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  2. 24 Reasons Objectivists (Might) Love Roy Moore [Updated]

    My prediction of a Roy Moore victory still stands, but there is some countervailing information suggesting the race is actually tighter than I surmise. Fox News's latest poll, for example (although the Real Clear Politics average suggests Moore is up by a couple of points). Democrat Doug Jones holds a 10-point lead over Republican Roy Moore among likely voters in deep red Alabama. -- in other Roy Moore news, wouldn't you know it, more interview oddities have turned up. Apparently, Roy Moore's deep convictions that America needs to get back under God means that things were better under slavery, or at least before the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and definitely before the addition of those pesky constitutional amendments that came after the 10th. I don't know how much electoral stock to put in this pot. But.
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  4. How the Martians Discovered Algebra

    Aren't the real numbers all numbers that have decimal representations that have a finite or infinite sequence of digits to the right of the decimal point, positive, negative, or zero? Aren't complex numbers all the real numbers, imaginary numbers, and sums and differences of real and imaginary numbers? Why aren't these definitions? Just curious? Randy
  5. Trump calls the bluff One for the newshounds. Palestine Media Watch concentrates on what's been written in the Palestine media: "fake", deceitful, divisive, incendiary - etc. - news, propaganda and belligerent public statements by leaders, and parental/classroom indoctrination, with a single aim you can't avoid seeing. These articles were unlikely to ever be picked up by foreign media. They don't fit "the narrative". What you wish to destroy, 'vanish' out of existence - whom you wish to have murdered, dehuman-ize.
  6. How the Martians Discovered Algebra

    How the Martians Discovered Algebra: Explorations in Induction and the Philosophy of Mathematics by Roger E. Bissell delivers an algorithm for generating Pythagorean Triples. Central to the thesis of the work, Bissell explains how he discovered this by means of induction, not deduction. From there, Bissell takes the reader into number theory in order to validate his new explanation of the proper understanding of multiplication, and to challenge widespread assumptions about the empty set and infinity. The relationships between music and mathematics go back to Pythagoras. So, this set of essays by musician Roger Bissell enjoys a solid foundation. Bissell also dabbles at mathematics and has several philosophical explorations to his credit, published in The Reason Papers and the Journal of Ayn Rand Studies. Objectivism is an integration of rationalism and empiricism. Objectivism rejects the false dichotomies of Descartes, Hume, James, and the myriad other philosophers before and after. Consequently, Bissell and other Objectivists provide logically consistent, reality-based and practicable methods for understanding the universe including our inner selves. Objectivism is what the scientific method was intended to be: a guide to living. That said, this book failed to convince me on several points with which I was pre-disposed to agree. And I concede that the ultimate failure may be mine, not the author’s. Bissell begins with some techniques in speed math. These discoveries from his senior year in high school demonstrate his inductive method. They also provide an introduction to his algorithm for discovering Pythagorean Triples. That alone is worth the price of the book. It is easy enough to explain, though hard to show with the typesetting available here. Basically, you want three integers such that a^2 + b^2 = c^2. Easily, there must be some number, x to begin with. The other number must be some number added to x that can be expressed as x+a, and the result of adding their squares must be some (x+b)^2. It all follows from there. But I had a hard time following it. I tend to read at bedtime. So, I filled my notebook with pages with arithmetic when I was tired. I told Roger that his algorithms did not work. He asked me to send him PDF scans. I did. He corrected my homework. So, I agree that the Bissell Algorithm will, indeed, generate Pythagorean Triples. The central essay, “How the Martians Discovered Algebra” (Chapter 4) is a parable to demonstrate induction in mathematics as the doorway that opened to the world of algebra. Bissell's original algorithm for generating Pythagorean Triples is worth the price of the book. If you have any interest in epistemology, mathematics, or the problem of induction, then Roger Bissell's book delivers more for the money.Full review here:
  7. Fake News

    Here is a different take on fake news based on analyzing political comedy TV show personalities, starting with some serious analysis by Jon Stewart. The gist is that the 24 hour news networks, after the first Iraq war, had to start manufacturing scandals if they wanted to keep their audiences watching and sponsors paying. Stewart started helping that along with news satire, even as he criticized the need for it. Stewart's problem is that he took a political side (Democrat) and so did his progeny. Thus this form of satire evolved lopsided and, for lack of diversity (heh), now one show sounds like another. Although the video doesn't say, the slide by satire news into fake news became inevitable since the shows had to side with mainstream news. The 24 hour news network structure itself is a self-corrupting process, but I don't believe this is the main reason the mainstream news media became fake news. It helped, though. It greased the chute real good. Michael
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  9. Trump calls the bluff

