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  1. Armageddon. Let's hope. LOL. Ellen
  2. I'm especially inclined to give the funding issue credence regarding Brook's position because: He's so over the top in the language of his antipathy to Trump. Likely funders (Cato, Silicon Valley people) are into "globalizing" economically and might be beguiled by "globalization" in the political sense, contrary though it is to O'ist principles. That remark I quoted about American culture "rotting away from within anyway." Previous reports I've heard about Brook's pitching messages (substantively, not just stylistically) according to audience. Ellen
  3. Impressive photograph. Congratulations!! What peculiar birds owls are with that flattened face. Ellen
  4. You say, while providing an illustration yourself at your usual rambling and murky length, in the course of which, furthermore, you again use "lukewarmists" as a fudge term for enlisting a "roster" of persons who are not allies of alarmist claims. Reminiscent of the "97%" ploy. Regarding your ostensively coming to "lukewarmist" Bob's defense against Brant, Bob isn't an ally of alarmism either, and I think that Bob and Brant got things clarified between themselves by themselves. Ellen
  5. Which would hardly be the big frigging catastrophe alarmists try to tell us we have to radically curtail fossil fuel use to prevent. The alarmist goal isn't control of climate. It's control of people. Ellen
  6. Right. Many, many words of response while missing the point that no one doubts that climate changes, and that "climate change" is used as a fraudulent cover to smuggle in specifically AGW claims. Ellen
  7. The thread gives clues about why Yaron Brook is being so bonkers (as I see it) about Trump: Funding: Cato and the Koch brothers. A remark - link - by Ed Powell, who says that Yaron says different things about immigration depending on which group he's talking to. I've heard a similar comment from a friend of mine who's occasionally attended ARI-sponsored and other events where Yaron was speaking. A quote from Yaron (transcribed by Neil Parille) - link: //quote Yaron Brook// "What are we going to say in 20 years to the Ayn Rands of the world, and here I’m exaggerating a little bit, who didn’t get into the United States because we put an immigration ban on and built a wall all in the name of preserving the American culture that is rotting away from within anyway, right [my emphasis]. I mean I’d rather get a few more scientists, and a few more Ayn Rands, and a few more Yarons and Elan Journos and the rest of the immigrants that are here at the Institute. And, yeah, for every one of those a hundred thousand uh, uh, uh, Mexicans or Latin Americans or whatever, but, you know, I think we’re worth a hundred thousand." //end quote// That's revelatory about Yaron's view on the American scene. It also might indicate a pitch to immigrant tech people. Are there a number of those at ARI? There are a lot of them in California. Ellen
  8. Yeah, that's my point, Michael, the motivations other than money. I wasn't objecting to the whore analogy. I think it's important to recognize the ideological goal, which is strongly sought by many if not all of the ring leaders. I think that Karl is one who has an ideological goal. (He's thick with Holdren.) I understand and empathize. I noticed, for instance, just glancing through the material William posted, that he cites Gavin Schmidt, as if Schmidt is a source worthy of any credence. Ellen
  9. Link to MSK's post. WSS asked: //quote WSS// "Now, what is important, what are people saying, what are the implications of the Bates publication, what 'officially' or in truth is the sum total scandal and probably reckoning for Karl et al? What is the take-home message?" //end quote// Michael replied: //quote MSK// "That the climate scientists are whores who sell their integrity to the highest bidder anyone who will give them a paycheck? I tend to go with that one." //end quote// I don't go with that as worded, since it makes the sellout look indiscriminate and simply an issue of money. There's plenty of money to be had, and money is an inducement, but there's also prestige, and - especially with the higher echelon alarmists - ideology. The usefulness of climate alarm for political goals isn't hard to see. Ellen
  10. Back in March 2016, Michael made an analogy to a pinga drunk which has stuck in my mind as descriptive of the current situation in the U.S.: Ellen
  11. I think that the degree of cloudiness one sees in the Trump skies partly depends on one's sense of priorities. I place stopping the climate alarmist and "globalist" power push at the top of the list. Ellen
  12. I was wondering how long before news of it appeared on OL. That the "Pausebuster" paper was methodologically flawed has been known by people who analyzed it carefully, but this confirms suspicions that there was deliberate shoddiness. Ellen
  13. Tony, Although the "style" factor might be dominant in reactions of some, I think, as you've pointed out yourself previously, that the strongest source of leftist venom is recognizing substance - awareness that the pot of gold at the end of the leftist rainbow, which had seemed just within grasp, is being snatched away. Regarding the young on college campuses, they're told that Trump is anti-blacks, women, gays, Muslims, the pin-up groups, and they believe it. (Note: I'm generalizing, not making a statement about each and every young person on college campuses.) Ellen
  14. Trump couldn't have appeared in the context back then. I'm still mixed as to feelings about how she'd react today. I think she might have been so turned off at the beginning by the bombastic style, she'd then have had trouble changing her mind as the campaign progressed, but I think she might have developed an ear for underlying message. Thing is, though, even speculating about how Rand would react if she were alive today (and very old) is so out of context of so much that happened in the development of the Objectivist world, over which I think she'd have had such fits those things wouldn't have happened (like the formation of ARI for starters). As to 9/11, I've often thought that if she'd been here when that happened, the explosion emanating from her would almost have been seismic itself. Ellen
  15. Yes, "basically the Progressive project on an international scale," with an additional strand in the weave from old aristocracies, families that want to regain some of their former power and see modern business alignments as a way to do that. Ellen