evokes revulsion in me. Yuck! I've felt that way ever since I was a kid and was told in church school - which I didn't attend for long - about Christ's giving his life as salvation for people's sins. What evokes gratitude in me most strongly is the thought of accomplishments which bring immense practical benefit and/or joy. Major examples: Newton's mechanics. Beethoven's music, which gives me the blessing of joy every day. Great music in general. "The greats last - especially Mozart," as Arthur Rubenstein said in a documentary about him which I think was called "Love of Life." As to the emotion of gratitude for someone who's no longer alive, I think of something that occurred in 2006 when my husband and I visited the Musician's Corner at the big cemetery in Vienna. The weather was drizzly. Someone who had been at the Beethoven plinth not long before us had left amongst the many floral mementos a piece of lined notebook paper, a page torn from one of those bound note tablets. The person had written in ink which was washing away in the drizzle: "I cannot reach you where you are. I can only give thanks for what you have given me here." This brought tears to my eyes, and still does when I remember it. I'm teary-eyed now, writing about it. Those simple words, written in ink washing away in the drizzle, encapsulate for me the feeling of gratitude for a dead person's gift to my life. Ellen
  11. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    Well, here are three things which irk me: (1) Your saying that "we need" better models and that you think "it is worth the cost" of getting them while never saying just what sort of cost you're proposing, how you expect the money to be provided and by whom, and how you're expecting quality control to be achieved. (2) Your apparent inability to understand verb tenses and your outright asserting that the earth IS warming now. That the earth warmed does not say that it is warming. I don't know if the earth is warming now. Maybe, maybe not. I think that there isn't evidence of warming during what's called "the hiatus," and that there are too many unreliabilities to be sure that the supposed warming preceding "the hiatus" was really happening. (3) Your general habit of not answering questions but instead giving lectures which don't actually address what you were asked. Ellen
  12. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    I didn't have time to look at this thread until now. A lot is going on in discussions transpiring elsewhere which might have some actual effect on governmental climate policies. --- Bob, you continue to display your penchants for not tracking what even you yourself have said and for delivering lectures which are beside the point. You claimed - here - that it "is not in dispute" that "the planet is warming." Note: "is warming," continuous. Not "warmer" than during the Little Ice Age. You've often make the claim of a continuous warming trend since the Little Ice Age. But the existence of a continuous trend is disputed, and justifiably. I don't know, since there are many posts on this thread which I've never read, if you have any awareness of what's called "the hiatus," that is, a pause in measured warming for some sixteen to eighteen years. Alarmists went into a tizzy over "the hiatus," trying to get rid of the problem posed for model predictions. But a further problem is posed from the other direction, because of the uncertainties of temperature data records. For there to have been "a hiatus" implies that there was a previous late-twentieth-century warming trend which "paused." But was there? It's impossible to be sure because of the unreliability of surface measuring devices, compounded by monkeying with data and deleting of raw data. The uncertainties pose a problem for testing climate models. A good model would have to get retroactive temperatures right, but since there's uncertainty about what temperatures were, there's inescapable guesswork as to a model's retroactive accuracy. Thus even if your "better models" project was funded - for how much? with money provided how and by whom? with quality control overseen by whom? - and even if Navier-Stokes solutions were forthcoming, you'd still have to wait to see if the predictions were right, since the retroactive baseline would remain iffy. --- Another issue is your frequent statement that you don't think Earth will "turn into Venus." Presumably you don't mean that anyone is literally claiming that Earth will "turn into Venus," but what are you meaning exactly? Ellen
  13. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    Bob, what a run-around. What you initially said you think is "worth the cost" is getting better climate models. Now you "can't give specifics" until those models are developed. Oy. And it isn't true that it isn't in dispute that the planet is warming. The data records are so messed up, impossible to be sure. Ellen
  14. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    I.e., stop the Newspeak. Good. Ellen
  15. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    I don't see any answers in your subsequent posts, only an assertion (responding to a different post of mine): Ellen