    Edited yesterday at 11:27 AM by william.scherk Answering Tony's "I can't guess what your re-quote is meant to show." It shows a clickable image, with embedded link. Not full-text copy-paste without URLs. Next time, please don't copy-paste full text copyrighted material without attribution.
  10. TCEC Season 8

    More information about AlphaZero from chessbase,
  11. 24 Reasons Objectivists (Might) Love Roy Moore [Updated]

    Roy Moore is mostly not doing interviews outside of friendly precincts, such as American Family Radio: JUDGE ROY MOORE: IF ELECTED, I WON’T OWE ANYBODY ANYTHING EXCEPT FOR THE PEOPLE OF ALABAMA AND ALMIGHTY GOD I've edited down a fair-use excerpt of the AFR 30-minute interview, preserving all the Moore locutions. One apparent exception to the "friendly" interview rule is in the Guardian, but this was first recorded back in August, during the Republican special election primary. Did you know Roy Moore speaks Russian, and that he thinks Putin might be right that America is the source of evil in the world? Key word: gay marriage.
  12. Fake News

    Dave Weigel resigns from Washington Post ..."
  13. Trump calls the bluff

    "Fair use"? Is that your No.1 concern? If there is an argument buried here, let's hear it, I can't be bothered with innuendo.
  14. Trump calls the bluff

    I think an important insight, about America and President Trump as well as Israel, Michael. As we know, taking one's own destiny in hand is the assertion of one's independence (of mind, actions and status). What Trump is effectively saying to Palestinians and the Arab world (and other nations) is: Learn to look after yourselves. The US is not babysitting you any longer. We will no more play your games of fake-peace-proposals. You must work for what you want and deserve it, if you value your lives, peace and prosperity badly enough. (And that's no certainty). Israel's entire reason to be, its credo, began and continues to rest upon self-determination, with the existential realization that the world was and won't be, forever perfectly safe for Jews. Before Israel, Americans well knew and still know a similar credo and prize self-determinism, at root, but many have come to degrade and even deride the idea. Trump's single purpose (as best as I have seen) is to return the US to sovereign and moral independence - in its standing within the world, and for individual Americans. Stunning for me is that ARI Objectivists will not/cannot notice and applaud his overriding intent, over and above whatever mistakes he may have made, lesser flaws, etc., in respect to what they know of the high O'ist virtue: independence, of both individuals and the country, and the sole gauge of freedom.
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  16. What to learn about Russian goals when you don't really care [updated]

    Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions. From Politico yesterday, Trump approves new Russia sanctions for violating Cold War arms pact, by Gregory Hellman. The Trump administration is levying new sanctions on Russia it hopes will force it to comply with a Cold War-era nuclear arms treaty it has violated by deploying a banned cruise missile, according to a senior administration official. The Commerce Department will punish Russian companies that have provided technology to help develop the new weapon, which was outlawed by the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty signed by the United States and then-Soviet Union in 1987. The pact banned missiles with ranges between 500 and 5,500 kilometers, which when deployed on Europe's periphery were seen as highly destabilizing because they would provide little advance notice of attack — and could carry a nuclear warhead. The administration’s decision, outlined to reporters on Friday, was made after a lengthy review undertaken by the National Security Council, the administration official said. The goal, the official said, is to signal to Russia that the Trump administration will take treaty violations seriously and to “change the economic calculus” of Putin’s government.
  17. Reading: "Suspicious Minds: Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories"

