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  2. Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Oh, I forgot. The one rally Mueller's "muh Russians" did where some folks actually showed up was an anti-Trump rally. What's more, CNN and MSNBC covered it so heavily, they were practically partners. Flashback: CNN and MSNBC Helped Russia Sow Discord by Promoting Fake Anti-Trump Rally Michael
  3. Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Mah man, Jimmy Dore sees it, too. I've only seen 4 minutes of this video so far, but it's late. I'll have to finish it tomorrow. But in those four minutes, Jimmy's already started shredding the indictments as a joke and I know the video will be worth watching. As I said above, this is embarrassing for the US government. Imagine President Trump now having to talk to Putin about nuclear arms, Syria, the Ukraine, Islamist terrorists, maybe not starting WWIII, or any number of world-important issues and knowing that the gleam in Putin's eye is because he wants to burst out laughing: "My dear President Trump. We will not extradite our Internet clickbait trolls to face American justice. It's a matter of national pride." Michael
  4. Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Thank God I'm not the only one who is seeing this. The backlash starts. The following video was tweeted by Julian Assange. That's right. Mueller indicted a click farm. As I study Internet marketing, that jumped out at me as soon as I saw it. But watch the video to get a good idea of what that means. The worst part is that, as this dude said, this indictment could be later used as grounds against foreign press people here in the US just for writing about an election. Assange saw this, too. Here's the tweet where he posted the video (I didn't include the video in the tweet, but it's there on Twitter): I was gobsmacked by the sheer stupidity of this indictment when it happened. I didn't even pick up on the danger, but there it is. Michael
  5. Good joke on me

    I was going to ignore it, but I decided to say something instead. I was talented 30 years ago. Past tense. Ever since then, it's been downhill, not a single new idea. Good joke on Google, proclaiming that I'm a novelist. Hahahaha. All I did was take a bunch of words and mash 'em up at random, paid people to plant phony reviews. I'm not actually poor. I have a swell chalet in Bern, vacation in San Tropez. Or I never left the Rust Belt, don't know anything about Hollywood or New York or Europe or Australia or carrying a gun or what O.G.A. means. See how simple that was? Didn't even ask for a pork chop in return. Guess what's trending on YouTube today? -- a black guy named Drake, another black guy named Kevin Hart doing something with an NBA All Star event, a three-minute video on how paintballs are made, and a Disney teaser for Incredibles 2, a cartoon. My fake novels sell no books. Capiche? No threat to anybody anywhere. Another couple years I'll have a stroke and that'll be the end of it, disappear without anyone bothering to notice that I left a stolen footprint in the sand. Here's something else to sneer at ~
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  7. Then tribal chiefs and later, dynasties and monarchies, must be the Darwinian model.
  8. Donald Trump

    A Fox correspondent was reporting that, while individual FBI agents are heroes, the upper echelons rule within the oligarchy of the Deep State. They ALL should be “let go.” On BBC’s “Victoria” last night, the queen fought against “corn tariffs” on American corn that kept the price high for the top of the graft ridded Tory Party to profit on . . . . of course the crony capitalists were profiting on the backs of working class people. Prime Minister Peele, the lovely Vicky and her husband Albert all argued for “free trade.” Imagine that. A young Trump may have been a lot like young Albert. Most of us know Victoria’s image from pictures of her when she was in her 70’s or 80’s. I looked up pictures of “Young Victoria” and several of them DO look like the actress who is portraying her.
  9. Donald Trump

    Here's some Trump love from Red Pill Black on President's day: She left out The Deep State. But I forgive her. Michael
  10. What to learn about Russian goals when you don't really care [updated]

    It wasn't as bad as I thought. It was much worse. Here's the sampling, with added stormy seashore -- since he doesn't use his green-screen blue-screen to any effect: Ish. I'm not from Newfoundland ... where the insular dialect spoken is a thing of wonder; out of a Newfie mouth, you will indeed hear 'Ah boot.' The so-called Maritime provinces (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia) also have accent-dialectical differences from other regions**. The pure Nova Scotia accent is a glory to behold. "On Saerday night I wint to da bairn pairty at my faether's faerm." "Oooh, didya filp da caer?" My favourite linguistics term is "Voiceless Glottal Plosive." ______________________ ** the French dialect of the Acadians is a fabulous outlier as well. It almost completely stumps those who know only standard Metropolitan French.
  11. Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    I should think so! How are you or I going to be honest, if not first having self-honesty? This is establishing your own relationship to truthfulness and reality -- before anyone else to whom to be honest, enters the frame. And the reason honesty is a self-serving, rationally-selfish virtue, first and second. "Layers" I'm not convinced of. My view is there is a sharply-defined trilogy: honesty, dishonesty and withdrawn honesty. Honesty, in the normal course of events in associations with presumably worthy people, is full disclosure - nothing relevant should be held back, for as we know, deceit and sophistry often take the form of omission (of facts one knows but withholds), not just of commission. The closest thing to immorality to others, little less immoral imo to using force over them, is to deliberately feed false information, misleading the innocents and their thinking and choices with dishonesty. Lastly, when others show themselves to not be deserving of one's honesty, as with the guile of predatory people, it's right to withdraw it from them and tell them nothing further which can be used against you. One's objective values supply the crucial context for one's normally honest dealings, and shouldn't be sacrificed to a 'universalized' morality, as with Kant's imperative (have I seen any Jews, Herr Gestapo officer? I cannot tell a lie, there are some hiding in my cellar.)
  12. atlashead, I'm not understanding your post
  13. The Virtue of Selfishness/Powerful Body

