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    I am retired, but far from inactive. A day without a twenty mile bicycle ride is a day without joy.
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    Currently residing in New Jersey, the Bad-a-Bing State.
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    I am also involved in preparing recorded books for blind and dyslexic folks.

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  1. Or, putting it another way --- she was prepared.
  2. The only "poll" that really counts is the general election....
  3. Do you trust Moore's judgment?
  4. Sheldon Glaschow is a physicist, a colleague of Stephen Weinberger (and a classmate as well), who with Abdus Salam shared the Nobel Prize for unifying the weak force and the electromagnetic force. In his book "Interactions" Glaschow makes the following observations: "In the past, America was number one because of its hardworking citizens, its natural resources and its freedom of opportunity. For the future, without our resources largely spent, mere brawn will not suffice, and those who are scientifically illiterate are enslave by their own ignorance. American education has got to get on the ball. A recent government sponsored international survey of top high school seniors worldwide has found American students to be poorly educated in mathematics. Ours are by far the weakest students of the twelve nations surveyed. Can we afford to continue producing an infinite number of lawyers, advertisers and other ignoramuses? Watch out, lest they draw and quarter you as they've done to AT&T and convince you that you like it, too. Worry a little bit that the people you entrust to make up the nation's budget probably flunked high school math, and those who built the ill-fated space shuttle Challenger didn't know or care what happens to rubber in cold weather..." "Interactions" is a very witty book and you might find it worthwhile to read.
  5. Even before. You can back into Teddy Roosevelt's administration. Also Woodrow Wilson was a Statist from Hell.
  6. She is probably loaded with codine. He should come back with a question: what's your net worth sweetie?
  7. I am voting for Trump. He is a disaster and if he wins it will produce beneficial shock treatment to the system, or it will wreck the system. We shall see... If you ask me why I will tell you. We hatessss the government, precioussssssss, and we wants to see it bleed....
  8. exactly. A set of beliefs is not subject to legal force or government control. Actions are a different story....
  9. Exactly. Now how many people do you know or know of who say they are religious but to not follow the doctrines of their religion fully? And Shariah will never become law in the U.S. or Canada because Muslims are a small minority in the population. So far, Islam in the U.S. has not led to Sharia become the effective law. Statute and Common Law are the effective laws. If there were ever a danger of Islam being imposed on the population then Mosques will burn and Muslims will be slaughtered. And those that are not slaughtered would be loaded onto freight cars. Don't worry about it.
  10. Have a look at "I, Pencil" And here is Milton Friedman's sermon on the pencil...
  11. No it isn't. A person can be a Muslim and be perfectly law abiding under statute and common law.
  12. Then you should enjoy this....
  13. Socialism has been creeping in since 1932. That is 84 years by my reckoning.
  14. That would be clear violation of the First Amendment. It ain't going to happen.
  15. From the motion picture "Breach"