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  1. Why is there religion???

    The philosophy of Epicurus is a good substitute for religion. It is a very good way of reconciling rational people with their inevitable death. Much of what Epicurus wrote has been lost, but his philosophy was retained in De Rerum Natura by Lucretius.
  2. Rand's Kind of Censorship!

    What was Galt's Gulch in "Atlas Shrugged" ? Was it not an Eden?
  3. Interest as Cost of Immediacy

    All physical theories be they ever so accurate and ever so beautiful and nifty are subject to revision. The history of physics tells us it is only a matter for time before our technology becomes good enough to reveal something our theories do not handle well. You will see in the following the Dark Energy and Dark Matter (so-called) our place markers for our ignorance. Apparent spacetime has energy or something like it. This is what the physicists are called dark energy which is causing the expansion of our cosmos to happen at an accelerated pace. Spacetime can expand. Locally distances are preserved. So spacetime has something like substantial properties. It is not merely a bundle of distances. So called Dark Energy is one of the challenges currently facing physics. Dark Matter (so-called) is another. This is remniscent of the problems facing physics at the end of the 19 th century. Black Body radiation was giving physicists fits. Eventually quantum theory was invented to account for it. Time IS Space or better space and time are not separate things. In that old days they said Space is what keeps everything happening in the same place and Time was there to prevent everything happening at once. It is pretty clear that our intuitive grasp of Space and our intuitive grasp of Time is not adequate to discern the exact nature of Spacetime
  4. Interest as Cost of Immediacy

    In the General Theory of Relativity (which is very well supported by fact and experiment) the space-time manifold is capable of being distorted by masses. The curvatures so induced in the manifold constitute gravitation, not a force as in the Newtonian theory. There is more than discrete distance involved, there is the metric tensor which is defined over a locally compact set of events (points). The correct functioning of the GPS system is heavy evidence in favor of the Einstein version of space-time.
  5. Interest as Cost of Immediacy

    Stand in the hot sunlight for a spell and tell me that energy is not real. Compare yourself today to what you looked like when you were 3 years old. Tell me that time is not real. Move about and tell me that space is not real.
  6. Interest as Cost of Immediacy

    Is/Ought I have pointed out in prior postings that morality does not at all flow from physical laws or physical states or physical properties. Morality is Stuff We Make Up. The Real reality is all the matter and energy that flows in the space-time manifold plus the space-time manifold itself. Time is real, space is real, matter is real and energy and entropy are real. Everything else is stuff made up by temporary ensembles of matter and energy, that is to say stuff made up by sentient beings.
  7. Trump humor

    The cartoonist from the LA Times is first rate. Please see: http://www.latimes.com/opinion/topoftheticket/la-na-tt-cruz-and-kasich-team-20160426-story.html Or look at all of Horsey's work. He is really really good. http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-tot-cartoons-pg-photogallery.html
  8. Donald Trump

    Did RWR veto any democrat money bills? It was RWR who was pushing lower taxes on the grounds that lowering taxes would grow the economy sufficiently well that we could afford all our war mongering.
  9. Donald Trump

    Trump's boy RWR deliver $1.75 worth of government for every $1.00 collected in taxes. Our less than robust economic condition can be traced back the RWR administration. Instead of tax and spend, it was spend and tax. We spent more than we received in taxes and thus did the deficit grow and grow.
  10. Peikoff's Personal Esthetics Authority

    All aesthetic judgment is subjective. There is nothing in the physical makeup of the cosmos that defines or determines beauty. Beauty is a matter of taste. The taste is in our tongues and our brains, not in the Great Out There.
  11. Cruz Nuz

    I recall telling you some time ago that Glenn Beck is a buffoon. Are you convinced yet?
  12. Dishonest Attacks on Genetically Modified Organisms

    Most of the grains we eat are genetic variations of original wild strains, basically grasses. The genetic modification was mostly accomplished by selective breeding of the plants. Humans have been doing selective breeding for at least 10 thousand years. That is why we have dogs. Dogs were invented by humans by selectively breeding wolves. The cattle from which we get our beef are also genetic modifications of wild breeds of cattle. This is little in our diet that arises from wild native strains produced by Nature alone. What the anti GMO Luddites bitch and moan about are lines of plants and animals modified by gene splicing. Both gene spliced and selected from nature mutations and cross breeds are equally unlike the original wild strains. Almost no animals sold for food have been gene spliced. The few animals which have been gene spliced are sheep which produce human insulin that can be chemical extracted from their milk or from their pancreas if they are slaughtered. This human insulin has made the treatment of diabetes in humans cheaper and more effective. Back in the Day, insulin for diabetics was made from chopped up steer pancreas. I wonder if the GMO Luddites are against this kind of insulin treatment. However, I do get a little bit nervous when the folks in the labs produces new strains of bacteria and viruses. The issue there is safe handling of their product. If their product ever infects people and animals outside the lab we will have the modified organisms forever or nearly forever. Look how long it took to eliminate the small pox virus.
  13. Aspirations, Gaza Death Tunnels, Schools of Hope

    Israelis find the tunnels. Most of the Jews in the world are NOT in Israel. And some of the tunnel hunters are Druse or Arabic speaking.
  14. Rand's Kind of Censorship!

    You were the one who brought up law and law is almost always the road to tyranny. First there are good and sensible laws which are soon followed by laws that bind and enslave.