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  2. I do. As an adult, Bob chose to refuse to become aware of himself, and so he gets the just and deserved consequences of his own choice. Greg
  3. Spot on, Tony. The government isn't the primary cause because it's the people who created the government in their own image out of their own parasitic dependent need for it to educate them, employ them, underwrite their debts, indemnify them, give them benefits checks, and take care of their health. It's peoples' own infantile need for the government to be their mommie which gives it such tremendous intrusive power over their lives. Freedom is never revoked. People can only piss it away. In my opinion, only children are innocent. When they get older they can choose either to grow up and out of their infantile condition, or to remain in it. Bob's mentally crippled state was his defense mechanism against his parents mindfuck. (Sorry, there's just no other word to describe the atrocity of parents dumping their own unresolved issues onto their kids just as they were dumped onto them.) He had the choice to grow out of it to become a self aware adult, but instead chose to reject adult self reflection by embracing his impairment as if it was a virtue. And because of his taking so much pride in what he himself freely chose not to grow out of, if he had any kids there is the likely potential for him to pass his condition onto them as it was passed onto him. Greg .
  4. So few. So rare. Why do you suppose that war is endemic to mankind? If you are depending on Goodness you are doomed to Disappointment. Personally I would rather avoid violence. I gave up making weapons of bloodshed back in 1968. I finished my day as a weaponsmith. I no longer possess fire arms although I keep an ax and a dirk just in case. Purely personal defensive weapons. I no longer have any great yen to shed blood. Being a blood warrior and an active participation in warfare is mostly the affliction of young men. There are exceptions of course, but old warriors are very rare.
  5. Has anybody noticed that this thread is called "Trump Humor"? Michael
  6. Ba’al wrote: A revolution can be ended in ten minutes by a squadron of Warthogs firing electrically operated Gattling Guns that shoot depleted uranium slugs. An early machine gun with multiple barrels firing in rotation is called a Gatling Gun with only one ‘T.’ Godzilla with a ten foot thick, armored exoskeleton makes sense, but something that gets my goat, are monster movies like King Kong where bullets penetrate his hide but it just ticks him off. Anyone care to explain what would really happen to a very large mammal if shot with a 50 caliber machine gun bullets hundreds of times? Peter
  7. Thanks Tony, for the Larry Elder article on Trump’s first 100 days. The following may have already been shown here but I don’t remember seeing it. Peter Clips from 13 Ways Trump Has Rolled Back Government Regulations in His First 100 Days by Rachel del Guidice April 23, 2017. 1. Regulations governing the coal mining industry (H.J. Res 41). 2. Regulations defining streams in the coal industry (H.J. Res 38). 3. Regulations restricting firearms for disabled citizens (H.J. Res 40). 4. A rule governing the government contracting process (H.J. Res. 37). 5. A rule covering public lands (H.J. Res. 44). 6. Reporting requirements regarding college teachers (H.J. Res. 58). The rule mandated annual reporting by states “to measure the performance and quality of teacher preparation programs and tie them to program eligibility for participation in the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education grant program,” Spicer said. 7. Regulations on state education programs (H.J. Res. 57). Congress and Trump rescinded federal rules that “require states to have an accountability system based on multiple measures, including school quality or student success, to ensure that states and districts focus on improving outcomes and measuring student progress,” Spicer said. 8. Drug-testing requirements (H.J. Res 42). Spicer said the regulation mandates an “arbitrarily narrow definition of occupations and constrains a state’s ability to conduct a drug-testing program in its unemployment insurance system.” 9. Hunting regulations for wildlife preserves in Alaska (H.J. Res 69). 10. Internet privacy rule (S.J.Res. 34). Published during the final months of Obama’s presidency, the rule sought to force “new privacy standards on internet service providers, allowing bureaucrats in Washington to pick winners and losers in the industry,” Spicer said. 11. Rule for logging workplace injuries (H.J. 83). This rule from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration sought to squelch a more lenient one from the Labor Department. Spicer said the rule “disapproved” of a Labor regulation “extending the statute of limitation for claims against employers failing to maintain records of employee injuries.” 12. Rule preventing states from withholding funds from Planned Parenthood (H.J. Res 43). By undoing this rule, Congress and the president allow states to opt out of letting federal funds go to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. 13. Rule on retirement savings (H.J. Res 67). The rule allowed state governments “to trap individuals’ savings in accounts that individuals cannot access or control,” Rachel Greszler, a research analyst at The Heritage Foundation, said. Promulgated during Obama’s last full month in office, the rule allowed states to create public retirement funds. However, it also eliminated protections from those public plans that initially were covered under a law that set standards for private sector employee pension and health plans.