    We're working less with our bodies than ever before due to the industrial revolution, advancements in technology, increased communication, machines, (and more)---which is to say Reason has played a large role. So today we're in the age of the mind-worker, and we don't have to obtain our values using our bodies like we did in the past. Still, for some people having a powerful body can send a signal of power, presence, or stature, etc., and in my experience those are the kinds of people who are more 'animal' oriented than mind oriented.
  14. Don't take this the wrong way but you seem weird.
  15. regardless of political and philosophical labeling the underlying reality is a mix of market economics, welfare (i.e. redistribution), subsidies and regulation. This is the prevailing model of all of the present industrial economies with perhaps the exception of North Korea and the family run and owned islamic states. If look at this situation with a Darwinian view, it would appear that the mixed economy is the model that survived. Even the one time very collectivist Chinese system has modified its operation to conform with the mixed-economy model. What works survives. What does not work fades or perishes.
  16. AH, Are you a troll? You certainly have been acting like one recently. Try to make some sense instead of trying to make a philosophy forum look like a romper room for drugged out losers. Michael
  17. Executing all the guards. Howard Roark would give John Galt anything.
  18. Fake News

    If anybody wants to see the real deal up close re the mainstream media (and who it bows down to), follow the link in Sharyl's tweet below: Here is a direct quote from this document by David Brock (Media Matters) that was drawn up with intention of being confidential. The document is full of things like that. Michael
  19. Good joke on me

    I understood it. --Brant
  20. The Virtue of Selfishness/Powerful Body

    I need the Ignore button.
  21. There are 7 billion leeches in the world, and only so many prime movers/ideal/perfect people. When you sacrifice your health to the masses, or your means of production to them, you are committing an immoral act in concrete, but an amoral act in means. It DOESN'T HURT the prime mover to be virtually COMPLETELY SELFISH, in fact-it helps them. When Hank Rearden gives up his metal, who did he hurt? Himself and all the prime movers. They would have made bullets, guns, knives, and barbed/razor wire with it. In the cases of emergency it's most important to have a powerful BODY, that means working out. At the same time, if you work in a physics lab, and you depend on your arms, it's important that you're not too sore. We live in a world of animals-if you don't work you don't eat, but you have to have the chemical energy to DO work.
  22. Sessions, leaks, security, Manafort and 'false news.'

    Picking up the thread on Manafort and McMaster ... Manafort's business partner and senior Trump campaign official Rick Gates is reportedly about to take a plea deal with the federal prosecutor. "What does this mean?!" hoopla seems to lurch between 'fuck all' and 'the sky is falling,' which means we have to bring in the experts. But I don't have any. Here is a snatch of programming from Infowars. Roger Stone was once a business partner of Manafort. In this snatch, Stone takes aim at another former Trump employee, the fabled Steve Bannon. It was widely reported that Bannon spent 20 hours with special counsel staff answering questions that he previously refused to answer before the committees of benghazi. Photos of him leaving the federal offices suggest he either got something off his chest, or that CNN is adept at photoshopping. I will let Stone's insider gen lead the speculation ... you have to skip ahead of the usual misreporting some minutes to get Stoned.
  23. Last week
  24. Trump humor

    OMG! The pain... the pain... ROTFLMAO Michael
  25. Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Peter, I didn't see the movie but I am going to. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have a project with my step-son (who is on the autistic spectrum, but writes fiction). I'm trying to get him to read a book a week so we can discuss the different pros and cons from a writing perspective, then see the movie if one is available (Sean is high-functioning.). He started with Ender's Game. Right now he's doing Twilight. Since I read The Circle and he loves social media stuff (and girls his age ), I put it in the mix. I sure hope Hollywood fixed the wooden characters. People complain that movies spoil the books they are based on, but I have found that movies save the books at least half the time or more (including Ender's Game, which was a glorified shooter-like video game in the book, including levels and all, with some plot twists). Apropos, I think the movie of The Circle tanked with both critics and public (see here). Michael
  26. What to learn about Russian goals when you don't really care [updated]

    Said by someone who probably pronounces about (ah-BAWT) like ah-BOOT. Michael
  27. What to learn about Russian goals when you don't really care [updated]

    William, Lawyer? Right in front of my nose? Dayaamm. If it was a snake it would have bitten me. My apologies. I remember a time when I used to be competent... Michael
  28. Good joke on me

    What didn't you understand?
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