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  1. They devices were made of copper based metals. They oxidize a fair amount and might not be recognizable after 2000+ years. As it was it took an MRI machine to figure out what the Device was and how it worked.
  2. My insistence on a proper name for the crime is predicated on the hypothesis which is most likely based on the evidence currently in hand. It is Bayesian estimation which is the proper logic of empirical induction. When new evidence comes to light then we might revise our hypothesis concerning the homicide., It was homicide (based on the known facts) not assassination. I am not requesting anything. Did you read the word "request" or "should" in any of my posts on this matter?
  3. In that case genuine recognition of virtue is not hypocrisy. I think our business on this issue is concluded.
  4. Acknowledging virtue for whatever reason is NEVER EVER hypocrisy. Check your premises. Perhaps something more than an acknowledgment is appropriate but there is no hypocrisy in it.
  5. The willful destruction of a person's reputation is a nasty vile act. That it is. But it is not homicide. And the destruction of an organization for unjust reasons is also not a homicide. In homicide real live people are violently or wrongfully attacked until they cease to live. Their most precious things, their life and times, is taken from them by force or because of negligence. Likening attacks on a a business firm (and yet to be successful attacks) is NOT attempted murder or attempted homicide. I am a stickler for calling things by their right names. Going after Fox News for political reasons may be vile act but it is NOT homicide or attempted homicide. Calling it such is a part of the error of treating legal entities, business firms as persons. Persons bleed hot red blood. Business firms do not. Red Ink is not Red Blood.
  6. Let me ask this. Is is just possible that Rich was murdered by a mugger as he walked home in the dark in the wee hours of the morning. Evil acts like this happen all the time. Why is his murder now being declared an "assassination"? Is their any evidence that he was "assassinated"? The fact of his most unfortunate killing followed acts of Rich's that had political consequences. Post hoc ergo propter hoc? After this therefore -because of this-? The fact that this could have been a politically motivated assassination does not mean it -was- a politically motivated assassination.
  7. Recognition of the way someone's doings and existence have made YOUR life better is paying homage to the concept of virtue and it is recognition of a fact. Recognizing the facts you are aware of and their value (or disvalue) to you is simply partaking of truth. Recognizing truth and acknowledging a gift is simply good manners. I believe Rand put exercise of good manners and the value of good manners into one of the characters she created. Francisco d'Aconia in Atlas Shrugged. I am not a Follower of Ayn Rand and I have received value from her literary works. It was a free gift. In a sane and just society free gifts are flying about. The lesser person is made richer by the doings of the greater person. I think Rand made this point several times.
  8. To appreciate someone is to recognize and acknowledge their virtues. You can appreciate someone without necessarily liking that someone.
  9. I appreciate the rare treat precisely because it is rare. Thank you.
  10. Do not your breath hold until grammatical Yoda is, else blue turn you will.
  11. the WaPo's special features on science, technology, movies and books is pretty good. I also use the NYT primarily for eats features. I can do without their editorials. Their hard news coverage is pretty consistent with other independent news sources available on the Internet. It is pretty difficult to get hard news from a newspaper these days. A lot of the (so-called) news has editorial and opinion embedded or is slanted. One of the worst offenders these days is the Manchester Gurniand. The features are pretty good but it is hopeless getting untainted news from the Guardian.
  12. Those guys did more for me than I ever did for them....
  13. Pa, Pa! Where's my Pa? Dead and buried, Ha, Ha, Ha.
  14. Those lefty whiners from the Manchester Gurniad are a bunch of pablum punking pinko stinko hate America pro-socialist assholes. While I normally do not praise or condone unnecessary violence somehow I can not bring myself to condemn Gianforte.
  15. The Vulcans aquire logic through the doctrine of Kalimar. Native Vulcan emotion is actually greater than that of humans which is why they had to develop a Discipline to control it. Stoicism is learnable. It is not wired in. And what is relevant that we may disregard the irrelevant? That varies from person to person depending on their experience.