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  2. Good joke on me

    " amateur-trash, sappy soap opera, bodice ripper, penny dreadful " Thanks. I'll use that.
  3. Good joke on me

    No, you were not making fun. --Brant
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  5. Good joke on me

    You've chosen to ignore content by Jonathan.
  6. Trump humor

    Have you seen this complete and total obsequious douchebaggery? My God, Trump actually looks practically flawless in comparison to this fucktard.
  7. Good joke on me

    Yeah, wow, not following along, huh? Jesus. Short memories? Incapable of grasping the simplest context? Heh. Um, the point hasn't been to ridicule pseudonyms per se, Einsteins, but only amateur-trash, sappy soap opera, bodice ripper, penny dreadful pen names like "Wolf DeVoon." I'm making fun of the con man aesthetic tastes. Understand now? No?
  8. Sessions, leaks, security, Manafort and 'false news.'

    Or not not. ABCnews reports on a letter from Gates to his family, in which he tells them he will be pleading guilty -- Former Trump aide tells loved ones of plans to plead guilty, cooperate with special counsel What does this mean for the Cabal, the Satanists, the Gitmo-bound, the secret military tribunals, the unbalanced speculation on the 'real' objects of the Mueller inquiries? I don't know. What does it mean for the double super secret Jerome Corsi-Qanon reading of events? I do not know. Once you have slipped down the rabbithole into believing six impossible things before breakfast, can you ever get out again? "There's a war on for your mind." Yeah, and I think "they" have won ...
  9. Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    As for "Reason, being cool and disengaged [is no motive to action..."] What kind of "reason" does Hume speak of which is not objective, conceptual, intensely important to one and very much "engaged"? (and with one's reasoned values, THE motive to action.)
  10. Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Ha. Does anyone notice what is called people's "virtue signaling" in - "...emerges with something beyond them: the sentiment of approval and disapproval". Or, one's virtuous feeling of self-approval aligned with others' approval of one, no doubt? "Approved-emotion signaling" it should rightly be called.
  11. Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Here is Hume, the arch-Empiricist, and skeptic of conceptual knowledge, whose "reason is properly a slave to the passions", contrived reason and emotion to be causally reversed (by eliminating the intermediary, value, as I see his methods). His morality too, is ultimately measured by feeling ("the sentiment of approval or disapproval"). It explains about where we are. "Reason...neither sets ends, not motivates action". Emotions, tools of special insight, apparently do. From Hume and Morality, Stanford Encyc of Philosophy: Fourth, Hume provides only a limited (though not unimportant) role to reason in ethics. The principal role that Hume gives to reason in ethics is one of helping agents see which actions and qualities are genuinely beneficial or efficacious. Hume denies that reason itself sets the standard of morality, or sets forth certain ends as morally to be promoted. Reason, according to Hume, is a faculty concerned with truth or falsehood, both demonstrably in the realm of relations of ideas and empirically in the realm of matters of fact. Reason makes inferences, but neither sets ends, nor motivates action. Our ends depend on what we desire, which depends on what we feel (with respect to pleasure and pain). “Reason, being cool and disengaged, is no motive to action, and directs only the impulse received from appetite or inclination, by showing us the means of attaining happiness or avoiding misery: Taste, as it gives pleasure or pain, and thereby constitutes happiness or misery, becomes a motive to action, and is the first spring or impulse to the desire and volition” (EPM App.1.21). Once feeling has established utility as one of the primary objects of morality, reason is essential to determine which character traits or modes and conduct conduce to it. This task is especially difficult with regard to questions of artificial virtues, such as justice, since so many people are involved, and since the social benefits of these virtues can be expected only from (possibly long-term) collective action (EPM App.1.2). Reason has other roles related to morality, too. For example, Hume notes that in order to make a moral judgment, one must have in mind all the relevant facts, and apprehend all the relevant relations of ideas. This takes reason. The moral judgment itself, however, is not possible without sentiment, which takes in all the deliverances of reason and emerges with something beyond them: the sentiment of approval or disapproval.
  12. A Rememberence of the Last Generation.

