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  1. Upcoming event!

    No definite predictions  =  total and utter balderdash.  A theory or  hypothesis that  does not predict and cannot be tested  is worthless. 
  2. We have a new "GW"!

    101 years after.  Einstein finally nailed General Relativity in 1915.   After Einstein lectured at Gottingen, Hilbert  found the field equations in a matter of weeks.  Einstein had struggled with them for years.   Hilbert nearly scooped Einstein, but he said Einstein deserves the praise because Einstein blazed the the trail.  Einstein struggled with GR from 1907 to 1915  and he nearly had a nervous breakdown from the effort.  Many people were near to getting Special Relativity other than Einstein,  but GR was  an Einstein original  from the the git-go.  If Einstein had died in 1905 prior to publishing Special Relativity  it would have been found by several others.  Special Relativity was implicit in Maxwell's Theory of the Electromagnetic Field.  That theory was Lorentz Invariant right out of the box.  In fact it was Maxwell's (and Faraday's)  theory  that gave Einstein the clue to Special Relativity.
  3. We have a new "GW"!

    Have a look here:  http://www.space.com/17661-theory-general-relativity.html  The spacetime continuum bends and wiggle according to the effects of mass.  When two big hunks like a pair of black holes collide the space time manifold  stretches and squeezes.   Drop a big rock into a still point and see what  the water does.  This  is just a simplified version of gravity waves which operate in 4 dimensions.
  4. Guy Fawkes Day

    Maybe the next time a round Guy Fawkes will succeed in blowing up Parliament. 
  5. More Fun With Magnetism

    Sorry fellas.  No perpetual motion.  
  6. Upcoming event!

    Yet another Doomsday Prophecy.  Can you tell us when this will happen in an interval of + or - two months?  That way we will know if these prophecies and forecasts are worth anything.  Remember we need a date + or - two months.  Can you provide it? 
  7. Gravity Waves at last?

    Please have a look here:  https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/feb/11/gravitational-waves-discovery-hailed-as-breakthrough-of-the-century This, at last, is a corroboration of the 4 th of Einstein's predictions in the Theory of General Relativity.  I am going to save my cheers after this claim is carefully checked out  by the professionals.  Also a  thorough  recheck of the LIGO equipment would be appropriate.   Ba'al Chatzaf 
  8. Golden Rule

    Should have said "If God exists..."   If It exists, it loves collateral damage. If it does not exist then all remarks are irrelevant.  
  9. APS and the Global Warming Scam

    at one time 99.5 percent of physicists  insisted that all of space was filled with a highly elastic material  with very great stiffness and no mass.  It was called aether.  In 1887 Michelson and Morley performed an experiment that shows there is no such substances.  20 years later  Einstein produced a theory that explained everything aether explained without assuming aether existed.  So much for consensus.   Physics is not a popularity contest or a measure of agreement.  Physics is hypothesizing causes for things  and then testing the hypotheses   So far the grim warnings of the IPCC crew have not come to pass.  One can walk in low Manhattan without wading through three of ocean water.  Here is something the IPCC has not done:   The critical experiment.  The drop dead prediction such that  if it does not come out in fact then the theory must be scrapped.  It is called Science.  When do you suppose the IPCC will finally do some science with all the billions of $$$$  taken from the pockets of the tax payers   to fund whatever it is they are doing.   Model building????  I would prefer it if they did thermodynamics and finally get handle  on the heat exchange feedback mechanisms that regulate heat flows in the atmosphere and in the oceans.  The key to earth's climate is the oceans.  Instead they focus on atmospheric CO2 concentration.   Water vapor is much more  a  "greenhouse"  gas than is CO2.  Also there are methane clathrates.  But CO2  is the villain.  CO2 is not a pollutant.  It is plant food.  Without it plants do not grow and without plants animals will perish. 
  10. Golden Rule

    You forgot about the prostate and the appendix.   But the main flaw God has is He likes to kill infants.  It is one thing to go after evil parents, it is another thing to kill their innocent children
  11. Golden Rule

    Blame??? no. It is Judgement.  God falls well short of my high standards.  I have weighed him in the balance and have found Him wanting. 
  12. Golden Rule

    That means god is also doomed. 
  13. Golden Rule

    I assume that a rational person wants to put off the inevitable day of his death as long as it is feasible to so.  It must be understood that no matter how well "we take care of ourselves"  death will come. This is a manifestation of the second law of thermodynamics  to which no know exception has ever, ever occurred.  Do not go gently into that Good Night,  Rage, Rage against the failing of the Light. Take care of your self.  Also save a bit for  your eventual funeral. 
  14. Golden Rule

  15. Golden Rule