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  1. sounds like a Dog and Pony show..... I think I will skip all three.
  2. Mostly because clean drinkable water was hard to come by, especially in cities... Hard cider was a healthier drink (at that time) than water from the nearby stream. You know, the stream that the animals peed in.
  3. Have a look here:
  4. Suppose after he got in (through a door, say) and we seal the door sold? His mirror could not be used to cut has way out (say the door was welded shut).
  5. Fine. Now what skill has he shown to lead a nation (a political entity) as opposed to running a business? Hillary has shown little. Trump has shown less. Another reason I wish to hang trump around the neck of our government like a millstone....
  6. What is the big deal? President Kennedy had Addison's disease and FDR was paralyzed and could not walk. In neither case did that prevent them from functioning in office. Having perfect health is NOT a legal requirement to hold the office.
  7. Bottom = a base or foundation in this context. Grounding.....
  8. One fast a year has no medical or nutritional significance. It is just a cultural and family tradition. I only brought it up because you said fasting does not include giving up taking in water. I pointed out that the Yom Kippur fast which is only just over a day long is a total fast. Clearly it cannot be maintained. Without water we would be gone and dead in under ten days.
  9. Motion ceases at absolute zero. One cannot "keep on going". Absolute zero is a temperature that cannot be physically reached although people have come very close. I think the current value actually reached is half of one billionth of a degree Kelvin above absolute zero.
  10. Odds calculations are in part subjective and very idiosyncratic. Two people can view the same set of facts and come up with different odds. Two probability theorists, Finetti and Jaynes promoted the notion the probability is really a subjective notion which can be subjected to mathematical constraints. 1. The probability of an outcome is a non negative number between zero and one 2. If A and B are independent then P(A and B) = P(A) * P(B) 3 P(not-A) = 1- P(A) but for an event P(A) is arrived at subjectively. The other theory of probability is the so called frequentist theory that says if outcome A is observbed in a large number of trials N them P(A) = the number of times A happens / N. So if a fair coin is tossed a large number of times then heads will come up close to fifty percent of the time and tails will come up nearly fifty percent of the time with no other output possible (the coin will never land on its edge). Bayesian Statistics is based on the subjective theory of probability. It is assumed that a reasonable person tossing a coin that is just as likely to come up heads as tails will estimate the probability of head = probability of tails = .5.
  11. A more exact statement: Another reason not to be Jewish.
  12. On Yom Kippur i fast. No food, no liquid for 25.5 hours.
  13. If he wins it is a 100 percent chance and if he loses it is a 0 percent chance. to come up with 95 percent you have to hold the election many time and see how many of the times Trump won.
  14. I guarantee that if one goes on a total H20 fast (non taken as drink or as moisture in food) for 15 days one will not be troubled by cancer or anything else.
  15. Why not wait until the first Thursday in November and see how the election turned out?