    I don’t want the last word. I’m sorry this hasn’t gone well. I am not mocking you or FDR criticism. Witches are real as priests are real, even though satan and god are not. In the literal world priests exist (even though you and I both know priesthood is just a crock of shit to control people.) Chelsea Clinton recently Tweeted her Happy New Year’s wishes to the Church of Satan, did you catch that news? It’s real. Satan worship is real. Witchcraft is ancient and quite real. Hillary has seances and says she talks with Eleanor. All of this is real and true, Mark, you can look it up. I’m not saying FDR had three dicks, so you can calm down and stop feeling mocked. I have great respect for your work.
  13. Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    ‘Atta Boy! I think all your comments are reasonable and perfectly capable of being exactly true. At a couple points in 2017, for example when I doubted Sessions, I reminded myself that Trump is up against an enormous power. It’s no game, but life and death and the latter is just another tool for these people. We’ve seen that this is no sport to them, where when you lose, you give up. They will never give up. So, if he wants to survive, he has to finish them. And so, if he is to win (as we both want him to) then they will have to be deeply deceived. They will have to be utterly fooled, at several points. Here is the point: if they are fooled (and let’s hope they will be!) then you and I certainly will be, also. That said, what if Mueller was flipped many years ago? What if he has been on the Trump team the whole time? His mandate is wide-open, so what if he is behind many of the 13,000+ Sealed indictments around the country? What if his investigation has always been another trap Justice has used to get perps talking “openly, safely, with friends, on the same mission to take down Trump.” Then he feeds it to Sessions, and vice-versa, and they are both building cases. He hasn’t done much to harm Trump - that gets a check mark. He needs to be trusted by the precious, brainwashed Democrats who still have faith in their leaders - check. I know Liz Crokin came up with this many months ago. I’ve considered, rejected, and reconsidered several times now. Doesn’t matter, won’t change anything. If he is still on the wrong side, he will go to Gitmo with so many others. I think he is on our side. I think Sessions recusing himself was an act, so that Rosenstein who everyone thinks is Deep-State-loyal would assign Mueller. So Deep State would trust Mueller. While he fashions their nooses for a year.
  14. Christ, these discussion groups are a thief of time. In the literal world literal witches do not exist. Someone calling FDR satanic and an associate a literal witch is either mocking criticism of FDR or – or what? Jon Letendre should admonish his own self to speak plainly, I have no idea what he is up to. I’m done. Jon can have the last word.
  15. Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Liddle’ Shit doing his part: ”Turkish actions in Syria and its increasing belligerence towards the United States and on the world stage should cause us to reevaluate the totality of our policies, starting with the long overdue recognition of the Armenian Genocide.”
  16. A Rememberence of the Last Generation.