  8. Anthony wrote: Strange to your jungle survival mindset, there are many who don't respond to whim, are oblivious to decree and can't murder under any circumstance, Law or no law. end quote Nor would I murder. The definition of murder is concise and if you take a life for no logical or legal reason you are committing murder, not justifiable homicide, and a rational legal system would punish the murderer. And there are times when rage, or irrational thinking make a person think they are doing what is necessary and that is why we have governments to intervene. (and why we have loony bins.) There are cases that make violence a retaliatory act without *stretching* “murders” meaning. A police officer in the performance of his duties may shoot a lawbreaker under numerous circumstances. And a civilian can act morally and legally when violence is a necessity. Here are two cases I wrote a while back. Neither instance should be a crime. Case One. You are lost on a desert island. You see a fellow islander abduct your child or spouse. You later capture the kidnapper but the child or spouse is nowhere to be found AND the kidnapper says your loved one is buried alive and has a limited time to breath. If you don’t come up with his ransom demand now, he will allow your loved one to suffocate. You, the parent or spouse, do not have the amount of the ransom. Would you use torture to extract the location of your loved one from the kidnapper? Case Two. Intelligence sources are sure a dirty atomic manufactured in North Korea and given to a Syrian refugee in the United States is set to go off in Manhattan. The authorities have the Syrian terrorist at Manhattan Police Headquarters. He boasts the bomb is set to go off in three hours, which leaves little time to evacuate yourself or the inhabitants of Manhattan to avoid destruction. “Allah is great! All you infidels are going to die!” he screams. You have a way of extracting information, using a drug that will make the terrorist talk, but the drugs will cause the terrorist to die a horrible death at a later date. Would you administer the drug? Jules Troy wrote: You don't extend your hand to a rabid dog and expect to pet it. You just shoot it. end quote Care to come up with a third case? It is not unreasonable Ba'al or Moralist, to insist a holy book or doctrine not be used as a logical argument. Peter
  9. Strange to your jungle survival mindset, there are many who don't respond to whim, are oblivious to decree and can't murder under any circumstance, Law or no law.
  10. Although this meme is not about SJW peak identity nor gender identity, it does show the core of how SJW's identify themselves. Michael
  11. That is Democracy for you. The worst form of government there is, except for all the others.
  12. Eisenhower was enforcing a Supreme Court decision. The 14 th amendment extended the reach of the Bill of Rights to the States.
  13. It's a privilege granted by the citizens of that state to that state to fuck over the citizens who don't want to be fucked over by those already fucked and like to share the fucking so they don't have to envy the unfucked and their unfucked children. --Brant
  14. Without Law we are ruled by Whim or Decree. Don't knock it.
  15. You might be wrong about flame throwers. The right to bear arms referred to the biggest stuff they could get their hands on back in those days. Logically that should still obtain. That right to bear arms is not any primary right, however, but derivative from the right to self defense. You are completely wrong if you think the founders were thinking small caliber/large caliber. They were thinking large caliber. Today they'd think differently seeing all the shit that's around. The citizenry can't stand up to the military. Getting the military used against the citizens is what's hard to do. Eisenhower did it at Little Rock, but no shots were fired. --Brant
  16. I didn't know that. (Sarcasm) Interesting you've capitalized "Law." Greg sure has your number, but you did all the convincing. --Brant
  17. Really looking forward to the release of this book. Any update? I'm also wondering if LP's Introduction to Logic lecture could possibly make it to print in a similar fashion? Thank you!
