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  1. Donald Trump

  2. Sessions, leaks, security, Manafort and 'false news.'

    Popular television personality Rachel Maddow helps out with Russia Russia Russia as it pertains to Paul Manafort, man of the hour. The context is the "13 areas" of documentation the Mueller investigation has requested from the Trump administration ... And just to add some frosting to the cake, Corey Lewandowski throws Manafort and Stone under the bus.
  3. Sessions, leaks, security, Manafort and 'false news.'

    As noted above, the bombshells about Manafort are subject to interpretation ... here is Breitbart and Infowars with "Vindication." -- but then a little bit of extra news, speculation, and hoopla: The funny peculiar stuff just keeps on coming ...
  4. Sessions, leaks, security, Manafort and 'false news.'

    Of course, the entirety of Russia Russia Russia can be seen as fey canoes or fall snooze ...
  5. Sessions, leaks, security, Manafort and 'false news.'

    Here'a brief statement from the Witch ... What is interesting about this statement is sourcing. Who wants to bet that the "leak" did not come from the Manafort camp, or from the White House? Benjamin Wittes's article at Lawfare is useful for reading between the lines: "How to Read a News Story About an Investigation: Eight Tips on Who Is Saying What."
  6. Sessions, leaks, security, Manafort and 'false news.'

    Paul Manafort is the subject of two 'scoops' of hoopla, one by the New York Times, and one by CNN. The TL;DR is that Manafort was subject to a long-running FISA interception of communications -- and that he was told to expect an indictment by the Mueller investigation ... Illustration of the hoopla, from today's Memeorandum.com: -- the folks at the Lawfare site put together a useful article exploring the possibilities and incongruencies of the two scoops of hoopla, in their article "The Latest Scoops from CNN and the New York Times: A Quick and Dirty Analysis." Here is a sample: -- Paul Manafort's name appeared here on OL way back in March 2016.
  7. The Trump-Russia File [updated]

    Also today, Politico reports that Flynn's family has set up a fund to help defray his legal costs: Unrelated:
  8. The Trump-Russia File [updated]

    Not that anyone really cares, but here's a story from Politico: How to Read Bob Mueller’s Hand Based on what we know so far, here’s a former federal prosecutor’s expert read on where the Russian investigation is heading. By RENATO MARIOTTI September 18, 2017 Mariotti briefly updates on the Flynn and Manafort pickings, then ... The story wraps up with words of caution for anyone expecting a quick end to the investigation ...
  9. Donald Trump

  10. I can't make complete sense of the deal/no-deal, amnesty/no amnesty hoopla engorging the members of the media today. I think that the President wants to allow work permits continuing to be given to DACA folk, on the same two-year re-application schedule. But the hoopla machinery is at full screaming intensity today. From Memeorandum this moment: Whew!
  11. What to learn about Russian goals when you don't really care

    + France, UK, USA, Russia, India, China, Pakistan, and now North Korea. Depending on the President's handling of the JCPOA, Iran may join the club. Brant suggests certain nuclear outcomes in the 21st century -- at least a couple of cities destroyed. I am willing to bet only as far as my life-span, which I presume will end in 2025. Just so I can pay out or fetch in my winnings while alive, and thence enjoy the lesson of history. I predict no nuclear destruction before I die, or before OL dies, depending on who goes first. In some arguments I have seen, the North's bizarre Juche ideology and more bizarre society are -- if not rational, at least understandable -- understandable in the context of a very long war-footing without and with actual war ... Roughly as hewn in some arguments, the war waged by North Korea is a conflict with a perfect through-line, the overthrow of alien control and subjugation. This began against Japan at the start of that conflict. Alien subjugation allied with feudal gulfs between peasant and ruler (and landlord). Thus began the rise of Kim il Sung, in the thirties, as the original antifa. Or at least as communist guerilla forces ... Fast forward past WWII, the society fully split frozen in two armed factions, Kim Il Antifa kept going, against new adversaries, as Japan came under American tutelage, as military conflict continued to be seen as the sole solution to Korea's dislocations. Looking through Gary Gilmore's eyes, so to speak. Fast forward past ceasefire and Kim Il Antifa is still at it through the sixties and seventies, while to the south, a military-industrial dictatorship initially rivaled the north in brutal carnage. Zoom forward through anti-communist internal "dirty war," into the eighties social convulsions, past fledgling political freedoms to the emergence of full democracy in the late nineties. Past the south's climb up to first-world technological infrastructure and income, to the Kim Jong Bizzaro antifa state achieving its nuclear goal. That long arc of northern Juche war footing is then a narrative "understood" by the unsavoury regimes that are its friends. From China to Zimbabwe to Syria, they 'get' the bizarre anti-imperialist line or arc. On the Russia side then, there is an understanding that pretends the Kim royalty sought a "nuclear umbrella." In this reading, the North can rest, rest assured that its fans will see its nukes as strategic deterrent to "regime change." It can feel 'safe. The challenge is biggest in South Korea. Every decade it has gotten stronger, by economic measure, in education, culture, science. It has had a flourishing of its creative enterprises, such that it can export its cultural products to pan-Asian markets. The challenge of living next door to the height of militaristic crazy, embedded in a conflict begun in 1933. Do we interface with Nuke Baby Antifa ... ? In researching the state of the south's might in Asia, I came across multiple mentions of a rennaissance in Korean film (its television and pop music having captured huge markets). Just imagine what a free imagination could make of the bizarre state of war that persists. They've done it. Punching far above their weight, umbrella or not. Here's a rather shocking example of the punch of the south's films. A "remix" of scenes from a 2003 horror film called Old Boy. -- in this commentary I aimed at including jejeune," but failed. Give a child a man's tool and all that.
  12. What to learn about Russian goals when you don't really care

    It's a blog entry with an initial focus on Russian strategic aims or goals. It appears you aren't much interested in discussion of the topic, naive or childish or whatever. So you may wish to communicate your concerns with nuclear proliferation ... with North Korea joining the club of nations with nuclear arms. Goodbye Israel? Seems like a point in search of an argument. A grown-up argument.
  13. If I have got this straight, a new theory from Roger Stone has captivated Alex Jones. President Trump is being drugged. To what end, and by whom? Well, you will have to listen and learn ... (hint: "Them")
  14. What to learn about Russian goals when you don't really care

    I covered the question of USA-Russia aims and goals. Whether or not you accept a particular set of Russian goals, and whether or not you accept that a Trump goal remains a 'better relationship' ... we do get clues from the Russians themselves. From the OT: -- now, whether or not you grant any credence to any writer from Buzzfeed, the claim today is that 'secret' Russian documents have surfaced. True, partially true, fey canoes, a thimble of truth in a beaker of crap? The gist is that Russia had detailed suggestions/plans to normalize relations.