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    I am retired, but far from inactive. A day without a twenty mile bicycle ride is a day without joy.
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    Music: Mozart, Bethoven. Movie: Casablanca. Favorite Philsopher: David Hume
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    Currently residing in New Jersey, the Bad-a-Bing State.
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    mathematics, physics, alternative energy sources.

    I am also involved in preparing recorded books for blind and dyslexic folks.

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  1. Better obnoxious and smart than obnoxious and not-so smart.
  2. "You" is a designator, which in this context means the set of processes and parts of your body that manifest thought. There is no abstract "you" that floats around disembodied. The "you" I refer to is a proper subset of your body the the electro-chemical processes that occur therein. I am a stickler for exactitude. If I am becoming senile, I have forgotten more then you ever knew in your young life. I know more than you and I am more intelligent than you are. Spock is my patron saint. \\// LLAP.
  3. Thoughts are electochemical processes that take place in the brain and nervous system. Get an MRI scan sometime and you can see your thoughts in real time.
  4. What is EQ?
  5. Not as bad, but no good for health in the long term.
  6. Not the same, but describable by the same physical laws. Humans are made out of a somewhat different set of atoms than wood chips and in somewhat different proportions.
  7. Visit any major Chinese city and it will take you only a breath or two to learn about doses.
  8. The Cosmos is physical. Every bit of it and always....
  9. In what part of the human body does the mind reside? And has it ever been imaged by either sonic or electromagnetic means?
  10. Imam Abdel Rahman, the "blind cleric" who plotted (among other things) the first bombing of the WTC in 1983 is dead at 78. He was serving a life term for his part in the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1983. That was the bloody act which (then) President Clinton called a criminal act. It was really an act of war. Good riddance. And I hope all of his 72 virgins have nothing between their legs.
  11. What would you call it if I poison the air you breath and the water you drink? Even if I did it unintentionally? At the very least criminal negligence and reckless endangerment. Is that unbloated enough for you?
  12. Metaphysics as practiced by Plato and Aristotle is non-empirical bullshit philosophy which contributes no useful knowledge of the world and has impeded (in the past) the development of effective physical science. By the 19 th century physical scientists had mostly purge physical science of metaphysical baggage. In the 20 th century physical science was totally cleansed of metaphysical rot. Metaphysics is (technically speaking) the philosophy or study of being, qua being. It is an extreme form of abstraction which leaves out anything observable or useful which is why scientists who do physical science have little or nothing to do with metaphysics. It is an impediment to physical science. Metaphysics and $2.75 will by a small cup of coffee and a plain doughnut at the local doughnut shop. Which pretty well tells you what metaphysics is worth.
  13. Leonardo is off to Save the Planet. What's a little A-1* compared to Saving the Planet? *A-1 is the type of naphtha kerosene that commercial jet planes burn.
  14. I am not into book burning. I am more into book ignoring (certain books, not all). I enjoyed Atlas Shrugged as alternate time line fiction, my favorite Sci Fi genre. So I am not about to commit AS to the flames. It was entertainment.
  15. He killed metaphysics. What is not to love about that?