  18. In some states the home school plan has to be submitted for evaluation and permitted before home schooling counts as fulfilling the legal requirements of compulsory schooling for youngsters. By rights, home schooling should be a right, but in some states it is a privilege granted by the State. In short, the State has first dibbsies on one's own children. This is absurd, but in some States it is also the Law. In New Jersey the State has to evaluate, approve and bless home schooling plans. Otherwise one must deliver his/her youngsters to a tax funded public school or a licensed private school. Everywhere you look the State has its grubby fingers on the education of our youngsters. Thank you Horace Mann.
  19. How many Y chromosomes (if any) in Ann Coulter's genome?
  20. From a psychological p.o.v. there is not a thing wrong with righteous anger and in extreme cases righteous homicide. But such things are condemned by Law.
  21. "Bob" is a moral secularist. "Bob" buys Jewish ethics 105 percent. "Bob" does not buy spooks, ghosts, spirits and demons. "Bob" thinks the world is made of matter and energy operating along the lines described in physical laws.
  22. No 105 recoilless for ordinary people. Also no Howitzers, long cannon, bazookas and flame throwers. No tanks, no armed aircraft, no bombs and no weapons of mass destruction for private citizens. The right to keep and bear arms extends primarily to the kind of arms the Founders had. You have a legal right to keep a small caliber < 50 cal weapons that can be aimed and be used primarily for personal defense. Heavy weapons of military grade are not included (by the Courts) in the scope of the second amendment. So for the "gun nuts" the kind of weapons the military use are not included in the scope of the second Amendment. Hear me "gun nuts" Your weapons are not sufficient to overthrow the government. A revolution can be ended in ten minutes by a squadron of Warthogs firing electrically operated Gattling Guns that shoot depleted uranium slugs.
  23. Greg, The phenomenon is so widespread I think of it as a mind-plague, and the germs have been spreading for a long time. I have the view that Government(s) is actually not the direct cause. Yes it is a secondary initiator, but the State is symptomatic of the general ethics and of the manner that a sizable proportion of people think and have been thinking, or emoting, more like. Through State education the plague has been sifting down from lecturers in universities for decades. They in turn picked it up from published "post-Enlightenment" intellectuals, and they from several philosophers going back a few centuries. The ideology is that pernicious that it has affected the art world, another secondary and powerful source. This very broad 'philosophy' or mix of philosophies behind this, goes by the name Post Modernism. Here's the biggest masked threat to western civilisation which has partially enabled other more obviously blatant dangers from some countries and radicalism . My very simplistic explanation is people lost their minds and a moral compass when their religious belief began waning. They've chucked out the baby and the bathwater, the soap and the tub -everything of value - and ended up with a cynical and agnostic skepticism approaching the fat zero, nihilism. These intellectuals are that smugly smart and educated as to be totally dumb (I've known some). And another seeming paradox, such a person is often so blinded by science he can't see reality - for himself - especially the reality of man and his mind; result, he's given up his individually centered morality. Me, I save my disgust for those who know full well what they are doing to infect and manipulate people's minds to some end, and I don't think Bob is one. I believe he is quite the innocent in that scheme of things.
  24. "Trump's Biggest Achievement in His 1st 100 Days? Stopping the Left"
  25. Ok, Peter... you made it perfectly clear you regard that definition of murder as being a lie. That's your own opinion and you are welcome to it. It's also clear I disagree with your stated opinion. I think it's a practical working definition of murder as well as prescribing a proper response to it.. Greg
  26. Now that would all depend on What the Authority is, Wolf. Those words are either true or a lie. Since your no comment is such a cowardly evasion worthy of a secular liberal, I'll ask you directly. Which are they? True or lie? Or are you just like Bob, and you don't know why murder is wrong either? Greg
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