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  1. I was just asking a question. I think if President Trump looked like he was going bananas with the Nukes the word would go out to the military to belay any order to launch a first strike. I don't think our military is quite ready to start World War III. So I am not worried about Trump with his hands on the Nuke codes. Our military does not consist of robotic yes men who are only following orders.
  2. Is Wilson's thesis supported by observed facts? When a hypothesis is put forward the only relevant question is: Is it right (i.e. empirically correct)?
  3. Here is a new question: If Donald Trump is elected he gets the nuclear launch codes. Is anyone uncomfortable with that????
  4. Have a look at this:
  5. Nate Silver is a devote Bayesian and he will update his predictions with each new piece of data pertaining to the election. In Bayesian estimation new evidence is entered and a new posterior probability is computed.....
  6. my voting for Trump is a hostile act against the government of the United States. I had initially thought about writing in Bernies name, but that would be a wasted vote. Under no circumstances would I vote for Hillary.,
  7. A Trump victory will be a shock to the system. Which it really needs. Some shocks cure. Some shocks kill. I think a Trump administration will demonstrate convincingly that our government has become shit. It has been shit for over one hundred years. Now it will become completely obvious. What will come of it? I don't know, but I am sure a Trump victory will be, so to speak, interesting. I am going to vote for Trump not because I think he will do that much good, but because he might break the machine. In which case we shall have to fix it.
  8. If Trump is not really like the person he appears to be in public, may we assume that he is trying to deceive us?
  9. More likely ..... Nips.
  10. great man fantasy

    First line of speech, a canard. Trump does not humbly accept anything... By the way, it was not a Convention. It was a Coronation, just as the DNC will be. Where are all those smoke-filled rooms?
  11. I am counting on the Germans to do the effective thing to boot the Muslim imigrants out on their asses. The Germans are not burdened with a First Amendment like we are....
  12. Ecce homo. Behold the Man! Warts, Blemishes and All. You get Trump as he is, not as you would like him to be.
  13. Yet another massacre in Germany. This time at a shopping mall, the OEZ, in Munich.; 9 dead. The perp has not yet been identified but I am willing to be a non-trivial amount of money that the perp is a Jihadi. Any takers? Eventually the Germans will get tired of this and start loading up the box-cars.
  14. Here is an article that compares Donald Trump to Andrew Jackson. It makes some interesting points.
  15. I don't STOP with facts. Principles are important too. But I weigh facts more heavily than principles. Why. All it takes is one contrary fact to kill a general principle. Logic 101. One counter example falsifies a universally quantified statement.