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    I am also involved in preparing recorded books for blind and dyslexic folks.

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  1. Homicide was never proven in court. So legally it never happened....
  2. Only persons have rights. new born humans are not yet persons. Why? Because they do not have enough brain tissue and neural interconnects to be persons. Fortunately, nature has contrived to make the brain the fastest developing organ in a new born human. Within a month or two our newborn will have the equipment to become a person, so legally we should give it time to happen, which it will in virtually all normal newborn humans. Here is the thing. The vaginal opening in the human female pelvis is too small to permit the ejection (birth) of the newborn if it had a 2.5 lb brain (minimum for being human). So a newborn has a brain that weighs slightly over one pound. In a word, human come half baked from the oven. Fortunately the dough rises within a month or two. But human infants -at birth- are not yet persons. They are biological entities who most likely will become persons if their growth is not interfered with.
  3. That Jean Claude is a corker!!!!!
  4. Not a tautology since more than this world is possible... It would be a tautology if only one world (the one we have ) is the only possible world.
  5. There is only one world. According to Leibniz, this is the best of all possible worlds....
  6. another phase of the long drawn out killing of the Republic. It will be 4 more years of Obama, Bill's 3 rd term with occasional hot flashes...
  7. I am voting for him. If he wins he will wreck the government, as the government currently is. Trump is my very own political I.E.D.. Personally I think Trump is a loutish, mannerless boor but he has his uses..... We hatessss the government preciossssss and we wants it to bleed.
  8. Keep on whistling as you walk past Trump's graveyard.
  9. 2016 presidential election

    Constitutional Monarchs do not rule. They govern.
  10. It is only a guess. What a few weeks and we shall see...
  11. 2016 presidential election

    The President has no special power in civil suits. The only power he has in criminal suits is issuing pardons.
  12. too late for Trump. In electoral votes he will go down hard. In popular vote he may do better. Electoral votes count.... The total popular vote is not decisive...
  13. May Hillary is the Reductio ad Absurdum of our government. Tyranny by menopause...
  14. Now I have heard everything ---- Turkeys going Seig Heil.
  15. It also has objective measurable consequences. For example the workings of your GPS transponder. Space-time is as real as rain. You and I are moving around in the space-time manifold in a sustained entropy driven temporal; manner. Now you know why physical science succeeds and philosophy fails. Science works and ethics/morality is muddled. Which is why we are having wars where scientifically produced weapons are used.