    What’s up, Mark? Please speak plainly, I have no idea what you are up to. You seem to have connected Eleanor’s being a witch with the acceptance or not of FDR as having intentionally set the Japanese up to do Pearl Harbor. Is that correct? If so, could you explain? Sisters of the Eastern Star, practioners of the dark arts, killers of children. You know witches are real, right?
  17. Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Jon, I believe that is President Trump's strategy. I don't think it was when he was first sworn in. I think it became that as the dirty tricks against him started becoming evident. What's more, I think President Trump--or people he trusts and are acting with his knowledge and sanction--is doing what lawyers call "building the case" backstage. Look at the Cernovich video a few posts above for a good example of what I mean. The background is that social media giants got in bed with the Obama administration big time. (They even came in and helped clean up his mess of a site.) Eric Schmidt was an advisor to Hillary Clinton's campaign and one of the architects of her data and communications strategy. But he wasn't the only player. The other tech giants were in up to their eyebrows. And they were full of the taste of power from the Arab Spring. They were high on their own importance, masters of the universe, and ripe to take over the government itself if they could swing it. They wanted more power and were promised more. They were all so cozy with Obama, Clinton & Co. (and I mean Google, Facebook, etc.) that they hired an enormous number of social justice warrior employees--all strident Hillary supporters. The thinking was that would make things run real smooth in the Clinton administration. Then the wrong person won. Ever since, there has been nothing but tension between Trump-supporting users who get awfully popular awfully fast, and the administration and employees of these tech giants. And the tech giants have been doing everything they can to sabotage Trump-supporting popular users, even to the point of inventing the term "fake news" to characterize them. (See Sharyl Attkisson's TED talk where she proves that Google funded this propaganda effort. Fortunately, as Sharyl pointed out, President Trump engaged in a "hostile takeover" of the term and it all blew up in their faces. ) These companies are now crony corporations with lots contracts, arrangements, etc., with crony government people (the part of the swamp President Trump has yet to drain). What's worse, now they are stuck with about a 70% employee base that loathes their most popular political users. If you are an alt media person who leans national toward sovereignty (whether Trump supporter, Bernie supporter, etc.), the only way to crack this system of constant attacks and sabotage by the social media platform people wide open is with litigation. Enter Mike Cernovich. As a litigator, he stings and it hurts bad when he does (ask Susan Rice). But if he takes on Facebook or Twitter or Google directly, they will bury him in legal proceedings. They have gobs and gobs of money to invest in dream teams of lawyers. So what did Cernovich do? Well, he used his brain. He aimed at a smaller target to set a legal precedent--a social media news platform called Medium, which was being hailed in the press as an alternative to the tech giants. It was growing and it had a paid subscription part that Cernovich belonged to. But it had the same issue as the tech giants. It was infested with activism-minded social justice warriors. Over the last couple of years, every time Cernovich came across comments or articles where hate speech was directed at white people, Trump supporters, etc., (and there have been some doozies--see the video) he sent in a complaint to the Medium administration based on Midium's own guidelines. And he recorded the fact that the offending comments stayed up and the authors were not penalized. So he kept doing this and other similar things over time just waiting for the hammer to drop. Finally, drop it did. In one fell swoop, Medium canceled his account (even though he was a paid subscriber) and the accounts of other prominent Trump-friendly conservatives, libertarians or whatever you want to call them. Medium alleged it was getting rid of disinformation on it's platform. Unfortunately, Medium is in California and that state has strict and highly punitive laws against hate speech and discrimination based on characteristics like race, gender, etc. So Mike Cernovich is suing Medium for discriminating against him as a white male. He has documentation galore to prove it. This isn't the same as an amateur collecting what he feels is important. This is a wicked smart lawyer collecting what he knows to be legally relevant over a couple of years and giving Medium plenty of rope to hang itself with. I have no doubt he is going to win this case, either in the lower courts or on appeal (or appeals going up the courts). Now here's the killer. Once he wins a case on this premise, it sets a legal precedent and creates case law. After that, he will not need to do anything else. There will be a flood of discrimination lawsuits against the tech giants, including class action suits from anyone who feels disgruntled and wants some easy cash. The last I looked, there were an awful lot of white people using these giant social media platforms who talk politics. And with the tech giant employee base being what it is, there will be plenty of evidence of hatred and discrimination against them to point to, so this is going to get ugly. In fact, if you want to read an interesting perspective on what this could mean after it snowballs into antitrust litigation for the tech giants (which it will as this cannot not happen), the NYT has an extremely interesting article: The Case Against Google by Charles Duhigg. Believe me, Cernovich knows everything in that article, even if he has not read it. So he knows exactly what he is doing and why. Getting back to President Trump, the point is, Cernovich is not the only one who knows how to build an effective case over time while looking like a dork to his target. I believe President Trump is doing something similar re Obama and Clinton (and others), although he, himself, is keeping distant for obvious reasons. However, the case is growing, day by day. And they all think he is a big honking dork. In fact, I believe he is letting the Mueller Russian thing run as it is running because he knows it is BS and provides a wonderful smokescreen. Furthermore, I believe Mueller knows he has nothing but chickenfeed and has started to realize what President Trump is doing, which is why he put up a lot of BS indictments against "muh Russians" Internet trolls and will probably bury anything more serious under a mountain of BS. Mueller's job shifted. He now needs to protect Obama, Clinton & Co. That is his goal (I believe that--just look at who his friends are and who he hired.) If Mueller tries to come down on Trump with the hammer of Thor, demanding that Trump submit to interrogation, be indicted, and other nasty stuff concerning Russians, once Trump unveils the case he is mounting, especially regarding Russian-tainted corruption in the previous administration (and, maybe pedo stuff and other nasties), he will be able to demand the same legal treatment be applied to Obama, Clinton & Co.--and maybe even to Mueller himself, all based on precedents Mueller can set with his "muh Russians" investigation. So now Mueller's job--from his own perspective--is to come up with jack and make it look like jack. His gun turned into a boomerang. We will have to wait and see if I'm correct, but, on thinking it over for a tenth of a second, I'm correct. Michael
  18. A Rememberence of the Last Generation.

