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  1. Snatched from the jaws of the House Science Committee. From the Hill, via Politico, via "sources said" -- Energy Department tells staff not to use phrase 'climate change': report
  2. David's newly interesting theme/s:
  3. Memory-saving Chrome extension news ... Thanks, Michael. I think it is adding an extra zip to the browser ... It has become indispensable for me, as I have been using it ever since. Thanks again. And here is another excellent addition, an extension called OneTab. This allows you to send to a single page every open tab or a selection. See OneTab for more info and to install it into your Chrome browser ... it is also available for Firefox. It is like keeping a running 'tab' of all your drinks at a bar. One can share the tabs as a web-page, or share your OneTab with others. Which makes it an excellent collaboration tool.
  4. I wondered if Tony and Wiliam in discussion would sound better in French or English, and took a couple of side alleys. I said, "these sound like train announcements," and one thing led to another. A caprice.
  5. Russia Russia Russia!
  6. Add to this ... where might Curry's (or any researcher on Arctic climate) research data be made available to the public, and to other inquirers (cf the 'open data movement)? It depends ...
  7. Honi soit qui mal y pense ... "Honi soit ..." serves as a motto for President Trump, in a way.
  8. The five remarkable statements and claims I have highlighted above in the CC file. The Department of Homeland Security is mentioned, and Michael has posted the video David Seaman refers to. Here is a screen capture: -- I have followed the various threads raised in the Seaman video, and will report back on what I find.
  9. I like the notion of 'relaxed atheist,' if I understand it. But two other things stand out in your phrase: "skeptical secularists" and "personal vacuum left behind by faith." Who is a 'skeptical secularist' in your view? How do you learn and demonstrate a person has a 'personal vacuum' where faith used to be? I mean, I could probably be described as a 'skeptical secularist,' in that I am a Skeptic (in its modern operational meaning). And I support a secular state, strongly. But then, what about the personal vacuum left behind by faith? I don't recall ever having a faith in my heart (in religious terms). These are strong, sweeping statements, and so I think they must have actual references in the real world. Who are these 'secularists' in numbers? Which of them have supplied scorn for strong convictions, which have been 'soft' and which (in particular) European nations have been damaged (by them)? From what I know, and it isn't a lot, the most secular countries in Europe are those with an imposed state rulebook that proscribes certain religious practices. Eg, France, with its public niqab ban and its ban on hijab in public service. But I guess it depends on how you collectively describe a nation as 'secularist.' It could be that a proper definition of 'skeptical secularist' or plain old 'secularist' would be based on attachment to secular values beyond the remit of religion or outside religion entirely; officially secular states abound in the Western world. Perhaps the definition need take account of levels of belief, or even lack-of-belief. In that case, the countries in Europe with the least attachment to religion, or with the greatest amount of atheist non-believers. Which countries with large formations of 'skeptical secularists' are the ones we will be discussing, Tony?
  10. David Brock's demonic MMfA collected some of the "Pizzagate is Real!" recipes barked out by Alex Jones before he began editing his cookbook and video feed. I do, as least where epistemology gets a head-start on morality. That aside, the notable part of the statement (beside the regret) is what Alex Jones and by extension Infowars, "knows" ... I highlight the part of the document that resonated with me: Back to the guy of the hour. David Seaman has fans and he has critics. Not only is the Lifting the Veil guy, Nathan Stolpman, a bit aroused by David Seaman, but Nathan is the nicest of all of those aroused to question the man. Titus Frost, one of the guys who spoke on stage at the rally, dashed off a denunciation that makes Nathan seem like a nice Consumer Reports lady. It has since been complained about and removed by Youtube ... but is basically "Titus Frost" driving his car and shouting at the camera about how much of a fucking evul asshole David Seaman is ... to the limit of Youtube's policy on bullying and harassment. Here's a brief set up of Titus's style in the car, at this point shouting at Alex Jones while driving: But wait! -- there's more. Yet another guy -- who thinks Seaman is part of the Zionist shill fake-alt counterintelligence plant, or at least his audience is. I have a hard time just figuring out how wacky are the beliefs and obsessions of the Seaman+/- community, but who loves Titus: "He was the only one to talk about Zionism and the Talmud ... what a coincidence that they started booing him and screaming at the stage. ... It's right in their religion. ... The Zionists in the United Kingdom ... this is my message to you ..." Blah blah blah. Mind-control shill tactics. "Look at me. Was I one of the first people to ...?" Blah. And back to David. David David David. Denouncing with one hand, while being denounced on the other. Everyone denounce. Look up the word schmozzle. -- "attacks against me" ... "frankly obscene" ... "we might all have Podesta in prison by now" ... "I'm getting sick of the attacks from Titus Frost." "They are packaging Pizzagate for their own benefit ... completely free ... what Titus Frost is doing with me ... why is he promoting his fiance? ... it's what reality TV stars do ... " But ... BREAKING! Er, a rather more thoughtful exposition by Lee Stranahan, in a Periscope live videocast now on Youtube. Imagine reading the comments live as you try to get through a log jam of journalism boo-boos. Extra points for the mention of McMartin and 'ritual abuse panic.' Lee Stranahan explains why #PizzaGate is fake news and hurts alt media
  11. The fun part is when he sort of sics the crowd on another observer** ... which is a flap and a half, for later. I stitched together two videos of the same event, and combined the sound files to pan on stereo. The flap was with the dude behind Lift the Veil, who has a weird false-flag lens for almost everything, and a two-hour live call-in show, and so of course has a lengthy after-the-fact discussion of the mobbishness at the rally. I spare you that with an under-three minute two-angle highlight. I watched a lot of that damn rally looking for camera angles. Some interesting and some slightly bizarre speakers. __________________________________ **