    Catching up with David Seaman. This is an edited version of his December 6th "live streaming" Youtube video called The Storm Is Here! Interagency Pizzagate DC Raids!? Seaman is referring to Operation Tin Panda, a series of raids and arrests in northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. In a kind of transmutation, he has grafted a gang-related sweep to the Soros-Clinton-Pizzagate world-wide child sex trafficking cult. Along the way he takes aim at his favourite punching bag this month, Susan Wojcicki of Google/Youtube. In the video (starting around 4:00) he smokes a "Caviar" joint, with somewhat interesting results. The original video was 30 minutes. This version is just over 11 minutes. Enjoy! (the full text of his remarks is to the right, for connoisseurs) -- the names of those arrested and their charges are available for investigators of connections between Operation Tin Panda and the Luciferian Pizzagate plot. [Added: a slightly different perspective on Operation Tin Panda from the well-organized Jordan Sather, cued up to his remarks.]
  18. Trump calls the bluff

  19. the liberal global warming fraud

    Do you know what Climate Change said to Schwarzernegger? I'll be back.
  20. Fake News

    Story goes to here: CNN Botches Major ‘Bombshell’ Alleging Contacts Between Don Jr. And WikiLeaks (I'm too sick to comment much, but you get the idea... ) Well... there's this... 18 Questions CNN Needs To Answer After Getting Busted For Fake News Michael
  21. Trump calls the bluff

    As an added thought, it's high time the USA asserted its independence to recognize who and what it will according to its own criteria. Up to now, it's recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel has been hijacked by a weird kind of emotional blackmail (and I betcha gobs and gobs of moolah behind it). The recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel has far more importance in proclaiming the sovereignty of the USA than for any relations between Israel and the Palestinians. Michael
  22. Trump calls the bluff

    I'm pretty ill right now (starting to get better finally), but not too ill for this: Michael
  23. Trump calls the bluff

    No comment, William, has the cat got your tongue of late? Ha! I can't guess what your re-quote is meant to show. I will remark about these three, Dershowitz is one of the few objective and principled left- liberals I know of, Tawil a moderate Muslim, has shown himself to be a truthful, courageous writer, and Shapiro, conservative Jew, is consistently more logical than many a Lefty - secular left Jews, particularly. It's good to see the accord of such dissimilar individuals. And how is it that many on the conservative, religious are turning out to have a greater command of reason, rationality (and especially causality) than many secularists? Odd, hey? I think Shapiro, quite crudely, is pointing to a major differential between the cultures of one 'group' and another who live in close proximity. Away from the collectivist notion, it's a theme you know in Objectivism. One, has more highly upheld rational values and free will in their own lives, and by extension, in others' life - the other traditionally and presently has placed, shall I say, not so much value (or volitionality).
  24. Fake News

    "US Military Develop ‘Gene Extinction’ Weapon To Wipe Out Entire Race"
  25. Trump calls the bluff

    Not so much "fake" news, as 'arranged' news - posed, staged and co-ordinated by agreement between the activists and journalists. It was this way in '70's South Africa, with the illegal strikes, demonstrations and marches against the apartheid state. These would seldom take place nor become violent, when the photographers didn't get there. It usually started with a tip-off to a reporter friendly with some activists. Then: "Go down to x place at y time -- something will happen" the news editor would tell the photographer. Sure enough, you'd get there before the police and it was all peaceable until they arrived. With the cameras on them, the stone throwing and bloody clashes began and you'd get a six-column front page picture (if you weren't arrested and had the film confiscated) with a byline. It's like a causal reversal - the camera orchestrates the 'news'. Raise the camera, and "something" happened. I observed that. Tawil's article of the long history of Palestinian collusion with Western journalists reminds me of how common and more sophisticated this artificial form of news gathering still is; now the line between "covering" the news - and "creating" the 'news' - has been so blurred by repetition, that few outsiders are even disturbed to know about this cynical practice. "Sensationalism", attention seeking by activists and the promoting of a specific political, ideological agenda of the biased media, he indicates, is the final purpose. It seems, here in Palestine today, and increasingly in recent times, that the whipped-up, "enraged" mob is supposed to represent "the will of the people" and their suffering. No one will admit, but it's all the better for both parties when there are casualties. This symbolism is everything, at cost to truth and lives. But, a thought experiment. Magically, permanently remove from the equation all camera crews and reporters (just conjecturing) - and you know what? Nobody gets hurt and killed, any longer. The Palestinians would lose their adoring world audience, have to face reality, and soon be at the negotiating table. There would finally come peace (if not love and fellowship) - but that's absolutely not the goal for Palestinian/Arab leaders and most anti-Israel Leftists - is it?
  26. Trump calls the bluff

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