    Not trying to do that. Don’t even know who Flynn is. I agree with you about FDR (and the rest of the cabal) setting up Japan. Not sure what you are getting at or what Eleanor’s being a witch has to do with it.
  19. OK, then Jon Letendre is trying to make fun of Flynn et a, and say that FDR was sincerely surprised at Pearl Harbor.
  20. A Rememberence of the Last Generation.

    A witch. Not metaphorical. A literal witch.
  21. She was a literal metaphorical witch, LOL.
  22. Good joke on me

    Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) Eric Blair (George Orwell) François-Marie Arouet (Voltaire) David Cornwell (John le Carré ) Jacques Thibault (Anatole France) Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee (Ellery Queen) Amandine Dupin (George Sand) Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) Johann Schmidt (Max Stirner) William Porter (O. Henry) Benjamin Franklin (Richard Saunders) Allen Konigsberg (Woody Allen) Dean Koontz (Aaron Wolfe) Elizabeth Carlisle (Loretta Lynch) Hamilton, Madison, and Jay (Publius) Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) Agnes Bojaxhiu (Mother Theresa) Cassius Clay Jr (Muhammad Ali) Robert Parker (Butch Cassidy) Josephine Mentzer (Estée Lauder) Archibald Leach (Cary Grant) Lucille LeSueur (Joan Crawford) Farrokh Bulsara (Freddie Mercury) Jonathan Leibowitz (Jon Stewart) ... bunch of cowards! Oh, wait a minute, I forgot good old salt of the earth Nathan Blumenthal (Nathaniel Branden)
  23. A Rememberence of the Last Generation.

    FDR also got that filthy pyramid and luciferian eye gang symbology on our one dollar bill. He was pure evil. Wife was a literal witch. That’s why Hillary brags about communing with her spirit. Same depth of pure evil as the Bushes, Clintons and Obama. All of them in the same sick satanic gang.
  24. Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    That is a valid concern. Certainly if it happened tomorrow, most Americans would see it as a vindictive new President abusing the prior administration. It will be interesting to see how it plays out as we learn what he really is. I think we are going to witness a quick evolution in sentiment toward Barry Soetoro. Even most of those who can’t stand him still think of him as an ex-President. The people will get angrier and angrier as they learn just how extremely evil he is and they will come to see him less as ex-President and more like a foreign enemy, born in Kenya and groomed by Saudis to defraud Americans of their Republic. Trump will be at arm’s length, even arguing against it, for the concerns you raise. Then, the tribunals will dispatch the creature.
  25. At an earlier stage of human development they had their moment. Unfortunately for the world the major religions developed during the age of kings and tribal chiefs. This view of authority is frozen into the Abrahamic Religions. God is conceived of as a king or war chief. Democracies and republics flourished at a later time are the politics are somewhat in opposition to the religions.
  26. Good joke on me

    Like "Ayn Rand"? --Brant we all don't start out with the name right for us
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